Tuesday, May 25, 2010

See you in Maui?

How would you like to get in the best shape of your life and get a paid-for vacation to Maui?  If that is of interest then you have to see what Tom Venuto has cooking over at 'Burn The Fat Inner Circle' People are extremely excited about the upcoming Burn the Fat body transformation challenge contest and this page reveals all of the details: 

Burn the Fat Body Transformation Challenge

For example, this was just posted on the inner circle discussion forums today:


"I just wanted to thank Tom for putting this competition together and collecting prizes that are HIGHLY motivating.

I've never been to Maui and I've never owned a bikini and I've never had a six pack belly. So at 39, after four babies, I am VERY EXCITED to have all three:

A trip to Maui in a new bikini on a great new lean, muscular body.

No more hiding the loose skin that has accumulated on my abs, no more loose shirts and no more muffin-top!!!

This upcoming competition and the support from the inner-circle will be the missing ingredients to my weight-loss/fat-loss regime.

I tend to swipe  food from the kids plates and am not a  morning person, but the thought of going to Maui and transforming this body before I turn 40 is going to get me up and out of bed and keep these lips guarded on what I eat!

I am just so ready to begin. I re-read BFFM, and plan to read every article in the library while a member of the inner-circle.

Time to sweat!"

- Lori


The excitement and anticipation in the Burn The Fat Inner Circle forums is like nothing I've ever seen before!

The contest information has now been posted here:

Burn the Fat Body Transformation Challenge

(see the Maui prize package on that page)

It's going to be a body-transforming and life-changing summer for a LOT of people. I hope you're one of them.

Train hard,

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