Tuesday, April 26, 2011


She's LIVE!

Flavia Del Monte's 5-day FULL-BODY-LICIOUS workout system is the most intelligent way to all-out fat burning promises to be A Female's Formula For A Flawless Figure!

After 12-months of anticipation, her site just went live and for the next 3 days she's hooking you up with a 50% OFF launch special plus she's giving away her unreleased Deadline Diet for Day 1 (Tuesday) orders only...

==> Flavia's Formula For A Flawless Figure + The Deadline Diet

If you've been struggling to get that lean, athletic and sexy body, you're going to love the program DESIGNED FOR FEMALES, MADE BY A FEMALE. 

I recently spoke with Flavia and she said a few things that really resonated.  Check out these quotes...

       "God may have created man and women equal, but we
        were not created the same So it boggles my mind
        why women often follow the same eating and workout
        patterns as their boyfriends, husbands or male friends..."

       "I do NOT train like my husband nor do I eat like him.
        My husband trains like his body is a dump truck and does
        workouts that seem like only adult gorillas could survive 
        and if I attempt his insane workouts I’ll either end up
        exhausted or sore for days!"

       "Let me ask you, “Why in the world would you do the same
        leg exercises to tighten and trim your thighs while the
        guy next to you is relying on the same leg exercises to
        build and bulk up his thighs?” 

Besides Flavia being an absolute sweetheart and having a HUGE passion for helping others (she's been a pediatric nurse for 8 years), she gets very HEATED about all the flawed and faulty fitness info in the magazines and media that mislead you into believing you can get "Flat abs in only 2 weeks!" 

Flavia is VERY real and I remember her saying, "If getting a flawless figure was easy, every lady would have one!"  The truth is, it's HARD and when you are following the wrong workout parameters, it's even HARDER, almost impossible!

I just took a look at Flavia's brand new website and it EXPOSES the #1 reason you're cheating yourself out of a body that radiates with confidence and not experiencing the intelligent way to all-out fat burning...

Turn heads and control every curve on your body <== Start today

Be sure to check out the pics of Flavia on her website... she used her own exact program to get incredibly super-lean for that photo shoot... just imagine if this program works even half as good for you!)

Now let me caution you:

Flavia's workouts are tough.  This is not some "Mickey Mouse" workout program where she smiles and laughs her entire way through. Flavia shows you and tells you what to do 5 days a week and if you're looking for a "simple and easy" plan, this is not for you.

***IMPORTANT NOTICE: For Day 1 Orders Only***

In addition to getting a generous 50% OFF during the 3-day launch, if you order on Day 1 (that's today), you will also get the most critical piece to accelerate your results:

The Bonus: - Later this year I know Flavia has plans of releasing a brand new nutrition program called The Deadline Diet, and it's the same diet that top bikini models, figure girls, and fitness models rely on to get ready for their magazine shoots and shows.

Imagine having access to the SAME diet for your own special day whether it's a vacation, wedding or hot night out!

Flavia used this diet to get her body fat down from 18% to 13.4% for all the pics you'll see on her website. 

Now, if you order FULL-BODY-LICIOUS on Day 1 (today) then you'll get The Deadline Di months before anyone else can get it...

...Absolutely FREE.  That's two intelligent fat-burning programs for the price of one!

That's her way of awarding you for acting fast and knowing that you are ready to go after your flawless figure today.

Grab FULL-BODY-LICIOUS today so you get the fast action bonus too:

==> Max out your workouts, Break limits, Turn heads <== Start today

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