Monday, January 31, 2011

Why the Wrong Diet Can Actually Make You Gain Fat

If you have been doing everything right, but just can’t seem to get rid of the fat around your belly, hips, neck, or thighs – it may not be your fault.

It turns out that in a world of “one size fits all” weight loss plans, actually losing weight on a plan can be somewhat like playing the lottery!

According to fitness expert Tom Venuto, different body types require totally different eating and exercise plans. So what might work for your friend, might not work for you.

Tom’s Story...

Tom, who has been walking around with single digit body fat for the last 20 years, used to have a beer belly when he was in college.  He thought he was doing things right in the gym, but nothing worked to get rid of the fat.

So he decided to major in exercise science and figure this thing out. What he discovered was that there were different body types that all needed different plans.

He figured out what his type was, and the rest is history…

Tom went on to win his first all natural body building championship at the age of 20 and has never been fat again (his body fat was once registered at 3.7%). And since that time he has helped people who never thought it was possible to acquire the body of their dreams without having to fight their genetics. 

In the world of fitness, Tom is known for his no nonsense approach. He doesn’t recommend pills, exotic diets, or anything that would require you to put your life on hold in order to reach your goals.

And you don’t have to have the goal of under 5% body fat! You could use his advice to get there, but his plans are more tailored for the person who just wants to look and feel their best.

What I really like about Tom’s stuff is that it is definitely not about starvation – it is about putting on lean muscle and increasing your metabolism by eating the right foods for you, in the right amounts, with the right exercises for you. 

Are you skinnyfat?

I think Tom created this phrase… Skinnyfat happens when you lose more muscle than fat. So although you are losing weight and you fit in smaller clothes – out of clothes, your appearance is kind of mushy. And even worse, your metabolism grinds to a halt.

This is why yo-yo dieting usually results in a larger waist line.

Tom’s program is the opposite of this.  You are actually going to gain lean muscle while losing fat. And the result is the kind of, “look”, that you probably thought you never could achieve.

Anyway, If you have been confused by exactly what to do, especially the “what to eat” part and are still struggling with your weight – then I think trying out Tom’s program just makes sense.

He is one of the few guys out there who really cares and knows what he is talking about!


Arthur M.

P.S.  One thing I forgot to mention is that Tom’s program has been online for over 8 years now and he developed it over 14 years before that. So it’s got a 22 year track record. And the stories from people are simply incredible.  Here is just one:

“When I started I weighed 246 pounds. Today I'm 172. My body fat was pushing 30% and now it's 8% to 9%. My waist was 40 inches and now it's 31. My cholesterol today is around 143. My blood pressure was 145/90, which is mild hypertension, and is now 118/60. My pulse was 81 and my resting heart rate today is around 48. I haven't had
any illnesses in the last three years and I feel great."
Bob Phifer, Age 50

"Tom, I purchased your plan last year, and as of today I have lost 40 lbs, I went from a size 18 to a size 10. My daughter got married this past weekend and I was amazed that I reached my goal of wearing a size 10 to her wedding. I am a nurse, my patients all ask me what my secret is and I tell them, "Burn The Fat." I have even had a few patients ask me where "that other nurse" is, because I lost so much fat, they don't even recognize me!
Linda Hyatt

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