Monday, June 13, 2011

5 Foods that Improve Weight Loss

When most people begin a diet, all they hear about are the foods that they shouldn’t eat, which can have a negative impact on them. Therefore, why not change this and learn about some foods that increase your weight-loss efforts? Below are 5 foods that can help you lose weight.

Food #1 – Whole Grains: The fat and calories that whole grains contain are not “empty” which means that they will keep you full longer, which will help keep your mind off of food until you’re really hungry. Additionally, some whole grains are said to discourage your body from storing fat (oatmeal)! A few of the whole grains that you should add to your diet include: Oats, Quinoa, Wheat Berries and Brown Rice.

Food #2 – Potatoes – Potatoes are really healthy for you as they are full of fiber and Vitamin C. Not to mention, they are also filling! You can prepare potatoes in a number of healthy ways such as grilling, baking and boiling. You can even toss them with olive oil and herbs and roast them! The key is to stay away from the fatty foods that are often associated with potatoes like chips and french fries.

Food #3 – Fresh Fruit – Not only is fresh fruit tasty, but it’s also good for you. Fresh fruits have natural sugars in them that give dieters the “sweetness” they crave, but without all the calories and negative side effects. Additionally, fruits have a lot of vitamins in them too. You can eat fruits in a variety of different ways including: raw, blended in fruit smoothies, frozen (grapes are excellent for this) and even in natural fruit popsicles.

Food #4 – Fats (The Healthy Kind) – Yes, there are fats out there that are good for you and will improve your health while helping you lose weight. Foods that contain these fats include: fatty fish (salmon, sardines, etc.), raw nuts and seeds, avocados, cold-pressed safflower, flax and canola oils, and olive oil.

You may even want to add a small amount of dairy-based fats to your diet such as cheese so that you stay fuller longer.

Food #5 – Whole Foods – Nowadays, so many people depend on previously prepared food for their source of nutrition. For example, how many people do you know cook their meals from scratch every night? Well, there are health benefits associated with preparing your meals from scratch – with whole foods.

First, it’s healthier for you as these foods have the greatest amount of nutrients still in them. And, you are burning calories as you cook too! For example, how many calories are you really going to burn if you open a frozen dinner and put it in the microwave? Not much. However, if you take the time to wash, cut, chop and bake your dinner, the story changes as you’ll be burning a lot more calories.

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