Friday, February 11, 2011

Dieting Before and After

By Independent Health Researcher Matt Stone of

When you cut down on carbohydrates, or fats, or calories – or even start doing a lot of exercise, it feels like it’s working.

But research reveals very clearly that if you lose weight by making hours of sweet love to a treadmill every day, and then you start “seeing other people,” you’ll get fatter than you were before you started.

If you cut out carbs by going on the South Beach or Atkins diet, you will probably lose weight. Most do. But if you start eating carbohydrates again, you will gain whatever you lost back and add even more weight. Any former low-carb dieter can attest to that.

If you go on a low-calorie diet you lose weight in the short-term, but if you start eating to appetite again, you gain all the weight back and then some. Everyone who has ever tried to eat less to lose weight has experienced this. People become obese repeating multiple episodes of losing 10 pounds and gaining back 20 once they fall off the wagon.

Low-fat diets often cause the same fate. If you don’t believe me, go on a low-fat vegan diet and then return to eating pizza and burgers and tell me how your weight changed.

Yes, there are a million miracle diets out there that cause weight loss. But with each and EVERY single one of those diets, if you ever stop, you will gain all of the lost weight back and get even fatter than you were before ever going on your supposedly “healthy” diet.

The problem is that every diet guru out there is telling you to do something that, if you cannot sustain it, will make you fatter and your health much worse. And be honest, how many people started the Atkins diet and continued eating nothing but eggs, sausage, cheese, and burger patties for 50 years? Raise of hands please? Ah, six of you. Great.

How many low-fat vegans never fell off the wagon directly into an ice cream truck? 4 people globally – the ones that didn’t get blown away by a gust of wind! Super!

Don’t even get me started on hunger-provoking low-calorie diets, idiotic raw food adventures, carbophobic caveman crimes, fasting (which should be called “slowing”), or treadmills.

When over 90% of people who follow one of these restricted, time-consuming, socially-crippling, imbalanced, and unsustainable ways of losing weight stop doing it at some point only to have their health and waistlines decimated by it – I have no hesitation about making the strong claim that dieting, in all its many forms and disguises, is totally unrealistic and much more likely to destroy, rather than save, your health.

I say screw ‘em all! Duck Fiets! Especially when I’ve led hundreds of people through the process of creating a sustainable, enjoyable, hunger-free, relaxed, and unrestricted way of eating and exercising (couch-surfing!) that helps them regain their health, increase their metabolisms so high they have to put a space suit on it and watch out for E.T. and Alf, and actually lose weight without any of the dumb and short-lived strategies listed above.

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