Monday, April 25, 2011

Yours FREE... The Deadline Diet

Important: Read each and every word in this page to ensure you don't miss out on a FREE gift being offered on Tuesday April 26th ONLY. 

This is it! The final lap... FULL-BODY-LICIOUS: A Female's Formula For A Flawless Figure releases tomorrow and for anyone who responds fast, anytime during Day 1 (Tuesday) Flavia has a AWESOME "fast action" bonus lined up for you.

In a few months, Flavia will be releasing the exact diet system she used to drop her body fat from 18% to 13.4% in 10 weeks and it's called The Deadline Diet, and this is why I'm contacting you today...

When you take action tomorrow, Tuesday April 26th before midnight PST, you're going to RECEIVE The Deadline Diet before it's even released to the public...

...and you won't pay a dime for it!  It's a FREE GIFT for taking action right away!

What Is The Deadline Diet all about?

The Deadline Diet is the same diet Flavia relied on to bring her bodyfat down to a record low and get ready for her first photo shoot for the fitness magazine, Oxygen.

How? "Metabolism Manipulation" by cycling your carb intake. If you don't know how to do this properly, you'll struggle to get rid of unwanted fat.

I checked it out and will warn you:

The Deadline Diet is NOT fun, but it's extremely effective

It's the same eating style that professional bikini models, figure competitors and fitness models use to get ready for their magazine shoots, contests and even if you're not a
physique athlete, you WILL need this diet to get ready for your big event whether it's a wedding, vacation, trip or hot night out!

Flavia is not afraid to give you a HARD DIET to follow because she knows if you want it bad enough, you'll follow it and if dieting was easy, every lady would look amazing!

Simply said, if you're SERIOUS about getting your body ready for a specific day on the calendar, this is a MUST HAVE plan.

Pick up FULL-BODY-LICIOUS tomorrow during the 50% off sale and you'll two deadly fat-destroying program for the price one!

Again, this is ONLY if you take action Tuesday April 26th so be on the look out for my post early tomorrow. 

Here’s the link for tomorrow: You can visit now, there are several FREE reports…just don’t forget to check back early tomorrow for the next post.


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