Wednesday, February 22, 2012

3 Diet Lies You Need to Know About…

Over the last 2 months, I have had my mind completely blown when it comes to finally learning the truth about nutrition and how to improve my health…

And without all the confusion and frustration that literally paralyzed me from taking action, beforehand.

For instance, I discovered that 30% of sugar is converted as fat and that post-workout protein intake has NO influence on muscle growth. And this is all backed by plenty science – not just by the latest study.

Taking action on what I’ve learned so far, I’ve been able to reduce my cravings for sugar and dramatically improve my energy levels.

And I guess I forgot to mention that I’m also following a simple 10-minute daily routine that is helping me condition NEW health habits. It’s great.

So What Is This All About?

This all has to do with something I’m very passionate about…

Easy-to-understand and powerful education.

And that’s exactly what I’ve benefited from in the brand new Super Nutrition Academy.

This isn’t another diet that leaves you stranded once you’re done with it. Not by a long shot.

Super Nutrition Academy is all about educating you about the fundamentals of nutrition and health so that you can finally master your diet and health.

It makes the complex relationship between food and your body simple and fun to understand.

And the best part is that each training video/lesson takes up no more than an hour of my time and is very easy to understand, especially if you don’t have a background in science,
nutrition, or health.

I can tell you this…

Super Nutrition Academy is massively different from anything you’ve ever seen with respect to diet and health.

In fact, there’s nothing like it.

I promise you will be hearing about this for years to come, but now it is in the realm of the “early adopters.”

This is because the results are tangible, long-lasting, and mastering your diet and health is actually EASIER to do than what you may have been led to believe. I can attest to that.

=> Learn From The Best

Yuri Elkaim, a world-renowned holistic nutrition and fitness trainer who is endorsed by the Four Seasons Hotels and the University of Toronto, is the “professor” of and mastermind behind Super Nutrition Academy.

With this Academy, Yuri has put together a 12-month “health mastery” program covering all aspects of your diet and health.

As you’ll see, the results are simply outstanding.

Today is the first time he has released his program to the general public, and if you are interested in doing things that work instead of relying on old myths and the next fad diet, I strongly recommend you learn more below:

=> Learn More About Super Nutrition Academy HERE

Once you begin learning, you might get a little angry with the stuff you thought was supposed to work.

For example, did you know:

Dietary cholesterol has little to no impact on heart disease. And in fact, sugar intake is a greater risk factor for heart and arterial disease!

Or how about the fact that not all omega-3 fats are created equal. I learned that less than 1% of omega-3s from plant sources are actually converted into DHA – the ultimate fatty acid that builds our brain and nervous system.

Boy was I wasting my money on flax and hempseed oil. But not anymore.

And that’s scratching the surface.

Yuri has done an incredible job educating us on the most important nutrition topics and while making it easy to “digest” (no pun intended).


I could go into more detail because I have a preview copy, but that would not be fair to Yuri who has spent over 1,050 hours of research (and that’s above his 5 years of university education and 13 years experience working with more than 50,000 people) compiling and creating this program.

So, if you are into learning the most current information that will help you master your diet and health, I strongly recommend you join his program while it is in pre-release. He is offering all kinds of incentives and discounts that will not be around later.


Arthur M.

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