Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Snacking Before Lunch May Sabotage Your Diet

Snacking Before Lunch May Sabotage Your Diet:

New research shows that older female dieters who have a mid-morning snack lose less weight than their counterparts who ate a healthy breakfast and don’t snack in the AM. The new findings appear in the December issue of the Journal of the American Dietitic Association.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Burn Fat Fast with the Original Turbulence Training Workout

By: Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

You know those people who always talk about their workouts, and yet when you go to the gym with them they actually look out of shape?  Well, a similar scenario happened with Mike – a former client of mine and a self-proclaimed "gym buff"… 

… When Mike, who was semi-active at the time, learned of my 3-day a week training program, he enthusiastically jumped on board. And unsurprisingly, it took him just one short intense workout before he realized the raw power of Turbulence Training.

While over the course of the program Mike and I disagreed on the length of recovery time between sets, there was certainly no arguing his results – in only 4 short weeks Mike had lost 10 pounds while gaining a TON of lean muscle mass.

Since Mike’s life-changing day many years ago, thousands of others have joined him in realizing the transformative power of total body, fast and effective workouts like the one found in the Turbulence Training Original workout program.

So what do YOU need to realize your own powerful transformation?

1)    You’ll need to ditch slow, boring cardio.

That’s because it’s useless for fat loss and causes overuse injury.  Bottom line, your time can be used much more efficiently to achieve the body you desire.

2)    You’ll need to free up three, 45-minute slots a week.

Why so little time? Well, nowadays we’re too busy for 90-minute, six day-a-week workout programs. And by combining my short burst interval workouts with strategically designed supersets of dumbbell and bodyweight exercises, you’ll maximize your results in minimum time.

Just think of all the free time you’ll now have to spend with friends and family, or even just enjoying some of your hobbies!

The fusion of TT Original’s two intense, total body workouts with advanced interval training sessions has proven to work time and time again. And with the Turbulence Training 60-day, no questions asked money back guarantee, why not find out how you too can quickly transform your body from its current out-of-shape physique like Mikes, into a strong, lean and sexy work of art.

About the Author

Craig Ballantyne is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and writes for Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Maximum Fitness, Muscle and Fitness Hers, and Oxygen magazines. His trademarked Turbulence Training fat loss workouts have been featured multiple times in Men’s Fitness and Maximum Fitness magazines, and have helped thousands of men and women around the world lose fat, gain muscle, and get lean in less than 45 minutes three times per week. For more information on the Turbulence Training workouts that will help you burn fat without long, slow cardio sessions or fancy equipment, visit

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Train hard and enjoy! 

-- Arthur M.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

A very Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers out there celebrating the holiday.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Don't Reduce Your Calorie Intake Too Quickly!

Every weight loss program on the market focuses on a lower calorie eating plan, and for good reason.

In order to shed weight you need to make sure you are burning more calories than you are consuming in a day, however there's something you need to know about starting a low calorie diet too quickly - it can actually hinder your weight loss!

You see, your body has a natural instinct to "hoard" food when it believes you are going into a famine.  So when you decrease your calorie intake too quickly, your body believes that it needs to store food in order to survive. 

When "starvation mode" is triggered, it's far more difficult to shed weight because you're fighting your body's signal to hold onto as many calories as possible!

You never want to disrupt your body's natural cycle or metabolic pace, so decrease your calorie intake slowly, giving your body time to adjust to the decrease in calories, without holding onto excess weight.

For a complete meal plan that will help you shed weight quickly and easily while keeping you satisfied so you don't binge, check this out:

Looking for a complete guide to quickly and easily losing the weight and keeping it off forever?


Sure-fire way to avoid holiday fat gain

January may be peak season for weight loss enthusiasm, but it's not the peak season for weight loss success. Most resolutions last until about Super Bowl Sunday (if you're lucky).

Some people think he's crazy, but fat loss expert and natural bodybuilder Tom Venuto says the peak time for burning fat is over the holidays - across Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's.

Is it crazy... or is it genius?

Tom says, "If you truly want something, why would you ever wait?"

"Almost everyone waits until New Years to get started and then it's just a resolution, not a real goal, and we all know what the failure rate is like for resolutions."

"Some  people wait 5, 10, 20 years for the "perfect time" to get in shape... which never comes at all. They wake up one day at 50 or 60 or 70, wondering how they lived their entire lives in a body they didn't love...  or even dealing with preventable illnesses."

"There isn't a peak season for fat loss success - it's challenging to stay fit all year long - especially if you don't have a proven plan and a motivation, reward and accountability system to hold you your plan" he continued.

What is Tom's solution?

First: live by the motto "Do It Now."

Second, to give you everything you need to succeed - all at the same time - a "perfect storm" for fat loss success

* A proven program
* Motivation
* Rewards
* Accountability
* Group support
* Expert coaching and mentoring

Tom's fat loss program, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, has been the top online fat loss nutrition plan for almost 10 years, and the origins of the program actually go back for decades.

The motivation level right now is off the charts because Tom is issuing his annual "49-day Holiday Fitness challenge": a 49-day body transformation contest.

You can accept the challenge just for personal motivation or you can do it for the rewards:

The winners of the 49-day challenge receive an all expenses paid vacation to Maui (and imagine hitting those tropical beaches in TOP shape!).

Accountability is built-in because of the weekly progress charting system and the place to post your results: In Tom's inner circle support forum.

There, you won't be alone because there are thousands of like-minded people on the same journey. It's a private support group and there's no judgment.

And, believe it or not, Tom is there at the inner circle every day as well, to coach you and answer your questions.

Learn more ===>

For even more motivation and more incentive, Tom is also giving away his entire collection of fat-burning, muscle-feeding recipes as a bonus for jumping in on this holiday challenge special.

He insists that you do NOT have to deprive yourself over the holidays.  Most people have at least 3-5 special days, parties or meals during this season ... and with Tom's program, you're totally allowed to enjoy the holiday food and festivities.

How is that possible?

You may have heard that if your compliance is high 90% of the time, you can easily work in your favorite foods the other 10% of the time with no repercussions on your results.

But what if you could enjoy all your food, all the time, while getting leaner, healthier or more muscular, week-by week?

That's possible too, with Tom's new fat burning, muscle-feeding recipes book, which is an extra bonus for people to get motivated and accept the holiday fat loss challenge this week before it expires on Wednesday the 23rd.

Learn more ===>

Most people think the timing of this is unconventional, if not outright crazy. But is it really?

Could it be that waiting "until the time is just right?"... and making resolutions every January... that never last... is what's really crazy?

It seems, as it surely did to the thousands and thousands of others who have accepted the challenge in previous years, that this is actually not crazy at all, but a brilliant way
for you to get a head start on the new year and  come out of the holidays in better shape than you went in.

If that sounds good, then you can "accept the challenge" or learn more at Tom's site:

Learn more at ===>


Arthur M.

P.S. The Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle program has been one of the best selling fat loss programs online for 10 years, so it's sure to be around for years to come. But the fat burning recipes book and the free ticket into the transformation contest are a limited time offer that ends this week. The offer closes Wednesday, November 23rd at midnight so don't miss out - be sure to go take a look today:

Sunday, November 20, 2011

How much longer will you wait?

Audrey Eickwort said, "I spent 15 years waiting for a 'good time' to lose weight."

When she finally threw away all her excuses and decided that the good time was NOW, she achieved a body transformation so remarkable, it won her the overall title of the Burn the Fat summer challenge champion...

And it won her an all-expenses paid vacation to Maui Hawaii, the grand prize in the Challenge competition.

Today Audrey joins us with a special guest article:

Read this and you'll discover:

* The 3 biggest excuses for not getting fitter and healthier over the holidays... and why you should toss them all in the fireplace

* Why the challenge is such an amazing opportunity for improving your body, your health and even your social life

* How you can enjoy yourself over the holidays and get leaner and fitter without depriving yourself

* Why you CAN do this, even if you're busy

* And of course, you'll learn what it really feels like posting "the dreaded" BEFORE pictures... from the viewpoint of someone looking back AFTER

And remember, the Burn the Fat Challenge Contest - Season 5: Holidays 2011 - is open for registration, but there are only 3 1/2 days left to get in! It's possible this may be the last holiday challenge ever - we won't know for sure until the final registration stats are in.

But if you wait ... you may never have this chance again.

Get information about the Burn the Fat contest, how you can transform your body in only 49 days (even with the holidays) and how you can win a trip for two to Maui, on this page:

Enjoy the challenge!!!

-- Arthur M.

PS. Enter the transformation contest just to challenge yourself to get fitter this holiday season, and drop 5-10 pounds of fat... OR, go in it to win it and you could win a trip to Maui - Audrey won... and I've sent 16 other people to tropical paradise so far. You could be next. learn more:

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Even Without Weight Loss, Mediterranean Diet Helps Heart: Study

Even Without Weight Loss, Mediterranean Diet Helps Heart: Study: Title: Even Without Weight Loss, Mediterranean Diet Helps Heart: Study
Category: Health News
Created: 11/16/2011 6:06:00 PM
Last Editorial Review: 11/17/2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's OPEN! Season 5 of the Burn the Fat Challenge!

The 2011 Burn The Fat Holiday Challenge body transformation contest is OPEN:

HUNDREDS have already registered for the contest and dozens have already posted their "before" photos in the challenge forums just hours after the doors opened on day 1.

This is the body transformation contest spanning 49 days across the holidays - Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's. To see the contest details, check out some inspiring photos of previous winners and the list of prizes (Tom is sending the winners to Maui again!), go to:

The entry deadline is Wednesday, November 23rd 2011 at 11:59 EST.

But don't delay... at every year's challenge, many who contemplated, procrastinated and waited til the last minute got locked out.

Don't miss YOUR chance to beat the holiday stress and weight gain and come out of the holidays in better shape than you went in.

Get the details at:

Train hard and hope to see you in Maui!!!  ;-)

--- Arthur M.

#1 Tip To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Every year I read articles about how to avoid holiday weight gain. Some of them are written on mainstream news or gossip websites and they’re usually rather lame...

Let’s see, they include gems like these: Skip the party snacks, never go to a party hungry,  mind your portions and don’t just decorate your tree, decorate your plate (with colorful veggies). Maybe useful, but not so Earth shattering.

Today I wanted to share the #1 tip to avoid Holiday Weight Gain - here it is...

The best way EVER invented to avoid holiday weight gain is not only to set a real goal – to set goals “scientifically” – but to set up an accountability, social support and reward system to make sure you follow through and achieve that goal.

After years of hard work and trial and error, my buddy Tom Venuto has created and perfected such a system.

He's already done the set up work for you, and not only that, his system has now been proven two years in a row (this is our third year), so we KNOW this works.

If you're curious, want to transform your body, and win a all-expenses paid trip to Maui then check out this link:

You'll be happy that you did! 

To your most successful Holiday Season yet.

Your friend,

Arthur M.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

You’ll Love the Way the “No-Diet” Approach Works

Winning Overeating is a weight loss program that focuses on the “No-Diet” approach to weight loss. I am guessing you are ready to hear about how the “No-Diet” approach works? This program involves several different aspects necessary to achieve your weight loss goals. It begins by helping you change your emotional status and prevent emotional eating. It helps you to eat the foods you love but realize when your body is full. With this program you can overcome past weight loss barriers.

In order to lose weight with the “No-Diet” approach you must first begin to emotionally and mentally prepare yourself for the weight loss journey. You will need to focus on changing your thoughts in order to help you change your world. By emotionally improving your thoughts you will have a positive outlook on life and be in a great place to lose weight. These emotional changes need to be the primary focus in your everyday life.

Winning Overeating knows that there are many people out there that eat to fulfill their emotional hunger. That is why the above step is very important. Being emotionally stable will help bring the process together. There is a very easy step to help you fulfill your emotional hunger though! When you begin to feel the need to cover emotional pain by eating, you should take the steps to fill that void with a healthy activity instead. Having a list of activities that make you happy is a helpful way to remind yourself.

After you have mentally and emotionally taken care of yourself, it is time to talk about food. The “No-Diet” approach does not tell you what you can and cannot eat. You may be wondering how you can lose weight with this program.

The “No-Diet” approach works by teaching you to listen to your own body and its needs. This method will help you learn what types of healthy food your body is craving.

We all crave food that is not healthy for us. In other diet plans they tell you to resist these temptations. However, that does not always work. Let’s look at an example – you want chocolate! With other diet plans you will resist this craving and eat a snack that is healthy for you. However, this craving will continue. You may eat multiple healthy snacks to push away this craving, but it persists. With the “No-Diet” approach you should listen to your body and eat what it craves. By denying your craving you may end up eating more calories while trying to push the craving aside.

While you should follow your cravings, it is important to remember to listen to your body when it is full. This is the biggest step when it comes to losing weight with this method. Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full.

The “No-Diet” approach method works. It is a great tool in aiding not only with weight loss, but also the emotional ties that come with overeating. There are many benefits to this approach. The first benefit is the emotional lift you will feel by changing your thoughts. The desire to eat when bored or needing an emotional fill will be reduced by adding in activities that work to fill that emotional void. When it comes to food you are not restricted to specific caloric intake or a strict meal plan. This diet provides you with the freedom to listen to your body and provide your body with the foods that it needs.

The above article is based on the book, “Winning Overeating” by Ofira Shaul. Ofira is a Naturopathy doctor .This experiential, self-development leader has devoted her life to finding the best natural way to obtain permanent weight loss while improving the total quality of your life. Her all-natural program does not require you to use any pills, count calories, or starve yourself.

Visit the following website to learn more about Ofira Shaul:

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Power Packed Workouts

For successful weight loss, you need to focus on your body as a whole. 

Cardio combined with weight training will tone your body, and help you shed fat while creating muscle definition. 

The more muscle your body has, the more calories you'll naturally burn and when you combine strength training with a high powered cardiovascular workout routine, you're weight loss will spread evenly throughout your body, targeting the areas you hope to reduce as well as other areas where fat is being stored.

When strength training focus on a high number of repetitions, or a fewer number of repetitions with a greater amount of weight.

You'll burn more fat in a shorter amount of time than with cardio workouts alone. In addition, focus on different muscle groups every other day for maximum results.


Because if you repeat the same workout every day, eventually your body adjusts to the workout and its performance during the exercises will decrease, as it becomes a natural part of your day. 

But when you confuse your muscles, you challenge your body to learn something new, and because your muscles aren't familiar with the workout, they work twice as hard to complete the exercise.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Damage Control For Holiday Eating "Accidents" (Part 2)

By Tom Venuto

It's lunchtime, and you're trying to decide what to make today. Normally, you would have your regular chicken salad with mixed nuts, but today is different. You're going to a party in the evening, and even though you're not quite sure what to expect, you know there will be a ton of food in an atmosphere of very little restraint. You decide that it's probably best to eat a lighter lunch than usual, to prepare for the evening calorie-surge. 

This is commonly known as “banking calories” which is analogous to saving calories like money because you’re going to consume more later.

I usually do not recommend this. Here’s why:

If you skip meals earlier in the day to “prepare” (bank calories) for a big feast at night, you are thinking only in terms of calories, but skipping meals is also depriving yourself of protein (amino acids), carbohydrates, essential fats, vitamins, minerals and other valuable nutrients that come from healthy food, as well as the small frequent meals which help control your appetite, stabilize your blood sugar and provide a steady flow of amino acids to your muscles. Skipping breakfast is especially detrimental.

Not only that, but eating less early in the day in anticipation of overeating later in the day is much more likely to increase your appetite, causing you to binge or eat even MORE than you thought you would at night when the big meal does arrive.

In fact, eating healthy, high fiber and lean protein food, as usual, earlier in the day is likely to make you LESS hungry for the holiday party meal and you’ll be more likely to eat only a harmlessly small amount of “party” foods.

I don't like the concept of “banking calories” if it means skipping meals or if it’s used as justification for binge eating.

Even if it worked the way you wanted it to, the starving and bingeing pattern may cause more damage than an occasional oversize meal, even if only on a psychological level. Some dieticians might even argue that this kind of behavior borders on disordered eating.

A better approach is to stay on your regular menu of healthy foods and small meals through the entire day - business as usual - and then go ahead and enjoy yourself at your party by treating yourself to a SMALL amount of “BAD” food.

This is supported by the 2nd Corollary of the law of calorie balance:

“Small amounts of ANYTHING - even junk food- will probably not be stored as fat as long as you are in a calorie deficit where you are eating fewer calories than you burn.”

It should be a big relief for you to know that when you’re at a party, a banquet, dining out or eating at a relative’s house for a special occasion, you can eat whatever you want with little or no ill effect on body composition, as long as you respect the law of calorie balance ans as long as it is done infrequently.

However, you CANNOT starve and binge and expect not to reap negative consequences.

If you sincerely want to burn fat and be healthy, then you have to have the discipline to stick with your nutrition plan consistently and control your portion sizes.

Train hard and expect success,
Fat Loss Coach

To learn more about burning fat naturally in a healthy, sensible way, then be sure to take a look at Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle

About the Author:

Tom Venuto is a fat loss expert, lifetime natural (steroid-free) bodybuilder, independent nutrition researcher, freelance writer, and author of the #1 best selling diet e-book, Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle: Fat-Burning Secrets of The World’s Best Bodybuilders & Fitness Models (e-book) which teaches you how to get lean without drugs or supplements using secrets of the world's best bodybuilders and fitness models. Learn how to get rid of stubborn fat and increase your metabolism by visiting:

Friday, November 11, 2011

Watch Excess Weight and Inches Disappear

We would all like to lose weight quickly and easily. However, the majority of the time this is not always a reality. When you want to lose weight and keep it off in a healthy way it takes time and patience. So many people are using various weight loss aids such as diet pills and diuretics to lose weight. All of these unhealthy avenues for weight loss will only further the yoyo cycle of dieting. So you may be asking yourself how you can begin to watch the weight and inches disappear. Below is the starting point at which you can begin to see weight loss results.

So the big question you may be asking yourself is where you should start if you want to lose weight in a healthy way. To start you have to change your frame of mind. You need to develop new thoughts and turn them into actions throughout your daily lives. So how do you know if you are ready to begin this weight lose journey? First ask yourself what is the main reason you want to lose weight. If you have a strong desire to lose weight for any reason then you are ready.

To begin losing excess weight you must first mentally prepare yourselves for the journey you are about to embark on. There are three essential steps in this process. First you will begin to learn new behavioral patterns and be willing to follow through daily. You will have to start changing your thought pattern in order to produce weight loss. Lastly, these first two steps need to become a primary part of our lives. This part of the process is not an easy fix. We have spent most of our lives warped by negative thought patterns. It will be difficult to achieve positive thoughts patterns. However, you are fully capable of taking charge of your life and watching the weight disappear.

One thing that most people do not realize is that losing weight should be become a lifestyle and not an obsession. If dieting becomes an obsession you will never be able to see the weight disappear. That is why the next step to watching weight disappear is to focus on yourself and the things that bring you enjoyment in your life. In order to begin enjoying your life you should know what brings you happiness.

To begin getting the most out of life and as a result lose weight, write a list of activities that provide you with that feel good feeling. Although eating does bring us enjoyment, the list should not include this activity.

Some examples of activities include talking with friends, dancing, reading, traveling and spending time with family. While you are making your list you should think about the things that make you happy and excited. What are the activities that you do that make you feel at peace with yourself? Your list should include at least ten activities.

Now that you have made this list you might be wondering how to use it, and why you made the list in the first place.

For starters, the list is used to help you focus on activities you enjoy. You will use this list as a guide to help yourself as you begin to devote time to you. Every day pick one activity on the list and dedicate a minimum of a half hour to this activity.

The reason for dedicating time to yourself is to help nurture yourself and your emotions. You will begin to feel a sense of accomplishment. These activities will help you through the times when you want to eat even though you are not hungry.

You have the ability to lose weight and inches. There are some steps that you must complete in order for the “no diet” approach to work. You must begin by mentally changing your view of dieting and the world around you. You can then begin to fulfill your emotional needs with satisfying activities instead of food. You can lose weight and feel great about yourself.

The above article is based on the book, “Winning Overeating” by Ofira Shaul. Ofira is a Naturopathy doctor .This experiential, self-development leader has devoted her life to finding the best natural way to obtain permanent weight loss while improving the total quality of your life. Her all-natural program does not require you to use any pills, count calories, or starve yourself.

Visit the following website to learn more about Ofira Shaul:

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Damage Control For Holiday Eating "Accidents" (Part 1)

By Tom Venuto

We've all been at the holiday get-togethers, and have quickly devoured something devilishly delicious with little thought. Some feel little shame for eating a cake or drinking half the bowl of punch, but others find themselves feeling guilty afterwards and can't help but think, "oops, I shouldn't have eaten that." I have to admit I do get a little chuckle out of the “accidental” part! Do you ever really “accidentally” eat anything? I think we are all responsible for everything we eat and how much we eat and until you consciously realize and accept this, and take the time to do some proactive meal planning, you will probably continue to have lots of “overeating accidents!”

After you overindulge, I definitely do NOT recommend skipping your next meal or skipping meals the next day to make up for it. I usually don’t even recommend cutting back either, although there may be exceptions where you could manipulate your meal size or macronutrient composition.

I generally recommend returning immediately to your “regularly scheduled meal programming,” because this continues to encourage the maintenance of positive habits such as eating 5-6 small meals every day.

I do suppose whether you cut back could depend on whether you’ve been on low calories a long time, how lean you were already, and on whether you were in a caloric deficit already. If you were in a calorie deficit for the day, then the extra calories might only bring you up to maintenance, not “over” your daily limit, which might not be as damaging as if you were in a calorie surplus.

If you were already very lean or had been dieting strictly for a long time (as in a bodybuilder coming off a competition), a large meal or entire high calorie day might not have any negative effect either. Your metabolism has a way of slowing down if you keep your calories too low 100% of the time.

With occasional (planned) higher calorie days, you’d be using the BURN THE FAT “zig-zag” or “cycling” principle, so eating more in this context can be a positive thing. (Note: You can learn more about this technique in the BURN THE FAT program at However, there’s a big difference between a planned “cheat meal” or a planned high carb, clean food “re-feed” day and a binge on junk food. Regardless of total 24 hour calorie intake for the day, you could still store body fat after heavy eating if it’s done at certain times and in a certain metabolic state.

Although I do prescribe calorie levels based on daily (24 hr) needs, I believe you should also pay attention to 3 hour “windows” when you’re thinking about adjusting your caloric intake. Calories and macro-nutrients (protein/aminos, carbs/sugar and fat) are partitioned into glycogen, muscle or fat tissue or burned immediately depending very much on present moment energy and recovery needs and on what’s going to happen over the next 3 hours or so as the food enters your system.

So, if you’re going to be plopping down on the couch to watch football games for the rest of the day and night after that big holiday meal, beware - you might just want to cut back on that next meal a little, especially starches and sugars.

Bottom line: It’s okay to eat small amounts of your favorite junk foods once in a while as planned “free meals,” and it’s a good idea to eat more in general from time to time to keep your metabolism humming along. However, your best bet if you’re really serious about fat loss is to avoid huge meals and avoid bingeing in the first place. ALWAYS practice portion control - even on holidays.

If you ever do slip, don’t beat yourself up, just get right back on the wagon with your next meal and remember, the past is behind you and today is a new day.

Your friend and coach,

Tom Venuto, CSCS, NSCA-CPT

P.S. If you’re interested in burning fat naturally in a healthy, sensible way, then be sure to take a look at Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle - it’s the best place to start your journey:

About the Author:

Tom Venuto is a fat loss expert, lifetime natural (steroid-free) bodybuilder, independent nutrition researcher, freelance writer, and author of the #1 best selling diet e-book, Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle: Fat-Burning Secrets of The World’s Best Bodybuilders & Fitness Models (e-book) which teaches you how to get lean without drugs or supplements using secrets of the world's best bodybuilders and fitness models. Learn how to get rid of stubborn fat and increase your metabolism by visiting:

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Turbo Charged Metabolism

There are many different ways to quickly boost up your metabolism so that your body can burn more fat in less time, including basic foods that will turbo charge your metabolism instantly!

For example, did you know that green tea acts as a healthy metabolism booster? So does grapefruit, apples, and almonds!

In fact, there are more than 50 different foods that are proven to increase your metabolism, while also acting as a natural appetite suppressant, so you never have to worry about feeling hungry in between meals!

When you boost your metabolism, you are able to burn fat with less exercise and with less effort. In fact, when your metabolism is running at peak performance, you can literally burn fat even when you sleep!

Discover the shocking techniques of turbo charging your metabolism naturally, without expensive supplements or dangerous cleansers!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Truth About Metabolic Workouts & MFF <= What's that?

If you've been curious about this new workout phenomenon called Metabolic Resistance Training, then get ready for the most informative training article you've read in a long, long time.

Men's Health fitness expert Craig Ballantyne answered the following advanced metabolic training questions just for you.

You'll learn more about how to use MRT - plus his "new thing" called MFF - a powerful component of fat loss.

Q: You've talked about metabolic resistance training (MRT) a lot, but what are MCT and MFF workouts? - A.

Answer from Craig:
The MCT is something that was inspired by a call I had with Alwyn Cosgrove.

He mentioned his clients performing metabolic workouts on back to back days, with one day being heavy MRT workouts and the next day being a higher-rep, conditioning-style group workout (similar to a bootcamp).

I started designing programs like this for my clients and the response was incredible. In fact, the first workout I designed using the MCT has been my most popular this year.

My clients want to train hard, work up a sweat and burn calories and fat, and the combo of MRT and MCT workouts is almost the perfect plan.

I say "almost", because recently I've stumbled across one more piece to the fat loss puzzle, and that was adding metabolic fat loss finishers (MFF) in place of regular interval training.

The biggest benefit is simply that my clients can now get maximum results without traditional interval-cardio equipment like treadmills or bikes. You can use dumbbells, kettlebells, or just your bodyweight for metabolic finishers as you'll see in a moment.

And so that's how the 24-7 workouts go:


All in under 40-45 minutes, three times per week.

Get the full 8-week 24-7 fat loss workout program here.  

Q: What is better - metabolic finishers or cardio?

Answer from Craig:
I know for certain that metabolic finishers are far superior to regular cardio for getting a lean, sexy body. Then again, regular cardio often doesn't accomplish too much anyway.

The key with both finishers and interval training – and even cardio - is to cause depletion of muscle energy stores (i.e. glycogen depletion). This causes 'turbulence' on the muscles and in turn, turbulence causes the magical post-workout afterburn.

Your muscles don't care if it is traditional sprint interval training on a bike (like the original interval training fat loss studies used) or goblet squats and burpees in a finisher.

All that matters is the depletion - and you can get that without traditional cardio equipment thanks to the MFF setup.

Q: What's 24/7 Fat Loss all about?
Answer from Craig:
It's about time that a complete blueprint was put together showing our clients exactly what to do every hour of every day to burn fat.

Joel Marion and I are taking the guesswork out of fat loss. Joel's providing the step-by-step nutrition and I've created a complete workout plan using MRT, MCT, and MFF - the three best components of fast fat burning workouts - according to both my research and experience.

Get the full 24-7 Fat Burning System here.  

Q: Hi, I have one quick question. Do any of the 24-7 exercises have to be done with gym equipment in the gym? I have free weights, benches, etc., but I only work out at home which I love especially with Craig Ballantyne's programs. - Susan

Answer from Craig:
Hi Susan, yes, all of the workouts include just a bench, a ball, and free weights. You don't need barbells or fancy gym machines. It's a typical Craig Ballantyne style set-up in terms of equipment, but with the latest fat burning techniques to really push your results to new levels.

And if you get the follow along online videos, you'll get to do the workouts with me and watch me work just as hard as you.

Q: I know it just came out but I was wondering if I could do traditional intervals right after workouts. Thanks. The program looks great. - TT

Answer from Craig:
Whoa Nelly, you won't want anything to do with intervals on the same day as the workouts. No need to add them after your workouts, trust me.

With the MRT-MCT-MFF combined with Joel's nutrition, you'll get great results without spending an hour in the gym.

Join me in the 24-7 Workouts here.


Burning fat always,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS, CTT
Co-Creator, 24-7 Fat Loss

4 tricks to burn fat around the clock

What if you NEVER went a minute without burning fat? Can you just imagine how quickly the pounds would drop? How much FASTER you'd have the body you've always wanted?

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To your results,

Arthur M.

P.S. The true beauty at the above link is the 4 simple strategies they employ to literally turn your body in to a 24-hour fat burning machine.

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One Arm Kettlebell Swings With Step-Ups For Cardio and Fat Loss Training (Video)

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Low Carb Desserts that actually HELP you LOSE WEIGHT!


It is possible to enjoy the sweetness in life without eating unhealthily, and without putting on weight.

When Sheena MacLennan, a journalist, was looking for a way to get rid of post pregnancy pounds she did her research. The sugar replacements she found in most low carb diet recipes, just didn't hold up to close scrutiny. But then she made a life changing discovery. This is her story:

Dear Friend,

I felt drawn to a low carb diet but the sugar substitutes I researched turned out to be too unhealthy. Agave syrup may seem like a great low glycemic solution, but in fact  Agave syrup contains almost 90% fructose and this is hard for the liver to process. So ultimately agave syrup is actually fattening.

And artificial sweeteners and natural sweeteners like stevia, according to new research, actually increases the appetite and promotes weight gain in rats.

So I reached the conclusion that to eat healthily, and slimly, I just had to forsake sweetness all together.  I was wrong.

Because then I stumbled across yacon syrup. Yacon syrup is derived from the Yacon plant, a tubular plant in the Andean region of South America, and tastes like honey or molasses. I didn't have any high hopes, but then I found research that seemed too good to be true.

When yacon syrup was given daily to obese women over a 120 day period the results were fenomenal. I quote: “Daily intake of yacon syrup produced a significant decrease in body weight, waist circumference and body mass index”!

So at last I had found a sweetener that was natural, healthy and slimming!

I was on a roll, because then I discovered another magical ingredient that was both health enhancing, and weight decreasing - find out more at

So now that I had two of natures wonderful healing and slimming ingredients, nothing could stop me from creating delicious recipes!

You see I believe that a Low Carb Diet has to be healthy and fun, to work. Self deprivation is not good for you - and it is really hard to do. You end up just thinking about what you may not indulge in, the whole time!

It is much easier to treat yourself, but to do it healthily. Don't treat yourself to store bought chocolate dessert, and then feel bad because you didn't manage to keep with your diet. Treat yourself to the home made chocolate mousse. Treat yourself to the home made chocolate chip cookies in this book and delight in the fact that you are helping yourself lose weight, and that your beautiful body just received a load of vitamins and minerals!

And why stop at indulging in desserts? For a short time I am giving away “Heavenly Low Carb Ice Cream”; AND “Heavenly Low Carb Snacks” AND “Heavenly Low Carb Cookies”; for FREE.

Do you have any idea how delightful it is to indulge in chocolate truffles, knowing they are healthy and won't add weight to your tummy or backside?  If not, go to:


Sheena MacLennan

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Choose a Better Future through Weight Loss

We all have our own personal reasons for wanting to lose some weight. However, having an obsession regarding weight loss can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food and episodes of overeating. So how are we supposed to lose weight without lowering our image of ourselves and beginning a vicious cycle of losing and regaining weight? It is easy! You can have a better future through weight loss by not dieting. This may sound like a strange concept but keep an open mind and read further.

There are so many of us who have ended up in this vicious cycle of dieting, regaining weight and then developing a negative self image. It is time to break away from that cycle. We have the ability to take control of our lives and our bodies. By moving away from dieting we can become in tune with our bodies and what they need. We will be free from our struggles with food.

By using the “non-diet” approach to losing weight you will learn to love yourself and develop a healthy relationship with food. When we use traditional diets we do not allow our body and mind to receive the nutrients they need as many diet programs ask you to cut back on food. Many times we just end up regaining the weight lost through traditional diets. By allowing yourself to eat what your body needs you will begin to see a brighter future and have more moments of happiness that are not surrounded by or dependent on food.

Part of the process to become free from our obsession with weight is to become our own best friend. Learning to love ourselves and our bodies will help improve our self esteem and allow us to reduce the obsession with food. By becoming friends with our bodies will learn when our bodies are hungry and when they are full. This relationship with our bodies will allow us to lose weight in a natural and healthy way. When we become aware of our bodies and its needs we are more likely to treat it with the respect it deserves.

Many times our unhealthy relationship is based on stress and unhappy moments in our life. The “no-diet” approach helps us examine the emotions that surround overeating. This helps us to gain a better perspective of ourselves and our emotional needs. When our emotional needs are being met we can begin to build our lives back.

So you may be wondering what you need in order to start the “no-diet” approach to weight loss. There is only one thing, a desire to change. This approach to weight loss is not based around food and looks, but your overall life. Are you willing to change your life for the better?

The “non-diet” approach to losing weight helps us to begin a journey of losing weight and loving ourselves. It can take us out of the negative eating cycle. This cycle leads us to feel bad about ourselves and can create issues in other areas of our life. We have the power to take control of our life and lose weight without dieting. Our future is bright!

The above article is based on the book, “Winning Overeating” by Ofira Shaul. Ofira is a Naturopathy doctor .This experiential, self-development leader has devoted her life to finding the best natural way to obtain permanent weight loss while improving the total quality of your life. Her all-natural program does not require you to use any pills, count calories, or starve yourself.

Visit the following website to learn more about Ofira Shaul:

Weighing Weight-Loss Programs

Weighing Weight-Loss Programs: Title: Weighing Weight-Loss Programs
Category: Health News
Created: 11/3/2011 8:07:00 PM
Last Editorial Review: 11/4/2011

Low Carb Holiday Goodies

When the holidays roll around, you can expect the sweets to be everywhere. Most every candy you used to enjoy before you went on a low carb diet is off limits. But, aren't there any options? Although you won't be able to help yourself to every goodie that you're offered, there are some things you can make to enjoy a bite of something sweet. Let's take a look at how even holiday treats can be made more diet friendly.

Artificial Sweeteners and Sugars

Many cookies and candy recipes for low carb diets will contain artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. The newest one you'll see is Stevia, but you'll still see recipes that use other sweeteners as well. You may or may not want to use these sweeteners, but this is an option you should investigate.

Another option is to reduce the sugar called for in the recipe. Don't forget; corn syrup is a sugar, so you have to take this into consideration. This can work sometimes, depending on the recipe, and is one of those try-it-first before you serve it deals. If you enjoy all the sweets around the holidays, go ahead and spend some time deciding if this is worth your trouble.

Tweaking Other Ingredients

If you're going to enjoy a couple sweet goodies during the holidays, you can't get too crazy about the carbs. You can't totally escape the carbs in a cookie or candy. You can, however, choose a few less carb-loaded ingredients and learn to make new goodies.

Just about any time you see a cookie or candy that calls for wheat flour, you can substitute almond flour. Will it be exactly the same? Maybe not. Will it be tasty? Probably. If you are limited to a few sweet goodies, you'll appreciate what you get. So, go ahead and make a batch of lemon bars or cookies and see what happens.

Some nuts have lower carb counts than others. Believe it or not, pecans are lower in carbs than peanuts, walnuts, almonds, and even macadamia nuts, but cashews are the greatest offender. When choosing which nut to use in your cookies or candy, you may want to take that into consideration.

A Word About Chocolate

It is true that dark chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate is lower in carbs than milk chocolate. But, you can cut carbs also by reducing the amount of chocolate chips in a recipe as well as the size of the cookie or candy. You can also lower the total carbs in the chocolate by adding cream in as you melt it, creating a ganache. This will not harden as well, but it may be perfect for certain treats.

My main issue with trying to avoid chocolate entirely, especially during the holidays, is we are way too concerned. Consider this; you want to make chocolate covered nuts. You choose pecans, which have a net carb count (that's carbs less fiber) of about 5 grams for a cup of chopped pecans. Then if you melt chocolate, even milk chocolate to mix in, you'll need only about a tablespoon or so which is about 8 grams of carbs. So, even if you ate that entire cup of chocolate covered nuts, you would be eating about 13 grams of carbs. For a decadent candy, 13 grams is not a disaster to your diet.

My point is, if you choose to enjoy a bite or two of chocolate, even chocolate covered nuts, you are going to feel satisfied and happy, rather than deprived. And, we all know that when our diet leaves us feeling deprived, we end up diving head first into a bag of mini candy bars, chips, or a loaf of bread. Choose your sweet carbs carefully and enjoy a bite or two this holiday season.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Best Diets? DASH, TLC, Mediterranean Are Tops, Experts Say

Best Diets? DASH, TLC, Mediterranean Are Tops, Experts Say: heart shaped out of tape measure

Just in time for anyone stressing over upcoming holiday weight gain, a new list of ''best diets" is out. But this list focused not just on diets that helped you lose weight, but helped you stay healthy while doing it.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Flush Your System, Flush The Fat

Water is a vital part of every conditioning program, and without water your body becomes dehydrated and therefore unable to properly digest food or perform at its best. 

In fact, your water intake affects every single part of your system, including your brain, heart and other vital organs who rely on water to help filter toxins out of the body, and maintain a healthy chemical balance while boosting metabolism.

Think about this.  Your body consists of up to 65% water. Your blood is 90% water, your brain is 80% water and even your skin is 70% water based. 

So when your body suffers from dehydration, you feel it most in these areas of your body that require constant hydration. 

In fact, depriving your body of water throughout the day can be one of the main reasons for feeling foggy, unable to focus or lacking mental clarity. Just by re-hydrating your body the way it was meant to be, will stabilize your most important organs and muscle groups and give you the extra energy and vitality that you need.

Water also acts as a natural appetite suppressor, tricking your body into believing its full.  Just drinking an 8-ounce glass of cold water in between meals or snacks, can help fight off cravings and prevent bingeing.

Looking for a complete guide to quickly and easily losing the weight and keeping it off forever?


Low Carb Holiday Buffet

If your holiday buffet features large chaffing dishes filled with au gratin potatoes, heaps of stuffing, fiesta corn, and cheesy macaroni, you're not offering much to anyone on a low carb diet. If your guests have to walk away with just a couple slices of turkey and a few celery sticks, you're not going to feel too good about that. If you're planning a buffet this year, you might want to figure out how you can make all your guests happy, even the ones on a low carb diet. Let's take a look at several dishes that go well on a healthier holiday buffet.

Pretty Proteins

Starting with the main event, you can certainly roast a turkey and slice the meat, put it on a platter, and call it good. Or, you may want to present an alternative. Thin slices of turkey make the perfect “wrap” instead of using tortillas on a low carb diet. Cold turkey slices wrapped around blanched asparagus with a piece of cheese is a classic that many people look forward to on a buffet. You can change this classic up a bit by changing the vegetable to broccoli, spinach, or even cucumber. Put together a variety of wraps with different cheeses, herbs, and seasonings.

A hot alternative is to first roast your asparagus or other vegetables, then add cheese and wrap in the turkey slices. Now coat your turkey rolls with finely crushed pecans or almond meal, then lightly fry them and serve hot. And, don't forget ham slices and prosciutto can also be used for wraps.

Another protein we love on buffets is seafood. Aside from the classic bacon wrapped shrimp, what else can we do to make our holiday buffet special? Of course you can serve small salmon filets that have been oven roasted or grilled to perfection. Cut the filets into finger food size for easy serving and have a dill sauce on the side. Coat the salmon in a ground pecan meal and fry for a sweet crunch.

Salmon and cucumber is a combination that gets rave reviews on any buffet. But, rather than sandwiches with bread, why not make something a bit simpler and low carb diet friendly. Put canned salmon, smoked or not, in your food processor with lemon juice, cream cheese, and seasonings and process until nice and fluffy. Then, serve on thin cucumber slices, either round, cut lengthwise, or on the diagonal.

Crab meat, shrimp, or other seafood is a great way to add protein to your buffet table without adding a lot of carbs. Celery sticks are a very diet friendly way to “serve” cold protein dishes. Chop the seafood, mix with mayonnaise or cream cheese, and seasonings, stuff the celery sticks and you have a tasty, protein rich food that also provides some very good carbs. Or you can marinade crab meat or other seafood in an oil and vinegar dressing and serve in a ceviche style dish for something entirely different.

If you want a hot main dish made with seafood, try forming patties or “cakes” out of the seafood, add onion, sweet red pepper, and celery, then crack in an egg, mix, and, instead of adding bread crumbs, add almond meal until mixture is sticking together, but not too moist. Then form your patties, about two to three bite-size, and quickly fry in a good oil. Serve each little cake on top of a leaf of romaine lettuce or other sturdy green like kale for a simple main dish that is easy to eat and very tasty.

Don't forget the vegetarians in your low-carb main dish buffet menu. Black bean burgers are one option that is relatively low in carbs but very high in protein. You can use a mix of dried, cooked beans, put them in the food processor, add your celery, onions, and flavors, and blend until you can form patties. Add cilantro and other deep flavors to make them more interesting. Add in an egg to help the mixture hold together, then form your patties and fry. Serve just like you did the crab cakes.

Tofu is a also a welcome addition to the buffet table when vegetarians and vegans are looking for a filling dish to enjoy. The trick is learning how to cook and present a good tofu dish. To begin, completely dry the tofu by pressing down firmly serving-size pieces with a heavy weight between clean towels. Once dried, you want to fry the tofu, and then marinade it in the flavors you want to present. When the tofu has absorbed the flavor, it's time to stir fry and toss into a hot or cold dish for your buffet. Roasted veggies are a perfect option, as well as mixed greens, shredded cooked cabbage, and nuts. Use your imagination and several different marinades to make your tofu dishes interesting and delicious and your guests will be very pleased.

Satisfying Sides

This is normally where the difficulty starts. Since we often think of sides at a holiday dinner as the starches and carbs, it's hard to imagine what we can do to get away from that whole thought. The trick may be tweaking the classics, but you may also need to try entirely different dishes than you are used to.

Since sweet potatoes are high in carbs, and sweet potato casserole with the marshmallow topping is off the charts, you may think you have to avoid this classic entirely. But, there are ways to make even sweet potatoes more diet friendly. Start by thinking small. You don't want to eat even a cup of sweet potatoes on a low carb diet. However, by making little sweet potato fritters, using almond meal for the binder, you can enjoy a couple bites of this holiday traditional food without being too concerned. You may also want to temper the sweet potato mixture with a bit of pureed pumpkin to lower the carb count even further.

You can do the same thing with white potatoes if you wish. Just make small potato puffs, reducing the high carb count of the potatoes by adding Parmesan cheese and cream cheese to the mixture. Bind with almond flour and even an egg for a real flavorful bite. Be sure to add chives or green onions for an even prettier look and delicious flavor.

Macaroni and cheese is a no-no on a low carb diet due to the pasta. However, you can make a cheesy alternative that will satisfy even the most diehard mac and cheese fan. Steam cauliflower, lightly mash, then mix in a cheesy white sauce until you reach a desirable consistency. Put in the oven in a casserole dish and top with a buttery faux breadcrumb topping, using almond meal instead of the breadcrumbs, cooking until golden brown on top. Set out on your buffet and watch it disappear even faster than your old mac and cheese did.

What do you like about the traditional green bean casserole? The creamy sauce and crunchy fried onions, right? Go ahead and make a white sauce using almond flour instead of wheat flour, that's step one. Then cut sweet onions up into thin wedges, drizzle with olive oil, toss with almond meal, and roast until browned slightly. Quickly cook your fresh green beans, then add all the ingredients together and toss well. You have all of the elements of the classic green bean casserole without all the carbs.

Another option is to create a fun green bean wrap. Start by blanching your beans. Peel a large onion, and drop in the blanching water for a few seconds, just until you can separate the layers. Remove one layer, slice to lay open, then put some beans inside, add a dollop of cream cheese or goat cheese, and season as you like, then roll up and dredge in almond meal or crushed nuts. Lay seam side down on a baking sheet and bake in moderate oven, roasting until onion is nicely browned. Serve your little green bean casserole bundles hot with a little creamy dipping sauce.

There are numerous options for healthier, low carb buffet offerings at your holiday buffet. The trick is to look at the ingredients you can have on your diet in any main dish or side dish, then pick apart the recipe and get creative. The great thing about a holiday buffet is that everyone expects something a little different from a regular sit-down dinner. So have fun with it and enjoy!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Holiday Survival Guide

How to Stay on Your Diet and Stay in Shape Over the Holidays Without Turning into a Miserable Scrooge!
(A Holiday Survival Guide)

By Tom Venuto, NSCA-CPT, CSCS

My mom makes the most amazing Christmas cake in the world; it’s been a tradition in our family for as long as I can remember. First, she mixes up a light, fluffy, vanilla cake mix, pours it into the pans and then pops it in the oven. After it’s been baked, she stacks the cake in two layers with whipped cream spread generously between each layer. She then pours on red and green Jell-O, which gets soaked up inside the cake. Next, whipped cream is smothered all the way around for frosting. And finally, she garnishes it with red and green sprinkles. A few red and green-striped candy canes are stuck in the top as the finishing touch, and off it goes to the refrigerator so it can be served chilled later.

Now let me tell you, as a bodybuilder, I have a lot of discipline. But when that moist, delicious, red and green, Jell-O-filled, whipped-cream covered cake is sitting on the table in front of me on December 25th, it takes every ounce of my willpower to keep from calling it a “VERY high carb day” and devouring numerous very large slices.

Despite the temptation, I don’t “pig out” nor do I deprive myself. Instead, I’m content with eating my single piece, savoring every mouthwatering bite, all the while repeating my mantra, “Nothing tastes as good as being lean feels.”

The next day, on December 26th, I’m on the bike or Stairmaster at the crack of dawn, followed by six perfect meals of lean protein and complex carbohydrate - just like every other day of the year.

A week later, on December 31st, I usually go out for a nice dinner (very naughty food, I must admit), and then we toast champagne to the New Year at midnight. I’m in bed at a reasonable hour shortly thereafter.

Unless it’s a scheduled day of rest on New Years day, I’m not groggy and hung over like many of my friends are. I’m in the gym squatting, bench pressing, curling, or “stairmastering” just like I usually am.

And here’s the point: You can and should enjoy the holidays. You can enjoy being with family and going out with friends. You can go to holiday parties and have fun. You can enjoy a few “naughty” meals. You can have a piece of cake and a glass or two of champagne. There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy yourself AND stay healthy, lean and fit through the holidays. All it takes is some planning, some goal-setting and little dose of old-fashioned discipline.

I’d like to share with you 10 ways that you can follow your diet and stay in great shape over the holidays without turning into a “miserable Scrooge.” If you follow this advice, then you’ll be one of the proud few with a New Year’s resolution to be the best you’ve ever been in the new year to come - instead of one of the guilt-ridden many who must resolve to reclaim what they lost over the year that’s just passed them by.

1. Expect to stay on your program over the holidays

“Fail to plan and you plan to fail” is a time worn and cliché statement, but it’s still some of the best success advice you will ever hear.

Not only do most people fail to plan, they consciously plan to fail over the holidays. Most people expect to “blow” their diet and skip workouts over the holidays. They expect to eat more, to exercise less and to gain weight. As a result, they don’t even make the effort.

Instead of taking control, they resign themselves to maintenance at best, or back-sliding at worst. This negative expectancy leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy. By the first week of January, they’re in the worst shape they’ve been in for a year and they frantically make New Year’s resolutions to shed the excess fat they’ve gained.

You can avoid this trap by planning to succeed during the holidays. Set up a positive expectation. Resolve now that you will not tolerate slipping backwards. Keep your standards up and don’t settle! Not only can you plan to “stay in shape” over the holidays, you can plan to improve! All you have to do is make the decision and expect success.

2. Plan all your workouts in advance

You know your schedule is going to get hectic over the holidays. You’ll be cooking, shopping, wrapping gifts, sending cards, going to parties, traveling, visiting family, and so on. To stay on your training and nutrition regimen is definitely going to take some sound time management skills.

Plan your schedule in advance. Anticipate what’s coming up. Write it down. Put it on your calendar. By doing so, you won’t be caught unprepared.

Use a schedule book or monthly calendar and “make appointments” for ALL your workouts for the entire holiday season. Then, post a copy where you will be forced to look at it every day. This is a powerful exercise that will keep you focused and force you to think about and prepare for each upcoming workout.

If you try to “wing it” and squeeze in your workouts and meals whenever you have time left over, you’ll find that there never is any time left over! Somehow your daily activities always seem to “expand” to fill the hours in every day. So schedule your workouts and meal times in your calendar just like you would any other appointment or event. Once you’ve done that, stick to your schedule religiously.

3. Set some compelling training and fitness goals over the holiday period

Don’t wait until January 1st to set your goals just because you think it will be harder to achieve them over the holidays. On the contrary, studies on personal achievement have shown that you’ll usually reach 80% of the goals you put onto paper. The problem is that few people set any goals at all, and fewer still set them during the holidays.

Why wait? Why not do it now? Set some big goals that you can start working on during the holidays:

Set a goal to lose the 25 lbs you’ve always wanted to lose NOW Set the goal to gain 10 lbs of solid muscle NOW Been contemplating a competition in bodybuilding, fitness or the new ladies figure division? Pick an early spring show and GO FOR IT - START TRAINING NOW!

Goal setting should not be a once a year affair, it should be a continuous process. You should always have your goals in writing and your list should be regularly updated and rewritten. If you only set goals once a year, you’re not going to accomplish much in your life.

4. Give yourself permission to have “free meals” - and schedule them in

A planned “free meal” or “re-feeding day” helps you to stay on your program better in the long run. If you’re too strict all the time, you’re setting yourself up for cravings and binge eating.

A few free meals per week will have very little effect on your physique. Also, if you’ve been on a strict, low carb and/or low calorie regimen for a long time, a full day of maintenance level calories might actually be good for you! It will boost your metabolic rate and give your body the signal that you’re not starving and that it’s ok to keep burning a lot of calories.

Over the holidays, schedule your dinners and parties so they become your “free meals.” Then, for the rest of your meals, be steadfast! Just the fact that you know you have free meals coming up will relieve the pressure of staying on a strict diet for a long time.

Also, when you do have your free meal – ENJOY IT! If you’re going to eat it and feel guilty, then don’t have it at all. If you’ve stayed with the program all week long, then when your free meal rolls around, you deserve it!

5. If you fall off the wagon, get right back on it

So you had about a dozen too many of those Christmas cookies did you? Don’t worry; because you have free meals built into your plan, you shouldn’t let guilt immobilize you. Even if you fall completely off the wagon, don’t beat yourself up. All you have to do is get right back on your program without missing another beat.

Too many people mess up once and then think their entire diet is ruined. They feel as if everything they’ve done prior to that day was wasted and there’s no sense going on. Or even worse, they rationalize to themselves, “Well, I already cheated, so it doesn’t matter now, I might as well keep pigging out.”

That’s nonsense. If you threw in the towel every time you didn’t score 100% on your diet, most people would never get through more than a few days on any structured program. Just because you slip up once doesn’t mean you should quit! You’re only human. Don’t let one small slip keep you derailed. Firmly plant your wheels back on the tracks and start rolling again.

6. Maintain your consistent eating schedule

If there’s one thing that all people who successfully get lean and stay lean have in common, it’s consistency. Without it, you never get any momentum going. It’s like taking two steps forward, only to take three steps back.

Many people allow the busy holidays to throw them off their regular eating schedule. They completely veer off their usual meal frequency, or they start eating foods they would normally never eat (because “it’s there”).

Once you have a habit or pattern going, it’s fairly easy to keep it going. But once you lose momentum, it’s very difficult to get it going again because you must overcome inertia all over again. (An object at rest tends to stay at rest!)

On the major holidays, when there’s a big dinner scheduled, many people think that skipping their morning and afternoon meals to “save room” for the big one later is a good idea. It’s not. This is actually a good way to invite a binge that could set your back for days.

Don’t lose your consistency or your momentum. Continue with your pattern of eating small, frequent meals all year round. All you have to do is count your holiday dinners as one of your regular meals and keep them small.

7. Control your portion sizes

You can have your cake and eat it too – you just can’t eat the whole thing! One of the most important rules to remember this holiday season is the law of energy balance, which states: To lose body fat, you must consume fewer calories than you burn up each day.

There are two corollaries to the law of energy balance:

1. A caloric surplus gets stored as fat – even healthy food.
2. Small amounts of anything – even junk food – will NOT get stored as fat if you stay in a calorie deficit.

There’s no reason to deprive yourself of things you enjoy. Just make sure you don’t overindulge. As long as you enjoy your favorite foods in moderation, and you keep working out, it won’t end up around your waistline.

8. Don’t buy into the low standards and expectations of others

Keep your standards high, but don’t expect other people’s standards to be as high as yours. Remember that most people have already planned in advance to fail at fitness over the holidays. You’ve decided to stay strong (haven’t you?) Don’t let their negative influence drag you down.

When you’ve reached your pre-ordained drink limit, say “When” and switch to water or a non alcoholic, non caloric beverage. When they offer you seconds on dessert, politely say, “No thank you, it was absolutely delicious, but I’m full, I can’t eat another bite.” And when the wee hours of the morning start to roll around, and your friends are egging you on to keep partying, politely tell them you need your sleep. Tomorrow is a work out day. If they’re really your friends, they’ll understand.

9. Make the best choices possible in every situation.

You know those tables you see at holiday parties that are covered with yards of chips, dips, pretzels, cookies, salami, candies, punch, liquor, and a seemingly endless assortment of other goodies? Well, did you also notice that there is usually a tray full of carrot sticks, cauliflower, celery and other healthy snacks too?

No matter where you are, you always have choices. Sometimes you have to choose between bad and worse. Other times you can choose between good and better. But always make the best choice possible based on whatever your options are. If nothing else, you can choose to eat a small portion of something “bad” rather than a huge portion, thereby obeying the law of calorie balance.

Chances are good that there’s probably something healthy on the menu at every holiday gathering. As you know, lean proteins and fibrous carbs are a great for getting lean, so fill up on the turkey breast, try to get a vegetable in there, and go easy on the desserts.

10. If you drink, enjoy alcohol in moderation

If you enjoy having a few drinks on special occasions, then go ahead and have a drink or two. But if you’re serious about your fitness goals, then drink infrequently and in moderation. Alcohol puts fat oxidation on hold while providing a large amount of calories. When there’s alcohol in your bloodstream, you’re not in fat burning mode.

I’ve never met anyone who was truly serious about fat loss or bodybuilding who was a heavy drinker. Alcohol and muscles just don’t mix. The impact goes beyond added body fat; your energy levels and workouts can be affected for days after a night of heavy drinking. A glass of wine may have health benefits, but there’s never any reason or excuse for binge drinking or getting drunk.

So go ahead and toast to the New Year, but know when to say when.

In conclusion, there’s no reason to let your exercise and nutrition program spoil your holidays, but there’s also no reason to let your holidays spoil your exercise and nutrition program! Put these 10 holiday tips into practice and you can start losing fat today, not next year.

Train hard and expect success,

Tom Venuto, NSCA-CPT, CSCS
Fat Loss Coach

About the Author:

Tom Venuto is a natural bodybuilder, certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) and a certified personal trainer (CPT). Tom is the author of "Burn the Fat, Feed The Muscle,” which teaches you how to get lean without drugs or supplements using methods of the world's best bodybuilders and fitness models. Learn how to get rid of stubborn fat and increase your metabolism by visiting: