Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Subliminal Messages For Weight Loss

The dictionary clearly defines an affirmation as “a statement or proposition that is declared as true, the state of being affirmed”. This is what you need to hear every day when you are trying to change any aspect of your life. You need to hear positive, true statements about yourself and your objectives.

What you are trying to change does not matter; you may simply want to get a six pack or just lose a bit of weight to be more healthy.  What change you are trying to implement is not important. How you go about making that change is. One of the best ways to create effective change in your life and the way that you live is to use affirmation.

The affirmation is a tool that is used to reprogram a person’s subconscious. Without realizing it many individuals when presented with the thought of change or a new challenge are plagued by doubts and insecurities. These doubts often transmit themselves into our actions. A person who is trying to change may be unconsciously sabotaging their efforts by thinking that no matter what they do or how they approach the situation they are going to fail or will not live up to the expectations of others. To combat this negative atmosphere you can use affirmations.

Affirmations need time to become effective, they are not going to take hold overnight. This is especially true if the change that you are trying to make is one that you have attempted before but have not been able to achieve or it is something that you really fear. To combat these feelings and doubts affirmations need to be seen and repeated frequently throughout the day.

A great way to use affirmations is by using the subliminal message technique. Studies have shown that a person can and does register the information contained in subliminal message form. One of the things that make subliminal messages so effective is that they act directly on your subconscious mind. The messages appear and disappear so rapidly that the conscious mind does not even realize that they were there. This is perfect because the “awake” portion of your mind does not have the chance to see or react to the content. There is no possibility of seeing the message and of your brain thinking “this will not work” or “this is just a waste of time”. The message goes directly to your brain and begins to alter your perceptions.

One of the other truly great things about using the subliminal message technique is that you can use this method while you are working on others things. You do not have to be interrupted nor do you have to make a conscious effort to remember to say the affirmations. You can be doing almost anything on the computer at the same time as you are being motivated by the subliminal messages.

The nest time that you are planning to make a change in your life or you simply want to achieve better results, give yourself a real edge. Use affirmations and you will succeed.

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  1. subliminal messages when affirmative always helps to achieve the desired goal be it weight loss or money making. I have seen great results with positive subliminal messages