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Why Cardio Doesn't Work For Some People: A NEAT Explanation

By Tom Venuto

At the Burn the Fat Inner Circle member forums, I get a question which comes up with alarming frequency: “Why isn’t my cardio working?”  Despite not only doing regular cardio for weeks, but actually increasing the duration of her workouts, one member still saw no added fat loss and started wondering what she was doing wrong… or what was wrong with her!  I gave her the surprisingly simple answer, which I’ve printed for you as well in this article and new research has added even more to the answer – it’s a NEAT explanation…

How is it possible that some people do tons of cardio and don’t lose weight?

Simple: Weight loss is a function of caloric deficit, not how much cardio you do. Cardio is only one of the tools you use to create and increase a caloric deficit.

Endurance athletes are a perfect example for illustrating the error in thinking that “an hour a day” (or whatever amount) of cardio will guarantee weight loss…

They might train for two, three, even four hours or more on some days, but they are often not trying to lose weight. They (have to) eat huge amounts of food to fuel their training and keep their weight stable.

It’s not unusual at all for a cyclist to burn 4000 or 5000 calories per day and not lose any weight. Why? Same reason you’re doing a lot of cardio but not losing weight:  there’s no calorie deficit. Calories in are equaling the calories out.

What you need to do is shift your focus OFF of some kind of prerequisite time spent doing cardio and ON to the REAL pre-requisite for weight loss: a caloric deficit.

If your caloric intake remains exactly the same and you add cardio or other training or activity you will create a deficit and you will lose weight, guaranteed.

With all this talk about “cardio” and “training” one important area that people often forget about is all the other activity in your life outside of your cardio and weight training. There’s a name for that:

Non exercise activity thermogenesis, or NEAT

NEAT is all your physical activity throughout the day, excluding your “formal” workouts.

NEAT includes all the calories you burn from casual walking, shopping, yard work, housework, standing, pacing and even little things like talking, chewing, changing posture, maintaining posture and fidgeting. Walking contributes to the majority of NEAT

It seems like a bunch of little stuff – and it is – which is why most people completely ignore it. Big mistake.

At the end of the day, week, month and year, all the little stuff adds up to a very significant amount of energy. For most people, NEAT accounts for about 30% of physical activity calories spent daily, but NEAT can run as low 15% in sedentary individuals and as high as 50% in highly active individuals.

I’m always telling people to exercise more – to burn more, not just eat less. This is not only for health, fitness and well-being, but also to help increase fat loss.

But some people say that increasing exercise doesn’t always work and they quote from research to make their case.  It’s true that some studies paradoxically don’t show better weight loss by adding exercise on top of diet.

But there are explanations for this…

If you add training into your fat loss regime but you don’t maintain your nutritional discipline and keep your food intake the same, you remain in energy balance. If a study doesn’t monitor this type of compensation, or if the researchers trust the subjects to accurately self-report their own food intake (hahahahahahahaha!), it will look like the exercise was for nothing.

In studies where the food intake was controlled when exercise was added… surprise, surprise, weight loss increased!

Stated differently, all these “experts” who keep saying that exercise doesn’t work for weight loss are  ignoring or not understanding the concepts of calorie deficit and energy compensation.

Why  Exercise “Doesn’t Work” – The NEAT Explanation

So a handful of people exercise and then eat more than they were eating before and then scratch their heads and wonder why they aren’t losing. DUH!

Or, they go on some idiotic crusade against exercise. “SEE! exercise is a waste of time… all you have to do is follow the ‘magic’ diet!”

Wrong. Dieting alone is the worst way to lose weight because without training, the composition of the weight you lose is not so good (goodbye muscle… hello skinny fat person!). Want to avoid skinny fat syndrome? It’s nutrition, then weight training, then add in and manipulate the cardio as your results dictate.

There’s another type of compensation that researchers have recently started studying.  When people increase their training, especially high intensity training, sometimes they also compensate by moving less later in the day and in the days that that follow!

For example, you work out like an animal in the morning, but then instead of your usual walking around and doing housework the rest of the day, you crash and plop your tired body in your LAZY BOY for a nice nap and a marathon session of TV. The next day, the delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) sets in and then you REALLY don’t feel like moving!

Research on NEAT is extensive and it tells us that NEAT plays a major role in obesity and fat loss. Finding ways to INCREASE NEAT along with formal exercise can be a promising strategy to increase your total daily calorie burn and thus, increase fat loss. The flip side of that equation is finding ways to avoid decreases in NEAT that we might not have been aware of. Because NEAT is so completely off most people’s radars, most people miss this.

(NOTE: For a real eye-opener, try a using a pedometer or bodybugg for a while)

Previous studies have confirmed that many people compensated and decreased their activity (NEAT) during the remainder of the day or on rest days after exercise training. This led anti-exercise pundits once again to spit out their party line, “see, exercise doesn’t work! You might as well just diet.”

However, a study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise found no immediate debilitative effect on NEAT on the day of exercise or on the following 2 days. In fact, there was a delayed reaction and NEAT actually INCREASED 48 hours after the exercise session (60 minutes of treadmill walking at 6 kph @ 10% grade with 5 minute intervals at 0% grade).

Why the conflicting findings? Scientists aren’t 100% sure yet, but they have discovered that part of it has to do with exercise intensity.

Moderate Intensity vs High Intensity cardio: Effect on NEAT

You sometimes hear certain trainers claim that only high intensity exercise is worthwhile and everything else is a waste of time or at best inefficient. That’s not always true, on many levels, and one of them involves NEAT.

It looks like higher intensity training has more potential to DECREASE NEAT later on than low or moderate intensity training. You burn a lot of calories DURING the workout when training at high intensity. However, the calories burned during the formal training can be at least partly canceled out by a decrease in NEAT outside the training session.

It also appears that moderate intensity exercise may be better tolerated than high intensity exercise by some people, especially beginners and obese individuals. The low or moderate intensity workouts don’t wipe them out so much that they don’t become fatigued, sluggish and sore later in the day…. and there’s no decrease in NEAT.

Am I saying you shouldn’t do high intensity exercise? Not at all.

High intensity training can be very effective and very time efficient and a mix of high and lower-intensity training might be ideal. But if you do a lot of high intensity training, you have to be aware of how OVER-doing it might affect your energy and activity level outside the gym – on the day of training, and even in the days that follow the intense workout. Otherwise, you might end up with fewer total calories burned at the end of the week, not more.

If you don’t understand the calorie balance equation and the calorie deficit… if you don’t understand the compensatory effect of NEAT on energy out and you don’t understand the compensatory effect of eating behaviors on energy in, then you can do cardio until you’re blue in the face and you’ll still be in energy balance… and your body fat will stay exactly the same.

Important points

1. This study SUPPORTS the role of exercise for weight loss and debunks the idea that exercise doesn’t work for weight loss, provided all else remains equal when exercise is added on top of diet.

2. Exercise intensity can affect NEAT for days after a workout is over. Too much high intensity work might zap your energy and activity outside the gym, resulting in a lower level of NEAT. You have to keep up your habitual activity level outside the gym after pushing yourself hard in the gym.

3. This information supports the role of low moderate intensity exercise (like 60 minutes of treadmill walking) based on the effect this has on your activity outside the gym. It is not true that only high intensity training is worthwhile. There are pros and cons of training at various intensities.

4. If you can keep up your NEAT, you can increase your weekly calorie expenditure and increase your fat loss.

5. It’s important in research to look beyond short term results (during a workout bout, 24 hour studies, etc), and also consider longer term effects. We should watch out for more studies on NEAT that go beyond 24 hours to learn more.

NEAT is a great way to improve your total fat loss results, but it can also undermine your efforts if you don't consider the toll it takes on your daily energy expenditure. The best thing you can do is follow a fat loss system like my Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle Program that takes account of the big picture, including NEAT.

Train hard and expect success!

Tom Venuto, author of
Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle

About the Author:

Tom Venuto is a fat loss expert, lifetime natural (steroid-free) bodybuilder, freelance writer, and author of the #1 best selling diet e-book, Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle: Fat-Burning Secrets of The World’s Best Bodybuilders & Fitness Models (e-book) which teaches you how to get lean without drugs or supplements using secrets of the world's best bodybuilders and fitness models. Learn how to get rid of stubborn fat and increase your metabolism by visiting:

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The Truth About How To Get A 6 Pack

By John Alvino

Let’s face it, there is nothing more attractive than the look and feel of a tightly carved out midsection. In most people’s opinion, no other body part screams out sex appeal more than a great set of six pack abs. The attention that one can achieve from having a tight and lean midsection has caused the marketing world to go “ab workout crazy”.

Anywhere you turn you can find countless abdominal training gadgets, gimmicks and programs promising to help you develop six pack abs in record time. With all of this “great information” so readily available, you would suspect that millions of people would have been able to achieve a sexy stomach. Take one trip to the beach and it will be obvious that this is not the case. In fact, average the waist size has climbed to an all time high just recently.

Why have these ab programs failed so miserably? The answer to this question is surprisingly simple. These programs focus on traditional ab exercises! Traditional ab exercises may work the abs but they do little to burn actual body fat. Fortunately, there are much more effective exercises that carve out a six pack while simultaneously melting off your belly fat.

The bottom line is you will never achieve that sexy looking midsection until you lose your belly fat. The good news is that this can be accomplished quickly and easily. Let’s discuss how to lose belly fat (the right way) and finally unveil your sexy six pack.

  1. Engage in a full body resistance training routine. When done properly, full body resistance training stimulates your metabolism like no other activity can. This should be the cornerstone of your belly fat loss program. This routine should only contain exercises that work multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Some examples are: One Arm DB Split Snatch, Modified KB Turkish Get Up, Squat Press Combo, etc.

    Unlike traditional ab exercises, these full body movements have a huge caloric cost. In addition to burning a lot of calories during the workout, these exercises greatly increase your metabolism which in turn forces your body to burn fat all day long.

  2. Perform high intensity cardio workouts. High intensity cardio burns significantly more calories than low intensity workouts per unit of time while simultaneously elevating your metabolism to a significant degree. Although these workouts are more difficult to perform, they require much shorter durations. In fact, you can get an incredibly effective fat loss effect in as little as ten minutes, making this a very time efficient way to train.

    Some of my favorite exercises to use for these workouts are: sprinting, various bodyweight jumps, rope jumping doubles, power wheel walks, etc.

  3. Utilize ab exercises that work your entire body. These exercises give you the most bang for your buck. “Isolated” ab exercises do nothing to burn belly fat.

    On the other hand, Turbo Ab Exercises work your abs very effectively while increasing your heart rate and burning a significant amount of calories. Unlike traditional ab exercises, these movements sculpt your six pack while simultaneously burning stubborn body fat.

    Switch your crunches for a Turbo Ab Exercise such as Med Ball Explosive Pikes and see the difference for yourself.

  4. Practice proper nutrition. Excess belly fat is often an indication of chronically high insulin levels. The best diets to keep insulin levels in check are the ones that recommend avoiding sugars, flour products, saturated fats and processed foods.

    Instead, your diet should consist of whole foods in their natural state such as: Vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts and seeds, legumes, whole grains, lean proteins (fish, shellfish, eggs and egg whites, turkey and chicken breast and small amounts of no-fat dairy products.

About The Author
John Alvino is a world renowned fitness expert who is known for his ability to help people lose body fat incredibly fast. He is the creator of the "How To Get Ripped Abs” program, which provides you with the blueprint for getting a great set of six pack abs and a lean body without having to endure long boring workouts, crash diets or expensive supplements. Learn how to get rid of that stubborn fat TODAY by visiting
How To Get Ripped Abs

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How To Lose That Stubborn Fat

By Josh Vales
Fat Loss Expert & Author Of The Best-Selling Fat Loss Program: Final Fat Loss Solution

“Excess Fat.” You know the kind I'm talking about. That extra flab on your lower stomach and back of your arms. In those hard to lose places like your love handles, thighs, and butt. Yup, it’s that stubborn fat that everyone loves to hate.

Can you lose it? Can you achieve a body like the fitness models and bodybuilders out there? Are there things they know that you don’t? How do they lose the stubborn fat that just doesn’t seem to want to disappear on your body?

Well, it certainly isn’t from any fad diets. The harsh reality about diets these days is that 95% of all people fail them ... or how I see it, they fail the people. On top of that, many of them have the unintended result of actually making you fatter after you’re done them!

If not diets, then it must be drugs, right? WRONG! The truth is that steroids are nothing more than a temporary solution, with a whole slew of unwanted side effects. I myself have never taken steroids or a drug of any kind and I’ve routinely hit 3-5% body fat for fitness competitions.

Okay, okay. In that case, they must be taking all the right supplements? Wrong again! I’ve had new clients come to me saying that they were currently taking $400 worth of supplements a month. What’s the first thing I told them to do before I started them on this program? You guessed it, I threw them off all those useless supplements. Much to their surprise, they actually saw better results after a short time on my program.

Year after year of trial and error, research and experimentation, I finally figured out the answer to this question, and developed an idiot-proof system of hitting rock bottom levels of body fat. All this without drugs, without expensive supplements, without starving yourself, and without spending your life in a gym. No hype, no gimmicks, just honest advice that works. I’ve compiled all this knowledge into one, easy to read, detailed program called the Final Fat Loss Solution. It divulges to the reader every fat loss secret under the sun, leaving them no room for error on this program.

With the knowledge contained within the Final Fat Loss program, and me there as your guide, I guarantee you will achieve a physique that you never before thought possible. A body that will be the envy of your peers, and one that you can be truly proud of.

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10 Food and Nutrition Affirmations

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Of course, there will always be temptation, but when you equip yourself with anti-temptation tools, you will be able to quickly re-focus your mind on your greater goal of getting healthy!

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It can be hard in moments of temptation to make the right choice, but with the help of positive affirmations, you can re-train your brain to replace the desire for junk food with healthy choices.

Affirmations can help you stick to your diet, say no to temptation, and eat nourishing and satisfying foods. How? By replacing the negative spiral of thoughts in your mind with powerful, positive ones.

But first you have to believe that it is possible to gain control over your thirsts, desires, and cravings. The first step in making a lasting change in your life is to make the commitment to success. Are you committed? Do you believe that you can overcome your cravings?Once you've set your commitment in stone, you're ready to learn the top 10 affirmations to get you through moments of weakness.

Top 10 Affirmations

Before reading the list below, you should know that affirmations are most successful when you internalize the saying and repeat it frequently. Whether you're having a good or bad day, you need to be constantly repeating these positive statements in your mind. Temptation will strike when you least expect it, so it's better to be prepared!

1. I can neutralize bad habits with good food, exercise, and healthy living.

2. I am proud to reach out to my support network instead of leaning on food for comfort.

3. I am losing weight for me because I love me.

4. I set aside time just for me.

5. My good health and productivity are the rewards for the nourishing foods I eat.

6. Weight gain happens over time, so my weight loss equally requires time, patience, and lifestyle changes.

7. I use self-care, not self-control.

8. The more I take care of myself, the better I feel.

9. I am firmly committed to staying active and healthy.

10. I deserve a healthy body and mind.

When you look at these food and nutrition affirmations, they may seem like ideals - behaviors and thoughts that you only wish you could have - but each time you reaffirm them by saying them aloud, you're slowly changing your mindset. Over time, these ideals will become a reality through your thoughts and actions.

But remember, you must first believe you can change. Once you make the commitment to your success, you will change your attitudes about food and you'll be thankful you did!

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The Best Prasouda Diet Book

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The Ultimate Strategy To Lose Belly Fat Rapidly

By John Alvino

Do you struggle to lose belly fat? I bet you think you have bad genetics, don’t you? You probably believe that you’ve tried every possible program or technique out there to try to burn your stubborn belly fat, but it just never seems to work... does it?

I'm sure you’ve seen countless advertisements making “too good to be true” miracle claims, promising that you will lose belly fat EASILY with their “magic” cream, pill or hyped-up infomercial ab-gadget.

Come on now! Let’s get real. I want to make sure that those deceitful marketers have insulted your intelligence for the very last time. Let's get past the gimmicks and get right down to what really works. I want to help you win the battle of the bulge forever. Trust me, it’s easier than you think.

It is important to understand that both proper nutrition and targeted training must work synergistically if you want to lose belly fat at an accelerated pace. So let’s discuss both of these important aspects to ensure that you get on the right path towards achieving your very own set of six pack abs.

The first critical principle to help you get rid of your belly fat revolves around your nutrition plan. It’s important to realize that typical dieting actually PREVENTS your body from losing belly fat. You see, if you follow any diet that forces you to constantly restrict one of the macronutrients (protein, carbs, and fat), something very unfortunate occurs: you will lose weight, but the majority of that weight will come from your lean muscle, NOT from body fat!

Losing lean muscle is the last thing you want to do. It makes you look terrible, and even worse, it lowers your metabolism, which will immediately stop your fat loss plan dead in its tracks! Once your metabolism starts to drop, you will find it almost impossible to lose any body fat at all. As you can see, the wrong diet can have drastic effects on your body.

You see, our bodies are meant to eat a diet full of a diverse array of foods from healthy, natural sources of carbohydrates, proteins, AND fats. This type of nutritional plan provides your body with all of the essential nutrients it needs to function optimally as a healthy and efficient fat-burning machine!

Now let’s talk about the second and equally important principle: how to properly structure your workouts. In order to burn your stomach fat, you need to stop wasting your time performing traditional abdominal exercises such as crunches, leg lifts, and side bends in the hopes of burning your belly fat and love handles.

The truth is you will not lose belly fat by doing exercises that target the stomach area. Unfortunately, most trainees don’t know this. Thus, they spend WAY too much of their training time trying to target their stomach with countless repetitions of various ab exercises.

Now don't get me wrong, performing the correct number of abdominal exercises is important, and when done properly, they can carve the abdominal musculature, strengthen your midsection and help you maintain a healthy back. But the fact is that direct ab exercises should only be a small portion of your workout routines. The majority of your time should be spent focusing on multi-joint exercises that primarily work the major muscle groups of the body like the legs, chest and back, while working the abs secondarily as a stabilizer.

By focusing your attention on the major muscle groups, you will stimulate your metabolic rate both during and after your workouts. In addition, you will also increase the level of fat-burning hormones within your body. You simply can’t get this type of metabolic and hormonal response by cranking out endless sets of various types of crunches.

So if you want to lose belly fat fast, try doing some squats, lunges, step-ups, rows, pulls, and a variety of presses and dead lifting movements.

You must also remember to perform each workout at a high intensity. That means no 5-minute rest periods between sets while you try to make new friends at the water fountain! Keep in mind that losing your belly fat for good requires some intensity in your workouts, so you need to be completely focused and “all business” when you are training!

And in case you were wondering, please know this: Anybody who tells you that you can lose belly fat quickly by popping some pill or by sitting on your recliner while watching TV with some "ab-belt" strapped to your belly is lying straight to your face!

I could go on and on about more strategies for losing your belly fat fast, the natural way, but that would be beyond the scope of this article. Start to put even these basic principles into practice, and you will start to lose belly fat faster than you thought you ever could!

About The Author
John Alvino is a world renowned fitness expert who is known for his ability to help people lose body fat incredibly fast. He is the creator of the "How To Get Ripped Abs” program, which provides you with the blueprint for getting a great set of six pack abs and a lean body without having to endure long boring workouts, crash diets or expensive supplements. Learn how to get rid of that stubborn fat TODAY by visiting
How To Get Ripped Abs

The Truth About Fast Weight Loss

By Tom Venuto

WEIGHT LOSS POP QUIZ: What are 3 things that ALL 8 of these advertisements have in common?

“Burn 30 lbs in 3 weeks - no diet!”

“Lose 9 Pounds Every 11 Days!”

“Lose a pound a day without diet or exercise!”

“Lose 2 pounds a day without dieting!”

“Lose 30 pounds In 30 Days!”

“Lose 20 lbs in 3 weeks!”

“Burn 30 lbs in 25 days!”

“Lose 10 Pounds This Weekend!”

ANSWER: (1) They are all FALSE, (2) they are all DECEPTIVE…

I just did an Internet search for “how fast should you lose weight” and these are just a small sample of ACTUAL ADS that are running this very moment. They sure are enticing, aren’t they? They play on your emotions and on your desire for instant gratification.

But did you know that…

(3) these claims are all actually ILLEGAL, says the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

“We have known for some time now that there is a serious problem with weight-loss product advertising,” said FTC Chairman Timothy J. Muris. “Reputable marketers continue to take care to avoid false and misleading claims, but it appears that too many unscrupulous marketers are making false claims promising dramatic and effortless weight loss to sell their products. It is not fair to consumers; it is not fair to legitimate businesses, it is illegal, and it will not be tolerated.”

You might be asking, “Ummm, if it will not be tolerated, then why do we keep seeing these ads?” Ah yes, well, God bless the Internet, On Google, you can put up an ad and have it showing in 15 minutes. You can then have it taken down just as fast. Same goes for websites. The FTC couldn’t keep up with OFFLINE false advertising, how are they possibly going to keep up with it ONLINE??? And it’s only going to get worse.

There’s only so much the FTC and other consumer watchdog organizations can do. It’s up to YOU to educate YOURSELF and know the red flags and warning signs of bogus weight loss claims.

Here’s what else the FTC says about why these types of advertising claims are so damaging:

  • “The deceptive promotion of quick and easy weight loss solutions potentially fuels unrealistic expectations on the part of consumers. consumers who believe that it really is possible to lose a pound (of fat) a day may quickly lose interest in losing a pound a week.”
  • “The proliferation of “fast and easy” fixes undermines the reality of what it takes to lose weight. People who need to lose weight are buying empty promises.”

I believe that the weight loss education industry has been knocked a few steps backward in the last few years due to (1) the internet and (2) the horrendous reality TV shows that actually encourage people to attempt “extreme” body makeovers or see who can lose weight the fastest. The winners (or shall we say, the “losers”, as if that’s a flattering title to earn), are rewarded generously with fortune, fame and congratulations.

These shows are damaging and despicable. I’m shocked that so many millions tune in and I’m even more surprised how many people think this garbage is “inspiring.”

Let’s face it. Everyone wants to get the fat off as quickly as possible - and having that desire is not wrong – it’s simply human nature. Patience is the one thing you never seem to have when you’ve got a body fat problem. You want the fat gone and you want it gone now!

Like the FTC said, with what we see on TV these days and with web page after web page of fast weight loss claims, you actually start to believe it’s doable and you’re no longer interested in a healthy 1-2 lbs weight loss per week. In fact, you even see people with your own eyes losing weight incredibly fast. How do you deny it’s possible when you see THAT?

Well, the answer comes to you when you expand your time perspective and see where those people are 6, 12, 18 months from now. Deep in your heart, you KNOW the answer…

The faster you lose weight, the more muscle you will lose right along with the fat, and that can really mess up your metabolism.

An even bigger problem with fast weight loss is that it just won’t last. The faster you lose, the more likely you are to gain it back. It’s the the “yo-yo diet effect” - weight goes down, but always comes back up.

What Really Matters Is Not How Much WEIGHT You Lose, But How Much FAT You Lose

Where did your weight loss come from? Did you lose body fat or lean body mass? “Weight” is not the same as “fat.” Weight includes muscle, bone, internal organs as well as lots and lots of water…

Don’t Be Fooled By Water Weight Losses

One thing you should also know is that it’s very common to lose 3 - 5 pounds in the first week on nearly any diet and exercise program and often even more on low carb diets (because low carb diets deplete glycogen and every gram of glycogen holds 3 grams of water). Just remember, its NOT all fat - WATER LOSS IS NOT FAT LOSS - AND WATER LOSS IS TEMPORARY!

The only way to know if you’ve actually lost FAT is with body composition testing. For home body fat self-testing, I recommend the Accu-Measure skinfold caliper as first choice. Even better, get a multi site skinfold caliper test from an experienced tester at a health club, or even an underwater (hydrostatic) or air (bod pod) displacement test.

From literally hundreds of client case studies, I can confirm that it’s rare to lose more than 2 to 3 lbs of weight per week without losing some muscle along with it. If you lose muscle, you are damaging your metabolism and this will lead to a plateau and ultimately to weight relapse.

The Biggest Weight Loss Mistake That Is FATAL To Your Long Term Success

Lack of patience is one of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to losing body fat. If you want to lose FAT, not muscle, and if you want to keep the fat off for good, then you have to take off the pounds slowly (of course, if you want to crash diet the weight off fast, lose muscle with the fat and gain all the fat back later, be my guest!).

This is one of the toughest lessons that overweight men and women have to learn - and they can be very hard learners. They fight kicking and screaming, insisting that they CAN and they MUST lose it faster.

Then you have these TV shows that encourage the masses that rapid, crash weight loss is okay. To the producers of these shows, I say SHAME ON YOU! To the personal trainers, registered dieticians and medical doctors who are associated with these programs, I say DOUBLE SHAME ON YOU, because you of all people should know better. These shows are not “motivating” or “inspiring” - they are DAMAGING! They are a DISGRACE!

The rapid weight loss being promoted by the media for the sake of ratings and by the weight loss companies for the sake of profits makes it even harder for legitimate fitness and nutrition professionals because our clients say, “But look at so and so on TV - he lost 26 pounds in a week!”

Sure, but 26 pounds of WHAT - and do you have any idea what the long term consequences are?

Short term thinking… foolish.

Do it the right way. The healthy way. Take off pounds slowly, and steadily with a sensible lifestyle program like my Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle system that includes the important elements of cardio training, strength training and proper nutrition.

Measure your body fat, not just your body weight, and make this a new lifestyle, not a race, and you will never have to take the pounds off again, because they will be gone forever the first time.

Tom Venuto, author of
Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle

Founder & CEO of
Burn The Fat Inner Circle

About the Author:

Tom Venuto is the author of the #1 best seller, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle: Fat Burning Secrets of the World’s Best Bodybuilders and Fitness Models. Tom is a lifetime natural bodybuilder and fat loss expert who achieved an astonishing 3.7% body fat level without drugs or supplements. Discover how to increase your metabolism and burn stubborn body fat, find out which foods burn fat and which foods turn to fat, plus get a free fat loss report and mini course by visiting Tom's site at:

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Friday, September 23, 2011

How To Get Rid Of Love Handles Fast

By John Alvino

I never understood why the unsightly body fat that sits on the sides of your waist is called “love handles”. It seems like a very affectionate name for something that is despised by all who are “blessed” to have them!

During my long career as a fitness professional, I have had thousands of desperate people contact me, hoping to learn the secret of how to get rid of love handles fast and forever. For most of these people, contacting me seemed to be a last resort after failing to lose their love handles with traditional methods.

The typical recommendation for losing love handles is simple: eat less, do more cardio and perform high repetitions of oblique exercises, which include various side-bending and rotational movements.

This protocol may seem like a logical program to follow, but unfortunately it yields little or (in most cases) no results. Let’s investigate why this “expert approved” approach is so startlingly ineffective.

The protocol listed above is basically just a typical weight loss regimen. Eating less and doing more cardio will lead to weight loss, but will not necessarily lead to fat loss. You see, most weight loss protocols cause you to lose a fair amount of lean muscle and water, and just a small amount of actual body fat.

Additionally, working the sides of your waist directly will not burn the fat that lies on top of the muscle. The human body simply doesn’t work that way! And even worse, many of these ill-advised abdominal exercises actually cause the oblique muscles to build up. This leads to an even wider waist, which is the exact opposite effect that we are looking for.

What we need is a protocol that encourages the building (or maintaining) of lean muscle while simultaneously burning fat at a maximal rate. This is the only way to lose stubborn body fat permanently and believe me, love handle fat is perhaps the most stubborn fat of all!
So what is the most effective program? Based on years of trial and error, I have developed a plan that works extremely well. Here it is:

  1. Perform intense sprint training- Sprinting is the best cardio activity to burn body fat, ignite your metabolism and simultaneously work your waist.
  2. Engage in a properly designed resistance training program- Resistance training is of the greatest importance in any fat loss protocol. But be very careful not to use a “high rep” approach exclusively. This is very popular among some well known fat loss experts, but is the kiss of death for anyone who truly wants permanent fat loss results.
    Using high reps exclusively can actually cause you to lose lean muscle during a fat loss phase. This will have a negative impact on your metabolism, thus making it that much harder for you to continue to lose fat at an acceptable rate.
    A resistance training program is crucial to fat loss, but it must be designed very shrewdly. A specific balance between higher rep exercises and lower rep exercises must be utilized if optimal results are to be seen.
  3. Vary your calories- In order to lose body fat; you must create a caloric deficit. If you decrease your calories for an extended period of time, your metabolism will slow down. This metabolic slowdown is unavoidable under these circumstances.
    To prevent this negative effect, you must not stay in a caloric deficit for longer than 5 consecutive days. So I suggest that you decrease your calories for 3-5 days and then “eat up” for one or two days to replenish your glycogen stores and give your metabolic rate a much needed boost.

You will notice that each component of this program has a metabolism-boosting effect. This is absolutely critical for losing stubborn body fat and keeping it off for good.

So forget side bends, and forget long cardio workouts! You have just learned the key to getting rid of your love handles forever! Now get to work!

About The Author
John Alvino is a world renowned fitness expert who is known for his ability to help people lose body fat incredibly fast. He is the creator of the "How To Get Ripped Abs” program, which provides you with the blueprint for getting a great set of six pack abs and a lean body without having to endure long boring workouts, crash diets or expensive supplements. Learn how to get rid of that stubborn fat TODAY by visiting
How To Get Ripped Abs

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

3 Raw Food Diet Tricks to Boost Your Energy and Lose Weight – For Good!

You want more energy. You want to feel alive. You want great health.

You want to lose weight and feel better about yourself.

And that’s why you’ve been eager to learn more about raw foods. Perhaps you’ve tried going raw before but then feel into your old habits.

Hey, that’s ok. That happened to me as well.

But I was able to turn it all around and really make raw foods a staple in my daily diet.

How did I do it, you ask?

Well, it all started after I made things easier for myself. I’ll tell you more about that in a later email but for now I want to share a great presentation that discusses 3 raw food diet tricks that will help you have more energy and help you lose weight.

This presentation is really powerful because the author, Yuri Elkaim, highlights 3 essential components of a raw food diet that will transform your body (and your life) forever.

He’s very passionate about the power of “living nutrition” and if you are eager to take your life to a whole new level, then I would strongly recommend putting aside a few minutes right now to watch it for yourself…

3 Raw Food Diet Tricks to Boost Your Energy and Lose Weight <------ Watch it here

I know you’ll find his journey very inspiring. After all, Yuri had a big health scare when he was just 17 because of the “dead” food diet he had been eating all his life!

Arthur M.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How To Naturally Flood Your Body With Fat Burning Hormones

By John Alvino

If your goal is to lose fat and build muscle as fast as possible, it is absolutely crucial that you focus your efforts on maximizing your production of the powerful fat burning hormone known as growth hormone (GH). GH is released by the pituitary, and GH levels in the body tend to peak during puberty, and then slowly (yet steadily) decline with age. GH plays a key role in the building and/or maintenance of muscle, as well as the burning of body fat.

Recent studies have confirmed that boosting GH levels leads not only to increased muscle and bone mass, but decreased body fat levels as well.

For years, bodybuilders have injected synthetic GH to experience the amazing effects it has on their body composition. Unfortunately, the synthetic version of this hormone is very expensive, hard to obtain and causes undesirable side effects.

The good news is that you can increase your GH levels naturally, and without any side effects! All you have to do is engage in a targeted hormone stimulating training program. You can start jacking up your own growth hormone today by applying some of these key elements to your workouts:

Natural Growth Hormone And YOUR Training Program

  1. Exercise intensity- Training intensity is an extremely important variable when it comes to activating a GH response in your body. You want your workouts to be fast and furious, working very intensely while keeping total workout time no greater than 50 minutes. It’s important to note that training beyond the 50 minute mark will have a negative effect on the hormone response in your body.
  2. Exercise volume- You’ll have to do as much quality work as you can possibly can during the 50 minute time period. To do this effectively you must alternate sets of exercises in such a way that you train different muscles that don’t interfere with each other. Alternating sets involves going from exercise A to exercise B with minimal rest in between.
  3. Rest Periods- Keep your rest intervals as short as possible. Your rest interval is only there to allow recovery so you can perform another quality set. Resting any longer than that is a complete waste of time. To maximize GH output, keep most of your rest intervals between 60-90 seconds.
  4. Rep Range- Most of your sets should be around 8-12 repetitions. This will increase lactic acid levels, which in turn activates the release of growth hormone.
  5. Sprint- This is one of my little secrets. I use it on my clients regularly, and with great success. At the end of your workout you will engage in a short sprint workout. Just perform six 30-second sprints. This really triggers peak GH output.

If you follow these simple steps, you will naturally maximize your fat burning hormone output. Your workouts may become somewhat more difficult, but the fat loss and muscle building results will be well worth the effort. Start this program today and you will be LEAN and MEAN in no time!

About The Author
John Alvino is a world renowned fitness expert who is known for his ability to help people lose body fat incredibly fast. He is the creator of the "How To Get Ripped Abs” program, which provides you with the blueprint for getting a great set of six pack abs and a lean body without having to endure long boring workouts, crash diets or expensive supplements. Learn how to get rid of that stubborn fat TODAY by visiting
How To Get Ripped Abs

It's Not About The Body Fat

By Tom Venuto

How they lost 100 lbs or more is a topic that always gets a lot of attention and is very popular in the media. Whenever someone loses a lot of weight, there is always buzz from those who were inspired by hearing about these huge body fat losses and before/after transformations. I was inspired, too. But sometimes I think we focus too much on the almighty scale and body fat percentage and forget about something even more important…

Your Health.

Health is what psychologist Abraham Maslow called a deficiency need, which means that when you’ve lost it, getting it back is the only thing in the world that matters.

Unfortunately, two corollaries to this theory of human motivation are:

1. Most people won’t lift a finger to improve their health until something bad happens (they have to hit “rock bottom” to change), and

2. When you’ve got your health, you tend to take it for granted.

That’s why we need constant reminders to keep our focus on health and keep health right on top of our list of life values.

As you remind yourself of the importance of your health every day, it also pays to consider how you define it.

Fitness and transformation icon Shawn Phillips, author of Strength for Life, says that if your definition of health is merely the absence of disease, then subconsciously, the mere absence of disease means you’ve achieved your “goal.”

Therefore, you feel no motivation and no need to move above and beyond that and strive towards…

“A life of ABUNDANT energy, vitality and strength.”

We NEED these reminders.

That’s why I get such a thrill when people send me success stories that are not just about the scale and body fat percentage, but ALSO about health and what that new-found health has done for a person’s life.

A Before and After Success Story You Don’t See Every Day (But Should)

For example, this success story comes from Burn the Fat reader Craig B:

“Tom, I visited my Dr. today and he was stunned at the change in my blood results. Check out this before and after:

232 before
121 after

185 before
87 after

HDL (good cholesterol)
32 before
41 after

VLDL (bad cholesterol)
40 before
17 after

Total cholesterol/HDL ratio
5.63 before
3.0 after
(I dropped from 2X average risk to less than HALF average risk!)

4.8 before
2.1 after

3.90 before
1.02 after
(I moved from High risk to Low risk.)

I have burned 34lbs of fat and put on 7lbs of lean muscle.

I have moved from 40% body fat to 32.9% (My scale may be off, but I am hoping to verify those body fat % measurements with a dunk test during my next visit to S.F. or Portland.)

The doctor, in short, was blown away with the results.

I have tried Atkins, Protein Power, Lindora (medical weight control), each of these over the years and probably too many others to mention. Never have I felt this empowered and well armed with information and insight.

When I was not getting the results the math would have me believe, I had the tools and community support to explain what Beta Blockers do to cardio and metabolism then took that insight to my doctor and he has reduced and changed those meds.

I am now off statins all together as of today!

I have a ways to go to reach my final goal of 10% body fat, but I have the tools and I can accomplish it. I am, as you suggested, putting the date when I achieve it in pencil, but the 10% BF is in ink. I will get there.

It is amazing how empowering feeling good and controlling your blood chemistry through nourishment (both physiological and physical) and being consistent with the hard work in the gym and changing to a new lifestyle.

Thanks Tom - you are helping a lot of people, clearly. I will be telling anyone about the book and the Burn the Fat website that has any questions or looking for answers.”

Gaining muscle and losing fat is nice, but what could be better than gaining muscle, losing fat AND feeling your health, energy and vitality skyrocket!

As Craig shows us, tracking your health improvements, not just what you weigh, gives you another source of tremendous motivation and a feeling of empowerment.

You realize that you are in control of your body. You are the maker and master.

One final thought: It’s a misconception that the “bodybuilding” lifestyle is in some way not healthy or doesn’t dramatically IMPROVE your health

Nothing could be further from the truth, as Craig’s results prove. Craig was not just doing aerobics - he was pumping iron and feeding the muscle, not starving himself.

If you do ANY kind of resistance training, you ARE a “body-builder” and a “health-builder.”

When you do NATURAL bodybuilding, it’s about looking great AND getting healthier. That’s how I do it - naturally - and that’s how I encourage others to do it in my Burn the Fat programs.

Train hard and expect success!

Tom Venuto, author of
Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle

Founder & CEO of
Burn The Fat Inner Circle

About the Author:

Tom Venuto is the author of the #1 best seller, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle: Fat Burning Secrets of the World’s Best Bodybuilders and Fitness Models. Tom is a lifetime natural bodybuilder and fat loss expert who achieved an astonishing 3.7% body fat level without drugs or supplements. Discover how to increase your metabolism and burn stubborn body fat, find out which foods burn fat and which foods turn to fat, plus get a free fat loss report and mini course by visiting Tom's site at:

Monday, September 19, 2011

Book: The Weight Agency Method

The Weight Agency Method by Bobbie Piety. $9.99 from
How you got fat, how to lose the fat, how to keep it off. This is the LAST book you will ever need on weight loss. This is a proven, no-fail method to lose weight and eat healthy. More importantly, it teaches one to keep appetite under control, which is the weak link in most diets. The method tracks calories, calculates BMR, BMI, and guides the reader to achieve their weight loss goals.

Book: The Cure For Obesity: My Life's Journey

The Cure For Obesity: My Life's Journey by Jeffrey Weiser. $2.99 from
Using his own life experiences, Dr. Weiser creates a plan to cure obesity. He examines four major areas of concern--physical health, mental health, diet, and exercise--interrelates them, and produces a program for a happy and healthy lifestyle.

The Truth About Bodyweight Cardio

By Craig Ballantyne

The truth about Bodyweight Cardio is that it has the worst name in Turbulence Training history.

I'm not sure what I was thinking when I put that label on it, but I'm not 3 workouts deep and pretty much stuck with it.

A better physiological description would be, "Bodyweight Interval Training" or "Bodyweight Metabolic Conditioning".

I call bodyweight circuits a hybrid of strength and interval training. The bodyweight exercises used in these particular workouts are not so intense that they will cause you to gain muscle, but neither would you be able to work as hard as you can during sprint training.

You won't burn as many calories in 30 minutes of bodyweight cardio as you would in 30 minutes of running at a fast pace. Truth be told, only kettlebell training has the ability to burn as many calories within a workout as running at a hard pace.

Think about this...each pushup you do must burn less than 1/3 of a calorie. After all, if you do 100 pushups in 3 minutes (that's my score in the Martin Rooney 3-minute pushup test), there's no way that I'm burning more than 15 calories per minute (not when running at a fast pace only burns 16-20 calories per minute).

So in terms of "within workout" calorie burning, bodyweight cardio does not beat regular cardio.

That said, because bodyweight cardio is a combination of resistance training and interval training, you should get greater post-workout calorie and fat burning benefits.

And knowing what we know today about metabolic resistance training, and based on Alwyn Cosgrove's description of the two types of MRT that he gave us, it is easy to place bodyweight cardio in the metabolic conditioning category (higher reps, less soreness from a session, sustained high heart rate).

As Alwyn said, "Your body doesn't really know what it's doing, all it knows is that it gets your heart rate up."

So the key and challenge is to create bodyweight cardio workouts that put the greatest demand on our cardiovascular systems (to burn a lot of calories within the workout) while taking advantage of the depletion results from the interval-like and resistance properties of bodyweight training to increase the between-session calorie burn (like we get from regular weight training).

To do this, we should use the non-competing exercise rule we use in our TT workouts. If creating a circuit, going from a lower-body exercise to an upper-body exercise is most appropriate, as is focusing on as many single-leg exercises as possible.

The "Big 5" circuit approach works well for this: Squat, Push, Pull, Single-Leg, Total Body Ab, as does the Big 6 (addition of a jump exercise at the start) and Big 7 (further
addition of a sprint type exercise at the end of the circuit).

Bottom Line: Bodyweight cardio will help you get that lean, athletic look, even when you don't have access to any equipment.

You won't build a lot of muscle, but you can burn quite a few calories and lose body fat almost as fast as with any other TT workout (of course, there will always be people who respond to this workout at extreme levels - and that's why you need to experiment and find out what works best for you).

Click Here for the best bodyweight cardio workout manual on the planet.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

How To Be The Biggest Loser...The Right Way!

By John Alvino

My girlfriend is obsessed with The Biggest Loser. No, I'm not referring to myself! I'm referring to the very popular television show in which people compete to lose as much weight as possible, as quickly as they can. I don't think that she has missed a single episode. She loves to see the dramatic weight loss progress that the contestants make each week. She is so passionate about the show, she convinced me to watch it with her each week. I must admit, the show is quite entertaining and I do enjoy watching it with her.

But, from a weight loss standpoint, I'm not impressed. The goal of the show is to lose weight as fast as possible. In order to do this, the contestants engage in very extreme programs that are designed to cause rapid reductions in bodyweight. Rapid weight loss is great, right? Not so fast! This is not necessarily the case. Here's why:

First of all, weight loss is not the same as fat loss. More often then not, the "weight" these people lose is composed of lean muscle tissue, water weight, and some body fat. Unfortunately, it turns out that losing muscle actually causes your metabolism to slow significantly, which makes losing body fat even more difficult than it was before. So losing any muscle at all is really not desirable if you intend to maintain your fat loss results on a permanent basis.

Because of this, I have actually found that a rapid reduction in bodyweight significantly increases the chances of gaining all of the weight back.

But everyone wants to lose weight quickly, right? No. When I train a client, I don't want you to lose WEIGHT...I want them to lose FAT. And of course I want them to lose FAT as quickly as possible, but this must be done carefully, correctly and scientifically, or else you are doomed to regain whatever fat you might manage to lose in the first place.

When a sound fat loss program is executed properly, one can lose excess body fat at an astonishing rate while maintaining one's lean muscle. Maintaining muscle is essential to keeping your metabolic rate elevated, which is a MUST if permanent fat loss is going to be possible. This is what impresses me; the ability to maintain your fat loss results. I don't care how much weight you can lose if it's just going to come right back again. I want to see you change your body forever!

Let's take a look at what someone does who not only lost their excess body fat but succeeded in keeping it off. For these are the people who have truly achieved real fat loss success.

First, dieters who achieve long term success typically engage in a regular exercise program. More specifically, I have found that maintainers perform 45 minutes or more at least 3 days per week. This exercise regimen should consist of resistance training in addition to cardiovascular training.

On the other hand, many "big losers" simply follow extreme fad diets without increasing their activity. And on the rare occasions when exercise is a part of their protocol, it usually only consists of low-intensity aerobic work.

Another difference that separates the successful from the unsuccessful can be found in their general accountability to themselves or someone else. For example, if you have to meet a training partner at the gym you will be less likely to miss the workout. An example of being accountable to yourself would be regularly taking your body fat percentage.

Some simple accountability can literally make the difference between success and failure. Here are some tips to ensure YOUR Fat Loss Success!

  1. Keep your activity level high. Once you achieve your fitness goals, it is very important to continue to exercise. Oftentimes I will witness someone achieve their goal weight or body fat percentage and then just stop training. It is no surprise when I see them stroll back into the gym a couple months later looking exactly like they did before they ever started their program.
  2. Emphasize resistance training. Resistance training will keep your metabolism buzzing far greater than going for a walk on the treadmill ever could.
  3. Continue to control portion size. If measuring your food seems like too much of an inconvenience for you, simply measure your food portions once to get an idea of your ideal portion size, and then eyeball your food quantities thereafter.
  4. Focus on losing fat and not just weight! Measuring your body fat percentage is the best way to ensure that your weight loss is actually coming from fat and not lean muscle.
  5. Cheat on your diet. Yes you read that correctly. Eat whatever food you want once per week. This will give you something to look forward to each week and prevent you from ever feeling deprived.

There is one rule your must follow when cheating. You must stop your cheat meal and as soon as you're full. This must not turn into an entire day of gluttonous binge eating. Enjoy it!

If you're currently embarking on a fat loss journey, follow these simple tips and easily beat the "regain odds". Success is finally at your fingertips!

About The Author
John Alvino is a world renowned fitness expert who is known for his ability to help people lose body fat incredibly fast. He is the creator of the "How To Get Ripped Abs” program, which provides you with the blueprint for getting a great set of six pack abs and a lean body without having to endure long boring workouts, crash diets or expensive supplements. Learn how to get rid of that stubborn fat TODAY by visiting
How To Get Ripped Abs

Quick Fat Loss - No More Boring Cardio

By Jim Smith, CSCS

fat loss diet treadmill workout

News Flash!!! You need to do some form of cardio in order to maximize your results with any fat loss program. The problem is many people perform long drawn out sessions of low intensity cardio work on treadmills, elliptical machines, and bikes. While this is great for getting your ticker in great shape, it does little in terms of fat loss. You really end up just burning a lot of calories with little effect on your metabolism. Do not worry however, there is a better way to get shredded that will keep boredom to a minimum and take fat burning to a maximum.

1. High Intensity Interval Training: To put this simply, HIIT training is essentially sprinting for a set amount of time and then resting for a set amount of time. Usually you would do 30 s of sprinting and then 30s of walking or resting. You can mix and match however you please depending on what it is that you want to do. 30s on/ 30s off is usually what is considered moderate intensity, 45s on/15 s off is high intensity, and 15s on / 45s off is low intensity. Be sure to periodize the intensities as the week progress so that you are not burning yourself out. As the intervals get easier or you are trying to ramp up fat loss, increase the amount of time you perform the intervals.

2. Steady State Cardio: This is what you most typically see at the gym. However, this does not mean you have a pass to check out CNN for an hour. If you are going to do steady state cardio do it early in the morning, on an empty stomach if possible. Really focus on getting your heart beating the whole time you are doing it. An easy way to do that is bump up the MPH on the treadmill to a pace where you are walking briskly. Once that has been established raise the incline slightly so that you are really forcing your lower body to do some serious work. Imagine yourself walking up a hill. Do this for 30 minuets to an hour or more depending on how your fat loss has progressed.

3. Hill Sprinting: OK, for some of you this might take getting used to. There is no better way to break up the monotony of cardio than to do some hill sprints. They are hard, they will get you shredded and you will get in shape. Find a hill with a decent incline, sprint up, and walk down. Trust me, you will be feeling them after the first two or three sprints.

Jim Smith, CSCS is a highly sought after lecturer, author and renowned strength coach. Jim is an expert for Men’s Fitness and a member of the Elite Fitness Q/A staff. He speaks regularly at clinics, conferences and seminars about the Diesel Method. His distinctive and comprehensive training approach has helped athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all skill levels attain their goals and "Achieve Beyond Potential". Jim is an active student of strength athletics and is always seeking new ways to innovate and provide a unique perspective for gaining muscle, rehabbing injuries, improving performance and building better athletics.

Learn about the basic muscle building AMD concepts and principles

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Losing Fat Without Losing Your Mind

Losing fat should be a simple matter. All we need to do is eat a little less and move a little more, right? Right! But somehow the doing of it is a much harder thing than it ought to be. In this article we're going to look at why it can be so hard and what we can do to make the whole thing easier on ourselves.

You only have to read a newspaper or watch TV to know that eating disorders are a problem in our society. Often, what seems to happen is that a teenager who was maybe just a little overweight, or maybe not overweight at all but not as slim as he or she wanted to be, goes on a diet. It works fine, but instead of losing just a little weight, they become obsessed with the idea of eating as little as possible, and anorexia is the result. Or they find that they cannot control their cravings and they launch into a cycle of binging, dieting and perhaps purging by vomiting their food.

Of course, that is a very simplistic view. The causes of eating disorders can be much more complex than that. But this is a very real problem and in some way, can affect almost everybody who tries to lose weight. A simple thing like losing fat can bring a whole heap of problems down on our heads.

It seems that as soon as we try to restrict what we eat, food takes on way more significance than it deserves. Most normal weight people don't think so much about what they will eat. They know what is healthy and what they enjoy. Within those definitions they will have pretty much whatever they want, when they want it.

They can do this because what they want is mostly healthy food, and they do not want to eat when they are not hungry. They do not obsess over food.

But what happens when we realize that we have become overweight and losing fat would be a good move? In most cases, we start to cut back way too much. We want to lose that fat fast. So we are constantly a little bit hungry, constantly thinking about food, and in danger of breaking out into a binge.

So what is the answer? The best plan is to choose a way of losing fat that leaves you plenty of freedom to choose what you want to eat, and allow your body to take as much time as it needs so that losing fat will be a permanent change, not the beginning of an obsessive cycle. Counting calories or points sounds great, but it requires such careful record keeping that it might just lead us into that obsessive state of mind.

For most people, it is better to look for a plan that allows you to eat unlimited quantities of many foods without having to count anything at all. These foods might include vegetables, fruit and whole grains; or if you prefer to go for a low carb diet, you will probably be allowed unlimited meat and fish.

Whichever way you go, you can have plenty to eat, so that you are not constantly watching the clock and thinking about your next meal. Losing fat should not mean losing your lifestyle - or losing your mind.

Build muscle, lose fat in less time

At the end of this brutally honest muscle building tips presentation you'll learn about a complete 29 week workout and nutrition plan to pack on size...


Friday, September 16, 2011

Hoodia - Does Hoodia Really Work For Fat Loss?

By Vince DelMonte

If you are anxious to get fat loss going, you've likely looked into the diet supplement, hoodia. Hoodia gordonii is a plant that was used in South African many years ago by hunters who would need to go for long durations of time without food and grows very slowly in harsh conditions and needs to be harvested for four to five years before it's ready.

But how well does Hoodia really work for fat loss? Many people turn to hoodia thinking it is the answer to all their prayers. Never hungry? Sounds like a dietary dream. After all, following a diet should be easy if you never have any feelings of hunger, shouldn't it?

Unfortunately, it isn't so simple.

First off, if you are a trying to get a lean, sexy midsection, not eating is the last thing you want to be doing. Sure, you definitely will need to eat less in order to lose body fat, but if you aren't eating enough, you'll actually just lose muscle rather than body fat. Since muscle tissue is your calorie burning engine, destroying it would be counterproductive to getting the results you want.

Who wants a slower metabolism at the end of the day? That'll just make further fat loss next to impossible.

If hoodia is affecting your natural hunger signals, it will be hard to get in the foods that you do need - the foods that will work with your body to lose the body fat while still keeping muscle tissue intact.

Secondly, you must understand that hoodia is not a thoroughly tested product and cannot be deemed safe. If you take enough of it, it can actually damage your metabolism, causing a variety of thyroid issues that will be stuck with you into the future. While fat loss and getting abs is important, you must do it a healthy way so that you don't do anything disrupting to your health.

Finally, hoodia diet pills are by no means a proper method to losing abdominal fat. In order to lose abdominal fat, you're going to have to find a method that will be sustainable over the long term. If you think that you're just going to skip eating for the years to come, you are very mistaken. You will not get the proper nutrients you need to sustain life, therefore, to put it bluntly, using hoodia as a means to help you maintain fat loss could very well put you in the hospital with severe malnutrition.

What you need is a diet that supplies all the nutrients you need, while still being affective with stomach fat loss. Then, you'll also need to make sure this diet is something you can work into your lifestyle so that your abs aren't going to be just covered up by more body fat again once you move off the diet.

The more time you waste chasing after gimmicky supplements that only hurt you in the long run, the more time you spend without the results you are after.

About the Author:

Vince DelMonte is the author of Your Six Pack Quest found at

He specializes in helping decipher the truths and myths about all the supplements such as hoodia that are marketed for helping you achieve a six pack.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Easy Ways To Lose Fat

By Vince DelMonte

Are looking for a weight loss program that works? If so, you've probably seen the Fat Loss for Idiots program around, along with plenty of Fat Loss For Idiots Diet Reviews. What's this program about? It's touting to offer you a high rate of fat loss with minimal effort involved. Fat Loss For Idiots works on the claim that it is all about eating your foods in a certain manner throughout the day, while decreasing the attention that is paid to a proper exercise plan.

But how beneficial is Fat Loss For Idiots? Understanding some common dieting myths is important to determine whether this program is worth its salt. First, if you read their premise, they state that if you eat 2500 calories a day, your body will adapt and stop burning 2500 calories a day. Well sorry folks, but that just is not correct. If your body adapted to burning off however many calories a day you are eating, how do you think you got fat in the first place? Your body certainly did not adapt to those calories - what makes you think it will adapt to the ones this program tells you to eat?

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a smart way to lose fat, you will need to create a caloric deficit. Your Six Pack Quest does this. By reading through it, you will get access to a metabolic calculator to determine the optimal number of calories your body needs to guarantee fat loss, without feeling like you're starving. Sure, if you have been on a starvation diet, you will need to up the calories - and when you do, you'll find you do actually lose weight! But if you are currently eating thousands of calories, your body will not adapt to burning those off. You need an action plan that works - Your Six Pack Quest will lay it out for you in easy to understand terms that anyone can follow.

Next, when looking at the Fat Loss For Idiots program, they downgrade exercise stating that it doesn't 'matter' when it comes to gaining or losing weight. How can exercise not matter?! Study after study has shown that dieters who combine exercise with their dietary efforts show a much higher rate of fat loss, rather than a mixture of muscle and body fat. Do you know what happens when you lose both muscle and fat? Your metabolism slows down. So sure, you've lost weight but now your natural metabolic rate is slower meaning you have to eat less for the rest of your life! Is that something you want? A diet of rabbit food forever? Didn't think so.

Your Six Pack Quest will show you how to exercise productively, where you aren't spending hours in the gym, but you are getting results. Doing so will help you retain that crucial muscle mass, thus helping keep your metabolism revved and make maintaining your weight loss a piece of cake.

So, instead of falling for another gimmicky plan that promises rapid weight loss (they claim 9 pounds in 11 days - which will be mostly water anyway), opt for a plan that combines both a healthy, long-term way of eating with healthy exercise that doesn't feel like torture. Your Six Pack Quest offers meal plans just as Fat Loss For Idiots does, but it takes things one step further - you'll also received detailed exercise descriptions and plans for a variety of exercise needs, a workout DVD, a virtual trainer, supplement information, along with continuous updates on all the latest on the research front related to fat loss. It really is an all inclusive program that will address all the factors that contribute to weight gain - not just diet alone. Remember, losing weight should be a lifestyle approach, not just changing what you put on your plate.

About the Author:

Vince DelMonte is the author of Your Six Pack Quest found at

He specializes in helping chubby guys and gals get six pack abs without gimmicks, supplements or dieting.

© 2006-2008, Your Six Pack Quest All rights in all media reserved. You may reprint this article so long as the article and author bio are reprinted intake and all links are made live. This article may never be sold individually or as part of a package

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Six Pack Abs In Half The Time

By John Alvino

Fitness experts commonly teach that since your abdominals help to support and stabilize your spine, they should never be fatigued prior to performing any non ab exercises such as squats, pulling, pressing or rowing exercises. Based on the abs role as a stabilizer, the whole fitness world vehemently insists that you must ALWAYS perform your abdominal training at the end of your workout.

The problem is that the “do abs at the end of your workout” philosophy goes against one of the most fundamental workout truths: the Priority Principle. This principle simply states that what gets trained first will get the best training result. Why would this principle work for every other body part in the human body except your abs?

What if your abs are your weakest body part? What if getting six pack abs happens to be your number one priority? In these cases, they should be trained at the beginning of your workout when you are in your freshest state.

So at the risk of being controversial, I’m going to recommend this modification to your workout: if abs are your priority, train them first! This uncomplicated adjustment in training sequence will make a huge difference in your results.

You will have much greater focus when working your abs, and be able to put forth a significantly better effort while training them, since you will be totally fresh. If you are used to just throwing in a couple of abdominal sets at the end of your workout, you will literally double your rate of progress towards developing your six-pack.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, training your abs in this sequence will also provide you with a great warm up for the rest of your workout. The only exception to this priority rule is when you are really training with maximal weights. Doing anything that could result in any residual fatigue prior to a maximal weight workout would be undesirable.

Try this exercise sequencing technique and get a great six-pack in half the time! As Stephen Covey says, “Put First Things First”.

About The Author
John Alvino is a world renowned fitness expert who is known for his ability to help people lose body fat incredibly fast. He is the creator of the "How To Get Ripped Abs” program, which provides you with the blueprint for getting a great set of six pack abs and a lean body without having to endure long boring workouts, crash diets or expensive supplements. Learn how to get rid of that stubborn fat TODAY by visiting
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