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To lose weight, and for dear life, you must move that body

This is not an option. Regardless of the fact that one can lose weight on diet alone (or in other ways), for health and well being we all need to move, preferably daily. The rewards of exercise are numerous and well documented. I don’t need to tell you that:

• You feel good – physically and mentally. This is my top reason for doing it and what I go on and on about if someone asks why I do it. It helps drive the momentum of life and is a good reason to wake up in the morning.

• A fundamental benefit of getting moving is that you breathe harder, taking in much more oxygen than normal breathing. Oxygen is a basic, crucial element that helps produce the energy that drives all processes in our body, and keeps us alive. Processes like the beating of your heart, the removal of waste and toxins. You can see how this leads to better health and helps to stave off disease.

• Exercise tones and strengthens your muscles, which support your skeleton. You become stronger physically (and can move furniture, yay). A strong back keeps you upright and helps maintain a good posture. Well defined muscles give you better physical shape, and you look and feel better in clothes. A well shaped body gives you confidence. Your body may become trimmer. Your physical capability shoots up and you can do so much more! You stay younger longer. Your energy amplifies!

• Your body works so much more efficiently – metabolically, mentally, in tons of ways. Your circulation improves. This is important for better delivery of that all-important oxygen.

• We’ve already mentioned that working out helps stave off disease. It is well documented that by being active you decrease your risk of developing certain diseases that are the scourge of our era. Like heart disease, stroke, certain cancers, diabetes, obesity, depression…I could go on and on.

• Exercise can increase your self esteem. It can significantly lower your stress levels, relax you, and my personal favorite - it can stimulate your mind and you can get good ideas and solutions to problems while exercising. It does this for me.

• Needless to say, exercise burns calories, and helps tremendously to keep you on the healthy side of weight.

Anyway, you (may) know all this.

Ok, what we need to do is established.

What are the challenges to people working out every day, or as often as possible? Some people are blessed with a passion and inescapable need for exercise, and enjoyment of it. For others, it feels like a necessary chore that takes effort to get around to.

Whichever camp you fall in, as an avid ‘exerciser’ I can tell you that the primary thing with exercise is to enjoy it. Try and find action that tickles you, that you can do regularly. Something that can give you a reason to wake up every day. Even if you don’t do the (theoretically ) most calorie-busting workout in the world, as long as you can get sweaty and moving and raising your heart rate, you’re going somewhere.

Calorie busting sports

The advantage of these activities is that they are so energetic that they are likely to burn more calories than you consume in a day. From experience, working out daily has enabled me to eat what I want without gaining weight. It’s peace of mind you can depend on.

Sports which are reputed to burn the most calories include cross-country skiing, swimming, bicycling, running and boxing (I always encourage you to go where the fun is, however).

But if you want to find out if a sport or activity is particularly effective at reducing weight, I find it most informative to hear from people who actually do the sports, and who tell you how the particular activity affects them, first hand.

I’m into hard workouts, particularly those that work the thighs. I have done tons of activity and workouts including skipping, rowing, running stairs, ballet dancing, and martial arts. As punishing as these exercises are, they generally tended to maintain my weight, not reduce it. This was of course when I was living decadently and eating whatever I want. I have however noticed from people around me though that exercising regularly keeps their weight at a much lower level than when they don’t exercise, diet aside.

Two activities that I have noted to dramatically shed my weight are running stairs outdoors in a dry, fresh air environment, and squash!

If you ask me about sports and working out I will gush about how good they make me feel, which is my drug, which keeps me going.

The most thrilling, enjoyable sport I have ever played is squash. It is addictive. It puts me in touch with my primal self and releases my self confidence. I feel like a child running around carefree with a glow on my face. It’s just the perfect way to start the day. Plus the amazing discovery that it can really slim you down.

To learn more about squash and the wonderful effects it can have on your psyche and your body, plus some tips on general exercise, stretching, breathing, eating and drinking healthily, check out the ebook “How to teach yourself squash, lose weight, and get a spring in your step

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