Monday, February 1, 2010

1 "Weird" Workout Program

I've never tried a workout like this before...but I just reviewed the new Turbulence Training Adrenaline Circuit Workout and it looks so cool!

You'll agree though, that it's also kind of weird.

I mean NO other trainer is using intervals in this set-up, but Craig actually explains WHY you are doing them that way. If you're into the science behind workouts, you'll love his Adrenaline Intervals article.

(Of course, 95% of trainers out there don't have a clue about the science of fat loss - but with Turbulence Training Adrenaline, you'll get shown scientific PROOF that this program works.)

Turbulence Training is the ONLY choice for smart workouts that are proven, FUN, and guaranteed to get results.

And if this is the year that you're finally going to get the results you deserve, than you need the complete "4 for 1" Turbulence Training package that is on sale this week.

For beginners, you'll start with the TT Beginner Total Torso Training program, and then graduate to TT 2K10, then to TT Transformation, and finally to TT Adrenaline.

And if you're advanced and want the Ultimate Challenge, you can go directly to TT Adrenaline. Do that circuit challenge, and post your results on the TT Member's Forum.

Just say NO to cardio, and YES to results with Turbulence Training.

But hurry, the TT "4 for 1" offer ends on Wednesday, February 3rd.

On that day, the January workouts will be pulled from the offer.

But until then, you will get immediate access to all three January TT Workouts PLUS the new TT Adrenaline program for the price of one workout (only $19.95).

So it's now "4 for 1".

Oh, and the TT Kettlebell 15-Minute Express workout will be ready soon too! (So make that "5 for 1"!)

PLUS you'll also get 30 days free in the TT Member's area where you can ask Craig all of your training and nutrition questions

The total value of all of these workouts and bonuses is well over $119, but you can get this Complete TT 2K10 Package for only $19.95 today.

Click here to get started with this amazing fat burning deal:


But hurry, because this is your LAST CHANCE to get all of these workouts and bonuses for such a low investment before they get put back in the TT Member's Platinum Vault.

To Your Success,

Arthur M.

PS - Don't forget, you will also receive...

...30 days access to the TT Member's area and forum where you can ask Craig ALL of your training and nutrition questions.

Craig watches that forum like a HAWK, checking in every few hours to make sure all questions get answered and new members get welcomed.

So make sure to take advantage of his help and the complete social support system from all other TT Members.

PPS - Get ready for TT Adrenaline...

...this is a new scientifically-formulated workout program unlike any other Turbulence Training workout Craig has ever designed...

...Click here to get access to the workouts IMMEDIATELY:


NOTE: This promotion ends on Wednesday, February 3rd, and then these three workouts will be removed and locked up in the TT Platinum Member's Vault.

PPPS - Your results are guaranteed by Craig's 100% money back promise. If you aren't COMPLETELY satisfied with your results from the TT programs, just let Craig know and you'll be refunded your $19.95 before the end of the 30-day member period and you won't be billed any additional charges.

And no matter what, you'll get to keep ALL of the workouts!

[Note: This posting is intended to make you aware of the availability of this program and offer. It’s not a personal endorsement! As always please note the Compensated Affiliate Disclosure at the sidebar!]

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  1. It would be great if my body would defend 10% bodyfat, but it seems to want to defend double that or more. Genetically, I can see that this runs in my family, but it doesn't make me like it any more.