Thursday, March 15, 2012

Low fat foods Equal high fat people?

It seems there are more low fat foods than ever.

We have all these low fat foods...but are there more low fat people than ever?

Recent statistics from the National Institute of Health indicate that 26.7% of the US population is now obese.

So why haven't low fat foods led to more low fat people?

This is because there is no relation between fat calories eaten and the amount of fat on your body. Your body can convert ANY type of calories into fat, not just fat calories.

If you ate white rice for every meal you'd add fat to your body even though rice is fat-free.

So don't automatically reach for the low fat foods. Reach for the Get Lean Program instead:

The only fat that really matters is body fat. Body fat percentage is better indicator of your health than your weight.

The way your jeans fit you will tell you more about the success of your diet than the scale will.

This is today's fat loss secret: Your body is more than willing to work WITH you and burn your fat.

If you've tried many diets in the past but didn't have long term success, then I know it probably doesn't seem that way.

It might seem that your body is destined to work against you.

But if you try fitness model Belinda Benn’s Get Lean Program for just a week or two, you'll see that your body really does want to work WITH you:

Aren't you ready to start thinking about food in a brand new...and freeing....way?

Arthur M.
P. S. You'll get the right amount of protein, carbs and fat at each meal without even trying. This plan is so easy and does all the work for you.

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