Friday, March 25, 2011

It’s clutch time – yes or no?

Here is another letter from Dina with some perks for trying her book. Absolutely no risk for you to try her methods and you get to keep the bonus products. Enjoy!


It’s Dina, and I have a question for you…

Over the last several weeks we’ve been talking about some really important health, nutrition and weight loss issues in the Asian Diet Revolution.

Detox scams, freaky Frankenfish, GMO plants destroying our food supply, but also good stuff – like preparing healthy meals, losing weight and keeping it off once you’ve reached your goal.

I’ve been into healthy eating almost all my life, and if you go to my site and take a look at my pictures, you’ll see it’s paid off. I’m not boasting! But the proper diet combined with sensible eating and moderate exercise can work wonders for anyone – you included.

All it’s going to take is 60 days. That’s it. Just 60 short days before you’ll begin to see — AND FEEL — a huge difference in your appearance, your health and your vitality.

Now here’s my question: Have you started on the Asian Diet Revolution? If so, PLEASE send me your results! I’d love to hear from you, and might even feature you on my website. (Why not, you deserve bragging rights!)

But if you haven’t started yet – what’s stopping you? You know, there’s a very complex formula economists use when talking about setting goals and seeing results. Here it is:

*** There’s no such thing as a free lunch ***

If you want to look great again, if you want to feel years younger and fit into clothes you’d thought you’d never wear again, you have to start somewhere, sometime.

That somewhere is here.. and the time is now.

Get my book. Put it to the test. Follow my easy and delicious food shopping plans and meal recipes. If it doesn’t work out for you – no worries. Let me know and I’ll refund every cent you paid – AND you can keep the bonuses as my gifts to you.

As the Chinese proverb goes… “Every journey begins with a single step.”

Your journey to a lean figure and a vibrant life starts right now…

To a much healthier you, and may God bless!

Dina Zain Smith

P.S. I truly mean it – send me your results and your pictures. With your permission of course, the world can soon be seeing how great you look! (And your high school reunion friends can be eating their hearts out in jealousy…)

I’d love to see your photo and testimonial on Dina’s site! Just think, you can send your friends the link so they can see you too!

All my best,

Arthur M.

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