Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The 10 Day Strip The Fat Diet (Freee Gift for Females)

If you live in an environment where bikinis, bare arms, and exposed legs are just a part of life then you probably hate it when summer closes in and you're still unhappy with how your body looks...

On that note, my friend Flavia Del Monte just designed a new program to help you look your absolute best - in just 10 days.

$50 Off + The 10 Day Strip The Fat Diet Freee! <---- 2 days only

10-Day Strip The Fat Diet

It's quite unique because it's a condensed version of what professional bikini-models, fitness models and celebrities do in the final few days before a photo shoot, show or appearance.

She teaches you how to manipulate your calories, proteins, fats, carbs, salt, water and exercise (plus a few more sneaky tips), so that you can be in tip-top shape for that cruise, hot date or summer beach vacation.

Call it the Cliff Note's for the female fitness model.

Keep in mind that you can lose only about 2-3 pounds of bodyfat in 10 days if you're exceptionally lean (considerably more if you have more to lose), but on the other hand you can drop PILES of weight, in the form of water (not muscle).

That's essentially the key to your success on Flavia's 10 Day Diet -- learning the secrets of the natural fitness models to manipulate your water levels so you (literally) look 20 pounds lighter! 

Until now, these secrets were only held by professional physique coaches and competitors & celebrities would have to pay literally over $1,000 to hire a coach to teach them this info.

You might have the idea that Flavia is going to have you training as hard as possible but that's the WRONG strategy! In fact, you will only be training 6 of the 10 days. It's all in the diet!

Follow her step-by-step diet protocol and you'll be flaunting that lean, sleek, bikini model, feminine-but athletic look!

This is an extremely educational resource to enhance your look, and there's no shame to turning to some of the more sneaky strategies only top physique girls and celebrities know. (You don't need ANY special supplements or stimulants FYI – it's ALL in the diet... this info will blow you away)

Just decide what day you want to look your best and turn on the 10-day "countdown to the big date" and you're going to be looking HOT just in time for your big event!

$50 Off + The 10 Day Strip The Fat Diet Freee! <---- ends tomorrow

As I mentioned yesterday, our rising fitness sensation Flavia Del Monte just released her Curvalicious, which promises females the RIGHT approach to BLASTING the fat while simultaneously gaining toned muscle to never, ever allow your metabolism to slow down or your weight loss to plateau.

Now, Flavia's workouts are not your typical wimpy workouts, which is the reason they work! They are different, tough & stimulating!

So, getting $50 Off because you're reading this during the launch week is a pretty sweet deal, but now that you get the 10 Day Strip The Fat Diet for freee, this is a no-brainer, right?!

However, the bonus diet is only an exclusive bonus for the next 2 days so you need to grab your copy now:

$50 Off + The 10 Day Strip The Fat Diet Freee! <---- ends tomorrow

This is a really rare opportunity! Don't miss out

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