Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How having a desk job makes you fat!

If you work an office and found it a struggle to keep up with your fat loss goals, you are not alone. Corporate workers spend an average of 45 hours at work every week! Because of this, whatever you do at the office will definitely have a HUGE impact on whether or not you get fat. Daniel Ho, recently created a free report called, "Corporate Life Can Make You Fat".

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In this report, he highlights the five common causes of weight gain that strikes all corporate workers! Such as:

1. Why office workers are doomed to get fat
2. Why eating out makes you fat no matter what you eat
3. The #1 reason why weight creeps up when you hit 30
4. One inescapable cause of weight gain
5. What causes you to snack uncontrollably in the office.

Most of us spend two-thirds of our lives working. If you have a desk job, this report from Daniel Ho will truly be an eye opener for you.

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