Friday, December 31, 2010

I've Heard I Should "Eat Clean" - What Does That Mean?

Clean eating is all about reducing the footprint of man-made substances in your diet. The reasons you would want to do this are many, but the most important one, from a purely selfish point of view, is that you want to improve your own health by doing so. Clean eating is one of the main topics covered in Carolyn Hansen's book "21 Days To Healthy Eating":

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You may be wondering whether there is a difference between eating clean and eating organic. Well, eating organic foods is a subset of eating clean foods. You will not always be in the position to choose between eating an organically-grown piece of fruit (free of all pesticides) and one that may have come in contact with chemical substances during the period in which it was grown. Organic foods are always to be preferred, but a properly treated (washed and possibly peeled) fruit or vegetable that has been exposed to chemicals is going to be a lot more nutritious eaten raw or lightly cooked than the same food after it has gone through a processing line.

As an example, take a jar of peaches floating in syrup. Those are probably not organically grown peaches in that jar. But they are peeled, and you would be a lot better off eating the peeled fruit just after it has been taken from the tree, than to eat those processed and jarred peaches. That sugary syrup they float in is full of preservatives and is obviously high in sugar content - perfect for adding a large number of calories to your meal. You know what happens when you eat an excess of sugar, right? It is converted into fat.

Actually sugar does a lot more harm in the long run than to simply make you fat. But the point we are trying to make here is that it is the "processed" nature of foods that we are trying to avoid when eating clean. We are also trying to avoid added chemicals in whatever form they might come in. So there are "degrees" of cleanliness when it comes to choosing our clean foods. Pure organically grown foods that are never processed for distribution, or packaged, before they are eaten, are probably the cleanest foods.

You can find the clean foods on the inside walls of your supermarket. This is where you find produce and meats that have a limited shelf life. Whenever you can manage it, avoid using the inner aisles of the store. This is where you will find aisle after aisle of processed foods that have a very long shelf life because they have had the "living components" extinguished before being packaged. Usually this means all the valuable enzymatic components of the food have been destroyed, components that carry much of the nutrition that could have benefited your body, but now have been removed.

A little appreciated fact about processed foods is that the chemicals they carry slowly poison your body, and that in response to this the body tries to seal off the "pollutants" by wrapping them in protective fat. The body tries to insulate the critical organs from the effects of these chemicals. The end result, though, is pounds and pounds of extra fat over time. Not only that, but the more of this "polluted fat" you carry, the harder it is to shed it because to do so would involve flooding your body with the toxins that have been stored away for protection.

So before you can lose a lot of your fat reserves, particularly if you make a habit of eating processed foods, you will need to detoxify your body by eating clean for a length of time. To learn more about how this all works, and what kind of meals you can prepare that stick closely to this clean eating concept, check out "21 Days To Healthy Eating":

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You will find lots of practical advice on how to shop for clean foods, how to prepare clean meals that have the right balance of food groups to ensure optimal fat-burning, and further tips to ensure that you can get rid of the excess fat on your body that might have built up from years of eating processed foods.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How did John lose 125 lbs eating burgers?

Burn Fat…with a Burger? YES, it’s true!

Want to know the secret to burning LOTS OF FAT…by eating foods in your favorite restaurant?

Kim Lyons, former trainer The Biggest Loser, is ready to show you how it works.

John lost 125 lbs of fat by eating burgers, calamari, and the other yummy restaurant foods that Kim recommended in her online fat loss program.

Kim recently flew to John’s hometown to shoot a short video with him at his favorite sports bar. Kim reveals the same fat loss tricks she recommended for John that allowed him to enjoy delicious foods and BURN OFF 125 Lbs…

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Monday, December 27, 2010

3 Simple Steps to STOP Sweet-Tooth Cravings

Imagine how much faster and easier losing fat would be if you weren’t battling your sweet tooth all day.

In this exclusive video, Kim Lyons, trainer from The Biggest Loser, shares 3 simple tricks you MUST start using immediately to help stop your sweet tooth from sabotaging your fat loss goals…

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You’ll also meet Shannon, who lost 13 inches in just 12 weeks. As you’ll hear her say in this video, once she got control of her cravings, losing fat was EASY!

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Flush Your System, Flush The Fat

Water is a vital part of every conditioning program, and without water your body becomes dehydrated and therefore unable to properly digest food or perform at its best. 

In fact, your water intake affects every single part of your system, including your brain, heart and other vital organs who rely on water to help filter toxins out of the body, and maintain a healthy chemical balance while boosting metabolism.

Think about this.  Your body consists of up to 65% water. Your blood is 90% water, your brain is 80% water and even your skin is 70% water based. 

So when your body suffers from dehydration, you feel it most in these areas of your body that require constant hydration. 

In fact, depriving your body of water throughout the day can be one of the main reasons for feeling foggy, unable to focus or lacking mental clarity. Just by re-hydrating your body the way it was meant to be, will stabilize your most important organs and muscle groups and give you the extra energy and vitality that you need.

Water also acts as a natural appetite suppressor, tricking your body into believing its full.  Just drinking an 8-ounce glass of cold water in between meals or snacks, can help fight off cravings and prevent bingeing.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Don't Reduce Your Calorie Intake Too Quickly!

Every weight loss program on the market focuses on a lower calorie eating plan, and for good reason.

In order to shed weight you need to make sure you are burning more calories than you are consuming in a day, however there's something you need to know about starting a low calorie diet too quickly - it can actually hinder your weight loss!

You see, your body has a natural instinct to "hoard" food when it believes you are going into a famine.  So when you decrease your calorie intake too quickly, your body believes that it needs to store food in order to survive. 

When "starvation mode" is triggered, it's far more difficult to shed weight because you're fighting your body's signal to hold onto as many calories as possible!

You never want to disrupt your body's natural cycle or metabolic pace, so decrease your calorie intake slowly, giving your body time to adjust to the decrease in calories, without holding onto excess weight.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Five “Alpha” Tips for Fat Loss and Fitness Success

Even if you’re hitting the weights hard, you may be packing some extra pounds of fat you’d like to leave behind. There’s no better time to get that butt in even better shape than right NOW! Here are some tips for you guys out there from Eric Broser, James Villepigue and Rick Collins, the creators of the Alpha Male Advanced Workouts program that has even the most experienced hardcore bodybuilders talking!

Americans are notoriously obsessed with their body weight, and even many gym rats start their training session with a jump on the scale. Forget it! Weigh yourself only once a month. Scales can be inaccurate, misleading, and a psychological deterrent to your success. If you add some muscle to your frame while you’re dropping fat (like you would with our program, for instance), the scale may fool you!

Everybody wants to look great in the mirror. But don’t forget to pay attention to your overall health, not just your appearance. Sure, you want a program that’s going to make you look awesome, but you can add years to your life and reduce major health risks by following a sound nutrition and exercise program. And you’ll look better and feel better too!

Soda adds useless (and expensive) calories to your diet. Just drinking water rather than sugar-rich soda can put an extra $2-$3 in your wallet each day. Over one year, that adds up to over $1,000 saved. And 100,000 fewer calories consumed! Considering that 1 pound of fat is the equivalent of 3,500 calories, that can be a weight savings of 28 pounds!

Proper diet and exercise go hand in hand. One without the other is a recipe for failure. Just because you walked for 30 minutes doesn’t mean you can reward yourself with a pint of your favorite ice cream! Find smarter ways to reward yourself for a week of hard training!

Americans take in way too many calories, Period! From super-sized meals at fast food chains to enormous servings at our favorite steakhouse, we are on the receiving end of an abundance of calories. Weight reduction is a caloric formula. Calories in (through eating) versus calories out (through activity) – it’s that simple. Stick with smaller portions, and keep your protein high, especially if you’re engaged in intense training!

Combine these tips with a top-notch training program like the amazing Alpha Male Advanced Workouts and you’ll see some dramatic changes in the way you look … AND FEEL!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Your Fast Track to Fat Loss

I've got EXCITING news! We just teamed up with superstar trainer from The Biggest Loser, Kim Lyons, to offer you personal one-on-one coaching, motivation, and daily accountability from her team of experts!

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Trust me, this personal support and accountability makes all the difference in the world!

It’s all done online, so it doesn't matter where you live, how busy you are, if you’re beginner or advanced, or what kind of shape you’re in.

Whether you have a health club membership, home gym, or absolutely no equipment at all - your online personal trainer will provide you with an extremely effective program that’s perfect for you.

But don’t delay - Kim's trainers can only work with so many people. Click here to select your trainer and start losing fat right away!

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Spot Reduction Is A Sham

It's commonly believed that by focusing your exercise on specific areas or muscle groups, you'll be able to reduce the amount of fat in that area of your body.

One common routine is to focus on crunch ups or sit ups as a way of battling stomach fat.

Spot reduction doesn't work, it's fiction! 

Any exercise you do will work towards eliminating fat from your entire body, rather than a specific area. While focusing on different muscle groups each day is an important part of a successful work out routine, you will never lose weight in just one target area. 

It's also important to understand the harm that may come from attempting to lose weight in specific areas with spot reduction.

Not only is it possible to destroy important muscles when you focus on consistently working out only one area, but you could cause that muscle group to grow larger than its natural size as it becomes stretched through repeated spot reduction exercises. 

For successful weight loss, you need to focus on your body as a whole.  Cardio combined with weight training will tone your body, help you shed fat while creating muscle definition. 

The more muscle your body has, the more calories you'll naturally burn and when you combine strength training with a high powered cardiovascular workout routine, you're weight loss will spread evenly throughout your body, targeting the areas you hope to reduce as well as other areas where fat is being stored.

Find out what other myths, misconceptions and outright lies are the cause for your struggle to finally lose weight?

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need At-Home Fat Burning Workouts

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2. There's an old saying, "You can't out-train a bad diet." However, some research subjects claim that intervals CAN help you lose fat even if you're diet is filled with holiday treats. Let's face it, we all know that we are going to eat too much and too many treats this month, so we may as well use the proven workout system that will help us avoid belly fat - and research has shown us that interval training is the best system to do that. (PLUS, we can use bodyweight exercises in circuit format to burn fat without equipment in place of intervals.)

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4. Just think of all the time you'll save by being able to do your workouts at home all month, instead of battling holiday traffic to and from the gym. Plus, you'll probably get so hooked on these short, burst workouts that you'll keep using them at home during the January gym rush. Why bother with the crowds when you can get more results in less time at home?

5. There is still time to work on achieving your 2010 New Year's Resolutions...before you set new ones for 2011. It doesn't matter if you've struggled for the last 11 months, with the at-home fat burning system, you can still lose pounds and inches over the holidays...even though you'll only be exercising for just 3 short workouts each week.

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8. Most fat loss programs are either too easy or too complex and impossible to do at home. But Craig Ballantyne has been creating these types of workouts for over 10 years for Men's Health and for his thousands of online clients. He's helped men AND women lose over 33 pounds in just 12 weeks. And now it is YOUR turn to lose fat in the comfort of your own home. As world-famous fitness expert Joel Marion says, "Craig Ballantyne is the absolute best at what he does, and there's a reason why he's regularly featured in magazines like Men's Health and Oxygen for Women -- his stuff works."

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Grab This TODAY (perfect for you)

As a very busy person who wants to lose fat, you need to have a proven workout program that you can use anytime, anywhere, that doesn't require any equipment.

And that's fun and fast, too!

Here's one program you absolutely NEED to have in your possession because it will help you LOSE fat over the holidays (while in the comfort of your own home - so you save money on gas and parking, too!).

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Top 10 At-Home Fat Burning Workouts

With holiday parties, shopping, and work deadlines filling your schedule this month, you need short, burst workouts to help you stick to your fat burning schedule.

Fortunately, you can get an amazing workout in at home to stay in shape over the holidays...even if you only have 15 minutes to exercise a few days per week.

That's the great news about short, burst workouts...a little bit of effort now has been proven by scientists to be just as effective - and even better - for fat loss and fitness results.

Here are just a few at-home workout ideas to get you started:

1. Use the first superset of your favorite Turbulence Training workout and do as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes. Why? Because the first superset always contains the most effective exercises.

2. "30 seconds on, 30 seconds off" doing kettlebell swings

3. Burpees

4. Kettlebell Exercises Paired With TRX Exercises (although this involves owning a LOT of equipment and having a lot of space)

5. TT Bodyweight Cardio Workouts (that don't require any equipment at all)

6. Intervals supersetted with ab exercises like planks or side planks (which are made harder by the high breathing rate)

7. Bodyweight Challenges - Like the Bodyweight Cardio 1000 (Challenge type workouts get you hooked on exercise and prevent you from skipping workouts)

8. DB-BW Fusion Workouts - Pair a dumbbell exercise and bodyweight exercise together in a superset and go back and forth as many times as possible in 10 minutes.

9. Hybrid Triset Workouts - 3 exercises performed in a tri-set, using one dumbbell exercise, one bodyweight exercise, and one kettlebell or stability ball exercise. Requires just a little equipment, but work great!

10. Adrenaline Circuits - Combining bodyweight exercises and short, burst adrenaline style interval training methods. (Adrenaline intervals are covered in the 31 Interval Workouts manual.)

To learn more about interval training, bodyweight circuits, and how to lose fat over the holidays with this combination, please read this special report here:


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Monday, December 6, 2010

3 Problems with Fat Burning Workouts

While interval training is better than cardio, "generic" interval training is not as good as *they* make it out to be.


By *they*, I mean the brand new trainers and generic fitness magazines who don't really know what they are talking about.

In fact, the advice they'll give you can cause a LOT of problems with your interval training -- including the BIG 3 I'm about to share with you...

After all, you're probably already doing some form of interval training, but what kind of RESULTS are you getting?

Are you truly enjoying your workouts?

And when is the last time you did an interval training workout where you thought 'wow, that was really fun'?"

Trust me, you CAN have fun, fast, proven, and powerful interval training workouts. I'll show you how in a second, but first...

The 3 Problems With Interval Training

1) Intervals can stop working if you do the same workout over & over

Yes, you MUST switch up your interval training every 4-6 weeks.

If you continue to do the same interval workout, you're results will slow down.

So if you're doing intervals and you're stuck at a fat loss plateau, then it is time for a new interval workout.

2) Intervals can be dangerous if you don't know what you are doing

Jumping into an advanced interval program on the treadmill or with kettlebells is a bad idea. That's why you need to start safely.

However, most people don't realize that even beginners can do interval training if they get a professionally designed program.

Fortunately, there are beginner interval workouts in the new 31 Interval Training Workouts manual and holiday home fat burning workout package.

3) You don't know what else to do for intervals

Okay, great, now you know that you need to do a different interval program every 4 weeks, but what are you to do?

Well, the great news is that there are dozens and dozens of ways to do intervals. You can do the 30-60 method, Adrenaline intervals, Tabatas, and even aerobic intervals (perfect for runners who want fat loss).

(PLUS, you're about to discover the power of bodyweight cardio circuit training. A strange name, for sure, but a powerful way to burn fat at home WITHOUT equipment.)

There is absolutely no reason you should ever be bored of interval training or wondering what type of intervals you should do next.

BUT WAIT...One more problem: You don't have any fancy equipment

Most people think you need a treadmill or bike to do interval workouts, but that can't be further from the truth.

In the 31 Interval Training Workouts manual, you'll discover how to do intervals with kettlebells, hill sprints, and even bodyweight exercises (including a NEW bodyweight cardio 5x5 circuit).

In fact, I've spent the entire spring of 2010 in my Turbulence Training lab creating the Ultimate Interval Training Guide, featuring over 31 different interval workouts and replacements...

...including NO-equipment bodyweight cardio circuits, kettlebell intervals and "ladders", hill sprint workouts, and much, much more.

And then I followed that up with more time in the lab to create the "TT Bodyweight Cardio" program, without using any equipment!

I then combined those two programs along with an extra special workout for you to create the COMPLETE Holiday Fat Burning Workout package.


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With these workouts you'll have the exact prescription for fast fat loss from intervals. No more of that generic "get on the treadmill and then go fast and then go slow" advice you get from uneducated members at the gym or at work.

This is the real deal.

You'll soon be boosting your metabolism with proven, powerful interval training workouts from one of the first trainers to introduce fat loss intervals to the world.

I've been using and preaching intervals and bodyweight exercises for over 13 years now, and having trained thousand of clients - in person and online - I know exactly what works.

Fixing intervals to help you lose fat fast,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
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3 Home Workout Mistakes

When it comes to burning fat over the holidays, many people make 3 big mistakes with their workouts:

Mistake #1) Too much cardio

Cardio is always the first form of exercise that people try when they want to lose belly fat. But the problems are that cardio workouts take TOO LONG and cardio is also ineffective for fat loss. Research shows their is a much better way to burn belly fat.

Mistake #2) Too many machines

Most people think you need a big, fancy gym full of expensive equipment if you want to burn fat. But that's not true at all. Instead, you can workout in the comfort of your own home - even with just your own bodyweight - and still have a powerful fat burning workout in just minutes.

Mistake #3) The workout are too long (so the workout gets skipped)

Because of the long cardio and the desire to use expensive machines, most people end up driving 15 minutes to the gym to do a 60-90 minute cardio workout that results in very little fat loss - if any. But while this schedule is "fine" in January when there is nothing else to do, it just doesn't work over the busy holidays.

To discover the research-proven workouts that DO work for holiday fat loss while often not requiring any equipment at all, please read the article here from fat burning expert, Craig Ballantyne:


As you'll discover, the key to proven holiday fat burning are proven bodyweight and interval training workouts.

But even when it comes to interval training, there are still 3 more common mistakes.

1) Most people work too hard during the recovery period.

It's called a "recovery" period for a reason! So don't worry about "keeping your heart rate up". Interval training is NOT cardio. It is a totally different method of training. So give up the cardio mindset and get to love your recovery.

2) As a result of working too hard in the recovery portion, most people don't work hard enough during the work period.

However, it is that hard, intense work that causes the body to change. So make sure you are doing QUALITY training.

3) Most people never changing their interval training workouts.

You should be using a variety of work-to-rest interval durations AND a variety of training methods. Also, be sure to keep track of your results so you discover what works best for you.

Interval training and even bodyweight circuit training are the keys to burning holiday belly fat at home - especially when you don't have much time to workout (like over the busy holidays). And you need to do it right.

And that's why I've teamed up with fat burning expert and Men's Health magazine contributor, Craig Ballantyne, to bring you the COMPLETE Holiday Fat Burning System featuring over 31 interval training workouts, 3 powerful NO-equipment bodyweight circuit workouts, and an extra SPECIAL bonus workout just for my readers.

To learn more about interval training, bodyweight circuits, and how to lose fat over the holidays with this combination, please read this special report here:


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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Burn your belly fat by eating all day (new eating system)

A personal trainer from England (got to love the accent), has grabbed our weight loss situation by the scruff of the neck and is causing quite a stir.

His new healthy eating plan which destroyed 8lbs of fat and 12lbs of fat in 7 days from Woman’s World reviewers has transformed the lives of thousands of women in England and everyone’s started talking about over here.

In fact, if you can fill a food container with Simon’s 8 fat melting foods then you’re in for a treat.

The diet works by balancing your blood sugar levels by ‘grazing’ throughout the day on the contents of Simon’s special, tasty lunch boxes. Not only will it help you to lose weight, but you’ll also see radical improvements to your health, hair, energy and skin.

What’s more there’s no calorie counting, no silly meals and you’re never hungry. I know, it’s quite shocking and that’s why the magazines are reporting that Cameron Diaz is a fan…

Elle Magazine in the UK called it ‘the best diet’ 5/5.

You should really head here and take a look…

Saturday, December 4, 2010

3 ways to speed up your metabolism to lose weight

When it comes to losing weight your metabolism (the rate in which your body burns calories) is incredibly important. If your metabolism is running slowly, your body will find it incredibly hard to burn fat effectively. Today I wanted to provide you with a few good ways to keep your metabolism running at its optimum level.

Tip 1 – Never Skip Breakfast
This is common mistake from many people who think that cutting down breakfast calories is a way to lose weight. Wrong. But cutting out breakfast your body slows down its metabolism and think about when your last meal was the night before. If you don’t eat again until lunch then that’s a huge amount of time!

Tip 2 – Eat Small Regular Meals
By eating little and often on healthy food not only will you stay full, but your body will keep running at its optimum level. When you eat large meals, you get spikes in your blood sugar which causes you to overeat and crave for unhealthy foods.

Tip 3 – Exercise
Your metabolism is affected by how active you are, so by exercising at least three times a week and improving on what you do each time your body will always be burning fat and your metabolism will tick at the right level.

There’s a fantastic new diet from a UK personal trainer that is worth looking at that helps keep your metabolism at peak rate by eating from a plastic food container. In fact Woman’s World recently reviewed it and called it ‘the easiest diet’ with ‘gold star results.

Take care


Monday, November 29, 2010

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November 29th, 2010 (CYBER MONDAY)

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Convenience is a big consideration in today’s society. We are like busy bees running from flower to flower, what with work, kids, community affairs, and social commitments. All we want to do is get back to the hive. But when we do, there's honey to be made and we're just too tired. This is where the Diet-to-Go can help you out.

How the Diet-to-Go Plan Works

This is a meal delivery service that can help you lose weight with one of three plans: low fat vegetarian, low fat traditional, and low carb. You pick your plan based on your dietary needs. If you are not sure about what you might need, there are representatives you can talk to who can recommend one. Online, you would fill out a bit of information to help choose your plan.

The plans have two caloric options; 1200 and 1600. Depending on your needs, you can go higher or lower.  Then, they send you all the food you need – everything. You will receive complete meals that even include your beverages you can have and fruit and vegetables. Other diet plans provide the main course and you add the greens, but not with this one. They ship everything.


People have found success with this diet plan. Nothing is left to chance. When you have fresh meals delivered to your door weekly, there is no reason to fire up the stove for yourself. There are also Diet-to-Go locations in some cities where you have the option of picking up your meals right from their kitchen.

Those on the diet say that the food is restaurant quality and not lacking in taste. Other diet meal delivery plans can lack the nuances of taste which is important when dieting. If you don’t like the food, you are less likely to follow the plan to the letter. This particular diet plan is notably tasty and gets rave reviews.

Here's the Skinny

Like other plans, there is an expense involved. All of this delicious food can be yours to the tune of about $600 per month. If you can afford it, your kitchen will miss you.

You can order your food online for your convenience. There is a forum for members to read containing posts about health-related topics. The plan does not stress exercise so you are on your own to add that component.

If convenience is crucial when choosing a plan, Diet-to-Go may be the solution.

Diet-to-Go is one of the nation's leading providers of healthy, delicious meals that can be shipped anywhere in the United States. They offer a very wide variety of meal plans including: Low-Fat, Low-Carb, Vegetarian & Diabetic plans. Their food is made fresh in their kitchen, frozen immediately and shipped out weekly.

Friday, November 26, 2010

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Burn Fat X 10" Special Offer Extended!

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Monday, November 22, 2010

15 Holiday Eating Tips

The Holiday Season is one in which we all indulge ourselves in over-abundance. Especially when it comes to food. Food has become a central part of our get togethers and parties around the holidays, so it is important that we remember to make smart food choices. And this is something that is almost always easier said than done when you see some of the decadent food choices made available, made with love, by your friends and family.

In most cases, the majority of the party-going people, won't be concerned with watching their weight, so they are less inclined to bring healthier versions of their best recipes. Then it becomes our own burden to stick with our diets or to watch what we eat as the food choices are always so tempting!

The following 15 holiday eating tips are here to help you when going to holiday parties to better watch your weight by giving you some great ideas.

1. Stop Eating When You Feel Full. This is something most people won't,or don't, do. Especially those that are in the 'clean plate' club and don't like to leave extra or left over food on their plates. Honestly, there is absolutely no shame in leaving that extra portion of food on your plate. When your tummy feels full, just push yourself away from the table and say "No More For Me Thanks!".

2. Take A Few Extra or Longer Walks. Walking is a terrific form of exercise, and can be a great cardiovascular work out in colder temperatures. Especially when there is a nice layer of snow on the ground. Next time you go to let your dog out to do their bathroom 'business', why not slip on your coat and shoes, grab their leash and take them for a walk around the block, or down a few blocks. Fido will love you for it and you will be making yourself a healthier 'you' by doing it as well.

3. Don't Count Calories Incessantly. This is unnecessary and will drive your loved ones crazy, and yourself too. Let's face it, there's enough stressors around the Holidays to worry about. Gaining an extra few pounds should be the least of your troubles! The best thing you can do if you are already dieting is to watch not what you eat, but how much of it you are eating instead of trying to keep track of your caloric intake. Unless of course you are on a strict diet and need to avoid things that contain higher carbohydrates, sugars, etc. In this case, you would obviously want to avoid eating things like potatoes, breads, cookies, candies, cakes, etc.

4. Use Reduced Fat, Sugar Substitutes, or Fat Free Ingredients in Your Recipes. Lots of people complain that fat-free or reduced fat ingredients change the flavor of their favorite recipes, and not in a good way. But, in all reality, there is barely a hint of difference in flavor. In fact, if one did not have the knowledge that normal ingredients such as sour cream had been replaced with a fat-free or reduced fat substitute, you would never hear a peep about the taste. When replacing sugar such as pure cane sugar with a substitute such as Splenda, Equal, or the like, you may notice a taste difference. So, in this case, if you have picky family members, simply make two versions of the same dessert or snacks and let your family opt for their own choice.

5. Eat One Big Meal Instead Of Continuous Snacking Or Smaller Meals. Opinions will vary on this one, but whether you're eating a bigger meal once, or several smaller meals throughout the day, the amount of food you are taking in is just about the same at any rate. The difference in eating a big meal once is that you will be completely full, or have the full 'feeling' so you won't be hungry as much. And DO NOT think you can have your 3 square meals a day and then add a couple of more to the mix. That will most definitely pack on the unwanted pounds. Remember to always eat in moderation and keep in mind the full feeling. When you are getting full, STOP EATING!

6. Know Your Eating Boundaries And Don't Cross Them. This tip is especially important if you are already dieting or trying to lose weight. You know better than Aunt Betty what you can eat. Even though her home-made pound cake might taste wonderful, you may want to not opt for seconds if you are on a strict diet. Many people like to splurge around the holiday season, but it's all a matter of will power really. If you just can't help yourself and must have some of Uncle Fred's ambrosia salad, then take a smaller than normal portion of it.

7. Go For The Healthy Food Choices. Almost every family unit has at least one 'health nut' within its midst. If there are healthy food choices available, then eat more of the plain fruits and vegetables instead of the pies cakes and cookies in the holiday 'spread'. Remember too that extra dips can help pack on the pounds. Don't be afraid to ask what the dips are made from so you can make a more informed judgment on whether or not you can enjoy them. Also, you can always bring healthier food dips for fruits and veggies with you such as yogurt or reduced calorie veggie dips that are sold at most major grocery stores before the big get-together.

8. Eat In Moderation With Smaller Portions. As discussed earlier, take smaller portions of all those calorie packed goodies. This way, you can still partake of all the wonderful eats without packing on all the extra pounds that go along with all those goodies. And remember too to balance out the bad foods, or those that are packed with sugars and carbohydrates, with good foods such as plain fruits and vegetables.

9. Drink In Moderation. No, this is not an advertisement for drinking and driving, even though you should always have a designated driver if you plan on drinking more than the legal limit of course, or anything at all due to cold, icy, roads. Rather, many holiday drinks are packed with extra sugars, so watch how much of the good old egg nog you drink. This goes for either alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Water is always a great choice, or non-sweetened tea or coffee. There too, is also diet soda pop if you are a soda drinker.

10. Substitute Whole Grains In Lieu of Higher Carbohydrate Filled Grains. Try to steer clear of white breads, sugary cakes, potatoes, cookies, or anything else that you believe to have a high carbohydrate count. These can put a lot of weight on you quickly and is why many diets try to steer clear of these carb laden monoliths. Go for the whole wheat, multi-grain, sugar substitute holiday food choices. Sure, it's not the same as loading up on all the 'bad-for-you' foods, but you'll be glad you did when January rolls around.

11. No Eating After 7p.m. This can be extremely difficult to do. Especially when most holiday get togethers happen after 7 o'clock! If this is the case, then you should eat before you go to the holiday bash. Most foods are not properly burned off if eaten after 7 o'clock p.m. So, it's best if you eat long before this time rolls around. However, you can eat something healthy such as fruits or vegetables minus the fatty dips if you really need to snack on something.

12. Drink More Liquids Than Eating. Drinking more liquids will fool your body into believing it is full. Therefore, you can drink lots of water, unsweetened tea or coffee, diet sodas, low calorie fruit smoothies or soft drinks(non-carbonated), etc. without feeling the guilt of over eating. Stay away from higher sweetened drinks as this will defeat the purpose of watching your weight.

13. Eat Something Before You Go Grocery Shopping. Actually, you should eat something before you do any out of the house, or in house for that matter, activity that will burn calories. But, the main reason for going grocery shopping on a full stomach is that you will be less inclined to purchase all those fattening junk foods because you are not hungry so you aren't tempted by those types of food choices. You will be able to stay on track and only purchase those things you need from the grocery store instead of packing your cart with weight packing foods!

14. Plan An Out-Door Activity. Depending on the region you live it, whether the weather is warmer or colder, plan on doing something outdoors. This can be something you do by yourself, with family, or friends that doesn't involve any eating. Things like cutting down your own Christmas Tree, shopping for gifts, either last minute or not, walking through the park(you may want to do this with someone or a group of someones for safety reasons), going sledding, skiing, skating, playing some backyard football, collecting pine cones and creating some simple bird feeders with bird seed and peanut butter, and any other activities you can think up. Try to do one thing each week to replace a day of exercise or work out that you would normally do to keep things interesting and everyone in the holiday spirit!

15. No Healthy Food Choices? Bring Some! Cutting up vegetables or fruits to create a holiday health tray can be a nice 'change of pace' for your friends or family. Why not try brining some healthy holiday cheer at your next get together. Chances are, someone else in your extended friends or family network are trying to watch their wastes too and would appreciate having a healthier-than-normal food choice. Even if that isn't the case, you are still saving yourself tons of work out time later once all those extra caloric fatty foods are attaching themselves to your waistline.

Of course there are always more things you can do to watch your weight year round. Try incorporating some of those things during the holidays as well since we all tend to eat a bit more and make less than savory choices to keep ourselves healthy, fit, and trim. Take the ideas in the tips above and fit them in to your lifestyle by changing them up a bit. Remember being healthy is a lifestyle in and of itself and should be practiced year round. It's especially important not to slack off around the holiday season when most of the unhealthy food choices are abundant.

I do hope the ideas listed above have helped you realize that you can watch your weight and still have a wonderful time at holiday gatherings without making a 'Santa's Helper' out of yourself :-).

Happy Holidays!

Arthur M.

Holiday Fitness Challenge For 2010

Tom Venuto's Holiday Fitness Challenge To You For 2010

Every year as Thanksgiving gets closer, you’ve probably seen the depressing reports: “Most people gain between 5 and 10 pounds of body fat in the six weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.” I’m not sure if this worries you or not, but a lot of people are terrified about getting fatter in the next two months. They anticipate the workouts falling by the wayside and the holiday food calling out to them irresistibly, defeating even the strongest willpower. There’s good news and bad news about this.


Good news: According to the New England Journal of Medicine, the average amount gained is much more modest - just over a pound.

Bad news: A study by the National Institutes of Health found that this seasonal weight gain - even just a pound - is the kind of weight gain that most people don’t lose when the holidays are over; it simply adds to the “weight creep” that “sneaks up” on you as you get older.

People often wonder how it’s possible to wake up one morning at age 40 or 45 and “suddenly” they’re 30 pounds fatter - or more - than they were in college. Mystery solved.

Of course, some people really do pack it on over the holidays, but whether its a pound or ten pounds, did you ever ask yourself why does holiday weight gain happen at all?

In previous years, I’ve asked my readers and here are some common answers I was given:

Holiday Survey Said…

“I’m too busy over the holidays to work out as often as usual.”

“I’m more stressed over the holidays, and the food is there, so I eat more.”

“I have at least three parties to attend and then there’s Christmas and New Year’s, so it’s impossible to stay on a diet”

“No one can tell me not to enjoy myself over the holidays so I’m just going to eat whatever I want.”

These answers all have a few things in common:

1. “Either/Or” Thinking

First, they assume that you can EITHER get in better shape OR enjoy yourself, but not both. Stated differently: You can either deprive yourself of holiday enjoyments or gain weight, but it has to be one or the other. The truth is, “either/or thinking” is neurotic thinking and a great killer of fitness programs.

2. Rationalizing / Excuse-Making

Second, these are all excuses or rationalizations. “I’m too busy” for example, is always an excuse, because I have never known someone who was too busy to make time for his or her highest life priorities. We all have the same amount of time - 24 hours a day – the real problem is, most people don’t make exercise and healthy eating a priority. And remember, words mean little. Actions reveal a person’s true priorities.

3. “Reverse Goal Setting”

Third, none of these are the real reasons most people gain weight over the holidays to begin with. The real reason is because an intention was never set for the opposite: To get in better shape over the holidays.

Most people set a “goal” to get in worse shape over the holidays. It’s not consciously set, of course, as few people would intentionally set out to get fatter. They simply do it by default. In their minds, they accept that it must be just about impossible to stay in shape with everything going on over the holiday season, so why bother?

Once the decision has been made, then the rationalizing (“rationing lies”) continues:

“Why should I deprive myself?”
“Family is more important”
“Worrying about diet and exercise during the holidays is neurotic”
“I don’t care if I gain a few pounds, I’m going to enjoy myself anyway”
“It’s only these two or three weeks that I let myself go wild”
“I’ll start the first week in January and lose the weight then.”

As a result of this “negative goal-setting,” they expect to work out less, eat more and gain a few pounds, and they don’t seem to even consider alternatives.

But what would happen if you…

SET A GOAL TO GET IN BETTER shape over the holidays?

Burn The Fat this christmas!

What would happen if you decided that it was not an all or nothing proposition and that you could set a goal to enjoy the holidays and all it has to offer while getting in better shape at the same time?

And what if you decided that your health and your body were the highest priorities in your life, because you realized that can’t enjoy anything else in life, including family or holidays, if you don’t have your health?

Here’s what would happen: You’d get in better shape!

I’m not all that different from you just because I’m a bodybuilder and fitness professional. I have many of the same problems, concerns and struggles as you do. Although today I always get in better shape between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, that’s a result of a conscious choice, a close examination of my old belief systems and a lot of action. For me, it all started about eight years ago.

For most of my adult life, I wasn’t much of a traveler and I didn’t enjoy flying or staying in hotels. For one thing, I had so many business commitments in the East Coast health club business, that I seldom left town for long, as I had to “tend to the stores.” But I also had a belief that if I traveled, my workouts and nutrition would suffer. After all, “it would be hard to stick with my usual bodybuilding diet, and I wouldn’t have access to my usual gyms”, I told myself. For these reasons, I never did much travel..

Then I was forced to take some trips for business reasons. Predictably enough, my nutrition and workouts suffered while I was spending time in airplanes and in hotels. With my experience having confirmed my beliefs, I re-affirmed to myself, “See, travelling is nothing but a pain. You just can’t stay on a diet and training program when you’re out of town.”

After several more trips, I noticed that something very negative happened: I surrendered. I had resigned myself to “not bother” while I was on the road. I let my expectations create my reality.

But I didn’t let it go on for long. As soon as I became aware of what was happening, I decided that I wouldn’t tolerate it, so I challenged myself and my previous limiting beliefs. I asked myself, “Why the heck not? Why let myself backslide? Why even settle for maintaining? Why not challenge myself to improve while I’m traveling?” The answer was: There was no good reason, there were only excuses.

From that day forward, I set a challenge for myself…

To come back from every trip or vacation in better shape than when I left.

Of course there were exceptions, as when I went on a vacation for total R & R. But I never let travel get in my way again. I prepared food that I would eat on the planes so airline food was never an excuse… I usually chose hotels that had kitchens, so I could cook my own food. I went food shopping immediately after check-in. I wrote my training schedule and scouted gyms in advance… And I actually found myself training harder than usual.

No matter where I was training - it could even be some “dungeon” of a gym in the middle of nowhere - it didn’t matter because my mind was focused on improving and looking better when I came home than when I left. I had a goal to motivate me!

What do you think happened? It’s not hard to guess: I always came home in better shape than when I left.

Since then, my “travel challenge” has become somewhat of a ritual in my life. When I’m away from my “home-base” it becomes a “fitness road trip.” I search the Internet or yellow pages or ask locals to help me find the most hard-core gym nearby wherever I will be staying (Gold’s Gym works for me!) When I get there, I train every bit as hard as if I had a competition just weeks away. I look forward to it now. In fact, this is what led me to my “holiday fitness challenge” idea.

Like many people, I travel over the holidays, so I’m automatically in “travel challenge” mode at thanksgiving, Christmastime and New Year’s. But with the additional temptations and busyness that the holidays bring on top of the usual travel stresses, I saw fit to declare a new challenge: “The Holiday Challenge.” The difference was that for my “holiday challenge,” I pledged to not only to return home in better shape than when I left, but to enjoy the holidays to the fullest at the same time.

can you eat this

People who think I deprive myself to look the way I do would be shocked: I eat like a KING over the holidays including Pumpkin (or apple) Pie at Thanksgiving and OF COURSE my mom’s famous red and green Jell-O Christmas cake. Then on New Year’s I’m usually toasting champagne and having a blast with friends or family….

The difference is, I don’t eat like that very often.

Every other meal stays right on schedule and I work out hard and consistently over the holidays; I don’t let everything fall apart just because ‘tis the season.’

The idea that you can EITHER enjoy the holidays OR stay in shape - but not both - is wrong, it’s damaging and it’s limiting.

Life is not an either or proposition; it’s a matter of balance.

Success does not mean going to extremes. Success can be a simple matter of re-examining your beliefs, rearranging your priorities, setting goals, changing the questions you ask yourself and re-evaluating your expectations.

Your expectations will become your reality. What are you expecting? Are you expecting success? Are you expecting to be in better shape after holiday parties, celebrations, banquets, dinners, and desserts? If not, then why not? What’s preventing you from enjoying all of the above and still getting in better shape? Do you have a limiting belief which dictates that it’s one or the other? Could it be that you never set a goal, intention or expectation to do it? Could it be that you’re rationalizing or making excuses? If so, then I challenge you to change it this year.

As of this writing, there are seven weeks until the end of the year. Why not see how much you can improve your physique over the holidays, without depriving yourself of any holiday enjoyments or festivities? Just step up your expectations. Step up your standards. Step up your nutrition. Step up your training. Step up your action. Step up and accept the “Burn The Fat holiday fitness challenge” see what happens!

That’s right… the most exciting and motivating fitness competition of the year is about to begin again!

The 2nd Annual Burn The Fat Holiday Fitness Challenge Starts November 18!

Over the course of a “49-Day Burn” I’ll show you not only how to get in the best shape of the year, but eat delicious Holiday Food and enjoy yourself to the fullest at the same time. Best part: wait until you see the rewards for the winners!

But you'll have to act quickly. Registration is only open until Wednesday, November 24 (the day before Thanksgiving). The idea behind the contest is to include all three major holidays, and that means you'll be "competing" on Thanksgiving day. If you'd like to enter for a chance to win some amazing prizes, you'll need to register before then. At midnight Eastern standard time (11/24), the doors close, and no more contestants will be accepted.

Free registration for all of our body transformation contests comes with purchase of the Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle system. Whether or not you decide to enter the challenge, you can still make a decision to be in better shape after the holidays. If you're ready to put a stake in the ground, and finally burn the fat while enjoying the festivities, then check out this video presentation about Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle.

Train hard and expect success!

-Tom Venuto
Author of
Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle

PS. Most people wait until New Year’s to put any concerted effort into improving their body and their health. You may be now starting to realize that THIS is the best time of the year to make a decision, set some goals and commit to achieving them. Even if you decide not to officially enter the 2010 Burn The Fat Body Transformation Contest when registration opens on November 18th, even if it’s just for your own personal development…

THEY Took The Holiday Challenge:

How About YOU?



*The above reprinted with permission of the author

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fitness Challenge Debunks Holiday Weight Gain Myth

FOR RELEASE 11-19 to 11-24............ CONTACT: Tom Venuto @

Fitness Challenge Debunks Holiday Weight Gain Myth

To disprove the myth that weight gain is inevitable during the holiday season, thousands of people are signing up for a fitness challenge that tests their ability to become lean and fit between the end of November and the beginning of January.

For the Holiday Challenge, a fitness contest that begins just before Thanksgiving Day (contest registration ends on November 24th), participants can sign up at the Burn The Fat website ( where they can also track their exercise and nutrition regimens for 50 days. Those who slim down the most could win a Hawaiian vacation or other prizes.

The Holiday Challenge is the brainchild of fat loss expert Tom Venuto, author of the best-selling e-book Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle, and The Body Fat Solution (Avery/Penguin), as seen in Oprah magazine.

“Too many people buy into the news stories that say Americans will gain 5 to 10 pounds of body fat in the six weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas,” Venuto says. In reality, according to the New England Journal of Medicine, the average amount gained over the holidays is much more modest, just over one pound.

“So the idea that everyone is going to pack on several pounds is clearly a myth,” Venuto says. “But people believe that myth and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

To turn the conventional wisdom on its head, Venuto is challenging the thousands who follow his Burn The Fat blog to not just maintain their weight but to actually lose body fat during the holiday season.

“No one consciously sets a ‘goal’ to get in worse shape over the holidays,” Venuto says, “They do it by default. Mentally, people accept the idea that it’s impossible to stay in shape because of all the parties, the family get-togethers and the tempting food, so they say ‘Why bother?’”

Once people resign themselves to thinking that gaining fat is unavoidable they are actually setting a “negative goal,” Venuto says. And, he contends, the only way to counteract that unconscious negative decision is to create a conscious goal to do the opposite: to get in better shape over the holidays.

As an incentive to those who take part in the Holiday Challenge (at, Venuto will award two grand prizes of a 7-day vacation in Maui, Hawaii to the overall winners in the men’s division and the women’s division.

Because the Holiday Challenge is a body transformation contest – and not simply a weight-loss competition – participants will be judged on how much they improve their body composition (the amount of lean body mass and body fat percentage). Contestants will also be judged on the visual improvement in their bodies (as illustrated by their “before” and “after” pictures), and the inspirational essay they must submit during the contest. In addition to the overall winners, additional prizes, (including IPods and Kindles) will be awarded to winners in other categories such as “Most Ripped,” “Most Inspirational” and “Top Team.”

During the Holiday Challenge, contestants must enter their body fat measurements, workout details and food intake (even on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day) using a daily journal at the Burn The Fat Inner Circle website (

But participants will need to do more than simply follow contest rules. They will also have to challenge the excuses and rationalizations that cause many people to fall off the fitness wagon during December.

“One of the most common excuses is ‘I’m too busy to work out over the holidays,’” Venuto says. “But no one is too busy for their highest priorities. Your health and your body have to become your highest priority – because without your health, you can’t enjoy anything else in life, including your family or the holidays.”

And those who want to be successful in the Holiday Challenge must also break out of the “either/or” thinking that keeps many people from reaching their fitness goals. “People believe they can either get in shape or they can enjoy themselves – but not both,” Venuto says. “But the truth is you really can enjoy the holidays and get in better shape at the same time.”

“Life is not an “either/or” proposition,” he adds. “It’s a matter of balance. And challenging yourself to achieve that balance is a great way to start the New Year!”

For complete details, prizes and entry requirements for the Burn The Fat Holiday Fitness Challenge go to:

For information about Burn The Fat, Feed the Muscle, the official fat-burning system of the Holiday Fitness Challenge, watch a complete video presentation at:

Saturday, November 20, 2010

This Video Contains The Ticket To Your New Body

Today I want to share a really awesome video presentation with you which shows how a woman named Tanya lost 60 pounds using an innovative exercise system that involves virtually zero cardio!

Yes, I know it sounds too good to be true. I thought the same thing when I first heard about this but as I watched the video presentation, I began to understand how this uniquely powerful weight loss system works.

Quick Link

Now I don't know about you but 45 minutes on treadmill can sometimes feel like an eternity in my opinion.  And what's worse is that in that 45 minutes, I typically only burn around 500 calories at most (and that's if I get my heart rate extremely high and keep it that way for most of the workout) only to realize that I quickly recoup those calories by eating a piece of grilled chicken and a side order of steamed broccoli.

In my opinion, something seems very wrong with this picture.

Why is it that we have to work so hard to burn calories that we can so easily gain back even when we're eating the healthiest types of foods possible?

Well, there is a better way and a world renowned personal trainer by the name of Bill Hebson has been using it to help Hollywood stars and professional athletes torch excess fat off their bodies in a fraction of the time it takes everyone else.  That's probably the reason they're shelling out over $200 an hour to work with this guy with absolutely no problem.

It's also probably the reason why celebrities can shed weight faster than the rest of us; even when they don't resort to plastic surgery.

The good news is that he's sharing his secret in this FREEE presentation. Oh and he's also making a huge announcement  about a
FREEE gift that you can get at the end of the video so make sure you watch the whole thing in it's entirety.

So what is this system?

Well, when you watch the video (which isn't very long at all) you'll  quickly understand how this system works.

It's really simple, but extremely powerful.

Check it out here.

Talk soon,

Transform your body in 49 days and win a trip to Maui!

The 2nd annual Burn the Fat holiday Challenge has just begun!

Best body transformation in 49 days wins an all inclusive 6-night Hawaiian dream vacation to Maui.

Go straight to this web page for contest details:

Thousands of men and women have entered the last two Burn the Fat challenges, and this year may be the biggest burn the fat contest ever.

Some folks might be thinking "that's too much competition." But listen, This contest is unique. This is not like a bodybuilding or figure competition where the best physique - in absolute terms - wins.

In the Burn the Fat contest its about SELF IMPROVEMENT. that means relative improvement -  how much YOU improve, not how you compare to the next guy or gal... regardless of your body shape, weight or body fat today, ANYBODY who makes BIG improvements could win...

And you will be SHOCKED when you see how much you can improve in just 49 short days (take a look at the before and after photos on the contest page below):

The person in this fitness challenge contest who shows the most personal improvement from before to after both visually via photos and based on the numbers, in 49 days, is the person who will win. A fitness expert judging panel will vote.

What's more, we have sub categories with winners for:

* Most ripped
* Best body recomposition (fat to muscle transformation)
* Most inspirational
* Most supportive
* Top Team

Tom Venuto is giving away a whole slew of IPODS, IPADS, kindles autographed books and more for these winners. IN fact he's giving away more free membership time than ever before.

The grand prize winners get to spend 7 days and 6 nights in pure luxury at the 5-star Four Seasons resort on Wailea beach in Maui Hawaii!

But everyone is a winner in this contest because if you go through the holidays, ENJOYING THEM TO THE FULLEST,  while transforming your body at the same time, and if you are in better shape on January 1st than you are today, that makes you a winner whether you get awarded a prize or not.

This is the first announcement that the official contest page is now open and the challenge officially opened Thursday, November 18th, 2010

If you're not a member of the burn the fat inner circle family yet, then go get contest rules, regulations and registration details here

The contest entry deadline is Wednesday, November 24th at 11:59 pm EST but do not wait until the last minute to enter or you may risk getting locked out.

Some restrictions DO apply* - read the info page for details:

To your success,

Arthur M.

PS *  International, federal, state and local laws may apply. Contest is void where prohibited. Void for new customers in Vermont, North Dakota and Maryland due to state laws. Must be 18 and in good health to enter

Complete rules and regulations at:

Friday, November 19, 2010

Burn Fat Ten Times Faster

If you're trying to lose weight, you may be wasting your time doing long bouts of cardio.

Burn Fat Ten Times Faster Without Risking Your Health>>

Are you looking for a way to get the body you've always wanted without putting your health at risk with drugs, surgery or dangerous workout routines that overwork your body?

In most cases, the only way that you can do this is with a strict diet and a ton of time on the treadmill, elliptical or exercise bike.

The good news is that Dan Robey has teamed up with one of the nation's top personal trainers to develop a system that can help you get the body you've always dreamed of without risking your health or spending hours doing long bouts in cardio.

In fact, Dan's system is so uniquely powerful that you can actually burn fat 10 times faster without a treadmill than if you were on one. I guess that's why he calls it Burn Fat X Ten.

This system is so uniquely effective that I can't really even describe it so Dan created a special, short video presentation which gives away a few of the secrets that make this system so powerful.

You can check it out here>>

If you've ever wanted to know how professional athletes and celebrities are able to transform their bodies in a fraction of the time it takes the rest of us, then watch this video.

Bill Hebson is a personal trainer to the stars who has been using this powerful system for years to give people that "Hollywood look" without drugs or surgery and now you can learn some of the secrets by watching this presentation.

At the end of the presentation, Dan is going to make a special announcement that you DON'T want to miss so make sure you watch the entire video right to the very end.