Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So there really is a trick to burning fat

For years I have been somewhat jealous of a couple of my friends who seem to be able to eat whatever they like and not gain a pound to show for their sins. If you know anyone like that and thought how great it would be if you could do the same, then here is the secret:

It's a book called Hot Metabolism. Now I have to be honest, if I had any inkling that your metabolic rate was something that you could raise or lower at will then I'd have done my homework years ago and figured out how to master it. My guess is that you would have too.

Your metabolism, of course, is what we call that complex food-burning mechanism that supplies the energy to keep our bodies humming. The trouble is that it seems to slow down when we get older, and instead of burning up the optimal number of calories to keep us trim and terrific looking, we burn fewer and they end up stuck to our stomach if you are a guy, or hips, butt, and thighs if you are a woman.

But the truth is that your metabolism actually does not slow down. In a very real sense it gets smaller, and that is the reason less calories are consumed over the course of a day. The good news is that you can build it up again to the point that you begin burning more calories than you consume.

Ex bodybuilder Carolyn Hansen explains how all this works in her book. So if you want to try a fat burning strategy that really does appear to be sound, and put into place a lifestyle change that is going to benefit your health for decades, then here's the URL to her book again.


Trust me, this is well worth checking out if your health is a concern, and particularly if you have a few pounds you could stand to lose.

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