Tuesday, August 24, 2010

8th Turbulence Training (TT) Transformation Contest

They've just released the finalists for the 8th TT Transformation  Contest.

i) First, they have FOUR categories of inspiration for you:

1) Women Under 40
2) Women Over 40
3) Men Under 40
4) Men Over 40

Here's the link to the voting page:

=> http://bit.ly/cXrHmM

Voting ends on Wednesday at midnight.

ii) The winners will be posted on the main Transformation page on Thursday afternoon. Here's the link but please not before that time:

=> http://bit.ly/6lrNWD

iii) And finally, YES, there will be a 9th TT Transformation Contest AND there will also be a mini 6-week bonus contest.

The registration rules for can be found here:

=> http://bit.ly/dxPjQo

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