Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Want to get to Vince Del Monte's wedding?

LOL... I'm not kidding around.  Vince Del Monte is running the coolest contest I've heard of in a long time...

All the information is explained by his fiancé, Flavia, and him, in a short video on his website:


Flavia comes from a family of 16 sibling (all from the same parents) and Vince is Italian so he has a pretty big family too.  I guess all of his family and friends want to "look hot" for their wedding so Flavia and Vince created a DVD and a program that they will use to get ready for their wedding and that YOU can use to get super sexy and ripped for summertime.

This is not even the best part...

1. They are going to be having quite the feast - a feast that many people in the world never get to experience so they are donating 50% of the profits to the Canadian Food Bank! 

2. They are having a 8-week transformation contest, that ends June 13 and they are inviting the top transformation student, plus their guest to their wedding!

All the details are in this short and entertaining video:


This was way too cool not to mention to you, especially if you're a Vince Del Monte fan!  Here is your chance to party, celebrate and get your picture with him on his wedding day with his beautiful wife-to-be, Flavia.

3. In terms of the program... Vince told me that it's includes weight training, cardio and nutrition guidelines for men and women and for any experience level.

Vince is using it to fill into his suit and get six-pack abs.  Flavia is using it to get her arms defined and her stomach completely flat and firm.  You can count on the info being his best - I don't think Vince would use a non effective program for the biggest day of his life!

Check it out... the price is affordable for everyone because he wants to raise a lot of money for the Food Bank and give a lot of people the chance to enter the contest.

Good luck.

Arthur M.

P.S. You only have 9-weeks from now so HURRY!  He set up a 62% off discount until Friday April 16th at midnight.

Here is the link again:


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