Sunday, December 5, 2010

Burn your belly fat by eating all day (new eating system)

A personal trainer from England (got to love the accent), has grabbed our weight loss situation by the scruff of the neck and is causing quite a stir.

His new healthy eating plan which destroyed 8lbs of fat and 12lbs of fat in 7 days from Woman’s World reviewers has transformed the lives of thousands of women in England and everyone’s started talking about over here.

In fact, if you can fill a food container with Simon’s 8 fat melting foods then you’re in for a treat.

The diet works by balancing your blood sugar levels by ‘grazing’ throughout the day on the contents of Simon’s special, tasty lunch boxes. Not only will it help you to lose weight, but you’ll also see radical improvements to your health, hair, energy and skin.

What’s more there’s no calorie counting, no silly meals and you’re never hungry. I know, it’s quite shocking and that’s why the magazines are reporting that Cameron Diaz is a fan…

Elle Magazine in the UK called it ‘the best diet’ 5/5.

You should really head here and take a look…

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