Thursday, July 21, 2011

Are Fat Burners Safe?

By Yuri Elkaim

In this article, I am hoping to tackle the topic of fat burners and their safety. When assessing my own approach to healthy living, I have always been an avid believer in the consumption of our basic fruits and vegetables in addition to a holistic lifestyle.

Personally, I have never been a fan of any type of supplement, in what may appear to be easy solutions, such as the use of these supplements, I am simply not convinced that they are adequate or substantial enough to help one accomplish a healthy and strong body. When attempting to truly achieve what most of us strive for regarding healthy living, I have concluded that this can be most definitely be attained through the simple intake of natural foods, as oppose to complicating one's diet with such gimmicks.

I recall some time ago, being introduced to a type of fat burning supplement that would consist of combining caffeine with a fade drink, the combination of these two intense beverages would basically cause one's heart rate to increase, which in turn would demand that your fat be burned. Some of the results of this product were unfortunate, having included various health problems, heart attacks had even been reported.

For such a strong demand to be imposed on the body is just unnatural, and something that unnatural is never the sustainable way of properly achieving or maintaining anyone's goals. Having these artificial stimulants pumping through your system puts a substantial amount of stress on one's glands, which in the end can lead up to a number of negative outcomes concerning one's health due to having your hormones working in serious overtime. In addition, in pursuing such methods of practice one is managing to compromise their very own cardio vascular system.

Such potential risks, in my opinion are always unnecessary and never the answer. The easy way out is not always the most efficient, if you truly want to achieve a healthy body you can do so by incorporating activities and lifestyle choices that would specifically include things such as a healthy diet which could include some raw food and lots of water, strength training three to four times a week, some interval cardio two to three times a week and a number of productive as well as body benefiting activities. Incorporating these activities into your weekly routine will surely get you the results you would be looking for as well as help you feel better on the inside and out, that would most certainly be my best advice. I would suggest trying out my monthly workout program that you can find at, it serves as a great advantage to many athletes in no doubt help you get fit and burn fat.

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