Monday, January 31, 2011

The Secret Cardio for Fat Loss

Slow boring cardio doesn't work for fat loss, but there is a "Secret Cardio for Fat Loss" that will get you results fast.

And this secret method is called interval training.

Interval training is a research-proven KEY to your fat loss program and health. Researchers are even starting to use intervals with patients recovering from heart disease! So you know that interval training is just going to get more popular.

But a lot of folks worry that intervals can get boring, if you do the same ones over and over again. And that's true.

So here's the deal...If you don't have variety in your program, you are more than likely to end up at a fat loss plateau soon rather than later. Variety is a key for getting continuous fat loss results.

Not only should you have variety within your training week (i.e. alternate between two different interval training workouts, rather than just doing the same interval workout each time), but you should also change these workouts every 4 weeks.

Just like your resistance training, you need to change your interval training program every 4 weeks. To modify your interval training workouts, you can...

- switch exercise methods (and use bodyweight exercises for intervals)
- increase or decrease the length of the interval (while decreasing or increasing the intensity, respectively)
- increase or decrease the number of intervals per workout
- increase or decrease the rest time between intervals

After all, there is NO "best" interval training program - no best "sets and reps" for fat loss.

That's why you need to use variety in your program. (So perhaps the best interval training method is simply the one that changes every 4 weeks.)

If you are thinking that these intervals all sound "too intense" for you, please don't worry. Interval training is all relative.

In fact, a recent study found that coronary-heart disease patients found interval training EASIER than cardio! You don't have to sprint for your life in each type of interval.

Instead, just work at a slightly harder than normal pace. By the end of the interval, you should be getting tired, but you shouldn't be gasping for air. Start conservatively and you will get the hang of it.

For example, if you regularly use level 5 on the stationary bike for 30 minutes continuously, you might try doing a 1 minute interval at level 7. Try that for an interval workout and let me know how it goes.

(NOTE: Talk to your doctor first if you have never done interval training before.)

My favorite intervals for fat loss are between 30-60 seconds. These have been the staple intervals in the Turbulence Training workouts since the first TT workout was designed back in 2001.

But again, you will get your best fat loss results if you vary your interval training workouts - just like you must vary your strength training workouts.

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