Thursday, August 11, 2011

Comprehensive system for reshaping your body

What works best to rid you of the constant accumulation of belly fat as you age? Is it exercise, or diet, or mindset?

Perhaps you will not be surprised to learn that it is all three of these factors. But how often do you hear the fat loss gurus bring up "mindset" in the emails they send you about how to drop the next 10 pounds of unwanted belly fat?

The answer: not often. Instead, you are much more likely to be told about the latest miracle fat burning food that has been right under your nose the entire time. Or you will hear about the secret herb that kept the Egyptian pharaohs slim as they ruled the dynasties that left great pyramids in their wake.

But none of that is really all that useful to you even if it is true. A sprinkle of fat burning cinnamon on your pancakes is not going to offset the 1,400 calories you ingest for breakfast at the local house of pancakes. What is really needed is to re-educate yourself about nutrition, learn what works and what does not to stimulate your metabolism through exercise (to burn more fat each day), and to master your mindset for fat loss.

Mindset is WAY more important than most people think. You literally cannot expect to achieve ANY real progress with your fat loss goals if you fail to adopt the correct mental attitude.

The irony is that initially people start out with the right attitude for success, but they end up on some silly diet that is doomed to failure from the start. So when they come off the diet and the weight returns, they get a little disoriented. So they try another, just a little more skeptical this time. When that one also fails to provide any long term result it sets off a little voice in their head: "You failed. I'm not sure you really have what it takes to get this done. Maybe you shouldn't even bother trying again."

Most people will resist the little voice for a while. But it gets harder and harder each time they come off a new diet and the weight bounces back. Each time, their mindset for success is being demolished just a little more, until eventually they go into the next attempt at fat loss more convinced they will fail than they will succeed.

So what happens from that point on? They fail. They could be handed the perfect plan to rebalance their metabolism and reshape their body, but with a broken mindset they simply will not be able to get it to work for them.

I think this is why Carolyn Hansen's No Excuses Body Makeover program concentrates on mindset just as strongly as it does the details of proper exercise and eating habits. When you sign up as a member of her program you get motivation emails to help keep you on course for success. She also runs a forum for her members so that they can interact with her and with the other members. This all helps with the mindset, because if that little voice should stir doubts in the minds of members of the No Excuses Body Makeover program, others will be ready to jump in and quash it.

If you need a comprehensive system for reshaping your body, and getting that little voice to work FOR you rather than against, be sure to check out the No Excuses Body Makeover program. Master your mind first, and your body will follow.

By the way, you can also grab her popular report for FREE while you are there, on "The Best Way To Lose Weight".

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