Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Seven Tips To Make Weight Loss Affirmations Work for you

Only use affirmations that are positive

This sounds very simple but people often use affirmations that have a negative undertone or create a negative image. The statement “I will become fatter” is an affirmation that has negative tones. When you repeat this affirmation you are thinking about being fat and of “not” doing something. What you should actually say is “I will lose weight”. There is no negativity in that statement and you are focusing on exactly what you want to achieve, not what you don’t want to achieve.


The more often that you say your affirmation the more effective it will be. You have to say the affirmation at least twenty times each and every day. For maximum effect you should try to spread this out throughout the day. Simply standing in the morning and saying the affirmation ten times while you brush your teeth is not going to be effective.


You have to give the affirmation time to take effect. An affirmation is not a wonder cure. It is going to take time to change the way that you think and feel. This becomes especially evident for those things that are very deeply entrenched in your mind. If you are trying to change your eating habits and lose weight you are probably going to be attempting to overcome years of negativity. Allow yourself time to change and make the necessary adjustments.


Many people who do not get the results that they want from their affirmations are not targeting the real trouble. If you are trying to lose weight and are using the affirmation “I am thin” but you are not having the results that you want you should look at the reason why you are overweight. Rather than trying to target the weight consider targeting the reason that you eat. If you eat because you are lonely perhaps you should target that area first and then tackle the weight second. You should focus on altering that emotion and negative thought. Once you have changed that mind frame you will discover that the weight problem will be manageable.

One Problem

When you are using affirmations it is important to try to keep your attention on one thing. To achieve the best possible results work on one problem or area at a time. If you want to get a lose weight you should not use business mindset affirmations at the same time. Work on one goal, set a time frame, achieve the result and then start a new program.

Personal Affirmations

What works for one person may not work for another. An affirmation list is merely a set of suggested ideas. You may find that if you want to succeed you will have to alter and change the statements to fit your personal needs. The more personal the affirmation is the better chance it will have of being truly successful.

Present Tense

An effect affirmation needs to be said in terms of the present. If your goal is to become rich you should refrain from using an affirmation like” I will be thin” or “I will lose weight”. These affirmations are in the future and there is no clear time involved. What you should be saying is something similar to “I am thinner today” or “My waist is reducing every day”.

Affirmations do work and they can work for you if you learn what they can and cannot do and how to employ them effectively in your life.

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