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How to Lose Weight with the Asian Diet

The Asian Diet Solution

You are probably like me and thousands of other people out there searching for a solution for controlling our weight. But most of what we find are “Fad” diets and expensive plans wanting us to buy prepared meals or join fancy memberships. Is it really that hard to lose weight and control our own weight for the look we so badly want? I don’t think it is because I have stumbled upon information about the Asian Diet that cuts through all the hype with some 4000 year old “secrets” that not only make sense but really do work! If you want to shed those extra pounds of ugly fat and improve your health then read on!

Why the Asian Diet is special

The statistics are staggering! In the USA 61% of us are overweight and another 27% are clinically obese. We are being plagued with increasing numbers of chronically ill people who suffer from heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, and cancer. Doctors all over the world have identified our “diets” as the one common thread that links all of these terrible conditions together. How do we solve these problems? By seriously looking at civilizations where these conditions are rare!

In most Asian countries the occurrence of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other diseases is rare. Asian’s are blessed with good health, slender bodies, and live long lives unhampered by the sicknesses that are becoming more common in the West. Modern science has been studying the differences to find out why Asians are special in this regard and the one common factor is what they eat daily. Our mothers and grandmothers often told us to eat our vegetables so we could grow up healthy and strong and this is one of the keys. The Asian Diet is based on natural, organic, plant-based foods which rarely include red meat or deep fried foods. Dairy products are hardly ever used in their diets. Now a salad or vegetable dish does sound pretty bland to most Westerners but remember the last time you had stir fried vegetables? The taste was wonderfully enhanced with spices, roots, and sauces with a few shrimp or chunks of chicken or fish. The Asians have spent centuries developing ways to eat the foods that were proven best for their health in ways that they could be enjoyed.

What the Asian Diet is Not!

The Asian Diet is not a vegetarian diet. It is perceived so because the meats served with meals are usually very small portions either mixed within the vegetables for taste or as a side dish. White meats and fish are preferred and used more frequently than red meat. In the US, we get a lot of advertisements from the beef and dairy industries. Over the years we have been conditioned to shift our meals to include red meat as the main course and drink cows milk. This is quite contrary to the Asian Diet where the main course is plant-based foods and the drinks are usually warm teas in natural water. There are several other differences between the Western diet and the Asian Diet which are too numerous to explain in a short article such as this one. Evidence that red meat, highly processed foods, cooking oils, processed sugars, and chemical additives are actually shutting down the Western metabolism is becoming obvious to Western researchers and doctors as more studies are conducted into the rampant obesity and chronic diseases which are becoming evident in Western civilization.

Asian Diet Revolution – A cure for Obesity and Chronic Disease.

The Modern Western diet is undeniably responsible for much of the obesity and chronic diseases in the West. Hydrogenated or refined cooking oils used to prepare the copious amounts of deep fried foods consumed in the West has a part to play in killing our cell metabolism. Processed wheat flours and sugars are spiking our blood sugar levels and ultimately forcing our bodies to store fat – as well as depressing our immune systems. Free radicals and cholesterol raising components of red meat, fast foods, and “meals from a box” are introducing more and more mutating elements into our bodies. Large corporations who’s profits soar from selling these foods to the public are continually lobbying for product approval – and winning! “Asian Diet Revolution” effectively reveals all of the factors in the Western diet responsible for obesity and chronic disease while providing delicious alternatives that will not only be easy for you to integrate into your lifestyle, but will also save you thousands of dollars in costs of doctor bills, diet supplements, memberships, “Fad” diets, and worthless exercise equipment.

The Asian Diet Revolution – In depth information on how the Asian Diet can be used in the West.

In the book, “Asian Diet Revolution”, Dina Zain Smith authors a publication which has fully explained how the Asian Diet can be integrated into Western culture. An Asian culinary artist who is also a natural health and fitness coach, Dina uses her hereditary knowledge as well as tips from her mother who was a professional Asian chef to provide easy methods for shifting to a more healthy diet. Dina’s 14 year study into the science of the Asian Diet and its benefits for losing weight and optimizing your health are in layman’s terms for all to easily understand. She explains how the Asian Diet biologically forces you to lose weight without counting calories or depriving yourself of any of the important food groups. The ancient Chinese concept of Yin & Yang is applied with scientific evidence that teaches us how the body must have the proper balance of macro and micro nutrients to be healthy and slender with a strong immune system. Delicious and nutritious meals are presented to get you started quickly losing weight and feeling wonderful and never hungry. An efficient exercise plan is also included which only requires 20 to 30 minutes – 3 days a week to further increase your weight loss rate and get you feeling better than ever.

If you are ready to finally make a real difference in your life and become the healthy, slender you that you have always wanted to be, then the Asian Diet Revolution is for you. For less than the price of a couple eating out at Denny’s one evening, you can change your life forever and never have to worry about weight loss or diseases caused by improper nutrition again. Get your copy of Asian Diet Revolution today!

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