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Volumetrics - The Diet Of More Food And More Weight Loss

The Volumetrics Eating Plan is based on the simple fact that people like to eat. And, if people are given the choice between eating more and eating less, they'll take more almost every time. It has been burned into our society and culture. Just look at meal sizes over the last thirty years and you will notice that not only have the portions increased, the size of the plate has increased too.

Unlike diets that are based on deprivation, the Volumetrics diet doesn't try to fight this natural preference. Its creator, nutritionist Barbara Rolls, PhD, argues that limiting your diet is not sustainable; you will just wind up hungry and unhappy and revert back to your original eating habits. Let's take a look at the basics of the Volumetrics Eating Plan.

The Volumetrics Approach

The approach Dr. Rolls takes is to help people find food they can eat lots of while still losing weight. The diet revolves around the feeling of fullness, or satiety. The theory is that people feel full based on the amount of food they eat, not the number of calories or nutrient density.

So, the trick is to fill up on foods that aren't full of calories, which allows the dieter to stick to the main principle of calorie restriction. Dr. Rolls claims that in some cases, following a Volumetrics diet will allow you to eat more than you do now, while still slimming down.

Dr. Rolls has excellent credentials. She a professor of nutrition and director of the Laboratory for the Study of Human Ingestive Behavior at Penn State University. She is also the author of more than 200 research articles. Volumetrics is based, in large part, on the work done in her laboratory.

What You Can Eat on the Volumetrics Diet

Since the diet doesn't revolve around differences in body types or “good” foods and “bad” foods, Dr. Rolls doesn't ban food types as part of the Volumetrics diet. She does, however, urge people to evaluate foods based on their energy density which is a critical concept for the diet.

Energy density is the number of calories in a specified amount of food. Some foods are more energy dense than others, like fats, which have a lot of calories packed into a small size. Water, on the other hand, has an energy density of zero.

Basically, this diet is a game to see how you can eat more food while eating fewer calories. Here is a short break down to give you some idea of what Volumetrics is all about.

Very low-density foods include:

*  Non-starchy vegetables

*  Nonfat milk

*  Soup broths

Very high-density foods include:

*  Crackers

*  Chips

*  Cookies

*  Chocolate and Candies

*  Nuts

*  Butter and Oils

Since water is the ultimate zero-density food, Volumetrics relies heavily on foods with a high water content, such as many vegetables and fruits, which are 80 to 95 percent water. These will fill you up without adding a lot of calories. Dr. Rolls also suggests eating lots of foods with filling fiber, along with adequate portions of lean protein and healthy fats from fish and other sources. Of course, energy-dense foods, like sweets, fats, and alcohol, are still allowed, but only in moderation.

Anyone who loves lots and lots of food, will enjoy the Volumetrics diet. You will still have to do some simple math to calculate the energy density of foods, but at least you don't have to track calories or deny yourself a small bite of that delicious chocolate mousse. If endless bowls of soup and piles of veggies and fruit appeal to you, dig into Volumetrics and watch the weight come off.

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The Diet Solution Fat Loss Jumpstart (Free Report)


The meal plans and nutrition principles that follow are a culmination of 15 years of research and study into exactly what works to achieve a lean body.

I assure you that none of these rules are “unhealthy” or “extreme”. On the contrary, they are the best principles you can incorporate to not only get you jumpstarted on your fat loss success but to also help you achieve a level of health and wellbeing that you may never have thought possible for you.

These meal plans are also not a crash diet or a short term plan. I stay lean all year long and I do it by following these principles and eating very similar meal plans to the ones I have outlined below. I don’t deprive myself and I am not miserable “on a diet”. It is actually, quite the opposite. I feel so great, I stay at my ideal weight and I am unstoppable every day.

So, the rules are simple and the meal plans are easy to follow. I can promise that if you stick to the plan, it is guaranteed to work. All you need to do is add the commitment and motivation to see it through.

Don’t just do it “half-way”. Go 100% and see your body transform in a way you may have never seen before.

All the best!
Isabel De Los Rios
Author of
The Diet Solution Program


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6 Simple Steps to Fight Fat in 2012

If your New Years resolution is to finally shed the extra fat then you need a plan.

My partners at ProGrade have taken all of the guesswork out of losing weight in 2012 - and they broke it down to just 6 simple steps.

6 Simple Steps to Fight Fat in 2012

Eat Right For Your Blood Type - Let Your DNA Define Your Diet

Your DNA controls how your body reacts to certain external factors. It determines your allergies, your physical build and how everything works together. So why would you not eat based on your DNA as well?

Although you most likely don't have a DNA analysis machine in their back pocket, you do know a basic component of your DNA that can closely group people based on how their bodies function; your blood type – O, A, B, or AB. That's how the Eat Right for Your Type diet explains and encourages people to eat based on your body's needs.

The Basics

Peter J. D'Adamo, ND, the author of Eat Right for Your Type, believes blood types affect the digestive system differently and that some foods, good for people of one type, are "dangerous" for another. Some critics claim that this diet may suit those who are looking for a program that doesn't involve tracking calories. However, for D'Adamo, it is about using your blood type to determine your susceptibility to certain illnesses, as well as exercise that will benefit you the most.

How the Diet Works

D'Adamo believes the right diet for your blood type comes down to lectins, food proteins each blood type digests differently. If you eat foods containing lectins incompatible with your blood type, you may experience inflammation, bloating, a slower metabolism, even diseases such as cancer. The best way to avoid these effects is to eat foods meant for your blood type.

All foods fall into three categories on the Eat Right for Your Type diet:

1. Beneficial – foods act like medicine

2. Neutral – foods act like food

3. Avoid – foods act like poison

What You Can Eat

* Type O is for “old,” as this blood type is human's oldest tracked blood line. These people have a digestive tract which retains the memory of ancient diets, so your metabolism will benefit from lean proteins like poultry and fish. You're also advised to restrict grains, breads, and legumes, and to enjoy vigorous exercise.

* Type A is for “agrarian" people who depend on agriculture for their sustenance. These people should stick with vegetarian diets. The type A diet contains soy proteins, grains, and organic vegetables and encourages gentle exercise which can be seen in the more settled and less warlike farming ancestors.

* Type B comes from our nomadic past and has a relatively tolerant digestive system. This blood type can enjoy low-fat dairy, meat, and produce but should avoid wheat, corn, and lentils. Moderate exercise should be the norm for these folks.

* Type AB is a combination of Type A and B. The "modern" blood type AB has a sensitive digestive tract and should avoid chicken, beef, and pork but can enjoy seafood, tofu, dairy, and most produce.

While there is little research to back up the findings, many critics will agree that the nutritional guidance in the diet is sound. There are healthy eating tips in this diet, regardless of whether or not your blood-type is the angle you are considering. But, as far as diets go, this is a very interesting way to look at the reasons some people gain weight and others don't eating the same foods. Give it a try. Learning how to eat right for your body type has been popular for years – now it's time to eat right according to your blood type.



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The Whole Grains Solution to Weight Loss

Turn on the television, open a book or newspaper or flip through a magazine and you’ll probably see something about whole grains. You probably already know that whole grains are good for you. You may have even tried to switch to whole grains in your bread and cereal. What you may not know is that if you’re trying to lose weight, whole grains may be the solution.

What are Whole Grains?

Whole grains are grains that haven’t been processed. According to the Whole Grain Council, “Whole grains or foods made from them contain all the essential parts and naturally-occurring nutrients of the entire grain seed. If the grain has been processed (e.g., cracked, crushed, rolled, extruded, and/or cooked), the food product should deliver approximately the same rich balance of nutrients that are found in the original grain seed.”

Examples of whole grains include:

* Amaranth
* Barley
* Buckwheat
* Corn
* Millet
* Oats
* Quinoa
* Rice
* Rye
* Sorghum
* Teff
* Triticale
* Wheat, including spelt, durum, bulgur, cracked wheat and wheat berries

How Does Whole Grain Help You Lose Weight?

Whole grains actually help you lose weight in a number of ways. The first way that you’ll probably notice is that they fill you up. They’re bulky and when you eat whole grains you get full faster and you stay full longer. That means you eat less. For example, try replacing instant oatmeal with steel cut oats. Instant oatmeal has been processed, steel cut oats are the whole version of that particular grain. You’ll notice a difference.

The vitamins in whole grains also help boost your metabolism and regulate your blood sugar. When your metabolism is operating at a healthy level you burn more calories. Minerals like magnesium that are normally found in whole grains help boost your metabolism.

Whole grains also often contain omega fatty acids. They help boost your immune system and reduce inflammation in your body. Both of these can contribute to weight gain and a feeling of being bloated and physically uncomfortable.

Integrating Whole Grains Into Your Diet

Start by replacing your processed grains with whole grains. For example, buy whole wheat bread instead of white bread. Buy whole wheat cereals and eat brown or wild rice instead of white rice. Try to have whole grains at every meal and experiment with new grains. Quinoa for example, has a delicious nutty flavor and is packed with protein.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Walking is cheap and effective at helping you lose weight

Does Walking Really Help You Lose Weight? Read the article at

How Spicing Up Your Diet can Help You Lose Weight

One of the best ways to start losing weight, and keep it off, is to cook for yourself. Going out to dinner and picking up take out is easy. However, the foods are rarely nutritious. They’re usually packed with fat, sugar, and sodium. Three ingredients that practically guarantee weight gain.

Yet many people just don’t know how to cook at home without using fat, sugar, and salt to make the foods taste good. The trick to tasty and healthy foods may rest in your spice cupboard.

How Do Spices Help You Lose Weight?
There are actually two primary ways that spices help you lose weight. The first is that they make your food taste better so you don’t have to add fat, sugar, and salt to make it palatable. Some commonly used spices include:

* Onion powder, not onion salt
* Garlic powder, not garlic salt
* Peppers (cayenne and black)
* Turmeric
* Cumin

These spices can be found in any supermarket. They’re easy to use and they add great flavor to most foods. You might try a little onion or garlic powder and black pepper in a grilled turkey burger for example. You’ll get all the taste you could want and much less fat than a beef hamburger.

The other way that spices can help you lose weight is by directly influencing your body. Many spices boost your metabolism and some work as a diuretic to reduce water retention.

Spices that Boost Your Metabolism

Cayenne – Cayenne pepper and even other cooked peppers, have been shown to increase metabolism. It’s the Capsaicin in the cayenne pepper that boosts metabolism. Studies have shown that it may also help people lose weight by reducing the amount of calories you absorb. Some people even take capsaicin capsules to help them lose weight. You don’t have to do that, just add a little pepper to your meals.

Cinnamon – Cinnamon is on the other side of the flavor spectrum than cayenne pepper but it offers many of the same benefits. Cinnamon actually contains a compound that helps you break down your body’s resistance insulin resistance. It promotes your body’s ability to absorb and energy and burn calories more consistently over a period of time.

Cinnamon is so effective that some people take it by the teaspoon full. We don’t recommend that because it doesn’t taste very good in pure form and it’s awfully dry and powdery. You can sprinkle it on your foods or take cinnamon supplements.

Black pepper and mustard seed also have similar properties to cinnamon and cayenne pepper. In fact, scientists found that one teaspoon of hot mustard can boost your metabolism up to 25% for several hours after eating it.

Fennel and ginger both work as a diuretic. That means they help water flow through your body and flush toxins. You don’t retain water which makes you feel better and you’re not bloated or retaining water. Ginger is also being studied as a metabolism booster.

If you’re on the path to lasting weight loss, open your spice cupboard or drawer and get cooking. You can make delicious and nutritious food that helps you lose weight too.



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Effectively Add Protein To Lose More Weight

The Dukan Diet - Effectively Add Protein To Lose More Weight

So, you want to lose weight but not give up the foods you love. What if there were a way to do that? Let me introduce you to the Dukan Diet. If there was ever a diet to claim “eat as much as you like,” it would be the Dukan diet.

Founded by French nutritionist, Pierre Dukan, the Dukan diet combines 68 forms of animal protein and 32 vegetables, giving you the 'green light' for 100 foods. This gives you a diet based on what the human species evolved on, and keeps us feeling happier and healthier. Let's take a closer look at the Dukan diet and why it might be the right one for you.

4 Phases

The Dukan diet uses four different phases. By walking through these four phases, you can shed weight quickly and then make lifestyle changes so you don't gain the weight back. Here are what the phases look like:

1. The Attack Phase – This phase is brief, lasting only a couple weeks with immediate results. In the attack phase, you are allowed to eat from a choice of 68 high-protein foods which the body digests quickly and effectively. Vegetables and other carbs are very limited during this time. This phase is not meant to be long term, but is considered a 'kick start' to your metabolism.

2. The Cruise Phase – Once you have attacked your weight loss goal, it is time to put the pound-shedding on autopilot. This phase allows you to begin incorporating 32 vegetables into your diet. The days alternate between your Pure Proteins (PP phases), which you were given in the attack phase, and Proteins accompanied with recommended Vegetables (PV phases). This phase allows you to continue to shed weight on a consistent basis.

3. The Consolidation Phase – This phase lasts 5 days per pound lost in the cruise phase. For example, if you lost 6 pounds during the cruise phase, then you would be in this phase for 30 days. During this phase, the body prepares for the return to a balanced diet. In this phase you have monitored freedom which helps you overcome the willpower issue when establishing a freshly conquered and yet vulnerable ideal weight.

4. The Stabilization Phase – This is the phase you live in for the rest of your life. During the first three phases, you learned how to eat healthy and have taught your body the right way to keep a healthy pattern. In addition to the simple rules for stabilization, there are three non-negotiable rules:

a. Consume 3 tablespoons of oat bran per day.

b. Choose to take the stairs whenever possible.

c. Have a pure-protein Thursday, i.e. Attack Phase menu.

Why all those Oats? The first obvious question has to do with the 3 tablespoons of oat bran you must eat every day. The oat bran swells 20 to 30 times its volume when inside the stomach, making you feel satisfied. It also “confiscates” calories within the small intestine and takes them down into your bowels. The amount of calories lost by consuming the oat bran is not relevant to immediate weight loss, but they do add up over time as this process is repeated.

What are the Cons to this Diet? As with all low-carb, high-protein diets, the program warns that dieters may suffer from some disturbing side effects, such as bad breath, constipation, dry mouth, and fatigue as your body gets used to its new way of life. One of the best ways to help with all of these conditions is to drink plenty of water, take a good multivitamin, and get between six and eight hours of sleep a night. And, of course, exercise daily. A 20 minute walk each day will help digest your food and burn calories. But, be aware that vigorous exercise requires carbohydrates, so during the Attack Phase, you will need to limit your exercise to a moderate degree.

If you are looking for a diet that will get the pounds off quickly, then moves you into a lifetime of healthy weight management, the Dukan diet may be the right diet for you. You get to eat lots of good food while your body learns how to metabolize it properly. That's what the real purpose of a diet is all about.

[We’re publishing recipes at that support our theme of "Eating To Lose Weight: Adding The Right Foods To Promote Weight Loss."]



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Strange Energy and Belly Flab Connection Revealed

This article is going to blow your mind. Seriously.

Jayson Hunter, my biz partner over at Prograde Nutrition, just wrote about the connection between your energy levels and belly flab.

Needless to say, this is MUST READ stuff. Well, if you're looking to get rid of those stubborn pounds once and for all it is.

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Introducing Belinda Benn’s Get Lean Program

What is the Get Lean Program?

The Get Lean Program is designed to help you make changes in your food lifestyle so you’ll be looking lean, feeling fit and being strong.

The program is separated into three phases so you can ease yourself into these lifestyle changes, setting you up to continue them long term instead of crashing and burning.

Instead of simply focusing on food, this program looks into the emotional and mental connections that we create with eating throughout our lives. By understanding them, you’ll learn ‘nutrition intuition’ and be ready to make positive changes not only for your look, but for your life.

The Get Lean Program is an inexpensive, realistic and revolutionary approach to weight loss. It’s simple and gimmick free. It even comes with a 60 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee!

Who created the Get Lean Program?

The Get Lean Program is made by 45 year old fitness model and health and sport writer, Belinda Benn. She put the program together after her own experience, transforming herself at age 37 from cellulite ridden corporate executive - into a competitive surfer, personal trainer and all round inspiration!

How long does it take? What results can I expect?

Belinda explains that establishing new habits can take anywhere between 3 weeks and 3 months. The Get Lean Program is designed to be accustomed to fit around your own personal requirements but has enough material to cover the maximum time required. Once you have completed her 3 phases, you’ll be thoroughly prepared to continue looking and feeling great for life.

What do you get?

Tools – You get the 3 Phase Fat Burning System, 15 Powerful Fat Burning Foods, Proven Treat-Meal Strategies, Nutrition Intuition Guide and Over 50 Fat Burning Recipes. These tools explain the reasoning behind their importance in detail. They will help you educate yourself accurately to make better food decisions in the future. The recipes and strategies provided give plenty of options so you won’t find yourself bored. You’ll become such a pro, getting lean will become second nature!

Plans – These come in the form of a Step by Step Fat Loss Plan and Daily Meal Plans (12 Weeks). When trying to conquer a big goal it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Belinda’s program takes all the boring planning out for you so some of the hardest work is done. The Fat Loss Plan provides a great visual to view when and where you can expect to feel results.

Support – The Get Lean Program is unique in the support it offers for the duration of the program. Belinda provides a Diary & Success Journal, Belinda’s 10 Secrets to Success and Personal Support via Email. Belinda’s program is unique in that it focuses on your mental and emotional health alongside the physical. She also has been through the process herself, and offers tips from her personal experience. The email support provides a very personal touch.

3 Small Changes To Your Diet That Reap Big Weight Loss Results

The key to lasting weight loss is slow and gradual progress. Experts recommend losing about one to two pounds per week. However, we’re a society that likes big results. And let’s be honest, big results are exciting. It’s truly empowering and motivating to make a small change and see a huge result. To get you motivated and excited to achieve your weight loss goals, here are ten small changes you can make to your diet to achieve big results.

#1 Eat Breakfast.

This is perhaps the single most important small change you can make. Eating breakfast helps set your metabolism for the day. And it doesn’t have to be a big deal. You don’t have to consume a Denver omelet for breakfast to reap the benefits. You can eat a piece of whole wheat toast with natural peanut butter and start your day off right.

#2 Switch to Low Fat Milk

Whole milk is delicious, there’s no doubt about it. It’s also packed with fat and calories. Swap out that gallon of milk for a gallon of low fat milk, one or two percent, and you’ll consume fewer calories and fat every day.

Use low fat milk in your coffee and tea instead of cream or half and half too. And when you go to the coffee shop for that mid-day treat, order your drinks with low fat or skim milk. Instead of a latte, order a skinny latte. It tastes just as good and has fewer calories and fat.

#3 Drink Ice Water

Many health experts and scientists have found that ice water helps you lose weight in two primary ways. First, it causes your body to work a little harder to keep your core warm.  When you fill your stomach with cold water your body has to kick it in gear to keep your core temperature warmer. This burns calories and increases your metabolism.

Additionally, when you drink a glass of water you help fill up your stomach. You feel full and don’t eat as much. It’s also important to know that thirst is often disguised as hunger. Drink a glass of ice water before each snack and meal. You’ll eat less, boost your metabolism, and it’ll help you make sure you’re interpreting your body’s signals correctly.

There are many small things you can do each day that reap large weight loss benefits. Start by making these small changes and enjoy the results.

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Successful Weight Loss Starts With A Meal Plan

When following a strict weight loss regimen, it is important to plan out your food for the day so you don't spend all day thinking about food. Basically, if you have everything planned out, you don't have to keep thinking about what you are going to eat or how hungry you are. When you plan your meals correctly, the weight loss becomes much more likely to happen. Here are a few tips for meal planning for weight loss success.

Plan for Breakfast

Breakfast is the meal that gets your metabolism running and, if done properly, can help you burn fat all day long. It is important to plan for breakfast because a rushed morning makes for poor food decisions. Planning for the morning is better done the night before. Now, this doesn't mean you need to pour your cereal and let it sit overnight, but you should have an idea of what you want to eat when you wake up.

A tip for planning for breakfast is to take everything out the night before, like your utensils, cereal, and anything else that can be left out, and consolidate your cold ingredients in one space in the refrigerator. This will help you to be more efficient in the morning when your eyes are not quite open yet. If protein in the morning is a must-have on your diet, try hard-boiling eggs the night before, peeling them, and storing them in a Ziploc bag in the refrigerator. They are the perfect morning protein that even the sleepiest dieter can manage.

Set Up the Snacks

When we get hungry during the work day, those lunch room or cafeteria vending machines start calling our name, whispering sweet nothings. If you start a love affair with these vending machine vixens, you'll be sorry. While on a weight loss regimen, those giant boxes packed with unhealthy choices are your worst enemy. This is why it is so important to plan your snacks for the day. By bringing fruits and vegetables or other healthy options from home, you will be able to control your hunger and avoid the trips to the vending machines.

Great snacks for the workplace include an apple, plain popcorn, cut up veggies, cheese sticks, whole nuts, and yogurt. Not only will you feel better about the choices you make throughout the day, you will be able to stick to your weight loss goals for the long term. Small healthy snacks should be planned out for the day so you and your diet stay on track, and away from the vending machines.

Plan for Lunch and Dinner

When you don't have a plan in place for your main meals, chances are you could end up foraging in the refrigerator and coming up with a bowl of leftover mashed potatoes as a main course. Or worse yet, calling for pizza or driving through the fast food place. This will turn into a dieting disaster, so it is important to think about your meals ahead of time. When your diet consists of lots of vegetables, fruits, protein, and whole grains, and all you have in the refrigerator is cold spaghetti noodles, you are putting your diet in jeopardy. Fill your refrigerator and pantry full of healthy choices and write out your meal plan for the week. If you fall off your diet routinely just because you didn't plan your meals, you may be sabotaging your diet. Make the commitment, then make the plan.

When you take the time to plan your meals and snacks, you have a better shot at keeping up with your weight loss goals. By planning your breakfast, being sure to pack appropriate snacks, and planning your lunch and dinner, you will be able to fend off the evil vending machines, fast food lines, and unsuccessful attempts at foraging for healthy foods. Remember, the food you eat should be a choice, and not just what is available on a whim. Plan for your meals and plan for a healthier you.

[We’re publishing recipes at that support our theme of "Eating To Lose Weight: Adding The Right Foods To Promote Weight Loss."]



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Introducing Healthy Eating For Life

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Don't you want to be lean, energetic, and happy?

Excess body fat and low energy levels, as you are probably aware, are very common symptoms in our fast paced modern lifestyles. We blame poor diet, poor work hours, social pressures, fatigue... but there’s one critical factor that almost all people overlook, and it underpins our health and vitality in just about every way.

So what is this one key factor that so many people ignore when it comes to ensuring their physical and mental wellbeing? And more importantly, can we fix the problem?

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Yes, when it comes to our weight and our energy levels, as well as our hormones and skin and hair and sleep patterns, it all comes down to the all-importance of your metabolism! Many people think that the metabolism they have is the one they’re stuck with, endowed by Mother Nature and impossible to change... and so if they are prone to weight gain and low energy, they think this is always a problem they will battle...


Here’s the newsflash that so many people are ignorant of: You can BOOST your metabolism, easily and quickly, and doing so can have a major, positive impact on your health and body!

If you boost your metabolism – and you’ll be amazed to discover just how simple and straightforward this can be – you will see unwanted pounds melt away and your energy levels skyrocket. You’ll sleep better, exercise better, feel better, you name it!

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Yes, you can mega-charge your metabolism and drop unwanted pounds and gain energy starting today, all thanks to the phenomenal new book, Metabolism Masterclass!

What’s really great about boosting your metabolism via this winning solution is that it’s completely natural, inexpensive, and it lasts. We’re talking about a total metabolism makeover here, and you’re just going to love the positive changes in your body and mind!

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It really is about time you broke free of old feelings of lethargy and poor health and unwanted flab and fat. With Metabolism Masterclass, you can get started on your journey towards a leaner, more energetic, happier future!

So click on the link above, and obtain your access to this phenomenal book and start living a healthier, more vital life starting today.

Yours in health and vitality,

Total-Body Resistance-Cardio For Fast Fat-Loss

Total-Body Resistance-Cardio For Fast Fat-Loss: One-Arm Kettlebell Swing Step-Ups

By Nick Nilsson

Cardio training is important, especially if you want to lose fat as fast as possible and develop your cardiovascular capacity. It also can be quite boring and ineffective if you use exercises that allow you to plug away for long periods of time without any focus, attention or intensity.

That's where THIS resistance-based cardio exercise comes's a kettlebell (or dumbell) swing done at the same time you're stepping up and down on a bench, Step platform or stairs. It works ALL the major muscle groups in your ENTIRE body in one combination movement.

It sounds really complicated and a one-arm kettlebell swing combined with a step-up. But once you get the hang of it, it's actually pretty easy and pretty natural to do.

Bench Step-Ups themselves are a great low-equipment way to get some cardio training done. This essentially doubles the effectiveness of that cardio by including an upper body and core component to the exercise, dramatically increasing calories burned and the metabolic effect of the exercise.

Really, you're hitting your whole body in one shot.

I recommend doing this as interval training. I like to do 30 seconds work to 30 seconds rest for a total of 15 minutes. To do this one, you'll need some Step risers or a low bench or stairs and a kettlebell.

Stand in front of your Step platform with the kb in your right hand. Grip on the kb as far over to the right hand side of the handle as you can (I actually leave my pinky off the grip completely to make the switch at the top easier). This will facilitate the switching of hands at the top of the swing.

Take a short backswing with the kb then step up onto the bench at the same time as you swing the kb up in front of you (right or left leg - doesn't matter, though it's good to alternate which one you step up with on each interval you do).

At the top of the swing, when you're standing on the Step, switch hands and let it swing down with your left hand as you step back down at the same time. Take a short back swing then step up again, swinging the kb up again.

Repeat this sequence of switching hands and stepping up and down for 30 seconds.

That's it!

Like I said, it sounds complicated but you once get going it's not so bad. And it's TOUGH, really hitting every major muscle group in your body while you're doing cardiovascular training.

If you've only got dumbells, I suggest doing it with two dumbells and not switching hands at the top - it's tougher to switch with db's and you don't want to drop one on yourself.

It works just as well with 2 dumbells, though you won't get the same degree of core involvement as you do swinging a single kb back and forth. Grab two dumbells - I've got two 20-lb dumbells here. Take a short backswing. Now step onto the platform and start swinging them up in front of you.Swing them up til your arms are horizontal then step back down, bringing the dumbells back down and taking another backswing.

Again, when you're doing these for intervals, alternate which leg you lead with on each interval, e.g. step first with your left on one interval then on the next interval step first with your right. This will help keep things even.

This is GREAT cardio training...very little equipment needed and it'll work you better then the vast majority of the cardio machines out there.

RECOMMENDED: to best understand how to perform and get the most out of this technique, I HIGHLY recommend checking out the pictures and video of it in the following link now to see it!

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Nick Nilsson has a degree in Physical Education and Psychology and has been innovating new training techniques for more than 20 years. Nick is the author of a number of bodybuilding books including "Muscle Explosion! 28 Days To Maximum Mass", "Metabolic Surge - Rapid Fat Loss," "The Best Exercises You've Never Heard Of," "Gluteus to the Maximus - Build a Bigger Butt NOW!" and "The Best Abdominal Exercises You've Never Heard Of", all designed to maximize the results you get for the hard work you put into your training.

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Unique and Weird Fat Loss Method - Skinny Copycat

Watch this free video presentation and you will find why some people just never seem to get fat. This isn't any kind of gimmick... this is real science based on a peculiar observation which has baffled scientists - The FRENCH PARADOX. The French eat a diet very high in fat and calories but still have one of the lowest obesity rates in the world. WHY? Watch the entire video, as the end will surprise you!

Unique and Weird Fat Loss Method - Skinny Copycat <<<Click Here!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Barbell and Bodyweight Complexes for Rapid Fat Loss Training

By Nick Nilsson

If you've never heard of "Complexes" for fat loss before, you're in for a treat...a very tough, very challenging (and I think very fun) treat!

Complexes are basically a series of exercises done without releasing your grip on the bar or dumbells, going from one exercise straight into the next with no break. It's a form of circuit training that actually gives you even LESS of a break than normal circuit training because you're using the same equipment for each exercise and you're transitioning instantly into the next exercise.

I've put together 4 good complexes that target all the major muscle groups in your body to maximize the metabolic effects of the training.

These complexes are bodyweight exercises combined with barbell exercises to really cover more bases.

They're really powerful for kicking up the metabolism for fat-loss purposes. You're not going to build much strength or muscle with them but the sheer amount of muscle mass used in these complexes makes them ideal for fat burning and boosting the metabolism.

Just an fyi, if you can't do straight bar dips, sub in push-ups on the bar instead. And if you can't do pull-up rows with your feet off the ground, set your feet on the ground. You'll see what I mean with these adjustments when you see the complexes.

They're an incredibly effective way to get a FAST fat-loss workout done.

Complex #1

Set the bar in the power rack at about stomach level. Load it with a light to moderate weight (you'll be able to judge your weight better when you see the exercises being used for it).

Straight Bar Dips - this is a bodyweight dip done with your hands set on the barbell.

Now swing yourself down UNDER the bar (preferably without letting your feet touch the ground) and do Pull-Up Rows.

Set your feet down on the floor and change your grip to set up Front Squats.

Duck your head under the bar to get it on your back for back squats. Set your feet out WAY wide so that the forefoot area is actually up on the side rails of the rack and only your heels are on the ground. This is a GREAT glute and hamstring version of the squat (you could call it a sumo squat, like the sumo stance deadlift). The front squat hits the quads more so this aims to focus on glutes and hams.

Bring your feet in and do standing calf raises (half range from flat on the floor to up on your toes and hold).

That's it! The video will show you the transitions between exercises best.

Complex #2

The first two exercises of this complex are the same as first. Set a lighter weight on the bar, though, because you'll be doing shoulder presses after the pull-up rows.

So start with the straight bar dips then swing down under the bar for pull-up rows. Next, swing your legs around and kneel down for barbell shoulder press. Get your feet back under you and do squats with the bar in the bottom position of the shoulder press .

That's it!

Complex #3

Start with the straight bar dip again then to feet on the ground pull-up rows.

Next, got to kneeling barbell shoulder press then to front squats then back squats.

That's it for #3! This one is a bit easier to perform, especially with the leg exercises - the lighter weight used in the shoulder press means you'll need to do more reps for the leg part.

Complex #4

The first exercise is On-barbell push-ups. I have my legs hooked on another bar, but it's not necessary. I just wanted to see if it would work any differently. It does work well, but regular push-ups will be just fine here, too.

Set your feet down then go to barbell rows. Next it's stiff-legged deadlifts.

That's it for #4! Definitely use your imagination and use these as a jumping-off point to come up with your own complexes.

RECOMMENDED: to best understand how to perform and get the most out of these complexes , I HIGHLY recommend checking out the pictures and video of them in the following link now to see them now!

And if fast fat loss is your goal, I would definitely recommend checking out my program "Metabolic Surge - Rapid Fat Loss". It's a targeted "done-for-you" 36-day rapid fat loss program that helps you KEEP and even BUILD muscle at the same time, reshaping your body quickly and efficiently.


Nick Nilsson has a degree in Physical Education and Psychology and has been innovating new training techniques for more than 20 years. Nick is the author of a number of bodybuilding books including "Gluteus to the Maximus - Build a Bigger Butt NOW!", "Muscle Explosion! 28 Days To Maximum Mass", "Metabolic Surge - Rapid Fat Loss," "The Best Exercises You've Never Heard Of," and "The Best Abdominal Exercises You've Never Heard Of", all designed to maximize the results you get for the hard work you put into your training.

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Simple Ways To Choose Foods With A Discerning Eye For Weight Loss

If you ask ten people what the hardest part of losing weight is, nine of them will say shopping for food. When you are dieting and trying to slim down, the most daunting place you can go is your local supermarket. There is just so much food and you can't get in and out without passing by your favorite sweet treat or deli counter. Shopping for groceries when you are trying to lose weight takes a bit of practice, but once you've learned the basics, you'll be able to sail right past those cookie samples without even a glance. Here are a few tips to get you in and out without a hitch.

Shop the Perimeters

A good rule of thumb when shopping your local grocery store is to hug the outer lanes of the store to find the healthiest foods. Typically, grocery stores line the perimeter of the store with the produce cases, the dairy case, and the fresh meats and fish. The inside aisles hold the majority of the prepackaged foods that you want to avoid. This is generally speaking, of course, but give it a try at your grocery store and see if it works that way for you.

Shop for Color

As you push your cart along the outer walls of the store, look for the bright and vibrant-color foods. We have learned in our nutrition classes that foods with rich, bright, or dark colors generally have more nutrients than those with a pale color. For instance, strawberries and eggplants have a higher nutrient-density than potatoes or onions. Even though potatoes and onions are perfectly fine and offer nutrition, to get the most bang out of your dieting buck, go for the bright colors. You can apply this to proteins in many instances, as well. You know a deep red salmon fillet is going to be more nutrient-dense than a salmon fillet that has a light color.

Avoid Sugar by Any Name

You would be surprised at all the places sugar can hide in a grocery store. It is practically around every corner. Since sugar will rob you of your weight loss goals, it is important to turn into a detective in order to avoid it. Just for reference, here is a laundry list of aliases for sugar.

* Agave nectar

* Barley malt syrup

* Brown sugar

* Cane sugar

* Corn sweetener

* Corn syrup, or corn syrup solids

* Dehydrated cane juice

* Dextrin

* Dextrose

* Fructose

* Fruit juice concentrate

* Glucose

* High-fructose corn syrup

* Honey

* Invert sugar

* Lactose

* Maltodextrin

* Malt syrup

* Maltose

* Maple syrup

* Molasses

* Powdered sugar

* Raw sugar

* Rice syrup

* Saccharose

* Sorghum or sorghum syrup

* Sucrose

* Syrup

* Treacle

* Turbinado sugar

* Xylose

Of course, not all sugar is created equal. Raw sugar may be a better choice than refined sugar. However, when it comes to weight loss, your body isn't going to know the difference. It's going to want to turn that sugar into fat. Learn your sugars and learn what levels are tolerable for your diet. Be aware also that most processed foods that are labeled “low fat” have added sugar to adjust the taste. Here again, you need to know what is better for you and know your tolerable limits. Labels are your friend – get used to reading them.

Whole Grains vs Refined Grains

One of the easiest tips to remember when buying bread, pasta, flour, and any type of baking ingredients is to go for whole grains rather than refined grains. Eating whole grains add much needed fiber and nutrients to your healthy diet. Fiber helps speed digestion and metabolism both. Refined grains have all that goodness cleaned right out of them during the refining process. Eating whole wheat pastas and breads, and baking with whole grain products, will take some getting used to, but you can ease into it by using half refined and half whole grain to get started. It won't be long before you prefer the firmer texture and nuttier flavor of your favorite muffin recipe made with whole grains.

You don't have to carry a big list of foods allowed on a special diet along with you to the grocery store. You just have to shop smarter with these simple rules. It's easier to eat healthy when you have simple tricks to use when you're in the grocery store. If you fill your cart with foods from the perimeters, brightly colored foods, foods without added sugar, and whole grains, you are well on your way to eating a diet that will help you lose weight now and keep it off for a lifetime.

[We’re publishing recipes at that support our theme of "Eating To Lose Weight: Adding The Right Foods To Promote Weight Loss."]

Friday, December 16, 2011

Weight Loss Breakthrough For 2012

My partners over at Prograde have some exciting new information you'll want to read as it pertains to weight loss.

They have also released their latest supplement called Genesis and right now you can stock up as they have a 20% discount.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A meal delivery service

More and more people are on the path to lose weight. And more and more people are learning about the advantages of a meal delivery service. Meal delivery services aren’t new but chef prepared meals are new. They solve a number of problems faced by many people around the world.

What is is a meal delivery service. They’re a leading diet service provider based in Florida. They’re publicly traded and made Forbes’s Best of The Web list in the diet and nutrition category. At you can buy nutrition supplements and fitness products. You can subscribe to their online weight loss program and you can subscribe to their home meal delivery service. All of the features of are designed to help you lose weight.

How Does the Meal Delivery Service Work?

To get started with eDiets meal delivery service the first step is to sign up. Most often you get one free week to try the service out. The next step is to log in and choose your menu. eDiets offers more than fifty foods to choose from. Everyone can find something they enjoy. Your chosen meals are prepared by an on staff chef. They’re then packaged and shipped directly to you via UPS.

All you have to do is warm up the meals. They come in a microwave safe dish! One wonderful feature of eDiets is that you can view the menu and the foods before you sign up. Meals range from barbeque chicken to lasagna to beef shitake salad with white rice. One quick look at the meal possibilities and you can see that eDiets strives to make each meal nutritionally balanced.

All of the meals are prepared by hand and don’t contain any MSG, trans fats or artificial sweeteners. You get real food prepared by real people in calorie controlled portions and designed by nutritionists and dieticians to provide you with a balanced diet and weight loss. The program is designed to help you lose one to two pounds a week. This is the recommended amount that doctors and fitness experts recommend.

Who Is For? is for anyone who wants to lose weight. It’s great for busy professionals and families. However, you don’t have to be “busy” to reap the benefits. It takes much of the guesswork out of the diet and weight loss challenge. You don’t have to plan your meals, calculate your calories or grocery shop. And you don’t have to cook. All the work is done for you.

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Alkaline Diet: Pros, Cons, and Do They Really Affect Acid Levels in the Body?

Alkaline Diet: Pros, Cons, and Do They Really Affect Acid Levels in the Body?

Emotional Overeating and Weight Gain

None of us likes to gain weight but it happens and usually we know why but if you find yourself gaining weight and don’t know why it can be even more frustrating. Because emotional overeating involves mindless eating it often creeps up on you which could explain that unknown weight gain. Here are some more things to look at to help you identify whether or not you suffer from emotional overeating.

Unexplainable Weight Gain

We already briefly mentioned this in the above paragraph but it’s worth repeating. Because emotional eating is often done mindlessly, the weight gain ‘sneaks’ up so if you’re eating somewhat healthy, even working out regularly but still gaining weight you could be an emotional overeater. One thing to pay attention to is, if when you’re feeling emotional (sad, angry, etc) how you eat – do you turn to junk/comfort foods during these times? If so that could explain why even with healthy eating and working out regularly you’re gaining weight.

A Sudden Urge

Do you notice that you have food cravings out of the blue? For example you could be sitting watching TV, reading a book, working on the computer (whatever it may be) and all of a sudden for no explained reason you have this sudden urge for a bag of potato chips or your favorite ice cream. A lot of emotional overeaters say these irresistible cravings come on frequently. If it’s true hunger it’s more of a gradual thing that comes on over the course of an hour or few hours not suddenly like these cravings.


It’s been found that emotional eating has been linked to depressed more and more these days. Start paying attention to those periodic bouts of depression (we all get them) and how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking. If during these times you find yourself thinking of food, especially a specific thing like ice cream or cookies or potato chips (any comfort food really) this can certainly be a sign that your overeating is based on emotions.


Are you going through a stressful time in your life simultaneous to your weight gain? Have you seen that pattern before? Stress, with its accompanying anxiety and other negative feelings, can trigger someone to overeat in response to those feelings.


Take note of how you feel after you get done eating. If you find yourself feeling ashamed or consumed by guilt these are definite signs that you’re emotionally overeating. If you were eating normally there would be absolutely no feelings of guilt or shame!

Specific Cravings

This was mentioned briefly above but it’s getting mentioned again because it’s an important one.

Keep in mind that if you were truly hungry and not emotionally overeating, you would be open to any food not a specific food like what you’re craving. Meaning, if all of a sudden you get this crazy irresistible urge for a big bowl of mashed potatoes because you’re ‘starving’ you would be open (if you were truly ‘starving’/hungry) to eating a tuna fish sandwich. An emotional overeater generally isn’t open to anything other than whatever craving hits them at that time.

Fit A Healthy Diet Into Your Lifestyle To Make Weight Loss Easier

Ask anyone who is starting a weight loss program and you'll hear a groan when the word “diet” comes into the conversation. Taking time out to pick a diet, plan your food, and actually follow the plan can be exhausting and frustrating. To avoid all this, many folks are tempted to skip all that and just shed those extra pounds by starving themselves for a couple weeks. However, all the experts agree that this quick starvation diet method just doesn't work. Losing weight is a process, and like it or not, it takes planning. Here are some tips to make your dieting more effective, healthier, and something that will fit your lifestyle.

Make Eating Simple

Instead of being overly concerned with counting calories, measuring portion sizes, or performing college algebra just to eat your lunch, try thinking of your food in simple terms. Looking at your plate, focus on color variety, for instance. If you make sure you have a plate filled with different colors, your diet will naturally be healthier and more satisfying. If everything on your plate is white, your diet will suffer and your weight loss program will be jeopardized. Rather than measure ounces and calories, just choose portions that are about the size of your fist. Depending on your diet, you will want one or two “fist” size portions of protein, vegetables, fruit, dairy, and carbs. Put away the scale, the calorie counter, and the list of foods allowed. Keep it simple to stay on track without the frustration.

Don't Make an Off-Limits List

Try not to think of certain foods as “off-limits,” rather cut your portion sizes in half or allow a favorite food less often. This allows you to keep the foods you like while still making healthier choices. When you ban certain food groups, it can backfire. You could end up craving those foods even more. Then when you give in to temptation, you feel like a failure and the downward spiral begins. If you over-do it, don't beat yourself up, just get up and make the next choice a healthy one. If you can't resist that chocolate chip cookie, just follow it up with a large glass of cold water or milk, and make sure dinner consists of super-healthy choices with extra servings of crunchy vegetables.

Eat Socially

Whenever possible, eat with others. Eating in a group setting allows for healthy eating habits, such as eating slower and taking smaller bites. Mindless over-eating tends to happen in front of a computer or television. Eating in groups creates conversation, which means you'll be taking breaks between bites. This process over the coarse of a meal allows time to listen to your body, especially when it tells you it is full.

Take Your Time

When you do eat alone, remind yourself to slow down. Rushing through a meal is never a good idea. It takes about 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain that you're full. Plate up your food in an attractive way. Sit at the table, not in front of the television. Choose foods that take some time to chew and chew that food slowly and savor the flavors. With each slow bite, you are allowing your stomach and brain to catch up so you begin to feel full faster. Now your brain has a chance to tell you to stop eating when you no longer feel hungry.

Eat Breakfast

We've all heard that a good day starts with a good breakfast. This is true for several reasons. The term “breakfast” does actually mean to “break” your “fast.” During your sleeping hours, your body went into hibernation mode. Think of a bear in a den during the winter. A bear's metabolism slows down and their body stores fat for the long winter nap. Your body is doing something similar each and every night; slowing down and storing fat. In the morning, your body is “told” that it can stop storing fat when you give it some nutrition in the way of some healthy food. Your breakfast jump-starts your metabolism by telling your body that it's time to burn some fat for energy. Skipping breakfast keeps your body in hibernation mode. It still thinks it has to store fat away for later. It just makes sense to have an egg, a glass of milk, some yogurt, a handful of nuts, a bowl of oatmeal, or a muffin to wake up your metabolism.

Eat Several Smaller Meals and Snacks

We have also heard about having “3 square meals” a day. Unlike the breakfast anthem we just discussed, this one isn't considered a wise move anymore, especially when it comes to weight loss. Rather than eating three large meals a day, having several smaller meals and interspersing healthy snacks throughout the day keeps your body's metabolism on a steady course which keeps the blood sugar levels on an even keel. Starting with breakfast, then midday snack, then a light lunch, then another snack, then dinner, then another snack; you get the picture. Choose the schedule that works best with your day and just be sure to not allow yourself to get really hungry during the day. That hungry feeling is a sign that your body is scared it won't get fed and it's gone into fat-storing mode.

To set yourself up for success rather than failure, think about your healthy diet in these smaller, more manageable steps rather than one big drastic change. People often think of healthy eating as an all or nothing proposition, but a key foundation for any healthy diet is moderation. Your diet is about more than the food on your plate; it is also about how you think about food and how your body reacts. With just a few changes in your eating habits, you could be on your way to that ideal weight.

[We’re publishing recipes at that support our theme of "Eating To Lose Weight: Adding The Right Foods To Promote Weight Loss."]

Saturday, December 10, 2011

5 Surprising Foods To Help You Lose Weight

It may surprise you to know you don't have to nibble on celery sticks or carrots to get that metabolism going to burn calories to lose weight. Many foods are thought to be fattening, when in fact they actually can help your body burn fat so you can slim down faster. There are good reasons to re-think some of the “forbidden” foods when deciding what foods to choose for your diet. Let's take a look at a few of these much aligned foods to set the record straight.


Who would have thought that this small nut would have such a significant impact on weight loss? A Purdue University study showed that when compared to eating rice cakes, people who ate a handful of almonds felt fuller longer. Surprisingly, almonds are loaded with fat, but it's good fat. It's the kind of fat that your brain and body needs to function. Enjoy about 16 to 20 almonds every day to satisfy your hunger without overloading on calories.

Olive Oil

A healthy intake of fats can help you lose weight. How? By controlling hunger. Fats make you feel full. Monounsaturated fats are a good choice because you will keep cholesterol under control while satisfying your cravings, and olive oil fits the bill. Eliminating fats from your diet to lose weight has been a dieting standard for many years, but certain fats are essential to a healthy diet. This concept is surprising to many long-term dieters. But, in these modern times, science has proven that oils, the right oil, provides nutrition that your body needs as well as weight loss benefits.

Peanut Butter

Who would have guessed that a kid-friendly food could be diet friendly, too? Peanut butter is packed with niacin, which keeps the digestive system on track and prevents belly bloat. Just keep an eye on portion size because peanut butter can have a lot of fat and even sugar. Limit yourself to no more than two tablespoons a day and be sure to pick a natural peanut butter so you avoid the added sugars.

Parmigiano- Reggiano Cheese

Another on the list of unexpected foods to help slim you down is a particular favorite of most foodies. This low-calorie, calcium-rich treat activates the body's fat-burning hormones, say University of Wisconsin researchers. This cheese also has a higher protein content compared to other dairy products. Consider adding this powerhouse of flavor to roasted vegetables for that little extra boost.

Animal Fats

We've been told for so long that you have to eliminate animal fat from your diet to lose weight, that it's hard to wrap your head around this one, right? But, new research has proven that animal fat provides some nutritional value you need and may be a better choice than other forms of fat in some cases. Not only does fat in your food make you feel full, but certain animal fat may provide your body with some missing elements. Even the much dreaded lard has been making a dietary come back. Your body needs vitamin D to feel good and to function. Interestingly, foods that provide vitamin D, all of which are animal foods, tend to be high in cholesterol. What does this have to do with weight loss? If you are not getting enough vitamin D, you will not be active. Your bones and muscles are going to suffer, keeping you sedentary, which is a disaster when trying to lose weight. So, animal fats in moderation should be on your weight loss radar.

Through the years, there have been diet gurus who have pitched some pretty far-fetched ideas about weight loss. Usually, it comes down to moderation. Avoiding certain foods entirely, even the foods that “sound” fattening, may not be the best way to lose weight and keep it off. It's confusing, I know. But, give it some thought and decide for yourself which weight loss theories make sense to you.

[We’re publishing recipes at that support our theme of "Eating To Lose Weight: Adding The Right Foods To Promote Weight Loss."]

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197 Healthy And Delicious Fat Burning Recipes

This is EXACTLY why I love partnering with Prograde Nutrition. They want what's best for you. Unlike supplement companies that feed you blatant lies and exaggerations, these guys just tell you the truth.

They know that supplements have their place in health and fitness. But they also know - and preach - that eating whole foods is the center piece of your nutrition plan. And to prove it they just came out with this awesome little ebook called "197 Healthy And Delicious Fat Burning Recipes" that will make your life a whole lot easier.

The best part? It's only $4.95 because they think - and so do I - that it's just too important for you not to get your hands on.

Look, I know most people think eating healthy means bland and boring meals. That is absolutely, positively FALSE.

Get a copy of Prograde's "197 Healthy And Delicious Fat Burning Recipes" and taste for yourself.

Yours in health,
Arthur M.

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Need At-Home Fat Burning Workouts

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2. There's an old saying, "You can't out-train a bad diet." However, some research subjects claim that intervals CAN help you lose fat even if you're diet is filled with holiday treats. Let's face it, we all know that we are going to eat too much and too many treats this month, so we may as well use the proven workout system that will help us avoid belly fat - and research has shown us that interval training is the best system to do that. (PLUS, we can use bodyweight exercises in circuit format to burn fat without equipment in place of intervals.)

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4. Just think of all the time you'll save by being able to do your workouts at home all month, instead of battling holiday traffic to and from the gym. Plus, you'll probably get so hooked on these short, burst workouts that you'll keep using them at home during the January gym rush. Why bother with the crowds when you can get more results in less time at home?

5. There is still time to work on achieving your 2010 New Year's Resolutions...before you set new ones for 2011. It doesn't matter if you've struggled for the last 11 months, with the at-home fat burning system, you can still lose pounds and inches over the holidays...even though you'll only be exercising for just 3 short workouts each week.

6. In the holiday spirit, we're giving you BIG-TIME extra gifts. So not only will you get the 31 Intervals Workouts AND the TT Bodyweight Cardio program to help you burn fat at home, but you'll also get the NEW "Turbulence Training Bodyweight Cardio 1000" workout challenge to keep you totally addicted to short, burst workouts over the holidays. It won't matter how many treats you have at the office party when you are using this simple, fun, and effective at-home fat burning system to melt off the pounds.

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How to Lose Belly Fat: Tips for a Flatter Stomach

How to Lose Belly Fat: Tips for a Flatter Stomach

Top 10 At-Home Fat Burning Workouts

With holiday parties, shopping, and work deadlines filling your schedule this month, you need short, burst workouts to help you stick to your fat burning schedule.

Fortunately, you can get an amazing workout in at home to stay in shape over the holidays...even if you only have 15 minutes to exercise a few days per week.

That's the great news about short, burst workouts...a little bit of effort now has been proven by scientists to be just as effective - and even better - for fat loss and fitness results.

Here are just a few at-home workout ideas to get you started:

1. Use the first superset of your favorite Turbulence Training workout and do as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes. Why? Because the first superset always contains the most effective exercises.

2. "30 seconds on, 30 seconds off" doing kettlebell swings

3. Burpees

4. Kettlebell Exercises Paired With TRX Exercises (although this involves owning a LOT of equipment and having a lot of space)

5. TT Bodyweight Cardio Workouts (that don't require any equipment at all)

6. Intervals supersetted with ab exercises like planks or side planks (which are made harder by the high breathing rate)

7. Bodyweight Challenges - Like the Bodyweight Cardio 1000 (Challenge type workouts get you hooked on exercise and prevent you from skipping workouts)

8. DB-BW Fusion Workouts - Pair a dumbbell exercise and bodyweight exercise together in a superset and go back and forth as many times as possible in 10 minutes.

9. Hybrid Triset Workouts - 3 exercises performed in a tri-set, using one dumbbell exercise, one bodyweight exercise, and one kettlebell or stability ball exercise. Requires just a little equipment, but work great!

10. Adrenaline Circuits - Combining bodyweight exercises and short, burst adrenaline style interval training methods. (Adrenaline intervals are covered in the 31 Interval Workouts manual.)

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5 Tricky Foods To Help You Lose Weight

When you think of losing weight, your first thought is naturally about the foods you will have to eliminate from your diet. But, how often do you think about the foods you need to add? Probably not very often. While some diet and weight loss programs talk about eating less, others emphasize adding foods to your diet. Not just any foods, however. There are several foods considered to have some real tricks for anyone trying to lose weight. Here are a few foods that are right at the top of the list.


Oatmeal and oat bran are loaded with fiber and when eaten can expand to almost 30 times their volume. The combination of these two effects decreases your appetite by making you feel fuller longer. You can go for long periods of time without eating while keeping your energy levels high at the same time. In order to increase the effectiveness of your weight loss program, eat oatmeal about two hours before doing your workout. Steel-cut oats, rolled oats, and plain or natural oatmeal are your best options. Avoid the instant flavored oatmeal in packets as they contain lots of sugar and other additives, and they are much more processed, meaning the fiber content is decreased.

Raw Fruits and Vegetables

Your body burns, on average, 15% more calories when your meals contain mostly raw fruits and veggies than if you ate a meal with no fruits or vegetables. It just makes sense, then, in order to lose weight you want to eat meals consisting of mostly raw ingredients. Since these ingredients still have all of their nutrients, your body gets what it needs while you feel satisfied. Also, fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin C, like lemons, oranges, and pineapple help your body to mobilize and flush out extra body fat.


For years, people have claimed that adding spices to your diet can help with weight loss. Recently, a professor at Oxford University, found that by eating just 3 grams of chili peppers in a meal can increase your fat-burning metabolism by 8% to 20%, for up to three hours after eating the peppers. Also, the addition of spicy mustard to your sandwich may burn an extra 45 to 75 calories over the same three hour time span. And, just by adding fresh ginger to your diet, you get a strong diuretic. Fresh ginger also increases growth hormone production, therefore increasing the amount of fat released from your body's fat stores for burning as fuel.


While eating raw fruits in general is typically considered a great way to lose weight, apples are especially important to single out. Apples contain pectin, which prevents your body from over-absorbing fat, as well as causing your body to release some of the stored fat. A study done in Brazil found that people who ate an apple before each meal lost 33% more weight than a group of people who didn't eat an apple. Pectin also acts as an appetite suppressant, so they are great snacks to tide you over between meals.


Not only are most fish loaded with tons of omega-3s, but fish like tuna, sardines, and salmon trigger the hormone leptin. Leptin is a fat-burning hormone that suppresses your appetite and determines whether you store the calories you eat as fat, or if you burn those calories for energy. The origin of the word is interesting, too. Leptin originated from the Greek word “leptos” which means “slender.” So, adding more leptin to your diet may just prove to be slenderizing for you.

Eating certain foods to lose weight is not a brand new theory. We've often heard about diet fads that include one or two foods that dominate the program. The idea of eating specific foods that have been scientifically studied is a much more recent development in the weight loss world. When you look at the reasons why certain foods actually help you burn fat and calories, it just makes sense to add those foods to your diet plan.

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