Thursday, December 3, 2009

How To Keep From Gaining Weight When Injured

What do you do if you were just making great progress in your training and then all of a sudden you get an injury? Let's say that you lost a ton of weight, were getting really excited and then you develop shin splints or perhaps you twist your ankle. Are you doomed to put all that weight back on because you can not do cardio any more? What are your options?

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I think this is just a case of thinking that there is only one way to tackle a challenge. Most people think that in order to lose weight or better yet "fat" to be more accurate, that you need to do cardio. They think you need to run, bike or get on the elliptical machine every day in order to stay lean.

While doing lots of cardio will burn calories and it works for a lot of people, I do not even think it is the best way to lose fat or keep it off any way. Cardio is just a little tool you use to help the process along.

Now let me explain that a bit.

All that is needed to lose fat is to speed up your metabolism, burn off excess fat tissue and keep from putting more on. So how do you do that?

You speed up your metabolism through intense exercise. My choice is resistance training at a fast pace. Having said that though, most people gravitate to slow steady state cardio. Why? Because it is easier and hurts less.

How do you burn off excess adipose tissue or fat? The same way you speed up your metabolism. They are two sides of the same coin. Once your metabolism is sped up, and you are not exceeding your daily caloric intake, then you will start burning off the excess fat you are storing on those thighs and abs.

How do you keep from putting more fat back on? By watching your food intake along with the above two mentioned factors. Now most people think they are watching what they eat and maybe they are. The thing is though that the lens they are looking through is distorted. They think they know right from wrong but they don't. The information that they are following in order to do things correctly is really tainted with misinformation that usually comes from sales and company marketing campaigns that are done to increase the bottom line.

But that is another whole article.

So back to the main question. "What do you do to keep the weight off after getting an injury that keeps you from doing cardio?" Eat right and train intensely with face paced resistance training or circuit style workouts for the upper body.

Here is a great example of what I mean in my 24 HOUR JUMP START WORKOUT ROUTINE.

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