Monday, February 8, 2010

5 Reasons to Avoid Cardio for Fat Loss

Maybe you've been told that cardio is the best way to lose fat...but if you're not getting results with that long, slow, boring program then I have shocking news for you.

Recently, Men's Health and Women's Health fitness expert Craig Ballantyne emailed me the top 5 reasons why trainers should stop telling their clients to do cardio.

I was surprised by all of the research that is out there showing just how ineffective cardio is for fat loss.

I know I sure won't be using it to burn belly fat in the future.

Now sure, cardio is good for endurance athletes and for your health, but when it comes to fat loss, here are the 5 reasons to kick cardio to the curb:

1) Cardio machines over-estimate the number of calories burned by up to 31%. (reported in Mens Health, Feb 2009)

2) One research study found that when men and women did 6 hours of cardio every week for one year, they only lost 6 pounds. (Reference: Obesity 15:1496-1512, 2007. Exercise Effect on Weight and Body Fat in Men and Women. Anne McTiernan*, et al.)

3) When some people start a cardio program, they end up eating more, and may even gain weight because of this. (Reference: International Journal of Obesity 32: 177-184, 2008).

4) Even scientists admit that cardio does not burn as much fat as you'd expect based on the number of calories burned in a workout. (Reference: Br J Sports Med. 2009 Sep 29)

5) And finally, head-to-head research has shown that interval training works better than slow cardio for fat loss - even when diet is not changed. (Reference: Int J Obes 2008 Apr;32(4):684-91).


If you're like me, you would never have known about that research if it wasn't for experts like Craig Ballantyne exposing the truth about cardio.

Now you might be thinking, if cardio doesn't work, then WHAT DOES?

Well, don't panic. Insider experts like Craig have known for years that nutrition, interval training, and resistance training are the 3 most important secrets for helping you lose belly fat.

In fact, Craig's workout programs have been used by millions of men and women through his articles in Prevention, Men's Health, and Women's Health magazine, plus through his Turbulence Training program.

Now I'll be honest with you, and don't tell Craig this, but while his workouts in the magazines are good, they aren't nearly as fun and effective as the workouts in his Turbulence Training System.

In fact, I want you to try my very favorite Turbulence Training workout that you'll find here:


It's fun, fast, effective...and doesn't require any long, slow, boring cardio or fancy machines at your commercial gym.

So skip the cardio, because research and results prove that it just isn't worth your time.

To your success,

Arthur M.

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