Saturday, July 16, 2011

Exercises to Burn Fat

By Yuri Elkaim

I recently had a discussion with an associate it of mine regarding his desire to lower his body fat, and although he kayaked a few times a week as well as went on walks a few times a week he simply couldn't accomplish this goal. Although kayaking is quite the workout and walking is great for the body, doing these activities a few times a week is simply not enough to accomplish the results he was looking for. His pace in walking was just not capable of meeting the required intensity of exercise his body would need in order to burn the amount of calories that he has aimed to burn so that he could achieve his goal.

When wanting to keep your body fat at a low percentage it is important to keep in mind a number of things, such as it does not come easy, workouts and training can be quite intense, you will have to keep a it on a regular basis which in turn makes it a commitment, once with wonderfully rewarding results.

Doing this would require you to get involved in some high intensity metabolic strength training workouts, the kinds when you end up sweating up a storm but loving every second of it.

From a cardio standpoint, it would be wise to run in intervals, starting off with a sprint then jog, sprint then jog and so on. By doing this you are allowing your body to increase its metabolic rate due to the increase in intensity, which in turn allows you to burn more calories. Doing this on a regular basis only allows you to build strength and acquire the desire for repetition as well allowing you to go further with your workouts.

When it comes to the foods you should consume I would have to recommend sticking to vegetables, lots of greens, raw foods containing healthy fats, olive oil, coconut oil, these things are all very helpful when attempting to better our bodies and riding it of unwanted fat. Omega 3 are also very beneficial as well as making sure you're getting some healthy protein.

When wanting to keep your body fat percentage at its lowest possible number it is no easy task. It is a rigorous commitment, which requires a high level of discipline. You must stick to your regular routine, which would have you exercising almost every day. Much sweat would be involved and the intensity would have to gradually increase, but regardless of the sweat and tears results would be attained without a doubt, and that feeling of health and accomplishment trumps everything else.

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