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Best Exercises for Fat Loss

In the 80's and 90's workout magazines that I read, fat loss workouts recommended isolation exercises, like the leg extension machine and the chest-fly machine as being best for helping your sculpt your body. But we've come a long way since then...

Today I want to show you how to choose the best exercises, and even the right exercise order, to get the most fat loss and body-sculpting in the least amount of time.

Let's start with some simple rules on how to pick the exercises.

1. Exercises should always work multiple muscle groups.
2. Exercises should be done standing, whenever possible.
3. Exercises should be effective for fat loss even if only the bodyweight version is used (i.e. squats).
4. The hardest (most intense) exercises should always be first.

Before I explain the rules in detail, let's first cover the warm-up.

Every Turbulence Training workout starts with a general warm-up. By now, you should know that I don't like the traditional 5-minute cardio workout (excluding those who need it for injury purposes, according to their health care professional).

The purpose of the warm-up is to specifically prepare your muscles for action. Walking on a treadmill for 5 minutes does little in terms of preparing your body for strength training. Therefore, I start every workout with a general, total body circuit.

When putting together total-body workouts and warm-ups, I think about 4 "hot zones" on the body. And I have to address all four hot zones with exercises in the warm-up. The hot zones are:

a) Back of Legs
b) Upper Back
c) Chest
d) Abdominals

Why do I only worry about the back of legs? Because almost all multi-joint movements that train the back of the legs will also stress the quadriceps, even if only in a static contraction.

Take for example, this general warm-up (to be used in place of the treadmill):

A) Y-Squat (hold your hands over your head in a "Y" formation) – 15 reps
B) Close-grip Pushups (kneeling or advanced) - 8 reps
C) Stick-up - 8 reps

Hopefully you can see how that hits all 4 hot zones through dynamic and static contractions. If you don't, let me know.

Ok, now we are ready to move on to the meat of the workout.

As stated above in the rules, we must pick our hardest, most intense exercises first, and perform them in sets of low reps.

Here's a Turbulence Training bodyweight-only, body-sculpting workout routine that I've designed to show you the correct exercise order, and the types of exercise that are best for changing your body.

I'll be using this exact workout with one of my high-profile movie stars this afternoon. She needs to keep her body sculpted without bulking up. But she still needs to be strong, lean, and athletic for her fight scenes in the movie she is filming.

1A) Split Squat (8 reps) [Advanced use the Bulgarian Split Squat]
1B) Elevated Pushup (8 reps per side) [Kneeling or Advanced)
2A) Step-up (12 reps)
2B) Bodyweight Row (8 reps) (Beginner or Advanced)
3A) Stability Ball Jackknife (15 reps)
3B) Back Extension on Ball (15 reps)

Each superset (i.e. 1A & 1B) is done 3 times with no rest between exercises A and B, but with a 30 seconds rest after B, before you repeat the superset.

Following the strength portion of the workout, complete the workout with Interval Training.

Each exercise uses multiple muscle groups, so that more calories will be burned during and after exercise.

We also design each superset to use two intense, non-competing exercises. We use low reps where possible. We train for strength at the start of the workout when we are fresh.

What do I mean by non-competing?

That means, you should be able to perform the two exercises back to back with minimal fatiguing effects from the prior exercise. You have to pair exercises that don't use the same muscle groups.

The rules of exercise selection and exercise order will allow you to get lean, boost your metabolism, and to train with a high-intensity throughout the entire workout.

So when I put the exercises together, it is all about putting them in the right order to get you lean.

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Full body workouts sculpt a better body faster,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Creator, Turbulence Training

P.S. You've asked, "Can women use Turbulence Training"?

I'll let these female clients answer...

"Everywhere I go, people who I haven't seen in a long time see me
and are shocked at my transformation. For a 37 year
old, married, mother of 4 to hear that she looks "hot" or
"terrific" is the ultimate compliment! Your program has
completely changed me. I have tone muscles in places I never
thought would be tone again! Thank you for your sincere dedication
to those of us who want to make a difference in our lives."
Terri Stuckey, Chardon, Ohio

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"Wow! I have been a Certified Personal Trainer for 7 years and I
have not seen any other program that works as quickly or
effectively. Within 3-4 weeks of doing the Turbulence Training
program, I lost the last 8 pounds, and am now happy to be at my
pre-pregnancy weight- and stronger than I was before."
Annette Allen

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Smart way to lose fat

Fat Loss For Idiots, Easy Ways To Lose Fat

By Vince DelMonte

Are looking for a weight loss program that works? If so, you've probably seen the Fat Loss for Idiots program around, along with plenty of Fat Loss For Idiots Diet Reviews. What's this program about? It's touting to offer you a high rate of fat loss with minimal effort involved. Fat Loss For Idiots works on the claim that it is all about eating your foods in a certain manner throughout the day, while decreasing the attention that is paid to a proper exercise plan.

But how beneficial is Fat Loss For Idiots? Understanding some common dieting myths is important to determine whether this program is worth its salt. First, if you read their premise, they state that if you eat 2500 calories a day, your body will adapt and stop burning 2500 calories a day. Well sorry folks, but that just is not correct. If your body adapted to burning off however many calories a day you are eating, how do you think you got fat in the first place? Your body certainly did not adapt to those calories - what makes you think it will adapt to the ones this program tells you to eat?

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a smart way to lose fat, you will need to create a caloric deficit. Your Six Pack Quest does this. By reading through it, you will get access to a metabolic calculator to determine the optimal number of calories your body needs to guarantee fat loss, without feeling like you're starving. Sure, if you have been on a starvation diet, you will need to up the calories - and when you do, you'll find you do actually lose weight! But if you are currently eating thousands of calories, your body will not adapt to burning those off. You need an action plan that works - Your Six Pack Quest will lay it out for you in easy to understand terms that anyone can follow.

Next, when looking at the Fat Loss For Idiots program, they downgrade exercise stating that it doesn't 'matter' when it comes to gaining or losing weight. How can exercise not matter?! Study after study has shown that dieters who combine exercise with their dietary efforts show a much higher rate of fat loss, rather than a mixture of muscle and body fat. Do you know what happens when you lose both muscle and fat? Your metabolism slows down. So sure, you've lost weight but now your natural metabolic rate is slower meaning you have to eat less for the rest of your life! Is that something you want? A diet of rabbit food forever? Didn't think so.

Your Six Pack Quest will show you how to exercise productively, where you aren't spending hours in the gym, but you are getting results. Doing so will help you retain that crucial muscle mass, thus helping keep your metabolism revved and make maintaining your weight loss a piece of cake.

So, instead of falling for another gimmicky plan that promises rapid weight loss (they claim 9 pounds in 11 days - which will be mostly water anyway), opt for a plan that combines both a healthy, long-term way of eating with healthy exercise that doesn't feel like torture. Your Six Pack Quest offers meal plans just as Fat Loss For Idiots does, but it takes things one step further - you'll also receive detailed exercise descriptions and plans for a variety of exercise needs, a workout DVD, a virtual trainer, supplement information, along with continuous updates on all the latest on the research front related to fat loss. It really is an all inclusive program that will address all the factors that contribute to weight gain - not just diet alone. Remember, losing weight should be a lifestyle approach, not just changing what you put on your plate.

About the Author:

Vince DelMonte is the author of Your Six Pack Quest found at

He specializes in helping chubby guys and gals get six pack abs without gimmicks, supplements or dieting.


© 2006-2008, Your Six Pack Quest All rights in all media reserved. You may reprint this article so long as the article and author bio are reprinted intake and all links are made live. This article may never be sold individually or as part of a package

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Quack, quack… it’s those diet clubs calling…

If you watch TV, you see them advertised like mad.

It’s those big name diet mills.

For a hefty chunk of change, they promise to help you shed those extra pounds. Of course, you’ll also have to shell out a bundle for their specialized food plans too.

Now in the commercials, all you’ll see are smiling, happy faces and bodies that aren’t that rotund to begin with.

But did you ever wonder what their failure rate is AFTER a person goes off the program?

It’s pretty dismal. About 9 out of 10 of their former clients gain back every ounce they lost – plus a couple of extra ones just for good measure.

Unless you’re willing to sign up for life, then the bottom line is this: The diet factories are only good for short term stop-gap success.

If you’re truly committed and motivated in losing weight – and KEEPING it off – forget about the expensive weight loss clubs. In the end, you can wind up very disappointed, and a lot poorer.

There’s a far better way. By following Dina’s advice in the Asian Diet Revolution, you’re going to lose weight – and without any fad eating at all.

You’ll be picking foods you like – and preparing them for your individual tastes and palate.

Plus, you’ll be uncovering nutritional tips and inside information those big box fat farms wouldn’t dare touch with a 10 foot pole. (They’re too scared of Big Pharma and Big Agra to be ruffling any feathers.)

So, before you sign on their dotted line, and subject yourself to rah-rah mind tricks and public weigh-ins (yeech!) try the Asian Revolution Diet plan.

There’s no risk – if it’s not for you, simply say so and you‘ll get your money back. No quibbles, no hassles and no hemming or hawing.

It’s your body… treat it with respect!

To a much healthier you,

Arthur M.

P.S. Want to know how to smell a diet rat right away? If the commercial features a known celebrity – realize those stars don’t give away anything for free. They’re being paid quite handsomely for their “personal” endorsement!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hormonal Responses of the Food You Eat

by Mike Westerdal of Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded

Instead of counting calories pay attention to the quality of your calories.

It is important to note that not all calories are created equal.

The truth is that different sources of calories will provide different results. Energy from the foods we eat comes from fats, carbohydrates and proteins—all of which are metabolized differently in the body.

Additionally, within each of these categories there are metabolic distinctions as well. Saturated fats are not metabolized the same as unsaturated fats and complex carbs are metabolized differently than simple carbs.

Because the hormonal response varies depending on the food source, these are important differences that you need to understand when planning your nutritional strategies.

For example, the consumption of protein provokes a greater thermic effect than the consumption of carbs or fats.

Thermic effect refers to the amount of energy the body uses to process food. The lower the thermic effect the easier it is for food to be turned into body fat. While proteins have the greatest thermic effect, saturated fats and simple carbs have the lowest.

Now you know why consuming a 500-calorie donut is going to stimulate an entirely different hormonal response that getting that same 500 calories from organic chicken breast and steamed veggies.

In fact the other day I read something that stood out to me in the 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferris. Way back in 1956, an interesting study was conducted by researchers Kekwick and Pawan. They compared three groups of persons on calorically equal diets of 90% fat, 90% carbs, 90% fat. Though the number of calories each group consumed every day was the same, as shown below, the outcomes were very different:

• 1000 calories at 90% fat = weight loss of .9 lbs per day
• 1000 calories at 90% protein = weight loss of .6 lbs per day
• 1000 calories at 90% carbs = .24lbs of weight gain

So you see that not only do you need to think about what foods you put into your mouth but also about the hormonal responses those foods will initiate and how they will impact your metabolism.

A meal plan that not only takes into account the hormonal response to WHAT foods you eat, but WHEN you eat them, in conjunction with a solid weight training and conditioning program is the exact formula necessary to build muscle and burn fat at the same time!

CLICK HERE to learn more about a step-by-step system for eating the right foods, at the right times, with the best training program for maximum anabolic hormone production.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fasting For Anabolic Fat Loss

by Elliott Hulse of Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded

We’ve pointed out that hormones are the ‘traffic cops’ that direct the activities and responses that manage the body’s metabolic systems. We can have an impact on the way that hormones manage traffic in our body by manipulating factors such as diet, activity levels, weight training, sleeping, resting, managing stress levels and others.

Influencing the hormonal traffic cops provides a measure of control over the operation of our metabolic systems. One particularly strong influence we can have is on how our hormonal traffic cops partition the energy our bodies use.

When it comes to energy storage and usage, the body uses the same banks—fat, glycogen, muscle tissue or proteins—to deposit or withdraw energy. The process of managing where energy is deposited or withdrawn from is known as energy partitioning.

Diet has an especially strong impact on the way our metabolic systems partition energy. Interestingly, evidence indicates that brief, strategic periods of under eating can manipulate the hormonal traffic cops to tell the body to partition energy to allow for the simultaneous building of muscle and burning fat.

This is made possible in part because these controlled periods of under eating trigger the release of Growth Hormone.

One of the key functions of Growth Hormone is to maintain growth and lean body mass during short periods of time when we don’t have access to food. This occurs because Growth Hormone mobilizes fat fuel energy to be redirected (partitioned) to protein synthesis (muscle growth).

Our bodies are not designed to maintain muscle mass during extended periods of under eating—these situations trigger a survival response where the body is going to use anything and everything—including muscle—for fuel. But they are however, optimally designed to manage short, controlled periods of under eating, allowing us to convert excess body fat into lean muscle mass.

"Intermittent Fasting" is probably one of the fastest ways to burn fat, build lean muscle and even reverse the aging process due to the increase of HGH. A system that includes proper nutrition rotation and "hybrid muscle training" in conjunction with fasting would be, by far, the best advance in the world of strength and fitness training.

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Low Carb Desserts that actually HELP you LOSE WEIGHT!

Yes! It is possible to enjoy the sweetness in life without eating unhealthily, and without putting on weight.

When Sheena MacLennan, a journalist, was looking for a way to get rid of post pregnancy pounds she did her research. The sugar replacements she found in most low carb diet recipes, just didn't hold up to close scrutiny. But then she made a life changing discovery. This is her story:

Dear Friend,

I felt drawn to a low carb diet but the sugar substitutes I researched turned out to be too unhealthy. Agave syrup may seem like a great low glycemic solution, but in fact  Agave syrup contains almost 90% fructose and this is hard for the liver to process. So ultimately agave syrup is actually fattening.

And artificial sweeteners and natural sweeteners like stevia, according to new research, actually increases the appetite and promotes weight gain in rats.

So I reached the conclusion that to eat healthily, and slimly, I just had to forsake sweetness all together.  I was wrong.

Because then I stumbled across yacon syrup. Yacon syrup is derived from the Yacon plant, a tubular plant in the Andean region of South America, and tastes like honey or molasses. I didn't have any high hopes, but then I found research that seemed too good to be true.

When yacon syrup was given daily to obese women over a 120 day period the results were fenomenal. I quote: "Daily intake of yacon syrup produced a significant decrease in body weight, waist circumference and body mass index"!

So at last I had found a sweetener that was natural, healthy and slimming!

I was on a roll, because then I discovered another magical ingredient that was both health enhancing, and weight decreasing - find out more at

So now that I had two of natures wonderful healing and slimming ingredients, nothing could stop me from creating delicious recipes!

You see I believe that a Low Carb Diet has to be healthy and fun, to work. Self deprivation is not good for you - and it is really hard to do. You end up just thinking about what you may not indulge in, the whole time!

It is much easier to treat yourself, but to do it healthily. Don't treat yourself to store bought chocolate dessert, and then feel bad because you didn't manage to keep with your diet. Treat yourself to the home made chocolate mousse. Treat yourself to the home made chocolate chip cookies in this book and delight in the fact that you are helping yourself lose weight, and that your beautiful body just received a load of vitamins and minerals!

And why stop at indulging in desserts? For a short time I am giving away "Heavenly Low carb Ice Cream" AND "Heavenly Low Carb Snacks AND "Heavenly Low Carb Cookies" for FREE.

Do you have any idea how delightful it is to indulge in chocolate truffles, knowing they are healthy and won't add weight to your tummy or backside?  If not,
go to:


Sheena MacLennan

Friday, February 18, 2011

Dina, I just don’t have the time…

The author of Asian Diet Revolution sent me this email so I am passing it on to you.

There’s one big objection I get all the time about healthy eating and it’s this:

“Dina, I just don’t have the time to shop for and prepare healthy meals. After work, I’m just plain beat!”

This is a huge concern – and here’s my answer:

It doesn’t take much more work to shop for healthy, fresh food than it does for low nutrition meals. Almost every big supermarket today has an organic section along with the regular fare. This is the easy part.

Now for preparation… I’m not going to give you a song and dance. If you want to eat healthy, you’re going to have to cook healthy. There’s no way around it.

But here’s the thing: When you start preparing and enjoying the delicious Asian inspired meals I suggest, a funny thing will start to happen…

You’ll soon lose your taste for the pre-packaged quick fix meals you’ve grown used to.

You see, by following my advice in the Asian Diet Revolution, your body will finally be getting what’s it’s been craving for – natural, healthy, REAL food!

Your tastes are going to change, and if you ever go back to those micro-wave meals in a box, you’ll see just how salty and mushy they always were. (You just never noticed!)

Plus, with all the extra energy you’ll be feeling, preparing nutritious & healthy meals won’t even seem like a chore at all.

In fact, when you get the full Asian Diet Revolution plan, I include bunches of my actual, easy to prepare meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner! (Even some super yummy after workout smoothies! Who said exercising shouldn’t have its perks?)

Losing weight – and KEEPING it off – doesn’t have to be a grind or a struggle. Find out for yourself… after all, it’s your body we’re talking about.

Asian Diet Revolution

To a much healthier you,

Dina Zain Smith
Asian Diet Revolution

P.S. Did I mention my hubby lost 44 pounds, just from eating the same kind of foods I recommend in my book? He looks fantastic – and sure is getting frisky! (Wink, wink!)

I hope you enjoyed Dina’s email! Have a healthy and happy day,

3 Dangerous Foods Prohibited by The Asian Diet Revolution

In her ebook, “Asian Diet Revolution,” Dina Zain Smith has researched the Western diet and found 8 dangerous foods and food ingredients that are doing the most harm to our Western civilization. These are the key causes of the rampant obesity and chronic disease in the West. If you would like to know how the Asian Diet can help you avoid 3 of these metabolism killers and poison producers, please read on.

Asian Diet vs. Western diet – How Do We Know Which is Best?

All the facts are “in.” Well, maybe not all but there are enough for any rational person to make a wise decision. The Asian culture is one of the areas being studied by many prominent health researchers because of the fact that Asians experience far less chronic illness and obesity than the Western world.

The differences in diet are many but the main one is that the Asian Diet is mostly plant-based food. In contrast, the Western diet is mostly processed breads, red meats, and deep fried foods with a large supply of highly processed snacks that contain dangerous amounts of ingredients that are toxic to the body.

Top 3 Items to Avoid

Hydrogenated & Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils

Originally touted as “safer” that animal fat, vegetable oils were supposed to be healthier for us. But they are actually just cheaper to produce and keep longer. As with many insights shown in the “Asian Diet Revolution,” it pays to be suspicious of something that even the bacteria won’t eat! The truth is, the hydrogenation process breaks down the vegetable oil, strips out any nutrients useful to the body, and recombines it into damaged fats that are harmful to the human cell structure. Vegetable seeds are subjected to high temperature and pressure and then filtered through a catalyst such as nickel, palladium, rhodium, or platinum. The liquid oil is bleached and then subjected to a hydrogen bubble bath and then mixed with water, salt, coloring, flavoring, and emulsifiers (chemicals) to produce a product which is semi-solid at room temperature.

This stuff is basically trans fatty acids foreign to the body. Because your cells require fats to build the cell walls, the body is fooled into using these damaged fats to build new cell walls. The result is a cell which has difficulty passing nutrients and oxygen, as well as waste products. The damaged cell wall “starves” the cell! This is a major metabolism killer for your body and one of the major causes of obesity and disease. It is banned from store shelves in some states, but no controls are yet applied to fast food restaurants or any other restaurants. Read and ask!

Refined Vegetable Oils

As more data came in about hydrogenated oils, the major food industries decided to try changing the process and produce “healthy” oils. But again, the refining process used to create such “healthy” oils such as canola, rapeseed, soybean, corn, sunflower, safflower, or peanut oil still damaged these oils making them harmful to our body. In a process similar to the refining of crude oil, the vegetable oils are subjected to high pressures and high heat and then treated with the solvent Hexane! Now Hexane is known to produce headaches nausea, cramps, and muscular weakness in humans. What is worse is that caustic soda or soda ash is used to remove any free fatty acids and waxes.

The process basically damages the fats causing weak carbon bonds. This produces dangerous free radicals. Needless to say, we need to read our ingredients labels carefully when selecting foods which use refined vegetable oils and select Extra Virgin oils for your use.

Red Meat in Too Large of Quantity

The meat and dairy industry of the West is comprised of mega-corporations. They have been successful in becoming the behemoths they are due to their extravagant advertising campaigns and government lobbies. If you look at the “production line” process of a cow from birth to slaughter house and slaughter house to store display counter, you will see what I mean. Raised in tight quarters, fed artificial foods, pumped up with steroids to speed growth, as well as antibiotics due to the feces ingested by the animals in tight quarters, the USDA choice piece of meat you buy in the store is just not what nature has produced.

A 10 year study by the National Institutes of Health, sponsored by the AARP in 1995 collected 10 years of data. Controlled studies which ruled out other bad health habits as the cause of death found that those that ate 1/4 pound of red meat each day died sooner than those that ate white meat, fish, or chicken. The major cause of death was heart disease and cancer.

We all already know that red meat elevates the bad (HDL) cholesterol in our bodies and that eating too much red meat can have serious detrimental health risks. But what about all the other chemicals and foods used in the production of the modern steak or hamburger? Not to mention the dyes that make this meat appear yummier than it is in the display shelf.

The Asian Diet Revolution recommends only organic red meat be consumed about 4 times per month and the serving size should not exceed 3 ounces.

The Asian Diet Revolution – Knowledge is Power

The ebook “Asian Diet Revolution” gives us all the information we need to know the dangers of all 8 of the most dangerous foods and food ingredients we need to avoid if we want to live long, healthy lives and be free from the health issues caused by being overweight. To learn about all 8 of these food dangers and also see how the Asian Diet can feed your body into a slender, sexy, vibrant machine; go now to and get your copy today. You will lose weight, never be hungry, and become the healthiest you that you can be!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's not all about Will Power!

By Independent Health Researcher Matt Stone of

In today’s mainstream health and fitness world, all signs seem to point towards one destination – exercise more and eat less to lose weight and be healthy. If you do that, everything will be just fine. Just use a little willpower. You know, restraint. Stop being yourself you fat, lazy slob and be like an Olympic athlete instead (okay, bad example – they eat a TON of food – a survey done decades ago by a researcher named Schenk revealed that the average Olympian took in 7,300 calories per day).

What does science say?

So far, there have been dozens and dozens of studies performed to see if cutting calories and exercising more works for lasting weight loss. Of those studies, a grand total of ZERO has shown calorie restriction to be effective long-term.

Of course, we all know that we can use some willpower to eat less and exercise more, and if we do that, we will lose at least some weight. Some obese people studied in metabolic wards have used a low-calorie diet to lose not just some weight, but more than 100 pounds! It works! Can I get an “exercise more and eat less!” How about an Amen?

But of those obese subjects, including even the ones who have dropped over 100 pounds, the weight comes back in almost 100% of the study subjects over time. This is because simply cutting back calories or burning more through exercise causes the metabolism to slow down, hunger to rise – particularly for foods that best help the body to replenish its fat stores, and the mechanism in the body that helps store fat and suppress burning it as energy (insulin resistance) to increase.

Sadly, in the words of prominent obesity author Robert Pool, not only does all the weight come back, it tends to “bring some friends along with it.” In fact, in the most thoroughly-done study ever performed on the impact of calorie restriction on actual human beings, after the subjects completed 24 weeks of eating 1,700 calories per day and were allowed to once again eat to fullness, their body fat increased by 40%. 40%!!! That’s a massive increase, and a burden that the subjects were still carrying a portion of 58 weeks after the completion of the diet phase.

In short, dieting made them FAT! Here is a snapshot of the graphical representation of their weight and fat changes including the first 24-weeks of weight loss followed by 33 weeks of weight gain before they once again started losing:

Figure 27 from Ancel Keys’s 1385-page treatise on calorie restriction entitled The Biology of Human Starvation (total time elapsed in the graph: 72 weeks)

Every single one of the 32 subjects was made fatter by going through 24-weeks of dieting. THAT is the human biological response to cutting calories – and in my personal experience I can tell you that using exercise to create a calorie deficit typically has the same fate.

That’s not to say that nothing can be done about a weight problem. Indeed it can, and myself along with a select few researchers (that have been willing to let the “exercise more/eat less” paradigm be cast aside) are in hot pursuit of the hormonal and metabolic factors that lead to one person storing ingested food as fat while another uses theirs as energy – and what can be done to overcome that type of physiology.

So open up. Willpower, discipline, hunger – these are not the paths to fixing the root problem. You can’t heal your body by going to war with it. In fact, the more willpower and discipline you use, the more damage you will do to your metabolism, which is a major health travesty in and of itself, leading to any number of health problems that stem from a low metabolism.

Not only does dieting not work – dieting makes 95% of people fatter in a few years time or less. Don’t diet. There are smarter strategies to use in targeting the root problem of why your body drives you to take in more energy than it is willing to burn.

Visit to see a short video on how will power, dieting and metabolism ...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hiber Nation

By Independent Health Researcher Matt Stone of

Years ago I came across the work of Broda Barnes. Barnes was a medical doctor specializing in thyroid disorders back in the 1960’s, 70’s, and 80’s. Barnes noted that, despite normal thyroid lab values, many patients were still displaying all kinds of signs of a chronic low metabolism. The most reliable indicator of that low metabolism was not some magic, advanced test. Nope, it was simple – the body temperature.

Barnes estimated that 50% of the general population was suffering from this form of reduced metabolism, and that it was the primary force behind many of the 20th century disease epidemics like heart disease, autoimmune disease, cancer, digestive problems including constipation and many of the ills that stem from it, type 2 diabetes, and of course weight problems.

Most mainstream health authorities would laugh at the idea that more than half of the general population is suffering from some kind of subtle hypothyroidism, but doctors such as Mark Starr and Stephen Langer, who have followed up on Barnes’s discoveries, have found the rates running even higher. Hardly a sick and overweight patient that they come across isn’t suffering from a body temperature that is well below the ideal 98.6 degrees F or 37.0 degrees C.

I too have seen consistent reports of low body temperature from thousands of my followers who have taken the time to closely monitor their body temperature first thing upon waking in the morning – which is the best gauge of whether the metabolism is running at full speed or in hibernation mode.

But, unlike Barnes and the doctors that have followed in his footsteps, I have uncovered the reasons WHY people are in this reduced metabolic state, and have developed a program that brings body temperature up – by up to 3 degrees F in some people, WITHOUT medication or even supplements in the vast majority of cases.

Needless to say, this is an amazing discovery. In fact, I easily guide people through the process of restoring their metabolism to superhuman levels, turning the person who gains weight just smelling a cookie, much less eating one, into a person who can literally eat as much food as they can – even “bad” foods, without gaining an ounce.

This is not make-believe. No matter who you are, you too can become just like “so and so” who can eat half of a horse without gaining an ounce, with or without “burning it off” with exercise. Along with it comes disappearance of many minor and sometimes major health problems – such as elevated blood sugars, depression, insomnia, drowsiness after meals, bloating, indigestion, constipation, dry and brittle hair, infertility, low sex drive, allergies, and weight problems.

And when your metabolism is restored, you’ll never have to count calories, experience hunger, or even look at a stupid treadmill ever again in your entire life. Freedom! Finally! And you will even get to the point where you are building muscle and losing fat – without hunger, without dieting, and without forcing yourself to do any unwanted exercise.

Visit to watch a free video presentation about this truly revolutionary discovery.


Monday, February 14, 2011

How to Burn More Fat with Resistance Cardio

by Mike Westerdal of Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded 

Some guys are naturally lean and can more or less stay that way seemingly no matter how much food they eat. But in reality, men like this are rare. Most of the rest of us need to incorporate cardio into our training routines in order to keep the excess body fat at bay. Just how much cardio needs to be integrated into your routine will vary depending on a lot of factors including: age, activity level, physical health, body type, diet, sleep patterns and weight training approach.

For the weightlifter or bodybuilder looking to maintain muscle mass while also cutting body fat, the thought of incorporating cardio into his routine is usually not a pleasant one. This is because adding cardio to your training routine doesn’t just stimulate fat burning, it also causes you to lose lean muscle mass as well. For those of us who want to be big and lean, this is at the very least an annoying reality of aerobic exercise. It’s frustrating to invest a significant amount of time and effort into building muscle only to see if disappear because of our efforts to get lean by doing cardio.

And while yes, doing cardio is good for the mind, body and spirit, as a fat burning strategy, it can be time consuming because unfortunately, aerobic activities inevitably burn far fewer calories than we think. After doing 20-30 minutes of cardio you may feel as though you’ve burned 600 calories but the cold reality is far different. For example, researchers measured the number of calories burned when walking versus running. The study showed that the average man burns just 124 calories when running a mile and only 88 when walking the same distance. So by running three miles you can expect to burn about 396 calories and by walking three miles you will burn about 240.

Figures for other aerobic activities are shown below (these are calculated using a man who weighs 190 pounds).

• Stationary bike (light): 474 calories per hour;
• Walking uphill (3.5 miles per hour): 518 calories per hour;
• High impact aerobics: 604 calories per hour;
• Stationary bike (moderate): 604 calories per hour;
• Jogging (light pace): 604 calories per hour;
• Running (5 miles per hour): 690 calories per hour;
• Stationary bike (vigorous): 906 calories per hour;

Given that you have to burn approximately 3,000 calories to lose one pound of body weight, you can see how easy it is to underestimate how much cardio you need to be doing to burn body fat.

The fact that aerobic exercise also burns fuel from muscle cells—resulting in a loss of muscle mass—in addition to fat calories, is a secondary drawback of cardio. The reason this happens is that periods of aerobic exercise cause the body to shift into survival mode. In this state, it strives to preserve access to fat cells by also burning fuel derived from muscle cells. It does this because the body is incapable of understanding our motivation for doing cardio. As far as it is concerned, it just needs to maintain fat reserves for any pending emergency situations where we might not have access to food.

In sharp contrast to ordinary cardio, adding resistance to aerobic activities significantly boosts the number of calories burned (and fat too) while also eliminating the loss of lean muscle mass. For example, one study showed that in comparison to ordinary aerobic exercise, men who engaged in resistance cardio activities burned up to 44% more calories. In another study, researchers looked at two groups—one participating in regular aerobic activities and another, participating in resistance cardio activities. The results showed that not only did the group participating in resistance cardio burn more fat than the ‘aerobic’ group, but that they did so without losing any muscle mass. Numerous other studies have achieved similar results. In fact, all of the research has shown that resistance cardio burns considerably more calories and fat than ordinary cardio alone.

Nearly any aerobic activity can be turned into ‘resistance cardio.’ For example, if you like to walk or jog you can pick up a set of dumbbells, some ankle weights or even a weight vest. If biking is your thing, just kick up the resistance. Whatever cardio activity it is that you like to do, add some resistance and not only will you burn more fat but you’ll also be able to maintain more of your hard-earned muscle mass.

If you are bored to death with traditional cardio and know that you'd be able to build more muscle and burn fat, if you could only find the right system -- then try the "resistance cardio" workouts that are a standard part of this Hybrid Muscle Building training system

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Asian Diet Revolution is coming

Are we killing ourselves with the food we eat?

For centuries, Asian wise men and doctors have traditionally treated illnesses of the human body by first examining the diet of the patient. Chinese Emperors devoted immense resources for these experts to study the Asian Diet due to the huge benefits of health and long life attained from eating the right foods. Is this 4000 year old history of treating people with proper nutrition actually responsible for the lack of obesity and chronic disease in Asian countries? Read on to find out!

The Asian Diet – 4000 years of research without the benefit of modern science.

Ancient Asian Physicians did not have the benefit of modern technology to break down the chemical structures and processes of the human body to reveal the exact causes of illnesses and disease. But they did have over 4000 years to prove which methods of eating did result in the best health and longest life. For the ancient Asian doctors, the patient’s diet was the most obvious factor to control the healthiness of the individual and was always considered first before resorting to more drastic measures of concocting medicines or performing surgical procedures. Their success of treating people with proper diet is more than evident today when we realize that the Asian culture rarely suffers from obesity, heart disease, diabetes, or cancer. This success is darkly contrasted when we compare Asian culture with Western culture. In the West, 61% of us are over weight and 27% of us are clinically obese. Chronic disease is increasing in Western culture at an alarming rate!

The Asian Diet – Did They Get It Right?

Obviously yes. None of the plagues that we suffer from in the West are as prominent in Asia as they are in the West. However, there is one piece of evidence that we must consider – this is changing in Asia – but why?

To understand this, we must look at the differences in the Asian Diet compared to the Western diet. The Asian Diet is traditionally plant-based foods with only small portions of meat and virtually few dairy products. But Asians have traditionally not suffered from lack of protein or calcium as evidenced by few if any occurrences of osteoporosis. The range of foods they consume provide ample amounts of the macro and micro nutrients they need for excellent health.

Over the last 100 years or so, the West has become heavily commercialized and industrialized. Our foods have become highly processed and we have been addicted to large portions of red meats and deep fried foods. We generally only eat vegetables as a side dish if we eat them at all! We preserve our foods with chemicals and reconstruct them so they do not spoil – allowing us to produce copious stockpiles of food. We eat on the run at fast food restaurants and we dump our quick meals from bags and boxes into boiling water for the “at home” meal.

So what is the evidence that is now changing Asia into unhealthy and obese people? Normally, if you tour Asia, the first thing you notice is that people are slender and healthy looking. But the younger set in Asia are falling in love with the fast food restaurants. The busy mothers are now starting to buy all the “meals in a box” in the rush to keep up with the fast paced lifestyle in the modern cities. Asia is beginning to see the effects of the change in diet and how it is making people fat while increasing chronic disease.

Since this is a relatively new development in Asia and because Asia has traditionally believed that the diet is largely responsible for health – Asia is more aware of the evils of the Western diet. Even the young people are starting to shy away as they recognize the effects – unfortunately, not enough as they are bombarded by commercials daily which entice them.

The Asian Diet Revolution – Getting Back to Our Roots

If we look back in Western civilization just a mere 100 years ago, we will see that our diets have shifted from plant-based to mostly meats, deep fried foods and dairy products. Modern processed foods have taken the place of natural organic foods and it is within this 100 year period that we have noticed the rise in chronic disease and obesity in the West. In her book, “Asian Diet Revolution,” Dina Zain Smith has used her 14 year study of her Asian heritage to compile an ebook which contains the differences between the traditional Asian Diet and the dining styles prominent in the West. With the benefit of modern science, she has revealed how ancient Asian physicians actually “got it right” by using modern research results from the West. Using these modern research results, she has identified the basic components of the Western diet which are responsible for the increase in obesity and chronic disease in the West. The same basic components which are also slowly creeping into the East.

The Asian Diet Revolution – A complete Blueprint for Losing Weight and Improving health

In the “Asian Diet Revolution,” you will find out the benefits of the traditional Asian Diet. You will also find out what parts of the Western diet are responsible for the increase in chronic disease and obesity. A proven method of feeding yourself correctly is detailed in an easy plan which will allow you to toss those expensive and useless diet pills, insane exercise plans, diet supplements, and “Fad” diets in the trash. Common sense traditional Asian Diet preparations that are both healthy and delicious which will never leave you hungry are included. A delicious recipe section which highlights the proper Asian Diet is included as well as a section on efficient exercise that allows you to get fast results by working out only 3 days a week for 20 minutes each day.

So don’t sign up for another “Fad” diet or Weight Loss Program until you read “Asian Diet Revolution.” You will be disappointed in any of these after you read this book. For the price of a lunch for two, you can have this wealth of information and a plan that will get you slender faster and keep you there during your healthier and longer life. Go now to so you can get started on a new life of excellent health and a sexy figure today!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Dieting Before and After

By Independent Health Researcher Matt Stone of

When you cut down on carbohydrates, or fats, or calories – or even start doing a lot of exercise, it feels like it’s working.

But research reveals very clearly that if you lose weight by making hours of sweet love to a treadmill every day, and then you start “seeing other people,” you’ll get fatter than you were before you started.

If you cut out carbs by going on the South Beach or Atkins diet, you will probably lose weight. Most do. But if you start eating carbohydrates again, you will gain whatever you lost back and add even more weight. Any former low-carb dieter can attest to that.

If you go on a low-calorie diet you lose weight in the short-term, but if you start eating to appetite again, you gain all the weight back and then some. Everyone who has ever tried to eat less to lose weight has experienced this. People become obese repeating multiple episodes of losing 10 pounds and gaining back 20 once they fall off the wagon.

Low-fat diets often cause the same fate. If you don’t believe me, go on a low-fat vegan diet and then return to eating pizza and burgers and tell me how your weight changed.

Yes, there are a million miracle diets out there that cause weight loss. But with each and EVERY single one of those diets, if you ever stop, you will gain all of the lost weight back and get even fatter than you were before ever going on your supposedly “healthy” diet.

The problem is that every diet guru out there is telling you to do something that, if you cannot sustain it, will make you fatter and your health much worse. And be honest, how many people started the Atkins diet and continued eating nothing but eggs, sausage, cheese, and burger patties for 50 years? Raise of hands please? Ah, six of you. Great.

How many low-fat vegans never fell off the wagon directly into an ice cream truck? 4 people globally – the ones that didn’t get blown away by a gust of wind! Super!

Don’t even get me started on hunger-provoking low-calorie diets, idiotic raw food adventures, carbophobic caveman crimes, fasting (which should be called “slowing”), or treadmills.

When over 90% of people who follow one of these restricted, time-consuming, socially-crippling, imbalanced, and unsustainable ways of losing weight stop doing it at some point only to have their health and waistlines decimated by it – I have no hesitation about making the strong claim that dieting, in all its many forms and disguises, is totally unrealistic and much more likely to destroy, rather than save, your health.

I say screw ‘em all! Duck Fiets! Especially when I’ve led hundreds of people through the process of creating a sustainable, enjoyable, hunger-free, relaxed, and unrestricted way of eating and exercising (couch-surfing!) that helps them regain their health, increase their metabolisms so high they have to put a space suit on it and watch out for E.T. and Alf, and actually lose weight without any of the dumb and short-lived strategies listed above.

Visit to see a short video on how you can divorce diets and lose weight healthfully and sustainably.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Weight Loss For Busy Women

The Insiders Guide To Maximum Weight Loss For Busy Women : Ray Burton from is running a 12 hour special to the "Weight Loss For Busy Women" membership area. Check it out now at

How to Lose Weight with the Asian Diet

The Asian Diet Solution

You are probably like me and thousands of other people out there searching for a solution for controlling our weight. But most of what we find are “Fad” diets and expensive plans wanting us to buy prepared meals or join fancy memberships. Is it really that hard to lose weight and control our own weight for the look we so badly want? I don’t think it is because I have stumbled upon information about the Asian Diet that cuts through all the hype with some 4000 year old “secrets” that not only make sense but really do work! If you want to shed those extra pounds of ugly fat and improve your health then read on!

Why the Asian Diet is special

The statistics are staggering! In the USA 61% of us are overweight and another 27% are clinically obese. We are being plagued with increasing numbers of chronically ill people who suffer from heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, and cancer. Doctors all over the world have identified our “diets” as the one common thread that links all of these terrible conditions together. How do we solve these problems? By seriously looking at civilizations where these conditions are rare!

In most Asian countries the occurrence of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other diseases is rare. Asian’s are blessed with good health, slender bodies, and live long lives unhampered by the sicknesses that are becoming more common in the West. Modern science has been studying the differences to find out why Asians are special in this regard and the one common factor is what they eat daily. Our mothers and grandmothers often told us to eat our vegetables so we could grow up healthy and strong and this is one of the keys. The Asian Diet is based on natural, organic, plant-based foods which rarely include red meat or deep fried foods. Dairy products are hardly ever used in their diets. Now a salad or vegetable dish does sound pretty bland to most Westerners but remember the last time you had stir fried vegetables? The taste was wonderfully enhanced with spices, roots, and sauces with a few shrimp or chunks of chicken or fish. The Asians have spent centuries developing ways to eat the foods that were proven best for their health in ways that they could be enjoyed.

What the Asian Diet is Not!

The Asian Diet is not a vegetarian diet. It is perceived so because the meats served with meals are usually very small portions either mixed within the vegetables for taste or as a side dish. White meats and fish are preferred and used more frequently than red meat. In the US, we get a lot of advertisements from the beef and dairy industries. Over the years we have been conditioned to shift our meals to include red meat as the main course and drink cows milk. This is quite contrary to the Asian Diet where the main course is plant-based foods and the drinks are usually warm teas in natural water. There are several other differences between the Western diet and the Asian Diet which are too numerous to explain in a short article such as this one. Evidence that red meat, highly processed foods, cooking oils, processed sugars, and chemical additives are actually shutting down the Western metabolism is becoming obvious to Western researchers and doctors as more studies are conducted into the rampant obesity and chronic diseases which are becoming evident in Western civilization.

Asian Diet Revolution – A cure for Obesity and Chronic Disease.

The Modern Western diet is undeniably responsible for much of the obesity and chronic diseases in the West. Hydrogenated or refined cooking oils used to prepare the copious amounts of deep fried foods consumed in the West has a part to play in killing our cell metabolism. Processed wheat flours and sugars are spiking our blood sugar levels and ultimately forcing our bodies to store fat – as well as depressing our immune systems. Free radicals and cholesterol raising components of red meat, fast foods, and “meals from a box” are introducing more and more mutating elements into our bodies. Large corporations who’s profits soar from selling these foods to the public are continually lobbying for product approval – and winning! “Asian Diet Revolution” effectively reveals all of the factors in the Western diet responsible for obesity and chronic disease while providing delicious alternatives that will not only be easy for you to integrate into your lifestyle, but will also save you thousands of dollars in costs of doctor bills, diet supplements, memberships, “Fad” diets, and worthless exercise equipment.

The Asian Diet Revolution – In depth information on how the Asian Diet can be used in the West.

In the book, “Asian Diet Revolution”, Dina Zain Smith authors a publication which has fully explained how the Asian Diet can be integrated into Western culture. An Asian culinary artist who is also a natural health and fitness coach, Dina uses her hereditary knowledge as well as tips from her mother who was a professional Asian chef to provide easy methods for shifting to a more healthy diet. Dina’s 14 year study into the science of the Asian Diet and its benefits for losing weight and optimizing your health are in layman’s terms for all to easily understand. She explains how the Asian Diet biologically forces you to lose weight without counting calories or depriving yourself of any of the important food groups. The ancient Chinese concept of Yin & Yang is applied with scientific evidence that teaches us how the body must have the proper balance of macro and micro nutrients to be healthy and slender with a strong immune system. Delicious and nutritious meals are presented to get you started quickly losing weight and feeling wonderful and never hungry. An efficient exercise plan is also included which only requires 20 to 30 minutes – 3 days a week to further increase your weight loss rate and get you feeling better than ever.

If you are ready to finally make a real difference in your life and become the healthy, slender you that you have always wanted to be, then the Asian Diet Revolution is for you. For less than the price of a couple eating out at Denny’s one evening, you can change your life forever and never have to worry about weight loss or diseases caused by improper nutrition again. Get your copy of Asian Diet Revolution today!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How To Stop Food Cravings That Sabotage Fat Burning

by Jeff Anderson

If you’ve ever dedicated yourself to a strict diet in order to lose weight, you know exactly how hard it can be to control food cravings.  No, those salty or sugar food don’t merely whisper to you, they almost shout your name at times when you’re most vulnerable.  Many people are unaware that food cravings are a natural response by your body and most times this is caused by the leptin hormone.

Leptin is a hormone that’s produced by the body’s fat cells.  In addition to it’s task of increasing the body’s fat burning ability, it regulates the body weight by sending messages to the brain to indicate that you’re full.  However, there’s some irony here.

Because leptin is produced by the fat cells, individuals that are overweight have an increased production of this hormone.  Naturally, you’d assume that this would mean that the brain would send the message to shut off the hunger valve.  This is leptin’s entire purpose after all.  Unfortunately, these people end up becoming leptin resistant because of the excess amount of leptin that’s in the body and their cravings become even tougher.

Fortunately, some natural solutions can be used to balance the body’s leptin levels so the food cravings will stop and you will be able to lose weight quicker:

Eat More to Stop Food Cravings

Yes, it does sound counterintuitive to tell you to eat more so you can lose weight more quickly.  But, if you eat six smaller meals throughout the course of the day, you’ll end up being less hungry and you’ll keep your metabolism revved up.  By eating healthy throughout the day you’ll be much less likely to give into food cravings that will hinder your ability to lose weight.

Now if you’re thinking about eating processed or junk food in smaller portions throughout the day to achieve the same effect, you’d better think again.  These types of foods will cause a massive spike in your blood sugar, regardless of the amount you eat, causing your energy levels to drop.  This will leave you feeling hungry again very quickly, tempting you with the very food cravings you want to avoid.

Stop Food Cravings With This Cheap Supplement

One reason that leptin has become such a problem is the rampant zinc deficiency much of the population has.  The body can lose zinc throughout the day in a number of ways.  For example, if you’re working out and sweating, you’re losing zinc.  Zinc is excreted through bodily wastes.  In fact, even s**ual intercourse contributes to the body’s depletion of zinc.

Unfortunately, our food supply isn’t enough to replenish the zinc our bodies lose.  Much of the food we purchase at the market has been degraded through over processing and over farming to the point of being mineral deficient.  This means you have to use supplements to replenish the zinc your body needs.

Believe it or not, studies have shown that zinc supplementation can increase leptin efficiency by up to 142% and has been proven to stop food cravings and help you lose weight.  My recommendation is to take in between 15 and 25 milligrams of Zinc Picolinate every evening on an empty stomach.  This will help you balance your body’s leptin levels, stop food cravings, and lose weight.

But if you’re really committed to uncovering the truth about how to lose weight fast, then you need to check out the “5 Advanced Weight Loss Tips” at  These are once guarded secrets that the U.S. Military uses to keep men and women of all ages lean, mean, and healthy at all ages and fitness levels!.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

3 ways to speed up your metabolism to lose weight

When it comes to losing weight your metabolism (the rate in which your body burns calories) is incredibly important. If your metabolism is running slowly, your body will find it incredibly hard to burn fat effectively. Today I wanted to provide you with a few easy ways to keep your metabolism running at its optimum level.

Tip 1 - Never Skip Breakfast
This is common mistake from many people who think that cutting down breakfast calories is a way to lose weight. Wrong. But cutting out breakfast your body slows down its metabolism and think about when your last meal was the night before. If you don't eat again until lunch then that's a huge amount of time!

Tip 2 - Eat Small Regular Meals
By eating little and often on healthy food not only will you stay full, but your body will keep running at its optimum level. When you eat large meals, you get spikes in your blood sugar which causes you to overeat and crave for unhealthy foods. Does that sound familiar? By grazing throughout the day you're less likely to snack on crisps, chocolate and other foods that pile on the calories.

Tip 3 - Exercise
Your metabolism is affected by how active you are, so by exercising at least three times a week and improving on what you do each time your body will always be burning fat and your metabolism will tick at the right level. Interval based training works really well for speeding up your metabolism if you work in short sharp busts and rest in between. Strength training is also very important as muscle mass will help keep your metabolism at its peak rate...
Free Video content from metabolism expert Simon Lovell....

There's a fantastic new diet from a UK personal trainer that is worth looking at that helps keep your metabolism at peak rate by eating from a plastic food container. In fact Elle Magazine recently reviewed it and called it 'the best diet' with 'gold star results'. There's some great free content on the web site including a fantastic free video presentation from the author Simon Lovell...

To Your Success,

Monday, February 7, 2011

Do You Want a Firm Butt & Lean Legs?

Want to know the best exercises to firm up your butt? Want the best interval training programs to burn fat from your legs?

Good, because I've got them here for you today! All thanks to Women's Health magazine contributor, Craig Ballantyne (he's also designed workouts for Shape, Prevention, and Muscle n Fitness Hers).

Back in 2004 Craig created a female-specific "Booty Lift" program for a personal client. And while that program was awesome, he spent an entire week last month improving the workouts AND adding a brand new 4-week fat burning, butt-firming phase to the program...

So he's added 3 new workouts & some booty-building exercises to the plan, including:

- Lateral lunges
- 1-leg bodyweight deadlifts
- dumbbell lunges
- kettlebell swings
- dumbbell deep step-ups
- 1-leg bodyweight bench squats

Those go with all of the other booty exercises in the program, including split squats, 1-leg hip extensions, regular step-ups, and reverse lunges.

And Craig subbed in more bodyweight exercises so you don't need to use dumbbells as much for the rest of the workouts. Some of the new exercises you'll get are:

- Stability Ball Cross-Body Mountain Climber (great for abs/obliques)
- Close-Grip 3/4 Rep Pushups (awesome for sculpting your triceps)
- Stability Ball Pike (for hard-core abs)

Plus, you'll get SIX different fat burning interval training programs, and interval training has been shown to reduce thigh fat in research studies.

Whew. And to celebrate the re-release of the TT Booty program, I've asked Craig to put together an amazing special offer just for you.

You'll get all of these for free...

1) The NEW "TT Bodyweight Cardio 3" Workout
2) The TT Female Bodysculpting 4-Week Workout
3) 30-Days in the TT Member's Website & Forum
4) The TT for Hot Chicks 4-Week Workout
5) Turbulence Training for Fat Loss Program

...when you get the TT Booty program for only $19.95.

(That's $10 less than if you were to buy TT Booty on its own!)

I think that's an easy choice, don't you?

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Plenty of time to sculpt the booty before summer or even spring break!

By the way, just listen to this incredible feedback on the program:

"I just finished section 2 of the TT Booty Lift series. I feel
strong and super fit and I've gotten so many compliments lately
that I know it has to be the program! I start the 3rd section
tomorrow and it looks tough and I can't wait. I know that in 4
weeks I'm going to be amazed at myself. And, I am so looking
forward to doing the chin ups. I hoping I can do at least one to
start and by 4 weeks I want to be doing 5 or more. This is a really
great 3 month program and if you haven't tried it you really
- Debbie D., TT Member

To Your Success,
Arthur M.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cut Calories to Gain Fat

By Independent Health Researcher Matt Stone of

Two widespread myths prevail in the health, nutrition, fitness, and medical industries. The first is that there is no such thing as a sasquatch or Bigfoot. Absolutely untrue! My friend Quinn is definitely a sasquatch – with a gnarly beard, size 16 shoes, and a forehead so small I refer to it as a “threehead.”

The second myth is that by consciously trying to “eat fewer calories than you burn,” you can reliably overcome a weight problem.

All of the substantial long-term obesity research suggests this is absolutely untrue.

In fact, the world’s leading obesity researcher, Rudy Leibel, has gone so far as to state, in concise black and white terms, that “we don’t believe weight can be consciously regulated.”

I mean sure, we can all starve ourselves, and we will lose weight. The problem is that doing so slows down metabolism, including a drop in body temperature and energy levels which almost all overweight people suffer from, and increases hunger – particularly for the most fattening foods on the planet. Inevitably, given sufficient time, this weight almost ALWAYS comes back. Cutting calories is NOT a solution to obesity. Eating doughnuts all day is just as effective.

Yes, Leibel has been doing research on weight loss for decades, along with several others, and the number of studies that show that weight can be lost and more importantly, kept off long-term, total a whopping ZERO. Most of the studies involve reducing calorie intake of course, which does take weight off – it just doesn’t stay off. It’s not a solution. It’s like chasing your tail – and nearly 100% of the people he studies with legitimate weight problems are unable to keep the weight off long-term.

Not only that, but when weight is lost and all of it is regained, it tends to, in the words of obesity scholar Robert Pool, “bring some friends along with it.” Actually, the most thorough study ever conducted on calorie restriction, in which 32 male subjects were forced to eat a grueling 1,700-calorie diet for 24 weeks, caused the subjects to have an increase in body fat by 40% above where they started once they were allowed to eat freely again. Cut calories to GAIN FAT!

And not to be overlooked is the fact that perpetually trying to eat less food than you want to eat and beating yourself up over each failure is an absolutely horrendous way to go through life, doing psychological damage. Even if it did work, which it doesn’t, it wouldn’t be worth the suffering.

So I’m begging you to never “diet” again in your life. Any weight you lose by going hungry will depend on you staying hungry forever to keep it off at best, and the low metabolism you experience comes with all kinds of health risks – such as an increased risk of heart disease, autoimmune disease, infertility, constipation, loss of sex drive, depression, and more.

The only weight you lose that counts and is permanent is the kind that is effortless, with no hunger. Believe it or not, it can happen and is happening. It is the ONLY way.

Go to to see a free video presentation on how you can lose weight without ever experiencing hunger again in your life or doing hours of painful, boring, unwanted exercise.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Three Things that You Must Have to Live a Long Life (Free Videos)

There are a lot of diet opinions out there...

I'm sure you've heard people say that the vegetarian diet is a fad or a stage that people go through.

You may have also heard that eating meat can be dangerous to your health as well.

It's kind of confusing to hear all the back and forth with diet.

So the big question is who's right?

Are there some experts who are on the right track and others who have missed the mark?

It can get pretty confusing.

If you are confused or curious, I want to share two awesome videos from Dr. J. E. Williams with you.  He's sometimes called the "Indiana Jones" of natural medicine and is going to share some of his 40 years of experience with indigenous people around the world.

In his work, he’s identified a few variables that determine how long a person lives - you may be surprised at what they are.

These videos are free for you to listen to right now as part of a free online event called The Great Health Debate. 

To get the videos, all you have to do is go to the page below, sign up for the event and you’ll be emailed these videos to view right away...

When you sign up to get your videos, you’ll also be enrolled for free to The Great Health Debate which is an online event that features some of the top experts on the subject of diet.

During the event, these experts will discuss their hands on experience with patients and clients and share what works to help you slim down and feel better about your body. 

Maybe it will help you live into your 90’s and 100’s too!

They'll also share what doesn’t work with their own clients, so you can learn from their experience and only do the things that get your results.

There's never before been a collection of experts like this so be sure to be a part of this unique, online educational experience.

So to get your videos on longevity and living into your 90’s and 100’s disease free, all you have to do is follow the link here, sign up and you’ll be emailed your videos...

(Note: To give you some more details, this program is a 7 night online event that starts on February 6th, 2011).

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Want to hear Vegans and Meat Eaters Debate?

As you know, there's a lot of debate about what diet is best for you...

No matter what type of food you eat, there will always be a group of people and experts who completely disagree with what you're doing.

Believe me, I know from experience.

The biggest challenge is that usually none of these experts ever agree to be in the same room together to talk about where their opinions differ and why.

Wouldn't it be interesting to hear all of them speak under the same roof to hear what they all have to say about diet?

As you may know, getting vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters to the same venue may be a recipe for disaster, but health interviewer Kevin Gianni (you may know him from the Renegade Health Show) has solved that problem.

He's asked 14 of the world's top experts in diet to debate during an unprecedented ONLINE event.

Imagine hearing what T. Colin Campbell (a well known vegan author) and Sally Fallon (a advocate for raw milk) have to say about the vegan diet on the same night?

Or picture yourself listening in to what other bestselling experts like Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. Robert Young, Donna Gates, David Wolfe, Jonny Bowden, Mike Adams and more have to say about the variation of diet while they give you real tips and ideas about how to make your diet even better.

This big time event is called "The Great Health Debate" and it is, in fact, a collection of diet experts gathered together to discuss their experience with diet and share their knowledge with you.

Better yet, to listen in to the event it's completely free.

I love that Kevin is making this available to everyone, since I feel it's an extremely important discussion.

You can read more or sign up here:

To give you some more details, this program is a 7 night online event that starts on February 6th, 2011.  If you can watch YouTube videos you will be able to be a part of this historic event.  Again, I don't believe that a group of speakers like this has ever been assembled under one online "roof."

What's also great is that this event isn't meant to try to get you to change your diet, it's meant to help you make your diet better.  Each expert will be asked to present their thoughts on how any person - vegan, vegetarian, meat eating, etc. - can make their diet better.

This diverse group of experts is bound to come up with some amazing and important tips and tricks to help you get healthier than you've ever been.

Again, the event starts in just a few short weeks, so be sure to sign up now.  Also if you'd like to have these calls in your own library there is a special option for you to purchase the downloads once you sign up.

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Listen In as 14 Experts Debate Which Diet is Best (Free Event)

There's a lot of debate about what diet is best for you...

No matter what type of food you eat, there will always be a group of people and experts who will disagree about which diet works and what doesn't.

What's most fascinating is that if you were to collect all the experts and put them in the same room, they’d agree on many things.  Healthy and successful diets have many of the same elements included in them.

But, what are those elements?

Health author, Kevin Gianni, has set out to gather a collection of 14 of the world's top diet experts to find out the answer to just that - which elements of diet are most important.

You can listen into this groundbreaking event for free online starting February 6th, 2010.  Here’s where to read more and sign up now:

This group of bestselling experts includes vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters - all in the same online forum - that will share some of their science and research to help you make your diet the best it can be - which means allow you get the energy you deserve, help you 1ose weight and get rid of those nagging creaks, cracks and strange pains you feel as you get a little older.

Some of the 14 experts include Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Sally Fallon, Dr. Robert Young, Donna Gates, David Wolfe, Jonny Bowden, Mike Adams, T. Colin Campbell and more.  Combined, this group has sold over 5 million books on diet, done tens of thousands of lectures and seen over 300,000 patients.

This once in a lifetime event is called "The Great Health Debate" and it's purpose is to let the experts debate their experience with diet and share their knowledge with you.

To listen in to this online event is completely free.  You can read more or sign up here:

To give you some more details, this program is a 7 night online event that starts on February 6th, 2011.  If you can watch YouTube videos you will be able to be a part of this historic event.  A group of speakers like this has ever been assembled under one online "roof."

What's also great is that this event isn't meant to try to get you to change your diet, it's meant to help you make your diet better.  Each expert will be asked to present their thoughts on how any person - vegan, vegetarian, meat eating, etc. - can make their diet better.

This diverse group of experts is bound to come up with some amazing and important tips and tricks to help you get healthier than you've ever been.

Again, the event starts in just a few short weeks, so be sure to sign up now.  Also if you'd like to have these calls in your own library there is a special option for you to purchase the downloads once you sign up.

Here's where to go now...

By the way, there are also two or three special experts that are not in the line up yet, that will blow you away, so be sure to sign up and wait for that special announcement!

What is a "Weight Set Point" ???

Okay, well if we all ate nothing and ran a marathon every day, we would lose weight. Everybody CAN lose weight, but you know what I mean. Why is it that losing weight is so difficult, and after we have lost it the weight typically comes roaring back, bringing a few pounds with it?

It’s because that’s what the body is designed to do …

At any given moment in our lives, we have what obesity researchers refer to as a “weight set point.” This is the weight that the body is trying to maintain. Whether it’s 100 pounds or 500 pounds, the body will defend that set point as if death by starvation is on the line. Sounds strange, but it is irrefutably true – just not something that a typical diet author, personal trainer, or medical professional knows about or acknowledges.

In every obesity trial ever done, cutting back calories to next to nothing causes weight loss. Weight loss has always been easy. I would venture to guess that if you followed the advice of any diet book religiously, you probably would lose some weight – at least for a while. The problem is keeping it off.

What happens when we travel below our weight set points, is that the metabolism slows down so that fewer calories are burned. Even Dr. Atkins, the best-selling diet author of all-time, was well aware of this. In Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution he writes:

“…remember that prolonged dieting (this one, low-fat, low-calorie, or a combination) tends to shut down thyroid function.”

Yes, the biggest dieting sensation of the 20th century, the Atkins Diet (along with all diets), was admitted by the author to “shut down thyroid function.” Oh great! How many skimmed over that detail, eager to lose 10 pounds in two weeks?

This is all just a natural result of going below the weight set point. In addition to the metabolism slowing down, we typically get hungrier and hungrier. Cravings become out of control. And a hormonal state called “insulin resistance” intensifies so that our insulin levels rise higher than normal in response to normal amounts of food. That’s not so convenient, as insulin stores the food we eat into fat cells, and prevents the release of fat from the cells to be used as energy. It creates what I call “the calorie greenhouse effect,” where more fat goes in than is allowed to come out.

Dieting is a dead end and vicious cycle for most, but I don’t have to tell you that. Odds are you’ve already gone several rounds with several different diets. But research now confirms this, and has for decades. Dieting, in all its many forms and disguises, does not work. In fact, dieting makes it harder to lose weight, not easier. That’s why other strategies are needed – strategies that cause the weight set point to drop, and our weight to naturally follow without running into a brick wall at the end of our willpower.

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