Thursday, February 23, 2012

This is the LAST thing you need

The last thing you need to do is follow another diet. You need to follow another crazy diet like the US needs another debt crisis.

I mean, you’d think that with the thousands of different diets on the market that we would be seeing less obesity and disease…BUT we’re not!

In fact, the latest Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index (conducted in 2010), revealed that 63.1% of adults in the U.S. were either overweight or obese in 2009 (up from from 62.2% in 2008).

So what gives?

Why are we still fatter and sicker than ever, in spite of all the diets and weight loss gimmicks on the market?

According to our good friend and holistic nutritionist, Yuri Elkaim, the problem resides in the fact that most diets:

* Are not sustainable,

* Assume that everyone can follow one approach,

* Negatively impact your health (some are better than others), and

* Don’t actually educate you about HOW and WHY your body creates disease or stays healthy.

And let’s not forget the uphill battle you are fighting against the food industry, which is hell-bent on keeping you fat and sick.

So if you’re NOT eating as healthy as you’d like…if you’re not as slim as you’d like to be…if you’re worried about your health, then let me ask this…

How could it possibly be your fault?

The odds are stacked so high against you, you’re almost doomed to fail.

And that’s why we continue to see hundreds of new “quick fix” diets emerge every year – to prey on the weak and vulnerable.

That’s why I can’t recommend you jump onto yet another fad diet. Instead, here’s what I recommend you do…

==> Join Super Nutrition Academy

There is nothing like this anywhere.

Actually, that’s not quite true.

You COULD pay upwards of $5,000/year to go back to school and study holistic nutrition…

Or, you COULD spend more than 13 years working with over 50,000 people…

Or, you COULD spend an additional 1,040 hours researching the latest nutrition studies and textbooks for all the answers to your health and diet concerns.

Sure you could do all that. It’s kind of crazy…but you could.

But it probably makes more sense to benefit from Yuri’s expertise (having done all of the above) and learn everything you to need to master your health and your diet by enrolling in…

==> Super Nutrition Academy (LAST DAY for 40% OFF)

You don’t have to have a degree or background in science or nutrition to benefit. Yuri’s made it as simple as possible to understand the complex relationships between food and your health.

After just a few lessons, you’ll be more motivated (and equipped) than ever to eat healthier and finally stay committed to your health goals.

You can do this!

==> Get started NOW

Arthur M.

PS. I’m sure you can find just 1 hour per week to mastering your health, can’t you?

Otherwise, you can look forward to joining the 66% of the population that is settling for being FAT and SICK and who refuse to divert their attention from watching trashy TV to learning more about their health.

You aren’t like them, are you?

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