Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Fat Loss Transformation Workout Blueprint

I've got insider fat loss information for you today!

Fat loss expert Craig Ballantyne researched his transformation winners and have summarized their exact blueprint workout programs for fat loss that they used to lose 10, 20, and even 34 pounds in just 12 weeks.

Let's start with Catherine, one of the most famous TT transformation superstars, here are the 3 programs she used over the 12 weeks:

1) Turbulence Training for Abs
2) TT Buff Dudes-Hot Chicks
3) TT for Amazing Lower Abs

NOTE: The most popular program used by contest winners was the TT for Buff Dudes & Hot Chicks.

And that program was the basis for the new "TT Transformation" workout that was made available yesterday to all TT Members - and you'll get this new "TT Transformation" workout when you take the 21-day Turbulence Training trial offer today:


Next up, let's look at what Guttorm - the Norwegian contest winner - used to kick-start his life change. You'll notice that he actually followed the Turbulence Training for Fat Loss manual "by the book", in the exact order the programs are listed.

1) Beginner Turbulence Training
2) Intermediate Turbulence Training
3) Original Turbulence Training

There's something to be said for simplicity. Sticking to the basics works.

In fact, that's what Jonny Munro did to win contest #3. He used the same order of TT workouts:

1) Beginner
2) Intermediate
3) Original

Now if you want a little more muscle, here's a cool "Meathead Transformation" system to follow, PROVEN by Mike Gaglione:

1) Reformed Meathead Fat Loss
2) TT Hard-Core
3) TT for Buff Dudes & Hot Chicks (again!)

Now let's take a look at the two folks who lost over 30 pounds in Transformation #3.

First, you shouldn't be surprised by the three workout series used by Robyn - our reigning champ with 34 pounds lost! She used:

1) TT Beginner Level Workout - about 3 weeks
2) TT Intermediate Level Workout - almost 5 weeks
3) TT Buff Dudes, Hot Chicks Workout - about 4 weeks

How cool is that?!

Alright, so knowing what we know now...what "progression" should beginners and advanced folks use?

Its we go.

For beginners, do what Robyn did but with a slight TWIST:

1) TT Beginner Total Torso Training (January 2010 workout)
2) Intermediate Turbulence Training
3) TT for Buff Dudes & Hot Chicks

Spend 4 weeks in each program. You should lose over 20 pounds and you'll look totally freaking AMAZING in 12 weeks from now.

For ADVANCED folks, here is the absolute best 3-program progression that is your blueprint for radically transforming your body:

1) TT Hard-Core (June 2006 workout)
2) TT for Buff Dudes & Hot Chicks (February 2009)
3) TT Transformation (January 2010)

The NEW "TT Transformation" workout is based on TT for Buff Dudes  and Hot Chicks, which is clearly the MOST POPULAR program among our contest winners.

So you know that TT Transformation is going to be an amazing workout.

You'll get this new "TT Transformation" workout when you take the 21-day Turbulence Training trial offer today:


Now that you have a complete blueprint for fat loss success, its just a matter of time before you are lean and fit - and maybe even the winner of the TT transformation contest!

To your success,

Arthur M.

[Note: This posting is intended to make you aware of the availability of this program. It’s not a personal endorsement! As always please note the Compensated Affiliate Disclosure at the sidebar!]

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