Thursday, March 10, 2011

Is your stomach in knots?

Here is another email I received from the author of Asian Diet Revolution. Dina has some good advice for a condition common to most of us so I’m passing it on to you.


Dina here… Is your stomach in knots?

I’m not talking about the current world situation. (Though if the truth be told, it’s rather hard not to go slightly nuts thinking about all that’s happening!)

I’m talking about after you eat – does it sometimes feel like you’ve swallowed a rather nasty baseball, with it just sitting there – causing bloating and pain?

If you listen to all the commercials on TV, they’ll have you believing this is normal, and all you need are one of those fancy purple pills.

Uh uh. That’s probably one of the worst things you can do.

Here’s why your food is probably going undigested:

– You’re swallowing without thoroughly chewing. Chewing your food is important for 3 reasons: 1st – it breaks down what you’re eating into smaller pieces. 2nd – the ptyalin in your mouth (an enzyme) starts the digestion process and readies the food for your stomach, and 3rd – it’s by chewing we get to taste & enjoy what we eat!

– If you’re eating processed food, the gunk you swallow is far harder to break down and assimilate.

– If foods like vegetables are overly cooked (such as cabbage) the heat will actually deactivate the essential enzymes within the plant itself. (That’s why cooked cabbage can cause severe bloating, but coleslaw almost never does!)

And here’s a surprising reason:

– Your stomach is not producing ENOUGH acid! That’s right – most heartburn and poor digestion doesn’t stem from too much acid, but too little.

By taking pills neutralizing stomach acid, you’re actually putting the body into panic mode – it senses the acid is going fast, and goes into overdrive to produce even more.

Here’s a little secret my Mom (a 5 star chef by the way!) taught me. If you feel bloated or have that acidy, lumpy feeling after eating – place a tablespoon or so of apple cider vinegar in a small glass of lukewarm water and drink it down.

Your stomach will do a small somersault or two – then you’ll immediately feel a whole lot better! You’ve given your body what is was looking for, and not some chemical panacea.

For more tips about proper nutrition and healthy eating, why not get a copy of my Asian Diet Revolution?

It’s filled with fascinating facts, plus pages of really yummy recipes.

To a much healthier you,

Dina Zain Smith

P.S. When sitting down to eat with the family, make it a point to leave the problems of the day behind you. Few things can ruin even the tastiest meal than discord and tension at the dinner table. To be well, you have to eat well, and to eat well you have to feel well!

Dina’s book is full of important insights about what we eat and I recommend  this as mandatory reading for anyone concerned about their health.

My best wishes for your health,

Arthur M.

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