Sunday, June 19, 2011

How do I really lose Fat?

By Lee Johnstone, Personal trainer and weight loss expert. Co-creator of ‘The Fittime 12 Week Challenge’

If you are like most people out there, you are probably confused about one important question- “How do I really lose fat? Like most people you have probably tried all the usual methods to lose weight...exercise, diets, pills and shakes, info–mercial fat blaster 2000’s. Sound familiar? This cycle of attempted fat loss is one that will never end. Everybody out there is telling you that they have the quick and easy answer to fat loss.

Exercise is important, not only for fat loss but also for our health. But what most people don’t realize is that an unstructured exercise routine is a huge waste of time! Why? Because if you are not meeting the specific requirements needed to achieve fat loss from an exercise program, all that hard work if for nothing! Add to this that if the foods you are eating are not the right foods, you may actually be putting on more fat!

Fad diets can be treacherous because they will usually give you noticeable, initial weight loss. But as the weight lost is a combination of fat and muscle, your metabolism actually becomes shocked into storing more fat! You get the urge to ‘binge’ because your body is telling you it isn’t getting the goodness from the food you are eating and it needs important nutrients to survive. This binging then leads to weight gain, more of which is fat than anything else because your metabolism is moving like a slug.

The cycle continues with Weight loss pills as they are designed to speed up your metabolism unnaturally and can be dangerous, especially if used over a long period of time.

You can see how this ‘fat loss loop’ can trap you and leave you feeling as though real weight loss is hopeless.

The truth is that real weight loss is very much achievable. But the first thing you must do is get out of ‘the fat loss loop’. Healthy, real and permanent weight loss depends on 3 key factors and they are: You need to perform brief, specific and well structured exercise. You need to eat the right foods that support your exercise routine and finally you must give yourself the time and willingness to say “This is it! I deserve to lose the fat once and for all!’

These principals are the very principals I live by and I try to instill these principals in those I have the amazing opportunity to help achieve real and permanent fat loss. These people are reaping the life long benefits of a healthy lifestyle…are you?

Lee Johnstone has been a personal trainer for more than 10 years and is a notable fitness and weight loss author and co-founder of The Fittime 12 Week Challenge. Lee created the 12 week challenge as the fastest way to permanent fat loss and to put an end to unreal and unsafe weight loss methods.

If you are wanting to get out of the ‘fat loss loop’ once and for all and you are thinking about taking the Fittime 12 Week Challenge, it may be helpful to read the testimonials of others who were in similar situations to you who have completed the 12 week challenge and have now changed their bodies, their health and their lives.

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