Saturday, July 31, 2010

More About The Workout System...

It's been going on now for 5 days...

... but all good things must come to an end.

Jon Benson's 61% off sale that includes BOTH his best-sellers, "7 Minute Body" and "7 Minute Muscle" comes to a close this Sunday at midnight...

     ( You get BOTH books for one price and that price is 61% off until Sunday... ) <

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More About The Workout System...

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7 Minute Body is the in-home version of 7 Minute Muscle.

If you're super-busy or if you're over the age of 55 and want a reasonable exercise plan, 7 Minute Body is for you.

7 Minute Muscle is the same principles applied to what Jon does: Gym-based workouts. Same super-short workouts, but using weights rather than bodyweight or resistance bands.

You've probably seen the science... but now here's the word on the street:

     "Three weeks ago I started a personal 12 week challenge
      (hate contests with others). I started at 129kg (283.8lbs),
      41 inch waist, 23% bodyfat. Thanks to 7 Minute Muscle and
      EODD, and Tom V's scientific goal setting, in 3 weeks I've
      lost 5.5kg (12.1lbs) of fat, 1.4 inches, and 2.3% bodyfat."
      -- John Mulcahy

     "I must really say a huge thank you for 7 Minute Body... I
      have seen great gains in the past 3 months having used it!
      Not to mention how enjoyable the workouts are."
      -- Sandy W.; South Africa

     "I purchased 7 Minute Muscle and have been following it
      for a couple of months.  Have dropped 43lbs over the last
      4 months and gained muscle mass by using your program...
     At age 66 I am getting in pretty good shape and my stamina
     has increased tremendously..."
     -- John Belding

That's three out of hundreds of unsolicited testimonials Jon receives every week from readers just like you who decided to...

:  Shorten their workouts by up to 80% and see better results;

:  Try a system that has progression built-in to it so you never
   have to think about whether or not you're moving forward;

:  Apply the most cutting-edge scientific principles of resistance
   training that demand shorter, more effective workouts and
   greater results;

:  Combine resistance and cardio-style training into one
   session to shed bodyfat and gain lean muscle at the
   same time;

:  To finally have a workout system that's easy on the joints
   but still increases power and shape!...

And so much more... all at 61% Off UNTIL SUNDAY...

Here: <


Arthur M.

P.S.  Here's Jon's blow-it-out surprise:

Next week the Intermediate/Advanced 7 Minute Workout Videos come out featuring pro trainer Vince DelMonte. These videos show Vince training live doing Jon's Phase 2 Protocol (14 minutes; still 7 minutes per body part) and some incredible advanced techniques for fat burning and putting on lean muscle.

Anyone who owns 7 Minute Muscle or 7 Minute Body before Sunday midnight will get a shot at these videos BEFORE the general public... and at more than 50% off retail... much more...

But you need to go here now, this weekend, to ensure your spot in line, as these videos will go fast...

Remember:  To get the videos you MUST own 7 Minute Body or 7 Minute Muscle... sorry, but no cutting in line here!  : )

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