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3 Dangerous Foods Prohibited by The Asian Diet Revolution

In her ebook, “Asian Diet Revolution,” Dina Zain Smith has researched the Western diet and found 8 dangerous foods and food ingredients that are doing the most harm to our Western civilization. These are the key causes of the rampant obesity and chronic disease in the West. If you would like to know how the Asian Diet can help you avoid 3 of these metabolism killers and poison producers, please read on.

Asian Diet vs. Western diet – How Do We Know Which is Best?

All the facts are “in.” Well, maybe not all but there are enough for any rational person to make a wise decision. The Asian culture is one of the areas being studied by many prominent health researchers because of the fact that Asians experience far less chronic illness and obesity than the Western world.

The differences in diet are many but the main one is that the Asian Diet is mostly plant-based food. In contrast, the Western diet is mostly processed breads, red meats, and deep fried foods with a large supply of highly processed snacks that contain dangerous amounts of ingredients that are toxic to the body.

Top 3 Items to Avoid

Hydrogenated & Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils

Originally touted as “safer” that animal fat, vegetable oils were supposed to be healthier for us. But they are actually just cheaper to produce and keep longer. As with many insights shown in the “Asian Diet Revolution,” it pays to be suspicious of something that even the bacteria won’t eat! The truth is, the hydrogenation process breaks down the vegetable oil, strips out any nutrients useful to the body, and recombines it into damaged fats that are harmful to the human cell structure. Vegetable seeds are subjected to high temperature and pressure and then filtered through a catalyst such as nickel, palladium, rhodium, or platinum. The liquid oil is bleached and then subjected to a hydrogen bubble bath and then mixed with water, salt, coloring, flavoring, and emulsifiers (chemicals) to produce a product which is semi-solid at room temperature.

This stuff is basically trans fatty acids foreign to the body. Because your cells require fats to build the cell walls, the body is fooled into using these damaged fats to build new cell walls. The result is a cell which has difficulty passing nutrients and oxygen, as well as waste products. The damaged cell wall “starves” the cell! This is a major metabolism killer for your body and one of the major causes of obesity and disease. It is banned from store shelves in some states, but no controls are yet applied to fast food restaurants or any other restaurants. Read and ask!

Refined Vegetable Oils

As more data came in about hydrogenated oils, the major food industries decided to try changing the process and produce “healthy” oils. But again, the refining process used to create such “healthy” oils such as canola, rapeseed, soybean, corn, sunflower, safflower, or peanut oil still damaged these oils making them harmful to our body. In a process similar to the refining of crude oil, the vegetable oils are subjected to high pressures and high heat and then treated with the solvent Hexane! Now Hexane is known to produce headaches nausea, cramps, and muscular weakness in humans. What is worse is that caustic soda or soda ash is used to remove any free fatty acids and waxes.

The process basically damages the fats causing weak carbon bonds. This produces dangerous free radicals. Needless to say, we need to read our ingredients labels carefully when selecting foods which use refined vegetable oils and select Extra Virgin oils for your use.

Red Meat in Too Large of Quantity

The meat and dairy industry of the West is comprised of mega-corporations. They have been successful in becoming the behemoths they are due to their extravagant advertising campaigns and government lobbies. If you look at the “production line” process of a cow from birth to slaughter house and slaughter house to store display counter, you will see what I mean. Raised in tight quarters, fed artificial foods, pumped up with steroids to speed growth, as well as antibiotics due to the feces ingested by the animals in tight quarters, the USDA choice piece of meat you buy in the store is just not what nature has produced.

A 10 year study by the National Institutes of Health, sponsored by the AARP in 1995 collected 10 years of data. Controlled studies which ruled out other bad health habits as the cause of death found that those that ate 1/4 pound of red meat each day died sooner than those that ate white meat, fish, or chicken. The major cause of death was heart disease and cancer.

We all already know that red meat elevates the bad (HDL) cholesterol in our bodies and that eating too much red meat can have serious detrimental health risks. But what about all the other chemicals and foods used in the production of the modern steak or hamburger? Not to mention the dyes that make this meat appear yummier than it is in the display shelf.

The Asian Diet Revolution recommends only organic red meat be consumed about 4 times per month and the serving size should not exceed 3 ounces.

The Asian Diet Revolution – Knowledge is Power

The ebook “Asian Diet Revolution” gives us all the information we need to know the dangers of all 8 of the most dangerous foods and food ingredients we need to avoid if we want to live long, healthy lives and be free from the health issues caused by being overweight. To learn about all 8 of these food dangers and also see how the Asian Diet can feed your body into a slender, sexy, vibrant machine; go now to and get your copy today. You will lose weight, never be hungry, and become the healthiest you that you can be!

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