Tuesday, February 8, 2011

3 ways to speed up your metabolism to lose weight

When it comes to losing weight your metabolism (the rate in which your body burns calories) is incredibly important. If your metabolism is running slowly, your body will find it incredibly hard to burn fat effectively. Today I wanted to provide you with a few easy ways to keep your metabolism running at its optimum level.

Tip 1 - Never Skip Breakfast
This is common mistake from many people who think that cutting down breakfast calories is a way to lose weight. Wrong. But cutting out breakfast your body slows down its metabolism and think about when your last meal was the night before. If you don't eat again until lunch then that's a huge amount of time!

Tip 2 - Eat Small Regular Meals
By eating little and often on healthy food not only will you stay full, but your body will keep running at its optimum level. When you eat large meals, you get spikes in your blood sugar which causes you to overeat and crave for unhealthy foods. Does that sound familiar? By grazing throughout the day you're less likely to snack on crisps, chocolate and other foods that pile on the calories.

Tip 3 - Exercise
Your metabolism is affected by how active you are, so by exercising at least three times a week and improving on what you do each time your body will always be burning fat and your metabolism will tick at the right level. Interval based training works really well for speeding up your metabolism if you work in short sharp busts and rest in between. Strength training is also very important as muscle mass will help keep your metabolism at its peak rate...
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