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Subliminal Messages For Weight Loss

The dictionary clearly defines an affirmation as “a statement or proposition that is declared as true, the state of being affirmed”. This is what you need to hear every day when you are trying to change any aspect of your life. You need to hear positive, true statements about yourself and your objectives.

What you are trying to change does not matter; you may simply want to get a six pack or just lose a bit of weight to be more healthy.  What change you are trying to implement is not important. How you go about making that change is. One of the best ways to create effective change in your life and the way that you live is to use affirmation.

The affirmation is a tool that is used to reprogram a person’s subconscious. Without realizing it many individuals when presented with the thought of change or a new challenge are plagued by doubts and insecurities. These doubts often transmit themselves into our actions. A person who is trying to change may be unconsciously sabotaging their efforts by thinking that no matter what they do or how they approach the situation they are going to fail or will not live up to the expectations of others. To combat this negative atmosphere you can use affirmations.

Affirmations need time to become effective, they are not going to take hold overnight. This is especially true if the change that you are trying to make is one that you have attempted before but have not been able to achieve or it is something that you really fear. To combat these feelings and doubts affirmations need to be seen and repeated frequently throughout the day.

A great way to use affirmations is by using the subliminal message technique. Studies have shown that a person can and does register the information contained in subliminal message form. One of the things that make subliminal messages so effective is that they act directly on your subconscious mind. The messages appear and disappear so rapidly that the conscious mind does not even realize that they were there. This is perfect because the “awake” portion of your mind does not have the chance to see or react to the content. There is no possibility of seeing the message and of your brain thinking “this will not work” or “this is just a waste of time”. The message goes directly to your brain and begins to alter your perceptions.

One of the other truly great things about using the subliminal message technique is that you can use this method while you are working on others things. You do not have to be interrupted nor do you have to make a conscious effort to remember to say the affirmations. You can be doing almost anything on the computer at the same time as you are being motivated by the subliminal messages.

The nest time that you are planning to make a change in your life or you simply want to achieve better results, give yourself a real edge. Use affirmations and you will succeed.

Learn more at Affirmations 4 Weight Loss

Why Can't I Lose Weight?

Why Can't I Lose Weight?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Book: Among Giants; Courageous Stories of Those Who Are Obese and Those Who Care for Them

Among Giants; Courageous Stories of Those Who Are Obese and Those Who Care for Them by Michael Dionne. $9.99 from
Among Giants offers profound insights into the lives of those who battle to achieve success over adversity. Sometimes the struggle is spiritual, physical and sometimes the struggle is discrimination or failed support systems. Readers will laugh and cry. Among Giants is a must-read for anyone who works with or is a person of size. Please watch our book preview on your favorite video site.

Dramatically zaps fat from hips, butt and thighs

I've worked with hundreds and hundreds of women to create a plan to remove stubborn fat from their hips, butt and thighs.

Yes, those dreaded "trouble spots."

And lately I've been getting questions from a lot of women about my 30-Day Belly Fat Blaster wondering whether the program truly does an effective job of reducing fat from the areas women are most concerned with.

So I've put together a little Q and A to make sure we're on the same page ;-)

Q. Will the 30-Day Belly Fat Blaster really help remove stubborn fat from my hips, butt and thighs?

A. Yes, it will. In fact, I hear from many personal fitness trainers all over the world - thanks to the Internet - my program has helped their clients lose the stubborn body fat that just wouldn't seem to come off.

The secret is in the Carb Rotation cycle that I have perfected. In other words, eating the right amount of carbs on the right days creates an incredible fat blasting response by your body.

Q. Do I really need to follow the exercise program that comes with your 30-Day Belly Fat Blaster plan?

A. Well, if you want to see optimal results, yes. If you're serious about zapping unwanted fat from your hips, butt and thighs you sure do. When you add the fitness component to my Carb Rotation principals you truly can shed up to 15 pounds of fat in just 30 days!

But here's the thing:

The exercise program isn't a slow, boring cardio routine you're probably used to. It's high-energy resistance training that gets you in and out FAST. Plus, they really sculpt and shape your body and give you the lean, sexy look my female clients always told me they wanted.

Q. What makes your program different from all the other diets out there?

A. As I mentioned earlier, I have perfected a method for tweaking your carbohydrate intake which stimulates your body to melt fat almost instantly.

And even more important is the fact you will FEEL full and satisfied. You will NOT be hungry all the time. And you'll have BOUNDLESS energy!

Lastly, my 30-Day Belly Fat Blaster teaches you how to KEEP the weight off. And isn't what you really want PERMANENT results? Remember, I'm a Registered Dietitian. Not some muscle-bound personal trainer with a weekend certification. I went to a real school and got a real degree so I could teach people how to make lifestyle changes which would result in a lifetime of weight loss and health.

Q. Is the money back guarantee for real?

A. Sure is. But I promise you, if you follow my program and put your heart and soul into getting results you wouldn't think of asking for a refund. You are going to be astonished by the results you see.

Q. What if I purchase your program and after reading it still have more questions?

Your success is my success. I want nothing more than to know my program has worked for you just like it has for countless other women. If you have questions you can email them to me at any time.

Q. I'm really excited to get started, but I'm not sure how. What's the first thing I need to do?

A. I lay out every step you need to take in the 30-Day Belly Fat Blaster.

Seriously, the entire blueprint is laid out for you in my program. Simply follow it to the letter and watch the fat melt off your body!

Q. Am I going to be miserable and feeling hungry all the time?

A. NO, you will not. In fact, just the opposite is true. You're going to always feel full AND you're going to be stunned by how great you feel and how much energy you have.

Q. Why should I trust you?

A. As I wrote earlier, I'm a real guy with a real family. This program is how I support them. I know all too well there are a lot of scam artists on the Internet. It's a shame because it makes it harder for guys like me who truly want to see you succeed.

And I'm a real Registered Dietitian and fitness expert with over ten years of experience. I've helped hundreds and hundreds of women just like you remove stubborn fat from their hips, butt and thighs.

I'd love to add you to the list of success stories.

I know you can do it!

Yours in health,

Jayson Hunter, RD, CSCS
30-Day Belly Fat Blaster

PS - Please forward this little Q and A to any woman you know who would like to make positive changes to their body and self-esteem!

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How To Eat For Accelerated Fat Loss

Best Weight Loss Tips From Your Mom!

My mom always told me to sit down and eat my food slowly. So just like any other defiant teenager, I stood tall and inhaled my entire meal as fast as humanly possible. Although I hate to admit it after all these years, my mother was actually giving me very good sound fat loss advice – and good eating habits too.

Some of you might be surprised to hear that the rate at which you eat can affect your body fat. In fact, new research has recently proven that overweight people tend to eat more quickly and also eat more food per bite.

This research confirms findings from earlier studies, which found that eating slowly leads to decreases in total food intake. In other words, the more time you take to eat, the fewer calories you are likely to consume. And conversely, the more quickly you eat, the more calories you are likely to consume.

But that’s not all! Research has also shown that you can use this phenomenon to achieve even greater fat loss results. There are several foods that either force you to eat more slowly, or force you to eat fewer calories. Adding some of these foods to your daily routine is a very smart fat-burning nutritional technique.

Foods that force you to intake your calories at a slower pace include:

•Foods that have a high fiber content will make you feel full more rapidly. Examples are vegetables such as green beans, cauliflower, asparagus, spinach, etc.

•Foods that have a high water content will also make you feel full more quickly. Some examples are fresh fruits such as berries, melons, apples, and pears. Others are cooked whole grains such as barley, brown rice and oatmeal. These grains absorb a lot of water during the cooking process, which causes them swell up. This increased volume helps you feel full more quickly, and thus you don’t need to eat as much of it before you feel satisfied.

•Foods with a high chew requirement will make you eat more slowly. Even if you try to eat these foods fast, you simply can’t because it takes so long to chew them thoroughly. Examples of foods with a high chew requirement are fibrous vegetables such as cabbage and broccoli.

•Foods with low binge potential such as high fiber vegetables, lean sources of protein and legumes are also good to eat, since generally, you will get tired of eating them before you can overeat!

Based on these studies’ findings (along with years of my own empirical evidence), I have come to the conclusion that you should avoid drinking ANY beverage that contains calories (with the exception of an occasional protein shake, while on an accelerated fat loss program). You heard me right – liquid calories should to be avoided! This includes drinks such as sodas, flavored coffees and fruit juices. Believe it or not, liquid calories are some of the biggest sources of excess and hidden calories.

"Eat your food slowly!” Ah, I can still hear my mom yelling at me from across the kitchen table, in a vain attempt to teach me proper table manners. Her words fell on deaf ears then. But now, I am convinced that she was right all along. So go slow at the table so you can go fast towards your fat loss goals!

About The Author
John Alvino is a world renowned fitness expert who is known for his ability to help people lose body fat incredibly fast. He is the creator of the "How To Get Ripped Abs” program, which provides you with the blueprint for getting a great set of six pack abs and a lean body without having to endure long boring workouts, crash diets or expensive supplements. Learn how to get rid of that stubborn fat TODAY by visiting
How To Get Ripped Abs

60 Second Abs

It's the weekend. And typically that means some really bad eating habits come out.

Hey, I'm human, too.

But if you want those abs...if you want that lean body...if you want to look great in that bathing suit...'s what I want you to focus on.

Before you eat anything today - and I mean ANYTHING - take 60 seconds to reflect before it goes into your mouth.

Ask yourself, "Is this food really going to help me get where I want to go?"

"Would Jayson include this in his 30 Day Fat Loss program?"

It's critical you become conscious of every calorie you consume.

I don't expect you to be perfect. But I do expect you to THINK about your actions and how each one brings you closer to – or further from - that bathing suit body you want.

I know you can do it!

Yours in health,

Jayson Hunter, RD, CSCS

PS- Please forward this 60 second abs reminder to anyone friend, family member of co-worker you feel it will help.

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Flip Side To Fat Loss

At any given time, your body is either getting stronger or weaker.

It's either getting leaner or fatter.

There is no in between.

Even if you weigh the same as you did ten years ago, your body just isn't the same.

More fat has accumulated as your muscle has deteriorated.

And since muscle is the MOST metabolically active tissue in your body, well, that's not a good thing.

That's why I teach you in my 30-Day Belly Fat Blaster program just how important it is to preserve your lean muscle tissue.

One of the reasons fat loss experts - myself included - recommend eating 5-6 small meals a day is because the frequent calories help maintain your lean tissue.

Yes, the very same tissue that melts fat off your body.

If you've been gaining weight slowly, but steadily…

If your weight has maintained over the years, but your clothes don't fit anymore…

…you need to take immediate action to flip your body's metabolism back around.

You need to eat those small, frequent, nutritious meals.

You need to incorporate high energy strength training into your exercise program.

The choice is simple: Weak or strong? Healthy or unhealthy? Lean or lumpy?

Oh, and the choice is YOURS.

Yours in health,

Jayson Hunter, RD, CSCS
PS - There are plenty of things I'm not good at. More than I can count. But helping you shed body fat FAST is not one of them.

“The 'secrets' to fat loss have always been a combination of cardiovascular exercise, nutrition, and resistance exercise. For most trainers - professionally, practically and legally - a solid nutrition program has always been the missing link to their client’s success. Jayson Hunter is the difference between a good program and a fantastic program".

“After seventeen years in the fitness and weight loss field - I have a core group of experts that I trust and respect. Jayson Hunter has become my go-to guy when it comes to nutritional counseling, weight management programming and operations. He's the best there is"

Alwyn Cosgrove
Advisor to Men’s Health Magazine
Author of “The New Rules of Lifting for Men”

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Lose your stubborn belly fat

I recently came across an abdominal fat loss program written by a world-renowned fitness expert. His name is John Alvino. I knew about John for years because of his excellent reputation in the fitness industry. But I never knew exactly how John was achieving the unheard of results with his clients. You see, John’s methods were only available to his select few, exclusive clientele, and not regular everyday people like me. But now, for the very first time, John has fully revealed his secret techniques to the public at large. That’s why I’m so excited!

John’s program uses cutting-edge, totally unique diet and exercise methods that simply blow away everything else I have seen and tried. He has the scientific know-how to back up what he says, and yet he has a gift of presenting his ideas and methods in simple, easy-to-understand language that ANYONE can follow. Trust me, this program is a slam dunk for anyone who wants to quickly shed their unsightly belly fat!

As I said, I don't endorse many products, and that’s because most of them are just full of hot air, and don't live up to the promises they make. However, John's new program called "How to Get Ripped Abs", is a pleasant exception to this unfortunate rule.

I strongly encourage you to click the link below, and read more about this awesome program and how it can help you sculpt out a sexy six pack as fast as possible!

I know many of you are thinking, "I don’t have great genetics, so will this program even work for me?” I understand your concern, but I can honestly say that I personally researched John’s program thoroughly, and it is the real deal! I’ve seen it work on ALL body types. You have my word on that. This is not a gimmick or some random regurgitated information repackaged in a clever way. This is a totally unique and comprehensive program that delivers big time results!

Want more proof? Check out these success stories:

"When I began John's Program, my body fat percentage was 17%. After 8 short weeks, my body fat had dropped down to an amazing 6%. Being a fitness trainer myself, I have to say that I am blown away by John's unique strategies and secrets. Thanks John, for delivering such incredible results!" - Jeff Lopez

"I have been dieting and exercising most of my life. I have worked with more trainers than you can imagine. I was never able to make dramatic changes in my body until I started using John’s program. His unique diet and exercise protocols allowed me to get in the best shape of my entire life! I look better at 45 than I did when I was 18…and you should see my abs! Thanks, John!" - Edie Picon

Believe me, if you see the before and after pictures of Jeff and Edie, you would be blown away! As a matter, you can see them here:

If you have struggled trying to lose your unsightly belly fat, this information will change your body and your life forever!


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The Hottest New Workout in the World

Without a doubt, MRT is the hottest type of training in the world today.

Let me explain what MRT is and how it works here:


Enjoy the hottest new workout in the world,

Arthur M.

Seven Tips To Make Weight Loss Affirmations Work for you

Only use affirmations that are positive

This sounds very simple but people often use affirmations that have a negative undertone or create a negative image. The statement “I will become fatter” is an affirmation that has negative tones. When you repeat this affirmation you are thinking about being fat and of “not” doing something. What you should actually say is “I will lose weight”. There is no negativity in that statement and you are focusing on exactly what you want to achieve, not what you don’t want to achieve.


The more often that you say your affirmation the more effective it will be. You have to say the affirmation at least twenty times each and every day. For maximum effect you should try to spread this out throughout the day. Simply standing in the morning and saying the affirmation ten times while you brush your teeth is not going to be effective.


You have to give the affirmation time to take effect. An affirmation is not a wonder cure. It is going to take time to change the way that you think and feel. This becomes especially evident for those things that are very deeply entrenched in your mind. If you are trying to change your eating habits and lose weight you are probably going to be attempting to overcome years of negativity. Allow yourself time to change and make the necessary adjustments.


Many people who do not get the results that they want from their affirmations are not targeting the real trouble. If you are trying to lose weight and are using the affirmation “I am thin” but you are not having the results that you want you should look at the reason why you are overweight. Rather than trying to target the weight consider targeting the reason that you eat. If you eat because you are lonely perhaps you should target that area first and then tackle the weight second. You should focus on altering that emotion and negative thought. Once you have changed that mind frame you will discover that the weight problem will be manageable.

One Problem

When you are using affirmations it is important to try to keep your attention on one thing. To achieve the best possible results work on one problem or area at a time. If you want to get a lose weight you should not use business mindset affirmations at the same time. Work on one goal, set a time frame, achieve the result and then start a new program.

Personal Affirmations

What works for one person may not work for another. An affirmation list is merely a set of suggested ideas. You may find that if you want to succeed you will have to alter and change the statements to fit your personal needs. The more personal the affirmation is the better chance it will have of being truly successful.

Present Tense

An effect affirmation needs to be said in terms of the present. If your goal is to become rich you should refrain from using an affirmation like” I will be thin” or “I will lose weight”. These affirmations are in the future and there is no clear time involved. What you should be saying is something similar to “I am thinner today” or “My waist is reducing every day”.

Affirmations do work and they can work for you if you learn what they can and cannot do and how to employ them effectively in your life.

Learn more at Affirmations 4 Weight Loss

Immediate Results, Permanent Results

One thing that people seeking fat-loss want; and that one thing they ALL have in common:

They want IMMEDIATE results.

And I mean they want them NOW.

My guess is you're exactly the same way.

I don't blame you. Not one bit.

In today's society we are literally trained to want things almost instantly.

You can get a pizza delivered to you in 30 minutes.

At any given time you can literally drive into a car dealership and leave with a brand new ride.

Take a few tablets and your heartburn magically disappears within seconds.

Heck, you can buy a lottery ticket, and if you're super lucky, you can retire the next day.

So it's no wonder that when people want to shed some pounds they want them off NOW.

But there are some things you need to understand about your body:

1- You CAN drop a significant amount of weight quickly and safely.

2- The DRAMATIC results you see at the start of a program like the The 30DayBellyFatBlaster will not last forever

It's really simple. I'm NOT some unscrupulous marketer who is going to tell you anything you want to read. If you're looking for miracle cures and magic potions, you'll find none here.

The fact of the matter is, if you want to shed pounds fast and learn to keep it off forever then a program like The 30DayBellyFatBlaster will kick start your efforts in a BIG way.

It will satisfy your demand for instant results.

But most importantly the rest of the program will teach you something invaluable.

It will teach you the changes you must make to KEEP those pounds off...


Don't let this "instant satisfaction" society of ours brainwash you into thinking any differently.

Yours in health,

Arthur M.

PS- The 30DayBellyFatBlaster delivers everything you need: Immediate Results AND Permanent Results

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Affirmations For Weight Loss

Affirmations are a method of altering the way that you think and feel. The goal of any affirmation is to put yourself into a positive frame of mind and create a situation where you know that you can achieve your goals and desires. Why do affirmations not work for everybody? Below are a few of the reason that people do not achieve the success that they desire and ways that they can alter their own affirmations to make them more effective.


An affirmation is going to take time to become effective. You cannot expect that it is going to change the way that you think overnight. You should also understand that the larger the change the longer the time frame that may be needed. Consider this example:

You want to lose twenty pounds. This is not going to happen in a week. The change is going to take time. You have to keep focused and set your goals and affirmations accordingly. If you set an unrealistic goal and then try to reach that point using affirmations you will not succeed. Instead try a realistic approach.

Set a time limit.

Write down exactly what you want to achieve during that time.

Outline what you hope to achieve each day or each week during the time period.

Once you have set these goals adjust your affirmations to match your outline. You might choose an affirmation similar to one of these “I am more toned each day” or “I am slim”. Both of these affirmations are positive and written from a personal perspective.

Evaluate what it is that you want to achieve and why it is important

Many people do not understand that in order for an affirmation to really be effective you have to truly desire to make the change and believe in what you are doing. If this is not the case you will find that no matter how often you recite and state your affirmations they will not reach fruition.

An example of this is the person who wants to lose weight. They are using the affirmation “I am thin”. This is a good affirmation but every time the person repeats this there is a little voice saying; “I am fat” or “I will never be thin”. These negative inner thoughts are countering any positive results that the affirmation is doing. A person who is experiencing this situation is not dedicated to making the change. They do not yet believe that this is what they really want. In order for an affirmation to work you have to have a clear, set objective and one that you are willing to strive to make happen. An affirmation is a way of making a change in your thinking but you have to want to change. In this situation it is important to step back and take a good at your objective.

Why do you want to lose weight? For your health? To look better? Write down all the reasons why you want to lose weight and determine if you are willing to make the change. Is the change what you really want in your heart? If you do decide that this is what you really want then adjust your affirmations. Alter them to reflect the reason for the change. You should also read your reasons for wanting to change at least twice a day.

Affirmations can and do work but you have to realize that they are not a wonder cure. You do have to work at using your affirmations properly and in a way that they are given the chance to aide you on your road to success.

Learn more at Affirmations 4 Weight Loss

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Book: The Extreme Fat Burning Protein Diet Slow Cooker Cookbook

The Extreme Fat Burning Protein Diet Slow Cooker Cookbook by Scott Warren. $4.99 from
Welcome to the exciting world of Extreme Fat Burning! The Extreme Fat Burning Protein Diet Slow Cooker Cookbook is a companion book to The Extreme Fat Burning Protein Diet For Men and The Extreme Fat Burning Protein Diet For Women. Imagine losing 5-15 pounds of ugly fat each and every week, week after week! Really! I guarantee it

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The 4 Key Components of a Healthy Meal Plan

Most people admit to feeling a little overwhelmed when it comes to developing a healthy meal plan. In fact, I would guess that’s the biggest reason why most people fail when it comes to a diet of any kind. If it’s too complicated or too difficult, there’s no way you are going to stick with a plan for weight loss. And that’s where most diets lose you—there’s always a mile-long list of what you can eat and what’s forbidden. Or you have to count calories and carbs, which means you have to jot everything down in a book.

Let’s be realistic—none of that is going to happen long-term when you are busy and always on the go.

I like to break down my healthy meal planning into four blocks. If you incorporate each of these four blocks into your daily routine, at every meal and every snack, then you have mastered the Diet Solution Program. Sound too easy to be true? It’s no gimmick—just plain common sense that takes the guesswork out of eating right to lose weight. Here are the four components you should use with every meal:


As you were growing up, I bet your parents told you to “Eat your greens!” As with most of the things our parents tried to teach us, this healthy eating tip is absolutely true. You should incorporate a serving or two of veggies with every meal and every snack.

They will provide you with essential vitamins and minerals your body needs. They also contain fiber, which will help keep you regular and also helps to keep you feeling satiated between meals.

Remember that foods like corn and peas are actually not vegetables, but legumes and grains. Limit your intake of those, and opt for vegetables like lettuce, spinach, kale, celery, and peppers instead.

    Healthy Fats

organic coconut oil

Did you know that organic coconut oil is actually a healthy fat?

You should absolutely eat fat with every meal, and I am including snacks in this as well. Healthy fats are MUFAs or PUFAs that give your body the kinds of essential fatty acids you need to thrive. Healthy fats can also help you feel satiated between meals, which is what helps you to stay on the straight and narrow with your healthy eating plan, resisting the urge to binge eat. Healthy fats include olive oil, organic butter, coconut oil, raw nuts, nut butters, and avocadoes.


Water should be your go-to beverage of choice while making the healthy eating switch. In fact, you should be drinking water not just with every meal, but between meals as well. The old adage about drinking 8 glasses of water per day is outdated. Instead, you should be aiming for half your body weight in ounces of water per day—more than that if you work out.

Why so much water? Studies show that most Americans are slightly dehydrated. Dehydration can actually register in the brain as hunger rather than thirst. So by drinking enough water, you are keeping your body from feeling hungry, and that keeps you from eating more food than you should.


If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know that I am a big believer in the power of protein. That’s why it’s an essential building block of a healthy diet and should be included in every meal, even snacks. Protein provides your body with essential amino acids you need for neural and cognitive processes. In addition, it has a stabilizing effect on your blood sugar, evening out those highs and lows that can cause you to eat everything in sight.

Not all proteins are created equal, though. I am a fan of whole organic eggs, all-natural cuts of meat, raw nuts, and nut butters. Stay away from fatty sources of protein, meats that contain nitrites or nitrates, and soy products. Those types of proteins can be detrimental to a healthy diet.

Building the perfect meal is easy when you follow the Diet Solution Program. Simply build these four nutritional blocks into every meal and snack, and you should begin seeing results in no time at all!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Comprehensive system for reshaping your body

What works best to rid you of the constant accumulation of belly fat as you age? Is it exercise, or diet, or mindset?

Perhaps you will not be surprised to learn that it is all three of these factors. But how often do you hear the fat loss gurus bring up "mindset" in the emails they send you about how to drop the next 10 pounds of unwanted belly fat?

The answer: not often. Instead, you are much more likely to be told about the latest miracle fat burning food that has been right under your nose the entire time. Or you will hear about the secret herb that kept the Egyptian pharaohs slim as they ruled the dynasties that left great pyramids in their wake.

But none of that is really all that useful to you even if it is true. A sprinkle of fat burning cinnamon on your pancakes is not going to offset the 1,400 calories you ingest for breakfast at the local house of pancakes. What is really needed is to re-educate yourself about nutrition, learn what works and what does not to stimulate your metabolism through exercise (to burn more fat each day), and to master your mindset for fat loss.

Mindset is WAY more important than most people think. You literally cannot expect to achieve ANY real progress with your fat loss goals if you fail to adopt the correct mental attitude.

The irony is that initially people start out with the right attitude for success, but they end up on some silly diet that is doomed to failure from the start. So when they come off the diet and the weight returns, they get a little disoriented. So they try another, just a little more skeptical this time. When that one also fails to provide any long term result it sets off a little voice in their head: "You failed. I'm not sure you really have what it takes to get this done. Maybe you shouldn't even bother trying again."

Most people will resist the little voice for a while. But it gets harder and harder each time they come off a new diet and the weight bounces back. Each time, their mindset for success is being demolished just a little more, until eventually they go into the next attempt at fat loss more convinced they will fail than they will succeed.

So what happens from that point on? They fail. They could be handed the perfect plan to rebalance their metabolism and reshape their body, but with a broken mindset they simply will not be able to get it to work for them.

I think this is why Carolyn Hansen's No Excuses Body Makeover program concentrates on mindset just as strongly as it does the details of proper exercise and eating habits. When you sign up as a member of her program you get motivation emails to help keep you on course for success. She also runs a forum for her members so that they can interact with her and with the other members. This all helps with the mindset, because if that little voice should stir doubts in the minds of members of the No Excuses Body Makeover program, others will be ready to jump in and quash it.

If you need a comprehensive system for reshaping your body, and getting that little voice to work FOR you rather than against, be sure to check out the No Excuses Body Makeover program. Master your mind first, and your body will follow.

By the way, you can also grab her popular report for FREE while you are there, on "The Best Way To Lose Weight".

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Discover How To Lose Fat And Build Stamina With Almost ANY Equipment

Discover How To Lose Fat And Build Stamina With Almost ANY Equipment - Even Your Own Bodyweight - Using The Legendary Metabolic Resistance Training System

By Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS, CTT

What the heck is this new style of workout that fitness experts are calling "Metabolic Resistance Training"?

Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) workouts are advanced fat burning sessions that are a hybrid-fusion of bodybuilding set and rep schemes with an interval training twist all in a total body workout system.

Bodybuilding workouts are metabolic, but they fail to be ultra-metabolic because those workouts focus on one body part at a time.

So the next step is to do total body workouts.

Plus, the TT MRT workouts add in a greater interval training response for fat burning. You'll love it when you use some high rep bodyweight exercises, kettlebell swings, and short sprints.

My MRT program contain two different types of MRT workouts.

First, there is the heavier resistance, classic MRT program.

And second, there is the higher rep, Metabolic Conditioning style workouts.

Both are used in my MRT program.

The workouts are different than anything they've tried before.

I've managed to create workouts that are fun, fast, effective, and even give you a bit of that bodybuilder pump and fatigue.

It's the best of all worlds, and the results are dramatic - and quickly noticeable.

So get ready to achieve more with your workouts - and get faster fat burning results than you have gotten with any other program. TT MRT is the hottest thing going in the fat loss world today. 

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Monday, August 8, 2011

How To Outsmart Your Fat Gene

I am not sure whether I believe that we all have a fat gene that is responsible for the slow but inevitable creep that most of us see going on in our midsection after we reach the age of about thirty.

But Carolyn Hansen thinks we do. "It's not so much the work of a single gene," she says. "It's more of a collection of traits we seem to have inherited over the last couple of million years. Traits that aren't working for us now that we have completely changed our approach to food."

She is talking about the move from a diet high in protein and fat - the kind of diet we enjoyed right up until about 100 years or so ago - to a diet that is now rich in carbohydrates and fats. This has been a consequence of cultivating grains and making the sugary carbohydrate the foundation of our modern day diet.

The trouble is, we aren't designed to process a high carb diet. Not according to Carolyn Hansen and a host of other nutrition experts who all seem to agree that we are slowly eating ourselves into an early grave.

"But it doesn't have to be that way," says Carolyn. "We know what we SHOULD be eating. We know how we SHOULD be exercising. The trick is to find the motivation to actually follow the program."

The program she is talking about is her new fat loss membership program that she calls the No Excuses Body Makeover program.

"The idea for my program is to get people to use a system that I have been honing for several decades now. It is a program designed to speed up the metabolism and get the body burning its fat reserves around the clock."

Carolyn says she is looking for people who would like to join her group and begin receiving the advice and fat loss strategies that she meters out over a period of several months so that members never become overwhelmed with too much information.

Her program also offers its members a forum where they can exchange ideas and ask Carolyn questions.

If this sounds like it might be the kind of program that you have been looking for, you can find out more about the way Carolyn will "outsmarting your fat genes" at her
No Excuses Body Makeover site.

Also, while you are there you can download her popular fat loss report for FREE on "The Best Way To Lose Weight"

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Book: Transform! Become the Healthy Person You Were Meant to Be

Transform! Become the Healthy Person You Were Meant to Be by Trevor Rosenberg. $9.83 from
Is confusion preventing your weight loss? The fact is weight loss is simple. Too simple! And because it’s explained that way, people think that it can’t be true, there should be more to it. Well, what I’m going to tell you in this book is the truth and I’m not going to complicate it for the sake of making it sound more sophisticated.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Body You Want In Half The Time!

According to the leading magazine, Men’s Fitness, “If you learn how to eat right, you can double the benefits of your training, crafting that body you want in half the time.”

Since I read this, I have been on a quest to find out all I can about good nutrition and have found some great books and resources to help me.

Of these, one of them stands head and shoulders above the rest and I want to take a few minutes of your time to tell you about it. But first let me go back a few months to set the scene.

I am a keen bodybuilder, working out at the gym at least five times a week and I am always looking out for new ideas and information on how to improve my performance and build up muscle.

I started to analyze what I had been eating and was surprised to find that I was not getting enough carbohydrate and way too much protein. But trying to get the balance just right is like a giant jigsaw puzzle and takes a lot of patience and skill.

After a few weeks of writing everything down, I began to think there must be an easier way – all this writing and calculating is taking up too much time.

So I did a search on Google to see what was available – and after many, many hours of browsing lots of different sites, I was amazed that I couldn’t find anything that could do all the things I wanted.

Sure, there were lots of meal planners and nutrition advice sites, and many of them were free. But when I tried to use them, I could understand why they were free – they were hard to use and I still had to do a lot of the work myself.

But just as I was about to shut the computer down for the night I found one that was totally different. As soon as I clicked on the “virtual tour” I knew this was exactly what I had been looking for.

Click on the following link for your Full Access 14 day Trial.

It just blew me away – it’s been designed using leading edge sports nutrition technology so it’s like having your own personal nutritionist on hand, 24 hours a day.

Once you set up your personal profile and define your fitness goals, plan:one prepares your personalized meal plans specifically to suit your daily schedule and training sessions.

It also:

- Monitors your progress and displays your results in real time and in easy to read graphs

- Takes minutes to record and manage complex information that would normally take hours

- Dynamically adjusts your meal plans based on your progress

- Lets you add in your favorite meals and foods

- Produces a complete shopping list.

Click on the following link for your Full Access 14 day Trial.


plan:one is the “must have” program for 2011 and it’s on special offer for a limited time. If you are quick, you can get immediate access to plan:one for less than 28 cents a day!

So don’t miss out – click on the following link for your Full Access 14 day Trial.


Book: 101 Best Foods To Boost Your Metabolism

101 Best Foods To Boost Your Metabolism by . $0.99 from
Our health researchers selected the 101 best foods for helping you boost your metabolism. Through making the proper food choices, you should have no trouble losing even the most stubborn weight. The food selections that you will read about in this book will not only boost your metabolism but are also extremely tasty, nutritious and healthy.

Friday, August 5, 2011

"Dead" Treadmill Cardio For Developing the Glutes and Dropping Fat FAST

By Nick Nilsson

Generally speaking, "normal" treadmill training is almost completely useless for the glutes. And I'll tell you why...

The function of the gluteus maximus muscle is to extend the hip...this essentially means bringing the leg backwards.

The treadmill tread (when it's running) physically BRINGS your leg backwards with no help from the glutes, taking away all the function of the glutes when you're on it.

So every time you do your cardio on the treadmill, you're overworking your hip flexors (which are the muscles that work to bring the leg back up in front of you) and underworking the glutes.

This can actually make posture and lower back problems WORSE (especially if you don't stretch the hip flexors after working on the treadmill) by heigtening the imbalances of the muscles of the hip.

And if you already find you have trouble feeling your glutes working when you do lower body exercises, "normal" powered treadmill training is about the WORST choice of cardio machines for you. It's doing nothing to help activate the glutes.

So here's the dead-simple tip for the next time you do anything on the treadmill...

Turn it off.

That's it!

When you use the treadmill without it being powered, what do you think has to supply the energy to move that tread?


It's a DIRECT action for the glutes (and the rest of the lower body) that has you actually accomplishing some WORK rather than just moving your legs along for the ride.

This is also the reason you can run and walk so much faster and easier on the treadmill...the machine is doing the work of moving your legs backwards and you're not required to use the BIG muscles of the glutes to actually propel your body forward.

And the most IRONIC part of it?

This technique actually works better on a machine that normally IS powered. I'm sure you've heard of or seen treadmills that aren't powered...these have much less resistance to the tread being moved backwards because they want people to actually use them (you know what I mean :).

When you're using a machine that is normally powered, there is significantly more resistance to the belt moving without that outside power and you're going to get a GOOD workout out of it.

So next time you use the treadmill, leave it off. Set your hands on the bar and lean forward like you're about to push a car. And start walking. Use GLUTE power to get the tread moving and keep it moving.

You're going to get a MUCH better glute workout and cardio workout by doing this.

On a side note, if you find the resistance is a bit too much on the treadmill, turn it back on and set it to an incline. Then turn it back off again and do the walking on a slope.

By walking on an incline like this, you actually make the exercise easier. Gravity is going to give you some assistance in moving that tread backwards but you'll still need a decent amount of push to keep the tread moving.

Once you've developed a feel for what it takes to move the tread on your own, then you can progress to some interval training and running.

The idea is exactly the same as with walking...get your hands on the bar and PUSH.

With the running, I recommend doing it as interval training, not just because it's harder but to MAKE it harder.

You see, once you get the tread moving, it takes less effort to KEEP it moving. So what I do is run for about 5 to 10 seconds then slow down then run again, then slow down.

What this does is increase the inertia of the tread, making you have to push harder again to get it up to speed again. This really increases the workload on the glutes and also the cardio training you get from this dead treadmill training.

If you do a lot or all of your cardio on the treadmill, you're going to be in for a BIG surprise when you turn it off and use it :)

It's going to wake up your glutes and double or even TRIPLE the cardio workload on you.

Now, what would this great training tip be without a shameless promotional plug for my book "Gluteus to the Maximus - Build a Bigger Butt NOW!"...a book designed specifically for glute training and nothing but glute training.

Ladies, click here to read about it

Guys, click here to read about it.

This cardio exercise goes PERFECTLY with the program. In fact, using this unpowered treadmill walking or running can actually HELP build the glutes because of the active resistance on the glutes and because of the tremendous bloodflow being forced into the glutes with every step you take (and increased blood supply is critical for developing any stubborn muscles).


Nick Nilsson has a degree in Physical Education and Psychology and has been innovating new training techniques for more than 20 years. Nick is the author of a number of bodybuilding books including "Gluteus to the Maximus - Build a Bigger Butt NOW!", "Muscle Explosion! 28 Days To Maximum Mass", "Metabolic Surge - Rapid Fat Loss," "The Best Exercises You've Never Heard Of," and "The Best Abdominal Exercises You've Never Heard Of", all designed to maximize the results you get for the hard work you put into your training.

Be sure to grab your FREE copy of Nick's 30-day "Dirty Little Secret Program for Building Muscle and Burning Fat FAST," available at!

Programmed For Fat Loss Failure?

We are all programmed for fat loss failure. That's what Carolyn Hansen believes. She says it is why she decided to create a fat loss membership site, to counter the bias we all have when it comes to our approach to eating and exercising to maintain our health.

Simply put, we eat TOO MUCH and we exercise TOO LITTLE. But it is more complicated than this, she says.

To begin with, it is not enough simply to agree to spend time exercising. It turns out that it matters a great deal what kind of exercise you spend your time doing. The vast majority of people who ARE exercising, despite their best intentions, are doing it all wrong and they are NOT getting the fat burning results that they have been hoping for.

Carolyn says she made the same mistake too, for over a decade - blindly following the recommendation of fitness gurus who promote low impact cardio exercise as a means to stimulating fat loss. It just does not work, she says.

"I went so far as to commit to dozens of cardio sessions each week by becoming an aerobics instructor. But one day I finally woke up to the fact that none of my clients were really getting any thinner, despite being in my classes for months or even years."

The fitness gurus had programmed her mind for failure by promoting the idea that cardio exercise stimulates the metabolism. It does not, and it turns out that it is muscle-building exercise that does the trick.

But getting your exercise strategy wrong is not the worst of it.

It turns out that there is another level of programming that affects your mindset for fat loss success and this one is much harder to circumvent because it was programmed in by evolution over a period of millions of years. Essentially it boils down to a willingness to overlook our shortcomings and simply ignore the warning signs that suggest our bodies may be headed for trouble.

This, says Carolyn, is why people are prone to gaining more and more weight and yet they are still not capable of taking the steps needed to correct the situation before being confronted by a major health crisis.

The argument is compelling, and if you want the full details you can find them on Carolyn's site for her The No Excuses Body Makeover Program. She believes that the way to circumvent this programming is to constantly be reminded of its potential to undo your efforts to live a long and productive life.

The way to remind yourself, she says, is to immerse yourself into a community of people who are aware of the problem, and who are constantly helping one another to stay on track with their fat loss activities.

So instead of providing her clients with an ebook and sending them on their way while wishing them luck, Carolyn's approach is to send them strategies and advice over a period of months, so that the information can slowly be accrued and they can get the most out of her long years of experience as a personal fitness coach, and do it without getting overwhelmed.

If this sounds like an approach that might suit you, head on over to her No Excuses Body Makeover site and check out what she has to say on the subject of reshaping your body in a reliable way by reprogramming your mind for fat loss success.

By the way, you can also grab her popular report for FREE while you are there, on "The Best Way To Lose Weight".

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Double Your Fat Burning Results With A Journal?

Would you believe that simply by keeping a record of the food you eat that you can likely DOUBLE your fat loss results?

A study conducted by Kaiser Permanente's Center for Health Research in Portland, Oregon, followed the results of 1700 men and women considered to be overweight or obese as they attempted to slim down over a period of 20 weeks. One group was asked to keep a food diary while the other was not. At the end of the study it was found that those who had kept a record of what they were eating actually managed to drop about twice the weight (18 pounds) compared to the other group

So why does this work so well? The thought is that by journaling your food consumption you are constantly reminding yourself that you have a goal, and your mind more closely tries to hold you to the commitment that caused you to begin journaling in the first place.

This finding doesn't really surprise fitness professionals like Carolyn Hansen, who believe that accountability is one of the keys to fat loss success.

Carolyn has her own fat loss membership site that she calls The No Excuses Body Makeover Program. Members are encouraged to keep a food diary for at least the first few weeks of their attempt to retrain their mind for healthy eating habits. Journaling your food, and taking note of which foods are high in calories and deficient in nutrients, slowly works its magic over time.

Eventually you begin to look at food differently, Carolyn says. You stop putting certain food items into your shopping cart. You avoid grabbing the calorie-dense offerings served up by friends and coworkers during social interactions. Slowly by surely, your mind begins to accept that not all foods are equal, and the source of your calories matters a great deal, even if the total number of calories you would have consumed by eating them is the same.

If you are interested in joining a community of fat loss conscious individuals who have mutually agreed to follow the strategies that Carolyn has laid out in her program, and which are delivered to you slowly over a period of several months so that you can gradually ease your way into the new "No Excuses" lifestyle, head on over to her No Excuses Body Makeover site.

While you are there, be sure to check out what others have to say about Carolyn's approach to building a metabolism that burns more fat through the proper use of exercise, healthy eating habits, and the adoption of a mindset that guarantees sustainable results. If you want to DOUBLE your fat loss results, this is an excellent way to jump start your progress.

By the way, you can also grab her popular report for FREE on "The Best Way To Lose Weight".

Book: Skinny Me In My Skinny Black Dress O Yeah Baby Diet and Cookbook

Skinny Me In My Skinny Black Dress O Yeah Baby Diet and Cookbook by Jacquline Larues. $4.99 from
Skinny Me In My Skinny Black Dress O Yeah Baby is a new refreshing innovative look at weight loss dieting and presents to you a tried and proven guideline for weight loss so that you can get back to wearing that skinny black dress and start your adventure into a world of exciting fun.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vince Del Monte's LIVE LARGE TV - Learn how to build muscle, get six pack abs and live the life of your dreams

Vince Del Monte's LIVE LARGE TV - Learn how to build muscle, get six pack abs and live the life of your dreams

Fat Burning Peer Pressure?

Here's a good question. Can being part of a community of fat conscious individuals actually help you achieve your fat loss goals? Does peer pressure really work to burn off the extra calories needed to get the job done?

The consensus seems to be that the answer is yes. Studies of individuals involved in attempts to lose weight have shown that those who work ALONE at their goal are not nearly as effective in meeting them as are those who "join forces" with others to establish their common objective. Some studies have show that the average weight loss achieved by those who utilized peer pressure to help them keep on track was as much as TWICE the amount achieved by people working alone.

That's a big difference, and it may explain why fat loss membership programs are becoming increasingly more common on the web today. It also does not hurt that we now have TV programs like "The Biggest Loser" which show individuals working together in a group with a common goal, and meeting their objectives - often in a spectacular way. In short, accountability to someone other than yourself, or peer pressure, works when it comes to losing weight.

Of course, the degree to which you will be successful at keeping the weight off in the long term is going to depend on the quality of the program you are following. If you are given the WRONG information about how to maintain your newly acquired body then it is not going to be with you for long.

Proper eating habits, proper exercising techniques, and maintaining the proper mindset, are ALL essential for long term success. This is something that Carolyn Hansen recognized when she set out to create her membership program for people looking for a way to reshape their body and get back on track for the kind of health they enjoyed in years gone past.

She calls her new fat loss membership site The No Excuses Body Makeover Program, and instead of provide her customers with an ebook as she has done in the past, now she sends them content all the time, but spaces it out so that members do not become overwhelmed by the amount of information they are receiving from her.

She also sends them motivational emails to help keep them on track, and gently herds them toward her members forum where she is able to answer queries that arise about the methods she uses to increase the metabolism so that more fat calories can be burned every day.

The nice thing about a membership site like Carolyn's is that you will never be lost in the sea of customers that inhabit the forums of the mass weight loss membership programs. You will not become a faceless statistic, but someone that people will recognize when you return to interact with them. This is where the REAL power of peer pressure comes from, because you will be accountable.

So if you want to learn how to burn fat the CORRECT way, and get yourself into a group of like-minded people whose goal is to reshape their body for the better, then I recommend checking out Carolyn Hansen's No Excuses Body Makeover program. It even has an inexpensive trial option that allows you full access to the program for 7 days so that you can figure out whether Carolyn's program might be right for you. If not, then you can simply cancel and get your money back.

By the way, you can also grab her popular report for FREE while you are there, on "The Best Way To Lose Weight".

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Food Diaries and Weight Loss

Many of us have heard that it is recommended that we keep food diaries in order to lose weight, as well as, for other health reasons. When you keep track of what you eat with food diaries, you will be able to see your bad (and good) eating habits, count calories and many other things. Below are a few tips for keeping an accurate food diary and how it can help you with weight loss.

What Makes a Food Diary?

While you may have been thinking you will have to go out and purchase a food diary before you can begin, you’d be wrong. There are many ways to start a food diary without buying one – however, you can find a wide variety of the online. All you need to do to start your own food diary is find a small notebook at home that is easily transportable. You can even use your cell phone if it has Notepad or and App designed for this. Regardless of what you decide to use, make sure that you aren’t using loose papers for your food diary.

What to Record?

Well, a food diary is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a diary, or record, of everything you eat and drink. For example, if you eat a small snack of M&Ms, then a salad for lunch and nachos for supper – you write it all down. You even write down what you had to drink whether it was coffee, water or a Coke. Be sure to individualize the food if you have multiple things – like on a salad. Be specific and write down the type of dressing and what veggies the salad had on it.

Before you begin using the food diary as a way to lose weight, write down everything you eat and drink for a day or two – without changing anything. Eat and drink normally, as if you weren’t about to start a diet. This will help you look back and see what changes you can make to your daily diet to reduce calories and implement new habits. You can also record your moods when you are eating to help identify if when you eat the most – for example, were you really hungry or were you nervous, angry or stressed instead?

Also, when you record the foods and drinks you intake throughout the day, be sure to record how many calories are associated with each of them. Most food packages have the calorie count on them, but if you are eating at a restaurant, fresh fruit, etc. and don’t have that information, you can easily get it online at websites like and

What Will the Food Diary Show You?

Obviously, when you keep track of everything you eat and drink throughout the day, you will be able to look back and actually see the bad things you have eaten. If you have recorded your moods, you will be able to see when you are the most vulnerable to eat sugary or starchy foods. When you keep a food diary for long (a week) you will easily be able to see eating patterns.

As these eating patterns reveal themselves, you will be able to make conscious decisions regarding what you eat. For example, if you have a habit of eating M&Ms at 11:00 a.m. for a snack, make the decision to eat an apple or banana instead. Once you see where your specific problems are, you will be able to take steps to fix them!

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Crowd Strategy For Fat Loss

Here's an idea I had not thought about before. Put your inability to lose those stubborn fat pounds on display.

Apparently if you are willing to accept a little in the way of positive criticism for being completely inept in the department of weight loss (which I guess would be about 95 percent of everyone reading this post right now), then you can use it to your advantage to get the weight to start coming off.

How does it work? Basically you join up with a community of fellow weight loss strugglers and you constantly remind one another not to go off track.

Well, it's a little more complicated than that. But you get the general picture.

I guess it is something like Alcoholics Anonymous, or a substance abuse rehabilitation center. The only difference is you admit that your vice has been poor judgment in food selection and exercise strategies.

On the whole, if this works, then maybe it should be given some consideration by those of us who are looking at another diet and wondering whether this one is going to be any more successful than the last (odds are it won't - since the consensus these days seems to be that diets simply do not work to bring about long term weight loss).

Actually, some of the big weight loss membership organizations have been using this "crowd strategy" to help keep people on track for a while now.

The problem is that you can become lost in the crowd if you sign up for one of these mammoth membership sites.

So what's the solution?

"Join my group," says Carolyn Hansen. She has just launched her own fat loss membership site and is looking to build a small group of members who are willing to follow the fat loss practices she has been teaching her personal clients for nearly three decades.

"I teach my clients how to build up their metabolism so that they can burn more fat every day. Once you know the principles it is just a matter of sticking to the plan - and when you are enrolled as a member of an active group, then it becomes a lot easier to meet your body weight goals."

Carolyn calls her membership plan the No Excuses Body Makeover program.

So if you have been struggling to find a way to finally get a handle on unwanted excess body fat that clings stubbornly to your midsection or butt, I recommend checking this out.

They say it is harder to lose weight if you have to do it entirely on your own, so this might be the way to get around that.

Also, while you are there you can download her popular fat loss report for FREE on "The Best Way To Lose Weight".