Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fasting For Anabolic Fat Loss

by Elliott Hulse of Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded

We’ve pointed out that hormones are the ‘traffic cops’ that direct the activities and responses that manage the body’s metabolic systems. We can have an impact on the way that hormones manage traffic in our body by manipulating factors such as diet, activity levels, weight training, sleeping, resting, managing stress levels and others.

Influencing the hormonal traffic cops provides a measure of control over the operation of our metabolic systems. One particularly strong influence we can have is on how our hormonal traffic cops partition the energy our bodies use.

When it comes to energy storage and usage, the body uses the same banks—fat, glycogen, muscle tissue or proteins—to deposit or withdraw energy. The process of managing where energy is deposited or withdrawn from is known as energy partitioning.

Diet has an especially strong impact on the way our metabolic systems partition energy. Interestingly, evidence indicates that brief, strategic periods of under eating can manipulate the hormonal traffic cops to tell the body to partition energy to allow for the simultaneous building of muscle and burning fat.

This is made possible in part because these controlled periods of under eating trigger the release of Growth Hormone.

One of the key functions of Growth Hormone is to maintain growth and lean body mass during short periods of time when we don’t have access to food. This occurs because Growth Hormone mobilizes fat fuel energy to be redirected (partitioned) to protein synthesis (muscle growth).

Our bodies are not designed to maintain muscle mass during extended periods of under eating—these situations trigger a survival response where the body is going to use anything and everything—including muscle—for fuel. But they are however, optimally designed to manage short, controlled periods of under eating, allowing us to convert excess body fat into lean muscle mass.

"Intermittent Fasting" is probably one of the fastest ways to burn fat, build lean muscle and even reverse the aging process due to the increase of HGH. A system that includes proper nutrition rotation and "hybrid muscle training" in conjunction with fasting would be, by far, the best advance in the world of strength and fitness training.

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