Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How did John lose 125 lbs eating burgers?

Burn Fat…with a Burger? YES, it’s true!

Want to know the secret to burning LOTS OF FAT…by eating foods in your favorite restaurant?

Kim Lyons, former trainer The Biggest Loser, is ready to show you how it works.

John lost 125 lbs of fat by eating burgers, calamari, and the other yummy restaurant foods that Kim recommended in her online fat loss program.

Kim recently flew to John’s hometown to shoot a short video with him at his favorite sports bar. Kim reveals the same fat loss tricks she recommended for John that allowed him to enjoy delicious foods and BURN OFF 125 Lbs…

How John Lost 125 lbs by eating burgers and other favorites

Want the list of secrets and strategies she gave John for burning fat with delicious restaurant meals? It’s now a SPECIAL BONUS download to the video that you can have…F.REE…when you click the link above. Enjoy!

Arthur M.

P.S. If you enjoy today’s video, wait until tomorrow! You will learn how to get better, faster results with your workouts in a lot LESS time!

P.P.S. This video and free “sports bar food secrets” download will only be up for a short time! Here’s the link again:

How John Lost 125 lbs eating burgers at sports bars

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