Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Affirmations For Weight Loss

Affirmations are a method of altering the way that you think and feel. The goal of any affirmation is to put yourself into a positive frame of mind and create a situation where you know that you can achieve your goals and desires. Why do affirmations not work for everybody? Below are a few of the reason that people do not achieve the success that they desire and ways that they can alter their own affirmations to make them more effective.


An affirmation is going to take time to become effective. You cannot expect that it is going to change the way that you think overnight. You should also understand that the larger the change the longer the time frame that may be needed. Consider this example:

You want to lose twenty pounds. This is not going to happen in a week. The change is going to take time. You have to keep focused and set your goals and affirmations accordingly. If you set an unrealistic goal and then try to reach that point using affirmations you will not succeed. Instead try a realistic approach.

Set a time limit.

Write down exactly what you want to achieve during that time.

Outline what you hope to achieve each day or each week during the time period.

Once you have set these goals adjust your affirmations to match your outline. You might choose an affirmation similar to one of these “I am more toned each day” or “I am slim”. Both of these affirmations are positive and written from a personal perspective.

Evaluate what it is that you want to achieve and why it is important

Many people do not understand that in order for an affirmation to really be effective you have to truly desire to make the change and believe in what you are doing. If this is not the case you will find that no matter how often you recite and state your affirmations they will not reach fruition.

An example of this is the person who wants to lose weight. They are using the affirmation “I am thin”. This is a good affirmation but every time the person repeats this there is a little voice saying; “I am fat” or “I will never be thin”. These negative inner thoughts are countering any positive results that the affirmation is doing. A person who is experiencing this situation is not dedicated to making the change. They do not yet believe that this is what they really want. In order for an affirmation to work you have to have a clear, set objective and one that you are willing to strive to make happen. An affirmation is a way of making a change in your thinking but you have to want to change. In this situation it is important to step back and take a good at your objective.

Why do you want to lose weight? For your health? To look better? Write down all the reasons why you want to lose weight and determine if you are willing to make the change. Is the change what you really want in your heart? If you do decide that this is what you really want then adjust your affirmations. Alter them to reflect the reason for the change. You should also read your reasons for wanting to change at least twice a day.

Affirmations can and do work but you have to realize that they are not a wonder cure. You do have to work at using your affirmations properly and in a way that they are given the chance to aide you on your road to success.

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