Friday, July 16, 2010

FDA Bans Another Weight Loss Drug

We should all take a big, huge, massive sigh of relief.

Finally... the FDA did something right when it comes to bogus "magic" diet-fatburn pills.

A panel of experts reviewed Vivus Inc.'s new wonder-pill "Qnexa" today.

They gave it the thumbs-down.


Oh... pesky little reported side-effects like... (are you ready for this?)...

     Heart Attacks
     Increased Risk of Suicide (yikes!)
     Memory/Concentration Loss

You know... "minor" stuff like that.

GEEZ. What the hell are these drug companies thinking?

Oh, right...

     Quick-Fix =

Got it.

So, I am going to believe that YOU are much smarter than the morons who tried to get this drug past the FDA.

I'm going to assume you want a solution to this obesity pandemic and your own fat loss issues (if you have them) that do NOT involve risking your life for a thinner you.

"Oh, Marge... she looks so thin in her casket..."


One day... perhaps even in my lifetime... someone will invent a chemical that actually works to shed body fat without harming the body. That will be a great day for all of us.

Even so, I can all but promise you that this chemical will have its nasty side-effects and/or be limited in duration or power.

Nothing, repeat NOTHING you can pop in your mouth will give you the JOY that managing your diet plan and bodyweight can give you.


It's one of the greatest feelings in the world.

And here's a fantastic clue for you: 

The reason we want to be thin is because of the FEELING it gives us.

Most everything we do is based on feelings.

Quick-fixes negate the most powerful thing about feelings: 

     Earning the right to have them.

Think of it this way: Would you feel more alive and powerful if you climbed a mountain or if you took a helicopter ride to the summit?

Sure, the helicopter is easy... but which is more personally rewarding?

Think of your own body transformation goals as your personal mountain to climb.

No helicopters... just really good guides (I'm sharing a "guide" with you today that I personally think is one of the best guys in the fitness industry) and solid climbing tools (like a great real-world diet plan, solid workouts that work WITH your schedule, and realistic but exciting goals.) 

Your goals will become your base camps along your summit of your personal journey to the best you possible.

Color me silly, but I think that sounds FAR more empowering and rewarding that popping pills.

As you may know Jon Benson wrote one of the top books in the world on "real-world" weight loss (spelled that way so the spambox won't eat your email... : ) called "The Every Other Day Diet plan."

He made this dietary System as easy as possible... but NO plan is "easy" and there is NO quick-fixes out there without serious price tags.

That said, he has some "rebel tricks" to share with you today based off just a few pages in his best-seller... and they won't put you six feet under before your time.

Here's Jon's article, "Rebel Fatloss Tricks"... go see it: <==

You can't sell this stuff in a bottle... but it works to get the body fat off and keep it off.


Arthur M.

P.S.  If you pick up Jon's diet plan (on the article page above) you'll find in the Member's Area three supplements that actually DO work to help you burn-off-fat... but they do not work like magic. They work like they're supposed to: Realistically, and without harming your body.

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