Monday, August 1, 2011

The Crowd Strategy For Fat Loss

Here's an idea I had not thought about before. Put your inability to lose those stubborn fat pounds on display.

Apparently if you are willing to accept a little in the way of positive criticism for being completely inept in the department of weight loss (which I guess would be about 95 percent of everyone reading this post right now), then you can use it to your advantage to get the weight to start coming off.

How does it work? Basically you join up with a community of fellow weight loss strugglers and you constantly remind one another not to go off track.

Well, it's a little more complicated than that. But you get the general picture.

I guess it is something like Alcoholics Anonymous, or a substance abuse rehabilitation center. The only difference is you admit that your vice has been poor judgment in food selection and exercise strategies.

On the whole, if this works, then maybe it should be given some consideration by those of us who are looking at another diet and wondering whether this one is going to be any more successful than the last (odds are it won't - since the consensus these days seems to be that diets simply do not work to bring about long term weight loss).

Actually, some of the big weight loss membership organizations have been using this "crowd strategy" to help keep people on track for a while now.

The problem is that you can become lost in the crowd if you sign up for one of these mammoth membership sites.

So what's the solution?

"Join my group," says Carolyn Hansen. She has just launched her own fat loss membership site and is looking to build a small group of members who are willing to follow the fat loss practices she has been teaching her personal clients for nearly three decades.

"I teach my clients how to build up their metabolism so that they can burn more fat every day. Once you know the principles it is just a matter of sticking to the plan - and when you are enrolled as a member of an active group, then it becomes a lot easier to meet your body weight goals."

Carolyn calls her membership plan the No Excuses Body Makeover program.

So if you have been struggling to find a way to finally get a handle on unwanted excess body fat that clings stubbornly to your midsection or butt, I recommend checking this out.

They say it is harder to lose weight if you have to do it entirely on your own, so this might be the way to get around that.

Also, while you are there you can download her popular fat loss report for FREE on "The Best Way To Lose Weight".

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