Saturday, October 1, 2011

5 Fat-Killing Secrets

Five Fat Killing Secrets “The Biggest Loser” Producers Sneakily Edit Out

What Happens When The Cameras Stop Rolling? The Dirty Truth Will Leave You Stunned… It Will Leave You Angry… And It Will Leave You Thinner!

Read On To Uncover…

-  How those “salad starvation diets” cause the contestants to pack on the fat faster than they lost it to begin with.

-  The disgusting subliminal marketing ploy producers use to steal from you like they're cracking into their own personal piggy bank.

-  Why humiliating “in your face” military-style training tactics only work on TV, and will certainly backfire on you.

Plus… a surprising fat loss secret that allows you to go to bed full and still burn fat. This is definitely something Bob and Jillian will NEVER tell you.

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