Friday, August 5, 2011

Programmed For Fat Loss Failure?

We are all programmed for fat loss failure. That's what Carolyn Hansen believes. She says it is why she decided to create a fat loss membership site, to counter the bias we all have when it comes to our approach to eating and exercising to maintain our health.

Simply put, we eat TOO MUCH and we exercise TOO LITTLE. But it is more complicated than this, she says.

To begin with, it is not enough simply to agree to spend time exercising. It turns out that it matters a great deal what kind of exercise you spend your time doing. The vast majority of people who ARE exercising, despite their best intentions, are doing it all wrong and they are NOT getting the fat burning results that they have been hoping for.

Carolyn says she made the same mistake too, for over a decade - blindly following the recommendation of fitness gurus who promote low impact cardio exercise as a means to stimulating fat loss. It just does not work, she says.

"I went so far as to commit to dozens of cardio sessions each week by becoming an aerobics instructor. But one day I finally woke up to the fact that none of my clients were really getting any thinner, despite being in my classes for months or even years."

The fitness gurus had programmed her mind for failure by promoting the idea that cardio exercise stimulates the metabolism. It does not, and it turns out that it is muscle-building exercise that does the trick.

But getting your exercise strategy wrong is not the worst of it.

It turns out that there is another level of programming that affects your mindset for fat loss success and this one is much harder to circumvent because it was programmed in by evolution over a period of millions of years. Essentially it boils down to a willingness to overlook our shortcomings and simply ignore the warning signs that suggest our bodies may be headed for trouble.

This, says Carolyn, is why people are prone to gaining more and more weight and yet they are still not capable of taking the steps needed to correct the situation before being confronted by a major health crisis.

The argument is compelling, and if you want the full details you can find them on Carolyn's site for her The No Excuses Body Makeover Program. She believes that the way to circumvent this programming is to constantly be reminded of its potential to undo your efforts to live a long and productive life.

The way to remind yourself, she says, is to immerse yourself into a community of people who are aware of the problem, and who are constantly helping one another to stay on track with their fat loss activities.

So instead of providing her clients with an ebook and sending them on their way while wishing them luck, Carolyn's approach is to send them strategies and advice over a period of months, so that the information can slowly be accrued and they can get the most out of her long years of experience as a personal fitness coach, and do it without getting overwhelmed.

If this sounds like an approach that might suit you, head on over to her No Excuses Body Makeover site and check out what she has to say on the subject of reshaping your body in a reliable way by reprogramming your mind for fat loss success.

By the way, you can also grab her popular report for FREE while you are there, on "The Best Way To Lose Weight".

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