Monday, September 21, 2009

'Biggest Loser' controversy

Fat Loss expert Tom Venuto just released a controversial article about the very popular "Biggest Loser" television show...

It's called "The Biggest Loser Pros And Cons: An In-Depth Review of Television's Most Popular Reality Show"

This article even prompted Pete Thomas, a biggest loser season 2 winner, to responded to Tom's critique of the show!! 

I got Tom's permission to share it with you and I highly recommend checking it out: 


Here's the intro paragraph from Tom's article: 

'The Biggest Loser -- a reality show which is
essentially a race to see who can lose weight
the fastest - is one of the most popular reality
shows in Television history.

I've known about The Biggest Loser since it debuted
in 2005 because people ask me all the time what I
think of the program and of course, "How do they
lose so much weight?"

In the article Tom reveals: 

-> The 5 Pros about the Biggest Loser...

-> The 10 Cons about the show! 

-> A video on 'Weigh In Distortion' (must see!)

-> The ramifications of the Biggest Loser show on fast weight loss and what it means to you...

-> Tom's take on Jillian Michaels as a coach...

-> Why 'Normal' weight loss is not encouraged on the show...

Come read it for free here: 


I hope that you enjoy the article!

To your success,

-- Arthur

P.S. - If you like Tom's article I strongly encourage you to share it with your family, friends, and coworkers...

Just forward it along and spread the good word... 



  1. Where did Pete Thomas reply? I'd like to read that.

  2. Pete...To read that reply I think you have to visit the link in the article then click the link at the bottom of the page that reads, "To Discuss This In The Forum Click Here!" Otherwise contact Tom Venuto, reference his article and ask him the question.

    Sorry I couldn't provide a more direct response.