Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Asian Diet Revolution is coming

Are we killing ourselves with the food we eat?

For centuries, Asian wise men and doctors have traditionally treated illnesses of the human body by first examining the diet of the patient. Chinese Emperors devoted immense resources for these experts to study the Asian Diet due to the huge benefits of health and long life attained from eating the right foods. Is this 4000 year old history of treating people with proper nutrition actually responsible for the lack of obesity and chronic disease in Asian countries? Read on to find out!

The Asian Diet – 4000 years of research without the benefit of modern science.

Ancient Asian Physicians did not have the benefit of modern technology to break down the chemical structures and processes of the human body to reveal the exact causes of illnesses and disease. But they did have over 4000 years to prove which methods of eating did result in the best health and longest life. For the ancient Asian doctors, the patient’s diet was the most obvious factor to control the healthiness of the individual and was always considered first before resorting to more drastic measures of concocting medicines or performing surgical procedures. Their success of treating people with proper diet is more than evident today when we realize that the Asian culture rarely suffers from obesity, heart disease, diabetes, or cancer. This success is darkly contrasted when we compare Asian culture with Western culture. In the West, 61% of us are over weight and 27% of us are clinically obese. Chronic disease is increasing in Western culture at an alarming rate!

The Asian Diet – Did They Get It Right?

Obviously yes. None of the plagues that we suffer from in the West are as prominent in Asia as they are in the West. However, there is one piece of evidence that we must consider – this is changing in Asia – but why?

To understand this, we must look at the differences in the Asian Diet compared to the Western diet. The Asian Diet is traditionally plant-based foods with only small portions of meat and virtually few dairy products. But Asians have traditionally not suffered from lack of protein or calcium as evidenced by few if any occurrences of osteoporosis. The range of foods they consume provide ample amounts of the macro and micro nutrients they need for excellent health.

Over the last 100 years or so, the West has become heavily commercialized and industrialized. Our foods have become highly processed and we have been addicted to large portions of red meats and deep fried foods. We generally only eat vegetables as a side dish if we eat them at all! We preserve our foods with chemicals and reconstruct them so they do not spoil – allowing us to produce copious stockpiles of food. We eat on the run at fast food restaurants and we dump our quick meals from bags and boxes into boiling water for the “at home” meal.

So what is the evidence that is now changing Asia into unhealthy and obese people? Normally, if you tour Asia, the first thing you notice is that people are slender and healthy looking. But the younger set in Asia are falling in love with the fast food restaurants. The busy mothers are now starting to buy all the “meals in a box” in the rush to keep up with the fast paced lifestyle in the modern cities. Asia is beginning to see the effects of the change in diet and how it is making people fat while increasing chronic disease.

Since this is a relatively new development in Asia and because Asia has traditionally believed that the diet is largely responsible for health – Asia is more aware of the evils of the Western diet. Even the young people are starting to shy away as they recognize the effects – unfortunately, not enough as they are bombarded by commercials daily which entice them.

The Asian Diet Revolution – Getting Back to Our Roots

If we look back in Western civilization just a mere 100 years ago, we will see that our diets have shifted from plant-based to mostly meats, deep fried foods and dairy products. Modern processed foods have taken the place of natural organic foods and it is within this 100 year period that we have noticed the rise in chronic disease and obesity in the West. In her book, “Asian Diet Revolution,” Dina Zain Smith has used her 14 year study of her Asian heritage to compile an ebook which contains the differences between the traditional Asian Diet and the dining styles prominent in the West. With the benefit of modern science, she has revealed how ancient Asian physicians actually “got it right” by using modern research results from the West. Using these modern research results, she has identified the basic components of the Western diet which are responsible for the increase in obesity and chronic disease in the West. The same basic components which are also slowly creeping into the East.

The Asian Diet Revolution – A complete Blueprint for Losing Weight and Improving health

In the “Asian Diet Revolution,” you will find out the benefits of the traditional Asian Diet. You will also find out what parts of the Western diet are responsible for the increase in chronic disease and obesity. A proven method of feeding yourself correctly is detailed in an easy plan which will allow you to toss those expensive and useless diet pills, insane exercise plans, diet supplements, and “Fad” diets in the trash. Common sense traditional Asian Diet preparations that are both healthy and delicious which will never leave you hungry are included. A delicious recipe section which highlights the proper Asian Diet is included as well as a section on efficient exercise that allows you to get fast results by working out only 3 days a week for 20 minutes each day.

So don’t sign up for another “Fad” diet or Weight Loss Program until you read “Asian Diet Revolution.” You will be disappointed in any of these after you read this book. For the price of a lunch for two, you can have this wealth of information and a plan that will get you slender faster and keep you there during your healthier and longer life. Go now to so you can get started on a new life of excellent health and a sexy figure today!

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