Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cardio or Weights?

Which do you prefer?

The majority of women polled on popular online fitness websites choose....Cardio!

Why the preference for Cardio if the body shaping, toning and firming results are not achieved?

1. It's EASY

How much effort and thought do you have to put into getting on a treadmill for 30-60-90 minutes? You can chat with your friends, read a magazine or even watch TV.

2. Immediate Feedback

This is in regards to the traditional cardio machines. How many of you hop on the treadmill with the goal of burning "X" amount of calories? It is extremely comforting to "see" you are making progress.....however, this is misleading feedback.

Fat loss is about how many calories your body burns 24-7 (a higher metabolism means more fat loss) - not how many calories you burn per workout. Women get caught up in thinking .....the more calories I burn, the better or faster results I will achieve.

Not the direction you want to go in.

First, cardio does nothing to increase your metabolism for the next 24 hours - in fact your metabolism returns to normal shortly after you finish.

Plus, if your goal is to burn as many calories as possible, it is likely you are spending a tremendous amount of time "doing" cardio - once you are good at going past 30 minutes, you are in the DANGER zone when it comes to preserving your lean muscle.

You see, the longer you "do" cardio, the more your body dips into the protein in your muscle to give you the energy to keep going.

This is one of the reasons why many women increase the amount of time spent "doing" cardio - for with a slower metabolism, results stall, leading to thoughts of having to
exercise more to keep get back to seeing results!

I hope you can see that this is a dead end road.

3. Fear of Weights

Top two comments I hear in regards to weights....

"I don't want to bulk up"

"It's just too complicated"

Well as many of you already know from following me and what I write ~ women just cannot get big from lifting weights.

Our hormones limit us to simply increase strength and tone/firmness when it comes to muscle gains.

Adding muscle to your body has a HOST of fat burning, skinny jean-wearing and  health benefits.

Strength training does not have to be complicated, boring or feel unproductive.

First of all, the women who are stating that they do not feel productive after a resistance training workout are really missing some key factors.

When you follow a short burst resistance training plan, there is nothing more invigorating, satisfying or leaves you feeling confidently accomplished - would you agree Fit Yummy Mummy's?

Second, if resistance training feels appears to be too complicated - time to switch up your plan.

The Fit Yummy Mummy design simplifies your workout so you are finished in a mere 15 minutes - not a whole lot of complicated moves in this style of workout.

Plus it is FUN to move your Body and see the increase in strength....not just during your workout, but in Everyday Life!

4. "But Cardio worked ....when I was younger...."

I know it did for me and thousands of other women who used to be able to jump on a treadmill for 20-30-60 minutes a couple times a week and Wa- Lah! Instant results!

Many of the enthusiastic pro-cardio comments may very well be from women in their early 20's.

Human nature leads us to stick with what we know....because it is easy.

However, as your body adapts and as time passes – creating a host or hormonal changes as well - the same routine just will not cut it like it used to.

Remember the comment above: I love the feeling when doing cardio, strength training is just hard work.

I have to break it to you..... Easy does not get results.

Not one of the FYM Success Stories would describe the Fit Yummy Mummy workout plan as "easy" - there is effort that must be put into your workout to keep it challenging but the way the workouts are designed allow you to easily COMPLETE and FIT them into your day.

There is just NO getting around the amazing, transforming, life changing benefits of resistance training.

Of course those who follow a well rounded and balanced fitness plan know cardio does play a role but also understand that cardio alone is not the end all, be all answer to true fat loss results.

Convinced that Cardio is NOT the end all be all answer?

Ready to make the switch to short burst, strength training, 15 minute workouts?

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Arthur M.

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