Friday, May 28, 2010

Eat It Raw and Eat It Whole

Yup, it’s our nutritional motto for weight loss and good health: “Eat it Raw and Eat it Whole!” Catchy, we know, but you might want a few more details. Here goes. Eat as many foods as you can in their whole natural state without cooking or processing them. For example, most fruits and vegetables can be eaten raw and whole. You’re probably thinking, “Raw potatoes aren’t a lot of fun.” Fair enough. But let’s look at potatoes. Peeling, boiling and mashing is how many people enjoy spuds. Yet by eliminating the peel you’re ditching many of the vitamins and minerals, not to mention the fiber. Next, boiling potatoes leaches out even more vitamins and minerals into the water (this is true for all produce). And when you mash them, you make it ever easier for your body to convert these carbohydrates to their simplest form—sugar.

A healthier option is to wash several small red potatoes, cut them into wedges with the skin left on and bake until chewy, NOT SOFT. This way you eat the skins, keep the nutrients in the vegetable instead of washing them down the drain, and you make your body work harder at digestion.

Why is digestive effort a good thing? It’s one of the secrets for increasing your metabolism and burning more calories without exercising. You see, most of us eat soft processed foods that convert quickly during digestion, but what if you chose foods that made your body work for its nourishment? For instance, do you think it’s easier to digest a slice of white bread or a stalk of celery? No question—the celery takes more work because of the cellulose plant fiber it contains (as do other types of produce and whole grains). If your body has to work hard that means it burns more calories as it breaks down food. Burning more calories from the food you eat gives your metabolism a boost. A faster metabolism means easier weight management. And just think … you didn’t even have to get off the couch.

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